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QuickTile by ssokolow

Keyboard-driven Window Tiling for your existing X11 window manager

QuickTile is a simple utility, inspired by WinSplit Revolution for Windows, which adds window-tiling keybindings to your existing X11 window manager.

You can also think of it as a standalone alternative to the keyboard-related features of the Compiz Grid plugin.

Dependencies Debian/Ubuntu/Mint Install
Python 2.x, PyGTK 2.2+, python-wnck 2.20+, and (optional) python-xlib or dbus-python
There are a few minor known bugs and the minimum dependency versions have not been re-confirmed recently.
  • Just unpack and run. No installation necessary.
  • Keybindings for --daemonize can be edited in ~/.config/quicktile.cfg
  • To install QuickTile system-wide and add it to your desktop's list of programs to be started on login, run sudo ./ install
GNU GPL 2.0 or later
Contributions are the best thanks
Code (Best)
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  • Bug Tracker
Publicity (Better)
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