The Program

QuickTile is primarily the work of Stephan Sokolow, however, it has received various contributions over the years.

Thanks go out to the following people:

David Stygstra

Generalized the move-to-center command into the move-to-* family of commands.

Gustavo J A M Carneiro and Filip Van Raemdonck

Created the gtkexcepthook module in the form I started from.


Added the horizontal-maximize, vertical-maximize, and move-to-center commands.

Matthias Putz

Fixed use of an uninitialized variable in a difficult-to-trigger failure case.

Max Weiß

  • Added the KEYLOOKUP dict to compensate for un-intuitive omissions for the symbol names of common keys.

  • Reworked the shebang to address the period when some Linux distros lacked a python2 binary while others linked python to Python 3.

Oliver Gerlich

Corrected an omission on the list of dependencies for CentOS 7 and possibly other Red Hat-family distros.

Stéphane Gourichon

  • Researched how to create .deb packages

  • Wrote

  • Set up the necessary package metadata for building a .deb.

Stuart Axelbrooke

Corrected a flaw in the window-tiling heuristics which prevented them from functioning correctly on especially large monitors.

Thomas Vander Stichele

Helped to clean up the API documentation during the ePyDoc era.

Valdis Vitolins

Added an omitted dependency on python-setuptools to README.rst

Valentin Agachi

Corrected window-layout calculations to use round() for pixel values.

Yuting/Tim Xiao

Made the window-tiling heuristics more robust.

The Manual

With the following exceptions, all text and illustrations in the manual are copyright Stephan Sokolow.

It should be assumed that, as the contents of the API documentation section are extracted from the source code, the copyright of a given entry will be the same as the code it describes.

The text of the Alabaster theme for Sphinx, and any generated text inserted by Sphinx are copyright their respective rightsholders.


The following illustrations are copyright David Stygstra:

  • bordered.svg

  • bottom-left.svg

  • bottom-right.svg

  • bottom.svg

  • fullscreen.svg

  • horizontal-maximize.svg

  • left.svg

  • maximize.svg

  • middle.svg

  • minimize.svg

  • move-to-bottom-left.svg

  • move-to-bottom-right.svg

  • move-to-bottom.svg

  • move-to-center.svg

  • move-to-left.svg

  • move-to-right.svg

  • move-to-top-left.svg

  • move-to-top-right.svg

  • move-to-top.svg

  • right.svg

  • shade.svg

  • top-left.svg

  • top-right.svg

  • top.svg

  • vertical-maximize.svg

bug.png and wrench.png from the Silk Icons set by Mark James are used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

The GPLv2+ License badge is a locally cached copy of an SVG file generated by

All other favicons and logos are copyright their respective owners and used only to display favicon-style links to their owners’ websites.