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The Procrastinator's Timeclock by ssokolow Gittip

P.A.Q. (Potentially Asked Questions)

I don't want to run a development version. When will you make a release?

The default branch (master) isn't actually a development version. It's what I refer to as "stabilized dev" and only gets updated when the copy I'm using (the "development" branch) stabilizes.

However, I will also release proper packages once Timeclock meets my exacting standards for a proper release and I figure out how to reliably and easily build Windows (and possibly MacOS) packages to go along with the source release. (I want to release on all target platforms simultaneously)

Why is only one developer listed as a user on Ohloh?

FunnyMan3595 didn't feel like registering an Ohloh account. Don't worry. We both use the timeclock regularly.