Command-Line Arguments


Window Tiling addon for X11-based desktops

usage: quicktile [-h] [-V] [-d] [-b] [--debug] [--no-excepthook]
                 [--no-workarea] [--show-bindings] [--show-actions]
                 [command [command ...]]

positional arguments


Window-tiling command to execute

optional arguments

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-V, --version

show program’s version number and exit

-d, --daemonize

Attempt to set up global keybindings using python-xlib and a D-Bus service using dbus-python. Exit if neither succeeds.

-b, --bindkeys

Old alias for –daemonize


Display debug messages


Disable the error-handling dialog to allow for use in unattended scripting.


No effect. Retained for compatibility.

Additional Help


List all configured keybinds


List valid arguments for use without –daemonize