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/* the 'a' is required for IE, otherwise it renders the whole tiddler in bold */
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#mainMenu .tiddlyLinkExisting,
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#sidebarTabs .tiddlyLinkExisting {font-weight:bold; font-style:normal;}

.header {position:relative;}
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#sidebar {position:absolute; right:3px; width:16em; font-size:.9em;}
#sidebarOptions {padding-top:0.3em;}
#sidebarOptions a {margin:0 0.2em; padding:0.2em 0.3em; display:block;}
#sidebarOptions input {margin:0.4em 0.5em;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {margin-left:1em; padding:0.5em; font-size:.85em;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a {font-weight:bold; display:inline; padding:0;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel input {margin:0 0 0.3em 0;}
#sidebarTabs .tabContents {width:15em; overflow:hidden;}

.wizard {padding:0.1em 1em 0 2em;}
.wizard h1 {font-size:2em; font-weight:bold; background:none; padding:0; margin:0.4em 0 0.2em;}
.wizard h2 {font-size:1.2em; font-weight:bold; background:none; padding:0; margin:0.4em 0 0.2em;}
.wizardStep {padding:1em 1em 1em 1em;}
.wizard .button {margin:0.5em 0 0; font-size:1.2em;}
.wizardFooter {padding:0.8em 0.4em 0.8em 0;}
.wizardFooter .status {padding:0 0.4em; margin-left:1em;}
.wizard .button {padding:0.1em 0.2em;}

#messageArea {position:fixed; top:2em; right:0; margin:0.5em; padding:0.5em; z-index:2000; _position:absolute;}
.messageToolbar {display:block; text-align:right; padding:0.2em;}
#messageArea a {text-decoration:underline;}

.tiddlerPopupButton {padding:0.2em;}
.popupTiddler {position: absolute; z-index:300; padding:1em; margin:0;}

.popup {position:absolute; z-index:300; font-size:.9em; padding:0; list-style:none; margin:0;}
.popup .popupMessage {padding:0.4em;}
.popup hr {display:block; height:1px; width:auto; padding:0; margin:0.2em 0;}
.popup li.disabled {padding:0.4em;}
.popup li a {display:block; padding:0.4em; font-weight:normal; cursor:pointer;}
.listBreak {font-size:1px; line-height:1px;}
.listBreak div {margin:2px 0;}

.tabset {padding:1em 0 0 0.5em;}
.tab {margin:0 0 0 0.25em; padding:2px;}
.tabContents {padding:0.5em;}
.tabContents ul, .tabContents ol {margin:0; padding:0;}
.txtMainTab .tabContents li {list-style:none;}
.tabContents li.listLink { margin-left:.75em;}

#contentWrapper {display:block;}
#splashScreen {display:none;}

#displayArea {margin:1em 17em 0 14em;}

.toolbar {text-align:right; font-size:.9em;}

.tiddler {padding:1em 1em 0;}

.missing .viewer,.missing .title {font-style:italic;}

.title {font-size:1.6em; font-weight:bold;}

.missing .subtitle {display:none;}
.subtitle {font-size:1.1em;}

.tiddler .button {padding:0.2em 0.4em;}

.tagging {margin:0.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0; float:left; display:none;}
.isTag .tagging {display:block;}
.tagged {margin:0.5em; float:right;}
.tagging, .tagged {font-size:0.9em; padding:0.25em;}
.tagging ul, .tagged ul {list-style:none; margin:0.25em; padding:0;}
.tagClear {clear:both;}

.footer {font-size:.9em;}
.footer li {display:inline;}

.annotation {padding:0.5em; margin:0.5em;}

* html .viewer pre {width:99%; padding:0 0 1em 0;}
.viewer {line-height:1.4em; padding-top:0.5em;}
.viewer .button {margin:0 0.25em; padding:0 0.25em;}
.viewer blockquote {line-height:1.5em; padding-left:0.8em;margin-left:2.5em;}
.viewer ul, .viewer ol {margin-left:0.5em; padding-left:1.5em;}

.viewer table, table.twtable {border-collapse:collapse; margin:0.8em 1.0em;}
.viewer th, .viewer td, .viewer tr,.viewer caption,.twtable th, .twtable td, .twtable tr,.twtable caption {padding:3px;}
table.listView {font-size:0.85em; margin:0.8em 1.0em;}
table.listView th, table.listView td, table.listView tr {padding:0 3px 0 3px;}

.viewer pre {padding:0.5em; margin-left:0.5em; font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em; overflow:auto;}
.viewer code {font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em;}

.editor {font-size:1.1em;}
.editor input, .editor textarea {display:block; width:100%; font:inherit;}
.editorFooter {padding:0.25em 0; font-size:.9em;}
.editorFooter .button {padding-top:0; padding-bottom:0;}

.fieldsetFix {border:0; padding:0; margin:1px 0px;}

.zoomer {font-size:1.1em; position:absolute; overflow:hidden;}
.zoomer div {padding:1em;}

* html #backstage {width:99%;}
* html #backstageArea {width:99%;}
#backstageArea {display:none; position:relative; overflow: hidden; z-index:150; padding:0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageToolbar {position:relative;}
#backstageArea a {font-weight:bold; margin-left:0.5em; padding:0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageButton {display:none; position:absolute; z-index:175; top:0; right:0;}
#backstageButton a {padding:0.1em 0.4em; margin:0.1em;}
#backstage {position:relative; width:100%; z-index:50;}
#backstagePanel {display:none; z-index:100; position:absolute; width:90%; margin-left:3em; padding:1em;}
.backstagePanelFooter {padding-top:0.2em; float:right;}
.backstagePanelFooter a {padding:0.2em 0.4em;}
#backstageCloak {display:none; z-index:20; position:absolute; width:100%; height:100px;}

.whenBackstage {display:none;}
.backstageVisible .whenBackstage {display:block;}
StyleSheet for use when a translation requires any css style changes.
This StyleSheet can be used directly by languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean which need larger font sizes.
body {font-size:0.8em;}
#sidebarOptions {font-size:1.05em;}
#sidebarOptions a {font-style:normal;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {font-size:0.95em;}
.subtitle {font-size:0.8em;}
.viewer table.listView {font-size:0.95em;}
@media print {
#mainMenu, #sidebar, #messageArea, .toolbar, #backstageButton, #backstageArea {display: none !important;}
#displayArea {margin: 1em 1em 0em;}
noscript {display:none;} /* Fixes a feature in Firefox where print preview displays the noscript content */
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''Description:'' Amusing idea for flavor text in an interaction taking place in Naruto's mindscape

"{{{[...]}}} It's not because of Fuzz-butt over there," said Naruto, gesturing at the giant cage behind him.

Grumbled profanities were the only response from the darkness behind the bars.

''Inspiration:'' Minato's concerns over baby Naruto's unnaturally fast cognitive development in [[Concessions, Chapter 5|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5466600/5/Concessions]].
"What does no plan survive?"

''Description:'' What ways could Manipulative Dumbledore's "quest for Harry" protections on the Philosopher's Stone backfire?

For example:
* Could another student or groups of students end up going instead with Harry nowhere in sight? (Either as a challenge or because they connected the dots before or instead of Harry's group)
* What if Voldemort somehow posessed or coerced a child who didn't want to use the stone but was enthralled by the tale of it?

''Inspiration:'' Just something that came to me while reading yet another mediocre fic's re-hashing of the first book.
''Description:'' Psychologically, changelings are basically a fourth pony tribe with equivalent reproductive biology and queens like Chrysalis are a product of an ancient ritual. (But, depending on how the idea is fleshed out, the changelings may have forgotten that.)

Instead of being natural or essential, changeling queens are a safeguard against extinction through population collapse crafted by changeling mages back in the mists of antiquity... sort of like Leeloo from The Fifth Element (a genetically-perfect being) implemented in a manner similar to the Slayer line in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
!! Point: Changelings Are Essentially Ponies
* However the author decides to handle changelings feeding on emotions (essential nutrient, required to use their horns, or even just a power booster), there does exist at least one way in which they can feed non-destructively enough to sustainably join a society.
* Changelings are in the same neurological ballpark as ponies, griffins, minotaurs, and other intelligent, civilized species and any barbarism present is cultural.
* Queens are not an essential part of the changeling lifecycle, society, culture, or psychology... though they may have forgotten that.
* While it's up to the author whether changelings have any kind of telepathy, if they have a hive mind, it doesn't grant queens any special extra ability to subvert other changelings' wills above and beyond any mind-control spells they may already know.
!! Point: Changeling Queens Weren't Evolved
Long ago (Possibly Discord's reign but I think I'd prefer to set it in the pre-unification period), the changeling species saw itself in dire straits (whether through war, a wildly varying food supply, or something else).

In a desperate attempt to stave off their seemingly invevitable extinction, a group of the brightest changeling mages worked together to design and implement an enchantment on the entire species which would implement a genetic life raft: The Changeling Queen.

Changeling queens are defined by several differences from regular changelings:
* There must always be at least one.
** If the only queen is killed, a changeling somewhere will begin to undergo what could be described as a second puberty.
** The spell will prefer female changelings but, if the author doesn't build in a "the last male changeling in the world would become a queen" clause, they must believably argue that it wasn't for lack of trying on the mages' parts. (After all, there's always the possibility that the last males and the last females could get separated and then the females could die.)
** It's up to the author whether more than one queen is possible. My intuition says that the best choice would be to have queens able to choose to have daughters who are also queens but that there's some downside to it, either biological or cultural.
*** It could be as simple as "Why should I have an heir? She's just going to try to depose me."
*** It could be that queens have their magical enhancements from the start and, as such, run their parents/guardians even more ragged than usual.
** If the author decides changelings have a hive mind, maybe it's an integral part of how the spell was cast and how it detects and implements recovery from the loss of the last queen. (Which could also open up interesting avenues for plots based on a new queen being "called" because the old one was broken from the link, either temporarily or permanently, without being killed.)
* Their bodies are too resource intensive to be a feasible transformation to slowly apply to the full changeling population.
* They are as genetically perfect as the mages could make them so that they can repopulate an entire species without birth defects from inbreeding.
** It's up to the author whether parthenogenesis is possible but, given that they already feed on emotions, I'm rather partial to the idea of a queen being able to have as many one-night stands as she wants in order to build genetic diversity. Hey, if things like Griffins and Discord can exist, why not a spell which ensures maximum genetic compatibility.
* Aside from increased rather than decreased fertility, they have been engineered to take a similar role to the role Pak Protectors play relative to species like Humans in Larry Niven's Known Space universe.
** Their lifespan and memory are significantly enhanced so they can act as living repositories of knowledge until society is re-established.
** Their magical and physical abilities are superior to other changeling to ensure maximum survivability of themselves and any dependent offspring.
** Their bodies are engineered to support an alternative, insect-like reproductive cycle so that maximum population growth can be achieved by offloading as much of the gestation period as possible onto previous generations of offspring. (Think marsupials or seahorses who use a hive rather than a pouch.)

Of course, despite all this, the creators of this grand plan were operating under a time crunch and were merely mortal, they cut some corners and relied a little too much on optimism so who knows how much might have been forgotten about the nature and purpose of queens. For all we know, the author might decide that changelings think their queen is blessed by some deity with a divine right to rule.

''Inspiration:'' Chrysalis's mental monologue on the ability of her children to breed and have children of their own without birth defects in [[Never Judge a Bug By Her Cover: Chrysalis's Royal Break-up Chronicle, Chapter 4|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/134427/4/never-judge-a-bug-by-her-cover-chrysaliss-royal-break-up-chronicle/my-ass-is-damn-fine]]
''Description:'' What if the activation phrase for a henshin stick was set rather than looked up when you grabbed it? ...and what if you said something ill-suited to the job?

There is no time! Take this henshin stick and call out the first thing that comes to mind! -- [[Negawarrior, Chapter 13|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1668527/13/Negawarrior]]

''<ssokolow>'' Here's the idea in more detail:
Sailor Moon stories assume the magic makes you think of the activation phrase.
What if, instead, whatever you say BECOMES the activation phrase?
''<weebee>'' oh, like sailor hell blazer?
"Bloody freakin hell."
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah. I'd forgotten about that one.
Though I was more thinking about stuff like the scream one makes when they lose their balance. (possibly including physically falling over for comedic effect)
Ranma: But I'm a guy, damn it!
Ryoga: Wha...?
Hakufu: Basics! Basics! Basics!
Excell:Butidon'tunderstandthere'satalkingcatanddoesmenchitalktooanddoethatmeanIcan'teathimandI... ooh, pretty!
sorry, I'll stop now.
but yeah, excell would be SO screwed. :)
''<ssokolow>'' Heh. Yeah.
Anyway, let's think of some sillier ones. Stuff like my example of the scream made when one loses their balance and falls down.
''<weebee>'' Ranma:~C-C-CAAAAAT!!!!
Makoto: Oh wow, that tuxedoed guy looks just like my old Sempai!
Ami: Um, why would I want to do that?
''<ssokolow>'' Anyone: You've gotta be kidding me
''<weebee>'' Anyone: A talking cat?
''<ssokolow>'' Anyone: Oh no. Not interested, thanks.
''<weebee>'' Asuka: Stupid, stupid, stupid!
Shinji (Come on, you KNOW it'd happen.): I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I....
Misato: Wow, how much DID I drink last night?
''Description:'' Is there any way one could get both Minato //and// Kushina up on the Hokage monument while still keeping Naruto an orphan and psychologically close to canon?

Something about this snippet just calls to me.

"She's right Naruto-kun; though Tsume-chan had a more squabbling relationship with her than most people, I think everyone who ever got to know your kaa-san would have admitted to feeling at least partially that way. In a lot of ways there's a lot of her in you; you respect no-one who doesn't almost literally beat the word into your skull, say what you think and wear your heart on your sleeve a lot of the time, but as well as that however much we all might curse your name whenever you try and break in where we don't want you, and take it from me I've spent a lot of time doing just that in the past while warming one of the greenhouse benches on behest of Kunisa-koi, there's not one of us who wouldn't drop everything and move heaven and earth to try and get to you if we knew you were in over your head. Sandaime-sama had to almost, in fact I think he did have to forbid some of us from sending our clansmen out to find you when you went missing; Kushina-chan could and did do that as well in almost everyone she met. If she'd survived the Kyuubi, and a pox on the monster that took her away from us and you, I think Sarutobi would have had a lot more competition for the hot-seat following his re-instatement".

The idea of seeing his mother's face, as well as that of his father, on the Hokage monument brought a lump to Naruto's throat that left him unable to speak for a minute
-- [[The Mouse of Konoha, Chapter 17|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6693171/17/]]
''Description:'' It could be very entertaining for Toltiir to set up the cast of Evangelion as the OMG!-style deities of a universe that has all the necessary metaphysical hook-ups but, somehow, didn't produce deities.

''Sources:'' [[[1]|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/203518.html]] [[[2]|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/243130.html]]
''See Also:'' [[For Want of a Goddess]]

While reading a couple of Addventure episodes by Kestral, I hit upon an idea which, aside from a minor mention as a potential interpretation of one of the options, is unlikely to be considered by many people:

The key starting points for this idea are: (prior to any modification)
* Toltiir is looking to have some fun
* There exists a Keiichi Morisato who lives in a universe which is fully capable of supporting gods and demons but, for some reason, just never developed them. (The requisite forces and physical laws are present, just unused)
* Shinji Ikari is in some sort of post-~EoE or post-~EoE-like bad end... not necessarily canonical, but similar enough to be familiar to the readers.

Any workable answer to the question "Why are this Shinji and this Keiichi being mentioned in the same story" should be fun. My idea follows, but don't let it limit your creativity.

A plot device (Toltiir, unconscious desires during instrumentality, etc.& the more it can be accepted and then dismissed as unimportant, the better.) sets up Shinji and co. as the new divinities of this Keiichi's earth. I'm imagining a character piece with two potential facets:

# If the age difference can somehow be acceptably reconciled, it'd make an excellent, entertaining character piece to tweak the OMG elements so Keiichi ends up rooming with a young god with issues. The character interaction would be entertaining, it'd keep the story more true to its inspirational roots (so the OMG side of things doesn't feel like as arbitrary a choice), and it'd provide a balancing counterpoint to the other facet of the plot, which is...
# Shinji and co. are now the divinities for a modern day Earth. To keep things fresh and interesting and to mitigate the lazy-author appeal of flat writing, I'm thinking the whole "Gods and Demons"/"Heaven and Nifelheim" dichotomy should be thrown out in favor of a more Scandinavian interpretation. No gods and demons, just divinities of different creeds (the Aesir/Vanir connection).

The conflict and fun could come from the Eva cast being essentially given an Yggdrasil-style setup (and the documentation and bare minimum of knowledge necessary for them to get up and running before they all work things out) and told "You're the gods for this world now". A little committee management can keep things entertaining and un-flat on the "divine power structure" front. (Probably best to leave the Kami-sama post un-filled. It'd be an order of magnitude harder to have "God with issues" than "god with issues". Charles Bhepin is a master at this kind of thing and even [[Points of Instrumentality|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6038980/1/]] doesn't go that far.)

Depending on what kind of infrastructure is put in place and what kind of Ritsuko and Asuka this universe had, they could make entertaining "learning as we go" sysadmin and trainee pair. People like Rei and Misato would be entertaining enough just getting used to their new situation.

The main tricky part here would be giving the story appropriate depth. Most authors would probably do something like casting Asuka as a demon or, worse, casting Gendo as a demon and then implementing one of the following broken plots:

''A.'' With or without Gendo as a demon, A boring, flat "good vs. evil" plot is one of the big mistakes far too many authors make in search of "conflict"... especially in character-dominant fics like OMG where, in canon, demons are basically people who revel in selfishness and insensitivity and the closest you get to "good vs. evil" is crises to frame and flavor the character plots. Canonically, even Hild is playfully selfish, manipulative, and not exactly empathic, but she's not "evil" by the definitions of series which lack that undercurrent of innocence. Gendo would kill the story lickety-split if given demonic power by a lazy or inexperienced author. An experienced author could probably come up with some kind of role for Gendo to play where he can't dominate the plot, but it might just be better to leave him on the old Eva world.

''B.'' A continuation of the surface elements of the old ~Shinji-Asuka dynamic. The character interaction/exploration is the core draw for a story like this, so "cargo cult writing" is anathema. The same is true for following the shallow, irritatingly potential-wasting "Main character slowly hooks up with a Tsundere Demon" plots I see in various manga. These elements can remain, but they need proper depth. A better solution would probably be to leverage what's already happened in Evangelion (this is an AU Eva setting, so nudging the timeline is allowed with appropriate caution) and let the ascension to divinity be enough of a change to Shinji and Asuka's relationship for them to have to settle into a new dynamic. With this new Greek/Scandinavian-style theology, ~Shinji-Asuka could be analogized to the ~God-Hild pairing that had to have happened to produce Urd. (Naturally, we'd want one unified Asgard analogue without a Nifelheim though. Keeps the social tension at a more appropriate level.)

Using his full self, outside 4D space/time, the being known as Toltiir looked over the various Bad Endings.

Here was a universe where Keiichi Morisato never met Belldandy, never got involved with goddesses or demons or tiny ninja. Instead he simply went on with a normal life, gradually being eroded by despair and loneliness, until a shell was left of his previous potential. His luck continued to be as bad as ever, missing chances for happiness that he often never even knew were there. It wouldn't be difficult at all to intervene there and cause humorous romance to develop, substituting something or someone else for the usual wishcraft.

Over here, Shinji Ikari. In a mainstream universe - he met a bad ending along with the rest of humanity. He just lasted a bit longer. In some of the worst ones, he and humanity died together. To get a happier and more humorous result would not be difficult.
-- http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/203518.html

Here was a universe in which Keiichi Morisato, his family, and his troubles, continued on. This was a universe without the Heaven and Yggdrasil System and goddesses to provide their elements. It lacked magical beings to intercede, in fact - though the underlying physics didn't preclude them - it had no magical elements going for it whatsoever.

Further look into the whole underlying equations turned up that magic COULD work, it was just that nothing had ever come around that would tap into those forces.
-- http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/243130.html

!Un-summarized Chat Logs
<weebee> Hmm,
<weebee> commenting as I read.
<weebee> Shinji, as the force of instrumentality, makes all the decisions,
<weebee> but as Shinji, he subconsciously casts the new divinity system so that he is in a subservient "Oh, great, you want me to deal with this, don't you" role similar to that of Evangelion pilot.
<ssokolow> *grin* That'd work nicely.
<weebee> since post-impact earth 1, is a different plane from Keiichi's world,, 2) is filled with a chemical substance that provably will respond to a will forced upon it and 3) has a huge number of disembodied souls gathered within the moon for power, a sufficiently disturbed Shinji could create the entire system and connect it to a world that 'needs' it.
<weebee> or in other words, any world that can accept the connection.
<weebee> build the chief deity system either around Gendo and either Yui, Misato or Ritsuko as devil and god architypes.
<weebee> with Shinji, of course, as the Eva pilot, I mean deity help line attendant.
<ssokolow> You just went from "Great... Excellent... Yes!" to "splut"
<weebee> take or leave any of it.
<weebee> no problem.
<ssokolow> The whole point, as clarified later in the notes, is to avoid the good vs. evil theology.
<weebee> that's what a stream of consciousness is.
<weebee> take or leave any part, that's the idea.
<ssokolow> *nod* Just remembered that after I hit enter.
<weebee> and hmm...
<weebee> reading on.
<weebee> Hmm,
<weebee> Kami-sama post's unfilled, but claimable.
<weebee> which would bring out Gendo and Asuka's inferiority issues.
<weebee> either that, or place of god is filled, by Shinji, but again, his issues prevent him from realizing that and the creation locked it behind thirty or forty safeguards, depending on how you want it.
<ssokolow> Probably the latter.
<ssokolow> If they know the post is available, it'll taint the tone of the story.
<weebee> Hmm, point.
<weebee> continuing.
<weebee> Hmm,
<weebee> characters are rolled based on Shinji's impression of them.
<weebee> problem: Their personalities rarely fit that impression.
<weebee> and Gendo's not there because Shinji hates him so much by this point that he never got taken or is the first occupent of that universe's hell.
<weebee> again, not pro or anti-Gendo, just Shinji's feelings.
<ssokolow> The latter could work. The former, I'd rather not.
<weebee> of course, there you're sort of getting into Haruhi as a wrist cutter, but meh.
<ssokolow> Anything that implies modding personalities tends to make the readers not care about the characters.
<weebee> didn't mean modding personalities.
<weebee> meant leaving personalities alone,
<weebee> but putting them into positions within the system that reflect Shinji's view of them,
<weebee> not their actual selves.
<weebee> since the whole system was built through Shinji.
<ssokolow> Ahh, yeah. That works nicely.
<weebee> trying to think of an example, but it's kinda hard.
<weebee> but you get the basic idea.
<weebee> for instance,
<weebee> Shinji liked Rei and at least to some degree viewed her as someone who was nice to him, if only because she was never really not noce to him other than that one slapping incident.
<weebee> this would likely land Rei somewhere like councilling souls, hearing prayers, or something.
<weebee> and with Rei's personality, things would either be very efficient or nightmares would follow you into the afterlife.
<weebee> continuing.
<weebee> Hmm,
<weebee> a whole world's souls and mental energy could be enough to create an Yggdrasil themselves,
<weebee> and with the mixture of elements,
<weebee> the system wouldn't be good or evil, just... confused.
<weebee> perhaps the only people who made it out of being converted into a metaphysical computer architecture were the ones who knew what was happening?
<weebee> and, done.
<ssokolow> I dunno. Kinda sets the wrong tone, I think. Maybe better to somehow leave it all behind, bringing along only the people Shinji has a connection to.
<weebee> Hmm...
<weebee> problem being that third impact or a similar, Eva-fueled situation would be about all that could do that.
<weebee> Hmm,
<weebee> if we had an angel cause it rather than Rei, and Unit 01 just barely 'stop' it,
<weebee> the phenomenon could only encompass NERV.
<weebee> that would give the new heaven all of NERV's staff, maybe even the building.
<weebee> plenty of people for the grunt roles of the new pantheon, and even a template for Yggdrasil to model itself on,,
<weebee> without destroying a planet.
<ssokolow> You're still thinking too small. Remember how I listed Toltiir in the list of possible reasons? If you're unfamiliar with him, he's a plot device with personality.
<weebee> true,
<weebee> but he tends to prefer small stuff to scooping up an entire group of people and making them into a universe's deities.
<weebee> though it's possible a disaster like the one above happened, and he's the one who forced it into 'become gods of another dimension rather than 'die horribly.'
<ssokolow> *nod* In all honesty, the initial plot device is unimportant as long as it's believable and can fade into the background once the new context is set up without feeling like a Deus Ex Machina due to bad framing.
<weebee> unsure.
<weebee> I'm not sure how funny it would be to see NERV trying to convert itself into a pantheon,
<weebee> but I'm gonna go with 'very.'
<weebee> the idea of Shinji and Keiichi is a good one, though how you could get Keiichi to make THAT wish, I'm unsure,
<weebee> but, say, Misato getting into the position,
<weebee> or the greek chorus becoming sysadmins,
<weebee> would be pretty amusing.
<weebee> greek chorus = Aoba, Hyuga and Maya.
<ssokolow> Point. I was thinking of just twiddling the events in Keiichi's setting retroactively, given that he never met Belldandy in the forest as a kid. That should provide enough of a ripple for him to make a wish that is functionally similar, but has Shinji rooming with him in order to make it happen.
<weebee> on Keiichi's side, I agree,
<weebee> though it is kinda hard to believe that a universe with deities as interfearing as A!MG's would turn out remotely the same up until a certain college student, several million years after the beginning of life on earth.
<weebee> but keeping infinite probability in mind,
<weebee> I seriously [don't] think, barring very skillful exposition, having Shinji show up as a depressed god will work without some backstory.
<ssokolow> *nod* You no doubt noticed that branch of the idea was much sparser than the other half.
<weebee> *Nod*
<weebee> all I'm saying is, yes, it's a good idea,
<weebee> but 1) it needs exposition to make sense and 2) that exposition will be funny as hell,
<weebee> so why not write it?
<ssokolow> Because it takes me 15-30 minutes of brute-force trial and error to write a decent character-driven paragraph. Remember?
<weebee> I didn't mean 'why not write it, yourself, right now,"
<ssokolow> Everything in the ideas bin is stuff that I plan to write later if someone else doesn't do them satisfactorily first.
<weebee> I meant 'Why not plot it as though you are going to write it that way, because even if you're not, knowing what past events happened makes characters infinitely easier to map."
<ssokolow> I don't follow.
<weebee> you mentioned that thinking overly much about how the system was set up wasn't important,
<weebee> becuase it's a plot device, and nothing more.
<weebee> I agree, to a point, you could probably do the Keiichi thing with little reference to the EVA cast up in heaven, but it makes it much easier when you know what happened to them beforehand in enough detail to know if, say, Shinji was pressured into the deity help line job, or took it because it's what he does.
<ssokolow> Point.
<weebee> also, let's say the several different ways it could happen.
<weebee> if, say, Toltiir decided 'to heck with subtlety' and plucked everyone up to stick into a ready made Yggdrasil before ~EoE could happen,
<weebee> then we've just got a really confused Shinji.
<weebee> if, however, it was that thing I outlined above with an angel breaking through, we've got a Shinji with even more issues, because, since he's Shinji, he'll feel it was his fault the Angel got through.
<weebee> generally, a background event that's used to facilitate things can be just explained and ignored if it's something simple like, 'My flight was delayed, so I met these crazy girls in cheerleader outfits in the airport, and...."
<weebee> "Well, my Mom's really sick, so I was going to the airport to fly out and see her, and these girls in cheerleader uniforms..."
<weebee> get what I mean?
<weebee> the plane delay is something the character may feel only mildly irritated about, maybe they were going to another city for a school trip, tossed off in the next line casually and never spoken of again while they have adventures with the Senshi, or whoever.
<weebee> but if it were the sick mother, the person's probably going to spend large portions of the plot wanting to see her, checking to see if she's all right, or other stuff related to her, because it's kinda important.
<ssokolow> *nod* I'm aware of that. I just made the mistake of thinking I'd given enough detail to constrain the tone of the story adequately for the starting plot device to be left vague since it wouldn't matter.
<weebee> Hmm.
<weebee> if the god in question weren't one of the main EVA cast who were centrally involved in the whole mess, that'd probably be true,
<weebee> but being a god would likely screw Shinji up pretty bad, and in different ways depending on how.
<ssokolow> What I meant was that I'd made the mistake of thinking I'd specified the type of screwed up god-Shinji was.
<weebee> ah.
<weebee> what type of screwed up do you want?
<weebee> ah, got the wish.
<weebee> Shinji's inexperienced with Yggdrasil, right?
<ssokolow> *nod* They all are.
<weebee> maybe it's "Geez, I wish I could get you to calm down a little..."
<ssokolow> That'd work nicely.
<ssokolow> Basically canonically screwed up. Sort of a resigned "more of the same" attitude.
<weebee> "They don't care about me... so all of them can just go and die."
<weebee> (Paraphrased from ~EoE.)
<weebee> or are we talking, maybe episode 23?
<ssokolow> The "Why did group X go with Shinji" and "Why did Shinji effectively run away" questions are easy.
<weebee> when he was still "Oh crap, you've got to be kidding me," rather than "I just killed my best friend."
<ssokolow> I'll need to re-watch Eva to be certain about which one of those points in time would suit my purposes best.
<weebee> K.
<ssokolow> The tricky part is "Why did Shinji end up setting up a new divine hierarchy in a nearby dimension"
<weebee> again, you've got other things to do that if you need to.
<weebee> maybe it's a misguided bit of "I still want to help people because it's the only thing that gives my life meaning"
<weebee> crammed in there somewhere.
<ssokolow> Perhaps. The point is that bullshitting our way to an OMG setting is the important part. Evangelion is a Hedgehog's dilemma series, so having Shinji unconsciously take the people he feels a connection to without merging with them while leaving everyone else to do whatever (we don't even have to specify whether instrumentality progressed otherwise canonically) is easy.
<ssokolow> The tricky part would be bringing the people who are convenient but not connected to Shinji in that manner.
<ssokolow> Hell, maybe we could have Shinji set himself up as a god as some sort of shame reaction to "running away".
<weebee> hmm.
<weebee> that part's easy.
<weebee> Most of NERV are a bunch of anti-social weirdos.
<weebee> but they all have a few connections.
<weebee> perhaps Shinji connects to Misato, who connects to Ritsuko, who connects to Maya, who connects to Aoba and Hyuga, who connect to no one else because they have no life, repeat ad-infinitum.
<weebee> as in, the threshold is close friend type status.
<ssokolow> My point is "Assuming Ritsuko didn't die (so she can take the sysadmin job), why (in detail) did she and various others Shinji doesn't consider friends/family come along for the ride and people like Gendo not?"
<weebee> anything below that stays.
<weebee> Gendo isn't someone Shinji's connected to.
<weebee> he's someone Shinji wants to be disconnected to.
<weebee> in fact, he's someone Shinji wants to be disconnected with so badly he stays because Shinji hates his guts.
<ssokolow> Point. I'm just saying we need to come up with a predictable, reasonable set of rules for explaining who comes and who doesn't rather than just "friends/family come" since, as I remember, Ritsuko would be excluded under those rules.
<weebee> hmmm...
<weebee> how about this.
<weebee> all people have to be within Shinji's sphere of awareness.
<weebee> that doesn't mean he has to like them,
<weebee> it just means he has to know they exist.
<weebee> 2.
<weebee> all people have to be connected to Shinji, even if it's through someone who knows someone who knows someone.
<weebee> 3.
<weebee> all people have to be ones Shinji won't subconsciously exclude, which could endanger Asuka's place, depending on how Shinji feels about her at the time, but would keep pretty much everyone else but Gendo.
<weebee> at least, that's one way of doing it.
<ssokolow> I was just thinking of "Shinji's friends/family can pull in people they care for as long as not excluded by Shinji"
<weebee> yeah,
<weebee> but I was thinking the That Shinji knows about
<weebee> thing could stop a chain of people from all across japan.
<ssokolow> Point.
<weebee> of course, the other option, again, is just a crazy cat god grabbing all of NERV and deciding Gendo's a killjoy/would shoot said cat god in the head, which it would like unshot.
<weebee> but again, he very rarely interferes so blatantly.
<weebee> or, back to the first bit,
<weebee> if you don't want to use the over-complicated 'that Shinji knows about,' excuse,
<weebee> limit the range of the effect.
<ssokolow> That'd work too.
<weebee> and yeah, Shinji does the whole assistance help-line thing because, well, he needs a purpose for his life, and that may as well be it.
<weebee> this would work most easily for a Shinji who's pre-episode 20, IMHO, and who wasn't the direct cause of whatever the heck happened.
<weebee> also, they're probably under the delusion that, since they have Adam, third impact is impossible unless angels somehow make it to an alternate universe's heaven.
<ssokolow> Point.
<weebee> but okay,
<weebee> unless you can give me more ammo, that's pretty much the end of my consciousness stream on that subject.
<weebee> hope it helped.
<ssokolow> It did.
<ssokolow> Hell, maybe it could all be a big mistake on the angels' part compounded by more mistakes. Maybe an angel got down to Lilith but then was accidentally merged while trying to look elsewhere for Adam.
<weebee> hmm,
<ssokolow> Maybe control still went to Shinji because of the connection between Lilith and Rei.
<weebee> or, Shinji and Unit 01 were on the way down to try and stop the thing when it happened.
<weebee> Gendo obviously thought Rei would give him control,
<weebee> hmm,
<weebee> actually, I see your point.
<weebee> hmm, it tried to cause instrumentality through Shinji, but Unit 01 turned out to be  made from Lilith rather than Adam, significantly lowering the power output.
<weebee> rather than being reduced to a big lake of Tang in the middle of Tokyo-3, all of the people effected, those known by those known by etc Shinji,
<weebee> were sent to this other world's heaven analogue by Toltiir simply by opening a gate for the souls to go to,
<weebee> and he provided them an instruction manual.
<weebee> that'd gbe him using a small change to turn tragedy into  a funny story, which is what he does.
<ssokolow> I'm kind of looking to avoid Toltiir if I can find a reason. The less that needs to be handwaved, the better... though I suppose it could work as a very brief, tongue-in-cheek cameo.
<weebee> Oh.
<weebee> okay.
<ssokolow> Sort of like how I prefer to limit my crossovers to two stories because it solidifies the setting.
<weebee> well, without the intervention of an outside force, the only question is how an ygdrasil-like system could exist.
<weebee> or is it already there?
<weebee> ...the angel that causes this is the 12th.
<weebee> 1) Shinji's inside of it.
<weebee> and 2) it's body is a huge "What the hell?!" to dimensional physics.
<weebee> if Yggdrasil or its basics already edisted, then just dumping them in would about do it, and the 12th could do that.
<ssokolow> I was thinking an Yggdrasil could come about as sort of a mish-mash of Shinji's thoughts on omniscience/omnipotence and Ritsuko's familiarity with the MAGI.
<weebee> Hm, quite possibly.
<weebee> or it could come out as a combination of the first and the actual Magi themselves.
<weebee> given they may or may not have minds.
<weebee> but yeah, I get it.
<weebee> Half baked, probably unusable idea: Lilith is an O!MG style deity, and it's all shaped by how she figures heaven should work. She would be the all-powerful God, but she's sort of asleep.
<ssokolow> Yeah. That kind of cosmology munging would taint the tone I'm going for.
<weebee> K.
<weebee> but yeah, I could see a merger of Shinji's views on responsibility and the Magi system, (Real or Ritsuko's thoughts on it,) coming up with something similar to Yggdrasil.
<weebee> the names for classes and such would probably be different.
<weebee> like, "Shinji Ikari, Corporal, 1st class, Mortal assistance."
<ssokolow> Everything can be different, really. They're just unimportant details.
<weebee> *nod*
<ssokolow> Hence, as suggested, the idea of not having gods and demons, just divinity.
<weebee> yeah, I agree with that, though.
<weebee> NERV's pretty morally ambiguous.
<weebee> so they could likely represent the whole spectrum, some of them both sides, depending on what they had for breakfast that day.
<ssokolow> It's not just that. It's that it's a plot focus of its own.
<ssokolow> This is about existing characters with issues. The OMG setup is geared towards exploring "'evil' is really more about selfishness than blind ideology, even at the cosmological level"

/% Note: If I ever have to move this, try to remember to updatehttp://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/display_comment.php?episode=243130&n=1&m=0&d=2 %/
''Description:'' Random idea involving gender identity I figured you'd like.: Nerima, 20 years later, with Ranma still living in the district. A red chinese shirt and/or pigtail is LGBT badge of honour. Ranma is confused.

Though it probably requires far too much skill for either of us to write, it could work well as a subplot in [[Half Life]].

!Chat Log
''(22:36:17) weebee:'' Random idea involving gender identity I figured you'd like.: Nerima, 20 years later, with Ranma still living in the district.
''(22:36:43) weebee:'' a red chinese shirt and/or pigtail is LGBT badge of honour.
''(22:36:46) weebee:'' Ranma is confused.
''(14:25:18) weebee:'' don't think I could ever use it, the community seems far too touchy for my heavy handednes not to accidentally insult someone,
''(14:25:27) weebee:'' but it does seem like a logical enough thing to happen.
''(14:26:06) deitarion:'' *nod* Probably the same.
''(14:26:56) weebee:'' not really a main plot either,
''(14:27:11) weebee:'' but would go well in, say, that curses re-emerge x years laater fic,
''(14:27:30) weebee:'' if Ranma as a teenager has since faded to a semi-legendary status after he started laying low. [eg. in [[Half Life]]]
''Description:'' For reasons not yet determined, Pinkie Pie is really a unicorn in disguise.

''Inspiration:'' [[Finding Artemis, Chapter 9|https://www.fimfiction.net/story/358178/10/finding-artemis/chapter-9-the-sweetest-of-poisons]]
> “...really?” Shining stares at the pink pony, who pauses, in mid air, and turns with a smile, waving at him before going back to her bouncing. “That’s kind of… strange.” Is she somehow hiding a horn under all that poof of a mane or what?

Given depressed pinkie, I'd assume that an illusion would be involved... at least as a backup. (But maybe her poofy style really //could// serve as a first layer of defense against her getting found out.)

(Theoretically, being an alicorn in disguise is also possible, but I feel like it would lend itself to overly obvious reasons. A unicorn has much less reason to pretend to be something else than an alicorn, for example, so her being an alicorn would encourage a less original story.)
''Description:'' What if the circumstances described in the following quote are due to a curse? (Ginny is the first female Weasley by birth in 200 years because of what her predecessors did)

"How touching..." it hissed. "I always value bravery...
Draco: Then why didn't he go to Gryffindor?
Harry: Because he's evil.
Ron: And all evil gits go to Slytherin. (He and Harry glance at each other as if remembering something) Well nine times out of ten.
Severus: You don't think Gryffindor has had it's share of evil?
Ron: Of course it hasn't. (Again he remembers something- Pettigrew) Well not like Slytherin!
Severus: Ah. Well let me give you an example Mr Weasley. Example one: Isadora and Isabella Weasley.
Ron(pales): No.. don't.
Fred&George: Oh crap.
Harry: What?
Draco: I'm interested.
Severus: 1780. The last two women born into the Weasley family, before your sister Ginny Weasley. They were sorted into Gryffindor. Typical correct? Well, when they graduated they both wound up vampires and joined forces with the Dark Wizard Rolandis Carruthers. I believe those two Weasley's were responsible for the deaths of over 700 Muggles and 60 of our kind. So Mr Weasley, think before you say that evil cannot reside in Gryffindor.
Draco: Wow...
Harry: Ron? Ron?
Ron(glaring at Snape): Just continue reading.
 -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5215893/17/
''Description:'' Story about someone who wanders into a wizarding space (perhaps in an area where wizards are more in tune with the modern world) and ends up deciding to keep as their little secret. (sort of like what Wishweaver's story explained as a possibility)

[[This fic|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2778565/4/Harry_Potter_and_the_Exiled_Slayer]] almost does it. (Faith doesn't get a chance to just try to blend in)

''<Katana>'' It's a nifty thought. A crossover, or an original character? And why might they decide to keep it a secret?
''<ssokolow>'' Because they worry of the ruckus and possible memory erasure that could follow if they revealed either their "muggle" status (whether or not it's a Harry Potter setting)  to the wizards or the wizards to other "muggles".
''<Katana>'' Ah, I see. Plus there's the disadvantage of maybe being thought crazy...
''<ssokolow>'' That too. You see my point.
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Icons taken from the Silk Icons set, available at http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/ under a creative commons license.
''Description:'' Ideas which were either inspired by or are continuations of [[Anime Addventure|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/]] threads.
''Description:'' Addventure episodes I thought were continuation-worthy (mostly back in my days as a dumb high-schooler). I haven't re-evaluated them yet.

* [[Mischief Fragment: Pause, Rewind, Play|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/203551.html]]
* [[Mute Ranma|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/82514.html]]
* [[Ranma and the Unseen Light|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/82528.html]]
* [[Faking it - Stallion and Rose|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/frecent.php?tag=Faking+It%3A+Stallion+and+Rose]]
* [[Harriet Granger|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/52313.html]]
* [[Yumi Kuno|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/78614.html]] (Decided to rework it from scratch instead. See [[Yumi Kuno]].)
* [[MGCA|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/24778.html]]
* [[Curse of Life|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/17251.html]] (Has its own entry. See [[Curse of Life]])
* [[Branch point for Ranma version of Gilligan's Isle|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/40309.html]]
* [[Hogwarts and anime -Ah My Wizard: To right a past wrong|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/137586.html]]
* [[Mischief Fragment - Replay: A Glimpse at Sixteen and On Ahead|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/248019.html]]

!!!Doubly Cursed
''I'd prefer to wash my hands of this'', but it'd be hypocritical to talk about transparency and complete records and not [[show|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/36651.html]] [[how|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/78929.html]] [[bad|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/78943.html]] I was back in high school. (At least now I know myself well enough to recognize that, even if I had been more than a programmer at the time, I simply don't get along with darkfic)

''Really old note for the idea:''
Why not try writing a better extension to Doubly Cursed in which Ranma is wandering in a world of his/her own making while his/her body is in a coma. (Perhaps something similar to "The Odyssey"? I only saw bits of a few episodes and I only really know the basic concept but it could be applied. It was a live-action TV show when I was little about the adventures of a kid who was in a coma. Along with his friends, he was trying to find his way home. In this case, it would, at least in the beginning, be Ranma trying to flee as far as possible.)

!!!Episode 18599
Also something I'd prefer to wash my hands of, but I wrote a lot more text so it gets [[its own tiddler|Episode 18599]]. (Which is exempt from the list and search and only accessible here)
''Description:'' How about a story where it's common for MLP Changelings to be raised by pony families and then, when Chrysalis's invasion fails, focus is put on one of the changelings who now resents Chrysalis for what they see as Chrysalis getting greedy and destroying countless changelings' lives on a stupid gamble.

So far, every story I've seen breaks from the idea in one of the following ways:
* Replacement is a temporary thing done when the true bearer of the identity is out of town, more like succubi and incubi than classical changelings.
* A stillborn foal //is// replaced, but it's an exceptional situation and the foal may not grow up knowing what they really are. (eg. [[Mirror's Image|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/26961/mirrors-image]])
* There's no replacement. The ponies know that the kid is a changeling (even if they don't really know what a changeling is) but the kid has no contact with "their changeling relatives" until the masquerade is broken. (eg. [[The Irony of Applejack|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/78117/the-irony-of-applejack]] or [[Smoke and Mirrors|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/23224/smoke-and-mirrors]])
* the changelings craft identities from scratch once they've already reached a sufficient level of maturity (eg. [[Flitter|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/22618/flitter]], [[A Novel Tale|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/87718/a-novel-tale]], [[Love Mine|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/22178/love-mine]], [[Without a Hive|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/52953/without-a-hive]], etc.) rather than growing up with a loving pony family.

The idea came to me while I was reading [[Deception is Magic, Chapter 1|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/124014/1/deception-is-magic/arrival]] (before it was confirmed that this Twilight was a changeling queen) when I started wondering how one might go about making a changeling Twilight Sparkle canonically-minded enough to sing [[BBBFF|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0VbyYcljx8]].

Now, of course, since she //is// a queen in Deception is Magic, she's not exactly a representative example, but these dialogue snippets (intentionally leaving out who's speaking or what their emotional state is) should help to convey what I was imagining for a more ordinary changeling character with a similarly strong connection to their pony family whose world was overturned by a canonically-behaving Chrysalis:

"It's standard changeling practice. We watch the hospitals for stillbirths, erase their memory of that specific detail, and leave behind an infant with some basic, instinctive knowledge. The hive gets a source of food, the foal gets two loving families and all the food they could ever need, and the parents don't have to mourn a foal who never was. Everyone's happy... until a certain someone got greedy and decided to pluck the golden goose."

Please don't make me choose between my birth and adopted families. I don't think I could live with myself unless Queen Chrysalis knows a memory spell strong enough to build me a whole new past... and I think death would be kinder than leaving a stranger to walk around with my face.
''Description:'' How about a Naruto crackfic which uses the plague village scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, beginning with "The 4th: I'm not dead yet"

''Description:'' What if the Akane in Akane-chan Overdrive were Akane Tendo
''Originator:'' [[weebee|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/702658/weebee]]

''See Also:'' [[Loose Souls and Divinity]]

''<ssokolow>'' One of the running gags is the angel and those he works with repeatedly trying and failing to bring her back so the mess can be cleared up.
''<weebee>'' just the concept of a different sort of Gender Bending interracting with the Ranmaverse like that would be an interresting one to use, and the concept does lend some seriousness that, say, Futaba or even Tenchi Na Konimaki doesn't unless you totally ruin Megumi's life.
''<ssokolow>'' *nod*
''<weebee>'' hmm,
''<weebee>'' could be, Akane Tendo's running because she's looking for her mom.
''<ssokolow>'' Though, personally, I prefer to just see it as an entertaining, light exploration of the trouble someone can get into if they have a "loose soul".
''<weebee>'' and she'd be rather good at it, too.
''<ssokolow>'' I'll probably toss the idea into the bin just as an interesting thought on exploring the loose soul mechanic and/or exploring the fun of crossing a fundamentally different kind of gender-bending humor into Ranma ½.
''<weebee>'' Nod*
''<weebee>'' the thing is, this guy's reacting MUCH differently from Ranma.
''<weebee>'' the two compairing  notes from different cultural perspectives, assuming Ranma isn't strangling the new Akane to try and get the old one back, could generate some neat conversations.
''<weebee>''  ...hmm, interresting comment that came to me due to scene.
''<weebee>''  Amamiya's probably just kinda fit, at best.
''<weebee>''  how would he react to Akane's extreme muscle density and subconscious Chi control, even if he had the latter, and how much damage would S/he do to the surroundings in the meantime?
''Description:'' Imagine if, either instead of or in addition to Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie became an alicorn somehow.

Let's think divergently for a moment and assume that what season 3 canon says about becoming an alicorn is merely a suggestion. (As any fic written prior to season 3 automatically succeeds at.) How much fun could be had were Pinkie Pie to become an alicorn?

* It could be a comedy. Even if she doesn't cause chaos herself, everyone else can cause chaos by reacting to the idea of her having magic, her being de facto royalty, or whatever other delightful thing you can think of to get people worrying about or misinterpreting the implications of. (Can you imagine adding the ability to fly and do magic to our 4th-wall-breaking, prank-loving party animal? The implications alone could cause panic.)
* It could be serious. It'd be tricky, but there's definitely plenty of room to interpret.

''Inspiration:'' [[Ascend, Chapter 17|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/57026/17/ascend/ascension]] by xTSGx
* ''Update:'' It'd probably share characteristics with [[TD the Alicorn Princess|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/122018/td-the-alicorn-princess]] by ~BronyWriter (if for no other reason than because TD is going to cause a lot of fun chaos as "the princess of snark and sarcasm")
* ''Update:'' [[Pandelirium|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/105303/4/pandelirium/chapter-7-no-such-thing]] has such a thing, but it's overshadowed by other things. (Pinkie is already an imaginary friend given physical form and, as such, she has shapeshifting powers she generally avoids using and gained her alicorn status in a manner that didn't give her enough pegasus-ness and unicorn-ness to grant her default form wings and a horn.)
* ''Update:'' [[The Great Alicorn Hunt|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/92077/the-great-alicorn-hunt/]] does it, but it also does it for the rest of the mane six and plays it more seriously than I'd intended.
''Description:'' Any way some people other than Kyuubi or Minato could get sealed inside Naruto?

(Perhaps a mistake in the seal mixed with an AU timeline resulting in Kyuubi and all four of the Hokage so far eventually ending up in there? (the first three getting added during Orochimaru's attack))

''See Also:'' [[Townhouse Living]] (The more serious variant of this)

''<falling skywards>'' He could have Kushina in there, or Gamabunta.
''<ssokolow>'' Good idea with Kushina. Maybe I could have a scene where Naruto and his family are having a family dinner in the seal with the first three Hokage as guests and the Kyuubi in the background grumbling about being ignored.
''<falling skywards>'' But then invite the Kyuubi!
''<ssokolow>'' And he'll have to act nice because the Shodaime is there.
''Description:'' I should do something that does proper justice to the summary weebee gave while trying to remember the name of a fukufic he wanted to grab. (All The Small Things)

''<weebee>'' R/SM xover fic, Ranma as Senshi of Nemesis, sort of. Living in cursed form at the outers' place for most of it. involves getting blown up at a gas station, and the best reaction to a Senshi transformation I've ever read.
also, past senshi of nemesis was male, reaction I'm talking about is when the Senshi cajoled Ranma, in cursed form, to say the transformation words and it was found that yes, they worked... Damn it!
''Description:'' Write (or find and read) a story where Narcissa is a gender-swapped magical clone of Lucius. (I remember it from a story review/comment somewhere and, given that her name is the feminine form of Narcissus, it's not altogether crazy... especially if she was adopted into the Black family to provide a method for sealing some kind of alliance)

* Perhaps, back when he was in Hogwarts, Lucius was subject to a gender-swapping prank and, upon looking in the mirror, was smitten... or perhaps something else equally messed up but simultaneously amusing.
* If Narcissa was the only daughter of the Malfoy family and Lucius was the product of a last-ditch bloodline-preservation spell, then it even makes more sense in the context of the tail end of canon. Narcissa never really wanted this in the first place. Lucius's entire reason for being and, hence, his sense of self-worth, is deeply tied up in the importance of blood purity.

''Update, December 2011:'' It turns out that [[Double Time Trouble, Chapter 4|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5137164/4/Double_Time_Trouble]] beat me to realizing that the name "Narcissa" is a bit suspicious and maybe there were only two black sisters, but only as a bit of flavor for the discovery of a spell that was then used on Draco... so it doesn't satisfy this idea.

Also, It'd be interesting to ponder what it would take to believably have Lucius be the clone.
''Description:'' Commentary and discussion on mis-application of the Ranma ½ "Mushroom of Ages" plot device and one potential alternative when magic transport to another place or time is involved.

''Sources:'' [[Jonakhensu|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/584174/Jonakhensu]] and [[gsteemso|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/651735/gsteemso]]

While I do think the Mushroom of Ages from Ranma ½ is an under-utilized plot device, I also think it's best to save it for stories where its fairly unique characteristics can be properly taken advantage of. (It's far more flexible than most means of de-aging someone) As such, I suggest exploring other avenues to de-age your characters.

For example, if you're banishing a Ranma character to another dimension anyway, why not have the de-aging as a ticking ultimatum to choose a target universe provided by the spell? (While the character is whirling past alternate universes, they're getting younger and, the longer they wait before choosing one, the younger they'll be when they arrive.) If you need to justify or explain it, you could even probably handwave it as the spell's way of using them as a battery.

Something similarly implausible in the real world worked well enough as the handwave for the mechanism behind the core plot device to Case Closed. (A.K.A. Detective Conan)

!Source Reference
''<jonakhensu>''  well, we decided Gos is the least over used. so, he finds a scroll and pulls a "Saotome, I banish you from this plane" or some such Ranma ends up in a column of light and gets to choose where he comes out and he gets younger as destinations flash by
''<ssokolow>''  Heh. Sounds like you're doing a twist on the device used for Wild Horse Thesis.
''<jonakhensu>''  possibly not going to reread it to find out he'll end up eight, though
''<ssokolow>''  Gos finds a spell that lets him banish Ranma into some Evangelion tapes.
''<jonakhensu>''  not quite but probably he won't be coming back, or taking someone else's place
''<ssokolow>''  *nod* Same core device though.
''<jonakhensu>''  then again, nothing is ever completely new anymore
''<ssokolow>''  True.
''<jonakhensu>''  fun line... "That's easy! I was doing stuff like that since I was ten!"
"Um, Ranma, we're only nine."
"Huh? Oh, right. Thanks Gosalyn"
''<jonakhensu>''  should I start in the ritual or before it? I think in it would be more fun
''<ssokolow>''  I don't know enough about the implications of either decision to do more than a coin flip would.
''<jonakhensu>''  [Reverb] "Subject: Ranma Saotome, loaded into the breech. Cycle chambers. Choose, before your time runs out." yes, that is the ritual talking to him and that would be the first line of the fic, minus [Reverb]
''<ssokolow>''  Could work nicely. Just make sure to give backstory later.
''<jonakhensu>''  was going to, between flashes of destinations and Ranma getting younger might even give a nod to Wild Horse Thesis... A tank full of identical girls? Hell no. should I be assuming Ranma is 16 or 17?
''<ssokolow>''  Can you make it ambiguous?
''<jonakhensu>''  he's coming out eight, so I was thinking a year a destination shown could show fewer in detail and slow the deaging process to compensate, though and then (s)he gets sent to an orphanage
''<ssokolow>''  Now this is sounding like a combination of the plot devices from Wild Horse Thesis and Forever the Tomboy... not that it's a bad thing. ...though, if I can do it without it feeling like a knock-off, I'd like permission to use this technique myself at some point.
''<jonakhensu>''  It helps that I don't remember things without triggers
''<ssokolow>''  Forever the Tomboy is the one where Ranma's life got so messy that he used the mushroom of ages and the nanban mirror to become Michiru Kaioh.
''<jonakhensu>''  ah, right the magical deaging was to prevent clichéd mushroomage
''<ssokolow>''  Anyway, as I said, if I can do it without it feeling like a ripoff, I'd like to use your plot device (with credit, of course) as a nice alternative to the mushroom of ages plot device if need be.
''<jonakhensu>''  and now to grab my notebook so I don't forget that line I forget who came up with it... Gsteemso or Skelethin though Skelethin's reasoning for weird stuff happening is "It's magic" or "it's Ranma"
''<ssokolow>''  Could you ask around? I'd like to use a credit line somewhat like "Thanks to """________""" for coming up with the idea and """__________""" for letting me use it"
''<jonakhensu>''  let me check the logs Gsteemso and I worked it out together mostly him, I'd say
''<jonakhensu>''  yes, him. Gos does something, Ranma ends up in a spot of light, with a succession of worlds, each being 'no way in hell' and 'ick' then he realizes he's getting younger with each shift and jumps out of the light in horror without thinking I added the nifty gun-type reference
''Description:'' A bin to accumluate noteworthy alternatives to the canon "just ignore it" aspect of the legal system in the Ranma ½ setting.

A highly intelligent Ranma (who's pretending to be dumb) finally sees an opportunity to solve his problems. (good source of ideas explaining the ~Genma-Nodoka legal dynamic) -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3093429/3/
''Description:'' A story where the girls of Furinkan High School see Ranma as someone who needs help learning to accept who he/she is, rather than a strange boy who is probably a pervert. (There are tons of incidents in canon which would give them that idea)

; Original Story idea:
: The "regular people" are led to believe that Ranma was cursed at a young age (whether or not it's true) and that cursed people are supposed to be equally male and female in mind, but Ranma's father (evil as he is) forced Ranma to directly tie his sense of self-worth with his masculinity. (In essence, a story where the girls of Furinkan High School are out to make Ranma half and half mentally)
; Revised Story Idea (If Applicable):
: A story where the girls of Furinkan High School see Ranma as someone who needs help understanding who he/she is, rather than a strange boy who is probably a pervert. (There are tons of incidents in canon which would give them that idea)

; Driving Conflict:
: Ranma vs. Girls, Is Ranma male or half-and-half?
; Chosen Resolution:
: Meet in the middle. Ranma stops fighting the curse and gets more in touch with his feminine side. The girls accept that Ranma will never fit the definition of "normal" for a variety of reasons, some relating to his curse and others relating to his personality.

''Note:'' Manga Ranma is a black box who just looks like an open book. Don't believe me? Re-read the manga and look at how little about himself he shares. It's other characters like Genma who tell everyone about Ranma.

!!Relevant Facts:
* Ranma's curse is revealed in the day or two between the fight with Mousse ("Cat's Tongue Got You?", Book 5, Part 9) and the first part of the Phoenix Pill arc. ("The Phoenix Pill", Book 5, Part 10) The first page of "The Phoenix Pill" shows Ranma taking a gym class at the pool in girl form (and quite obviously pissed at Cologne because of the curse lock and possibly the fact that the curse is now known to the general public) and one of his classmates asking Akane when Ranma will turn back to a boy.
* There's a gap of unknown length between any two adjacent story arcs, so that can be used to advantage. In fact, given how long Ryoga spends lost, there's a certain minimum plausible length for each gap. A gap of several weeks could be perfectly plausible.
* ''<ssokolow>'' If I'm going to work from the Manga, I'll need to do more research since a lot of my non-fanon perception of Ranma is from the anime. /% 4/3/08 11:57 PM %/

!! Potential Titles:
* Altered Perception
** {{multiLine{The story timeline exists because the girls' perception of Ranma has been altered. The conflict will be resolved when Ranma's perception of himself has been altered.
''<ssokolow>'' Interesting and appropriate, but I'm not sure it's memorable enough /% 1/17/08 11:21 AM %/
''<gsteemso>'' Could always make it more dramatic -- EG "The Terror of Altered Perception" or similar /% 17/01/2008 08:35 %/
''<ssokolow>'' It's been my experience that trying for drama in a title just makes for a poorer first impression. Never a good thing. /% 1/17/08 11:36 AM %/
** {{multiLine{On the plus side, the only results for "Altered Perception" on Fanfiction.net are [[roughly half a dozen non-Ranma fics|http://www.fanfiction.net/search.php?type=story&plus_keywords=Altered+Perception&match=any&minus_keywords=&sort=0&genreid=0&subgenreid=0&characterid=0&subcharacterid=0&words=0&ready=1&categoryid=0]] (some of which are "Altered Perceptions") and, if I choose "Ranma: Altered Perception", then it's even more unique.
''<~FunnyMan3595>'' Altered seems to imply an agent of some kind (person, event, etc.) that caused the change.  That may or may not be a good thing. /% 1/26/08 6:11 PM %/
* {{multiLine{Ladybug Effect
''<~FunnyMan3595>'' As a reference to the gender problem and the Butterfly Effect that could cause the divergence from canon. /% 1/26/08 6:52 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' I see two problems with Ladybug Effect. First, "Ladybug" makes me think of Francis from A Bug's Life... which is essentially what Ranma fears. Second, one of the reasons I like Altered Perception is actually because, though there's no agent, the Altered, to me, seems to connote "If only things had gone just a hair differently..." ...and of course the problem you mentioned. (Describing the cause of the plot rather than the plot itself) /% 1/26/08 7:53 PM %/

!! Problems to Solve and Decisions to Make:
* {{multiLine{We know that our goal is to have the girls of Furinkan deciding that Ranma needs to "embrace his feminine side." We now need to figure out what the divergence process will be.
''<gsteemso>'' could simply be that one of the "ringleader" types among them thinks Ranma is part girl and really ought to learn to accept it -- having her flashing her tits to all and sundry makes them feel bad on "her" behalf
"that poor girl has no idea how to deal with her femininity. it is our duty to help her!"
"but I ain't a girl!"
"Gah! Leave me out of your sick fantasies!"
''<gsteemso>'' could use the cliche of phrasing it as a challenge to him, but that leaves a bad taste unless you have him not fall for it
''<ssokolow>'' agreed /% 1/17/08 3:10 PM %/
''<gsteemso>'' the only thing that comes immediately to mind is a scene where the ringleader-girl and some others have cornered him and forced him to admit that the girl body is still his body and he doesn't want guys ogling it
''<ssokolow>'' Two problems with that as I see it:  /% 1/17/08 11:48 AM %/
First, it's not believable enough. Canonical Ranma ½ gives you the feeling that such an event would barely leave a ripple when confronting the inertia that is Ranma craziness.
Second, it's not subtle enough. I want something that's a true ripple effect. Something that works by making the girls of Furinkan think "Why didn't I see/think of that before?"
* How would the girls react to the inevitable realization (canon or not) of the true nature of Kuno's attraction to "the pigtailed girl"?
* How much has Akane said to her friends about Ranma? How much information has Nabiki sold?

!! Ideas:
* I'm not sure whether it'd fit, but if it does, I could have one of the girls, fed up with Ranma's refusal to even give his girl side a change, acquire some instant Nannichuan and use it on herself... "Ok then, Mr. Macho, I'm a guy and I don't feel all that different. So how long until this mystical 'masculinity' changes me to the very core of my being?"
* They're going to eventually realize the truth about Ryoga's curse. Enough hints get dropped in the average story that anyone observant enough will notice Ryoga's curse after not long.

!! Evidence that Ranma Needs To Get More Comfortable With His Girl Form As The Girls Would Perceive It:
* Male or female, Ranma's vocabulary isn't the greatest. (Whether he should get used to talking as a girl can be a point of contention among the girls prior to approaching him)
* Aside from necessary things like swimsuits, leotards, and disguises, it's fairly obvious that Ranma avoids feminine clothing... which quite obviously extends to not wearing a bra.
* In the fight with Ryoga which ended with Akane's hair cut, it's fairly obvious that Ranma doesn't have any feminine modesty (the ripped shirt and no bra) and doesn't understand the importance a girl places on her hair.
* Just prior to meeting Kodachi, Ranma was "turning on the cute" to get free extras when buying snacks. While there's no canon evidence of it, one of the girls could have seen "her".
* Mikado Sanzenin kisses female Ranma, she runs off crying, and then male Ranma "pops up" in a murderous rage.
* The Neko-ken and how he handles the Shampoo situation (Note: These are just things which might encourage the girls to help him out, but I didn't want to add another section)
* Again, at the match with Mousse, it's obvious that Ranma has no feminine modesty.
* The ridiculousness of wearing a girls swimsuit with "boy" stitched on it.
* His apparent attitude towards hitting girls. (remember, there are plenty times he's hit girls in the manga (the first fight with Shampoo for example) but his image doesn't necessarily reflect that)

''Note:'' Everything beyond the separator is stuff where some or all of the evidence takes place after the realization but still within the Phoenix Pill arc and therefore could reasonably be worked into their decision. (eg. If they decide to observe Ranma for a few days first)

!! Timeline:

; Divergence Point:
: Something to do with the realization of Ranma's curse by the general school population between parts 9 and 10 of book 5.
''Description:'' What about a believable, non-cliché way for someone other than Naruto to end up playing host to Kyuubi without growing up that way?

Just cause there was a huge stupid not-so-dead fox in his stomach now didnt mean things were going to change completely.
 -- [[Alternate Hosting, Chapter 4|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5177247/4/Alternate_Hosting]]

(The story in question is just a series of oneshots and they take the changed circumstances for granted)

''TODO:''  Ponder the potential implications of the titles "Cloud Hosting" and "Colocation" and, if I can think of some reasonably original ideas for them, give them their own tiddlers.
"If you think that I own {{{_____}}}, you should have your head examined. If you think that I think that I own {{{_____}}}, you're wrong. If you think that I think that you think that I think that I own this, you're probably still wrong. If you... oh, screw it. I DO NOT CLAIM TO OWN {{{_______}}}. Satisfied?"

* Disclaimer: <name> is the creator of <series> and <name> is the creator of <series>. Everything else belongs to the squirrel.
* Disclaimer: <author> created <series>... but <character> may have created <author>.
* Disclaimer: I have no interest in entering Mordor... on foot or otherwise. See chapter 1 for a disclaimer that's actually relevant.
Source: [[Sierra-Falls|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1717555/1/A_Long_Way_From_Home]]
''Description:'' ''TODO:'' Decide how to summarize this oneshot.
''Description:'' Heh heh heh. Notice something _off_ about this quote? Something good for a crackfic?

What& what are you doing here!?
Plotting your gruesome demise. The demon menaced, bearing its fangs clearly. Im here because I was sealed within your bowels by one supremely annoying biped, but the question you should really be asking is why are you here?
-- [[Tales of the FoxCat, Chapter 7|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2685072/7/]]

''<Jonakhensu>'' lol. kyuubi-poo?
''<ssokolow>'' Be funny to see what might fit the description of "an evil little shit"
''Description:'' A few stories have had Ryoga's strength as due to being of only partially human ancestry, but nobody seems to have tried making Genma's father or mother a non-human. It'd definitely explain Ranma's amazing adaptability. Something similar could also explain why Ryoga's abnormal abilities are appropriately mapped to his pig form without being purely a result of physical training.

Innortal did one where Ranma got some Shikima ancestry from Nodoka, but nobody has ever tried other types of ancestry or getting it from Genma.

I actually got this idea from reading the most recent chapter of [[The Last Mazoku|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3696633/13/The_Last_Mazoku]]. (a ~YuYu Hakusho fic where Yuusuke gets taken away to be trained by his grandfather and Keiko ends up taking his position (more or less) in the canon plot) Excellent fresh characterization for Keiko.

The only trick is to hand-wave how it passes through the Jusenkyo transformations. Either we could say that something about Ranma's non-human ancestry binds to his spirit, preventing the curse from making his cursed form totally human, or we could just go the way canon seems to have done and say that a Jusenkyo curse is fairly lax on the definition of "girl". (I'd just want to be a little cautious on the "lax definition" side of things, since that can be a double-edged sword if the author isn't careful.)

''Note:'' This pre-dates [[Unorthodox Dark Creatures]] but several years.

! Chat Logs
''<Mari Falcon>'' It would also explain Genma's abilites and size in panda form.

''<weebee>'' if you made it a benevolent entity, it could explain how rjanma ended up (Relavitely) honest even with Genma's training, though that would raise the questioon of how Genma ended up the way he did, though being trained by happi'd probably screw him up pretty badly.
''<deitarion>'' Now THAT is a good one.
Species-specific alignment modifiers. Maybe Genma, being purer-blooded, is more easily corruptible but Ranma, being both more dilute and having been exposed to Genma rather than directly to Happi, could have built up a resistance.
if it was a melevolent entity though, you'd have your work cut out for you explaining Ranma's somewhat altruistic character...
''<deitarion>'' Heck, the first thing you'd probably get in a creature with a dark alignment is a distrustful nature.
If a species lives to back-stab each other, they're going to evolve instinctual distrust.
''<deitarion>'' Manga Ranma is a black box who looks like an open book.
''<weebee>'' you never do find anything out until it comes to bite him in the ass, do you?
just be careful. as good as they are, you don't want another "Ranmazoku," or "Finishing what you start," do you?
''<deitarion>'' Of course not. My point is that Ranma is distrustful, not manipulative.
''<weebee>'' perhaps he knows of his heratige the whole time. Genma told him of it on the trip?
as was said, he likes keeping secrets, and that would be one of the ones he'd most want to keep.
''<deitarion>'' Possibly, but my original idea was that Genma may not even know.
Might be why he was so easily corrupted by Happosai if Happi recognized the signs but Genma was clueless that he was more corruptible than a pureblood human.
Would also explain why Genma was corrupted but Ranma wasn't if Happi corrupted Genma by using a weakness and Genma's presences toughened up Ranma for when Happi arrived.
''<weebee>'' and happi's been attacking the few weakpoints Genma instilled into Ranma the whole time.
Perhaps Happi has some connection with Genma's father's race...
''<deitarion>'' Heck, I could even make the Jusenkyo curse part of the reason Ranma was completely immune to Happi's influence. After all, it's fun to see Ranma finding out that the curse saved his bacon in ways he didn't realize.
''<weebee>'' What if Happi gets tired of incrimentally corrupting Ranma. his natural resistance is stopping that, so he tries some magical method of doing it, and the curse saves Ranma from that. it'd also blow his heritage out into the open.
''<deitarion>'' Heck, if I wanted to pull a "Genma's Daughter", I could say that Genma purposefully got Ranma cursed for just that reason.
...or maybe Genma's father is still alive and when he finds out, it could result in a conversation like this:
Father: Smart move, son.
Genma: Huh?
''<weebee>'' oh. (Laughs evily)
oh, that IS good!
''<deitarion>'' I think I will use that. :)
''<weebee>'' and in the end, genma's like, "Yeah, i MEANT to do that... YEAH!"
perhaps he yells about his briliance in getting Ranma cursed within the boy's hearing after this conversation, and Ranma makes some french fried panda...
''<deitarion>'' We'll see.

''<Katana>'' Huh. Interesting yet again. ^_^ I still have to wonder what kind of creature; you might have to make something up to get it to meet all those specifications, but... hm. I like how the curse might help defend against Happosai; Jusenkyou's all chaotic and such, it might just deflect most hostile magic simply because the magic can't find a place to sit, so to speak.
''<ssokolow>'' Good point. I might use that explanation.

''(10:43:26) weebee:'' hmm,
''(10:43:38) weebee:'' Unusual grandparent - note.
''(10:43:51) weebee:'' "Drowned girl" may not imply totally human girl.
''(10:44:29) weebee:'' EG: In "Help Wanted," Jonak and I had Jusenkyo accept that Ranma was a Youma, but his cursed form was based far more on the human side of the template.
''(10:44:49) weebee:'' could be the springs go, "As long as you can be concidered a girl in most ways humans concider someone a girl, it's all good."
''(10:45:35) weebee:'' would also explain animalistic musk keeping traits from their transformed parents, at least to some degree, and even ~Genma-P or P-chan's ability to do things they really shouldn't be able to, like all the time Genma-p walks around on heind legs.
''Description:'' How about a spamfic involving a prank war between Voldemort and Dumbledore?

! Chat Logs
''<weebee>'' oh, REALLY evil idea on that side...
a prank war between voldimort and dumbledore, and the entirety of the series was one giant prank by voldimort using memory manipulation and illusions, to be sprung at the end of book six,.

"It's nice to know that I won't suddenly start laughing in the middle of a meeting," Voldemort commented dryly.
Thomas smiled. "I don't know. If you're generally calm and he's having fun pranking someone, you might feel some of his amusement. Stronger emotions tend to override weaker ones. But, for some reason, your emotions are stronger than Harry's. At least, that's what we figured."
"If he starts pranking Dumbledore, I'll gladly start laughing every time I sense his amusement," Voldemort offered with a faintly evil smile.
Thomas chuckled. "I'll let him know. He'll probably start a game among his friends to see who can get Dumbledore the most times without getting caught."
-- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3575871/12/

''<Katana>'' Understandably there would be fallout, if all the crud Harry had to go through was completely pointless. Hm, I wonder; if the events of the series were accomplished by an elaborate mixture of illusions and memory manipulation, perhaps things even before then were false? (i.e. Lily and James alive, etc...) Odd question; if there was a prank war between Voldemort and Dumbledore, what might the fight at the Department of Mysteries have been like?
Oh, and on the memory-twisting thing; would that have been only on Dumbledore, or on the people around him as well, do you think?

''<weebee>'' ah.
looks like I started something there....
I don't now, Voldimort being a large ham somehow appeals in it's complete ant total wrongness.
but I think you want it to go one way or the other. the BIG prank or a bunch of small ones.
''<ssokolow>'' My original idea was a bunch of small ones.
However, I'd ponder both before I chose.
''<weebee>'' Voldimort wouldn't risk small pranks during a scheme as large as the series, it could disrupt it, though a bunch of small ones would introduce the problem that voldi's EVIL and they'd have to be rather mean.
''<ssokolow>'' The problem with the big prank idea is that I'm more going for humor and that'd be some serious angst.
(among other things)
''<weebee>'' the big one would have to be a oneshot, showing a scene in the books suddenly drifting off into insanity, so if ur going for a continuing series they should be small.
 ''<ssokolow>'' Clarify?
''<weebee>'' well, you want humor right?
the only way to do that with the big prank idea is to spring it fast, and spring it hard, then end the story before "fridge logic" sets in on harry and sends him into depression.
so if you want a series, make the pranks small so that it doesn't completely crash harry's brain.
we got enough angst during the last thre books, thank you.
''<ssokolow>'' Ahh. Good point. I'm going to set this aside for later discussion though. I'm just too fuzzy to get into something that involves me learning to think about humor.
''<weebee>'' just trust me. if you pull humor that completely rearranges the series, it HAS to be a oneshot.
if it's not, then the matter of actual impact on the characters hits, and that's usually not very funny.
of course, if you want to write a serious story about a prank war that goes out of hand, then the large prank would be a perfect start.

''Note:'' The title is taken from the rendition of The Wild Rover by The Dubliners on the CD, "The Celtic Tenors, The Dubliners, and Phil Coulter".
''Description:'' I should try to think of a way other than weebee's for Ranma to be an NGE angel. It's an idea that is sorely under-considered and has enormous potential.

''TODO:'' I can't assign themes to this because the whole reason it's so vague is that I haven't decided which themes I want to explore.
''Description:'' Plan and write a oneshot set in the virus-verse... The more psych exploration I can get out of it, the better.

* Perhaps a future one like the Gundam Wing short... though not necessarily with the in-the-genes curse gone dormant. Potential sub-ideas to consider:
* "Exploring the effects of first contact (or first contact face-to-face rather than at spaceship gunpoint) when humans have active Nerimavirus genes"
* "new Nerimavirus epidemic when, whether through innocent accident or mad science accident, another virus grabs the in-the-genes curse for distribution to an alien culture or colony of now-lost humans"
* "As in the Gundam Wing crossover oneshot, Nerimavirus became a recessive gene but the genes get re-activated. However, it happens in a series where gender is a really big deal. (Stuff like Vandread and Saber Marionette J)"
* ...and other ideas, as I think of them.
''Description:'' How about a story where Naruto gets turned even more fox-like when a cursed scroll intended to kill him is stopped by Kyuubi's power? (Without shattering his mind like the other fics I've seen follow this idea)

I'm thinking basically the kind of effect you get with [[Kemonomimi|https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Moe_anthropomorphism]]. (And yes, I am aware that, if Nekomimi refers specifically to situations involving fake cat ears and tails, Kemonomimi likely does too. However, the only Japanese word I know for the real version is Nekomusume... and even if Kemonomusume is a real word, Naruto isn't a girl.)
''Description:'' Gringotts Vault #1 contains something unimpressive like Merlin's secret porno stash.

''<weebee>'' either that, or its his big book of incredibly relaxing insulting diatribes against iimportant political figures.
even if he had a porn stash, it'd more likely be held personally, due to how those are used.
but going into his vault and writing about what tremendous idiots these people he was supposed to have great respect for were,
that'd make sense.
And, you'd get to write merlin insulting people, which would just be funny.
also, it'd have the advantage that there would be stories told.
about how a mighty wizarxcd would go into that room with a great pot of ink and a quil,
always so very serious,
This tag catalogs elements that aren't inherently tied to their context of origin. (plot elements that can be repurposed for other fandoms... possibly even as original fiction)

''Description:'' How about a Harry Potter fic where Petunia becomes one of the "freaks" she so despises (without just having her hate melt away and jumping for joy).
Problem: How to make her sudden acquisition of power believable?

! Chat Logs
''<~FunnyMan3595>'' Maybe she's always had power, and has been fighting to keep anyone from noticing.
She sees herself as a freak, and so tries even harder to be perfectly normal.
The obvious way to out her, then, is to have her lose control, and someone notices.

''<Katana>'' ...yeah, but wasn't she jealous of Lily as a child? Or might that, too, have been a facade?
''<ssokolow>'' That was ~FunnyMan3595's point, not mine. Mine was the Problem: line.
''<Katana>'' Oh, right, gotcha. :P My next thought would probably be something akin to the device used in the 'Dangerverse', latent magic - are you familiar with the stories in question?
''<ssokolow>'' No.
''<Katana>''A highly extensive AU, more or less centered around an OC, Hermione's older sister. The first one in the series is called Living with Danger. Anyway, the general idea was that the main character did have magic, but never received a letter because it wasn't active, so to speak -- kind of like a recessive gene, I guess. In any case, it was activated by a whole lot of stress -- in her case, coming home to find her parents dead in the living room. (Death Eaters) I can find you the story, if you like.
First story, first chapter. There's more, but the site's fairly easy to navigate, I've found.

''Description:'' How about a quick semi-spamfic where a mysterious travelling merchant causes chaos in Nerima by either bribing, tricking, or forcing a Jusenkyo curse on practically everyone, and then getting away scot free... only for the story to end with the revelation that he's the newly appointed avatar of chaos and Jusenkyo.

''<Katana>'' Haha, fun. The merchant might have been trying to get away from any sort of 'divine' responsibility, so tried to be as nasty and/or irresponsible as possible... and it backfires.
|''Version:''|1.0.3 (2011-02-23)|
|''Author:''|Tyler Akins|
|''Licence:''|Public domain|
|''Browser:''|Firefox 1.0.4+; InternetExplorer 6.0|

Tired of having thousands of backups made due to saving every minor edit?  Do you only want one backup per hour, day, or just one backup ever?  Not a problem.

This plugin lets you define a file format that you want to use when saving backups.  Because backups will overwrite each other if they have the same name, you can now control how often new backup files are created.  If you want one created every day, just include the year, month, and day in your format and avoid using the hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.  If you want only one backup, set a static name and it will just keep overwriting the old file.

Select what attributes you want to include in the backup filename in the order you like.  Dates are all in UTC format.  If the format field is left blank, it defaults to what the backups would normally be named:  {{{%N.%Y%M%D.%h%m%s%n.html}}}

{{wideInput{<<option txtBackupOptionsFormat 40>>}}}

| ''%D'' |Day of month, two digits| 18 |
| ''%h'' |Hour, two digits, 24 hour format| 21 |
| ''%M'' |Month number, two digits| 11 |
| ''%m'' |Minute, two digits| 59 |
| ''%N'' |Base name of the wiki| TiddlyWiki |
| ''%n'' |Millisecond, four digits| 8441 |
| ''%s'' |Seconds, two digits| 06 |
| ''%Y'' |Year, four digits| 2006 |
| ''%y'' |Year, two digits| 06 |
| ''%%'' |A percent symbol| % |

Based on a base filename of "TiddlyWiki.html", and a date of 2006-11-18 21:59:06.8441, here are a few format options:

| ''%N.bak'' |Saves only one backup, ever.  Always overwrites the .bak file with a new backup, keeping just one file around.|
| //TiddlyWiki.bak// |~|
| ''%N.%Y%M%D.%h%m%s%n.html'' |This is the default format that TiddlyWiki uses when making a new backup.|
| //TiddlyWiki.20061118.2159068441.html// |~|
| ''%N-%Y-%M-%D.html'' |Keep around only one backup per day.  When a new backup is made, it will overwrite any other backups made on that day.|
| //TiddlyWiki-2006-11-18.html// |~|
| ''Backups\%Y%M\%N-%D-%h%m.bak'' |Save all backups in a set of directories, with one directory that contains all, then another subdirectory that holds a year and month, and then the backup file.|
| //Backups\200611\TiddlyWiki-18-2159.bak// |~|
| ''%N-%(5).html'' |Saves up to the specified number (5 in this example) of backups in a rolling fashion.  Will start at 1 and proceed up to the maximum number set, then starts over with 1.  A great way to limit the total number of backsup.|
| //TiddlyWiki-1.html//, ..., //TiddlyWiki-5.html// |~|

!Revision history
* v1.0.3 (2011-02-23)
** Fixed %M format, thanks to John Antony
** Fixed version number and date
* v1.0.2 (2011-02-21)
** Addded %(5) format, courtesy of Jaufr? Devosse
* v1.0.1 (?)
** Bugfixes to work with newer TiddlyWiki version
* v1.0.0 (2007-09-29)
** Initial release

//                           BackupOptionsPlugin

// Ensure that the BackupOptionsPlugin is only installed once.

if (!version.extensions.BackupOptionsPlugin) {

setStylesheet(".wideInput input { width:30em; }","BackupOptionsStylesheet");

version.extensions.BackupOptionsPlugin = {
    major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 3,
    date: new Date(2011, 2, 23),
    type: 'plugin',
    source: "http://rumkin.com/tools/tiddlywiki/#BackupOptionsPlugin"

if (!config.options.txtBackupOptionsFormat)
	config.options.txtBackupOptionsFormat = "%N.%Y%M%D.%h%m%s%n.html"; // Same as default format
if (!config.options.txtBackupCount)
	config.options.txtBackupCount = 1;  // Counter starts at 1
if (config.optionsDesc) {
	config.optionsDesc.txtBackupOptionsFormat = "Filename format for backups."
	config.optionsDesc.txtBackupCount = "Backup counter to generate filenames";

if (version.major < 2) alertAndThrow("BackupOptionsPlugin requires TiddlyWiki 2.0 or newer.");

// Overwrite the built-in functions

getBackupPath = function(localPath) {
	var formatString = config.options['txtBackupOptionsFormat'];
	var counter = config.options.txtBackupCount;
	if (formatString == undefined || ! formatString || formatString == '')
		formatString = '%N.%Y%M%D.%h%m%s%n.html';
	var backSlash = true;
	var dirPathPos = localPath.lastIndexOf("\\");
	if (dirPathPos == -1)
		dirPathPos = localPath.lastIndexOf("/");
		backSlash = false;
	var backupFolder = config.options.txtBackupFolder;
	if (! backupFolder || backupFolder == '')
		backupFolder = '.';
	backupFolder += (backSlash ? "\\" : '/');
	var backupPath = localPath.substr(0, dirPathPos) + (backSlash ? "\\" : '/') + backupFolder;
	var backupBase = localPath.substr(dirPathPos)
	backupBase = backupBase.substr(0, backupBase.lastIndexOf('.'));
	var d = new Date()
	while (formatString.length > 0)
		var formatHandled = 0;
		if (formatString.length > 1 && formatString.charAt(0) == '%')
			formatHandled = 1;
			switch (formatString.charAt(1))
				case 'D':
					backupPath += String.zeroPad(d.getUTCDate(), 2);
				case 'h':
					backupPath += String.zeroPad(d.getUTCHours(), 2);
				case 'M':
					backupPath += String.zeroPad(d.getUTCMonth() + 1, 2);
				case 'm':
					backupPath += String.zeroPad(d.getUTCMinutes(), 2);
				case 'N':
					backupPath += backupBase;
				case 'n':
					backupPath += String.zeroPad(d.getUTCMilliseconds(), 4);
				case 's':
					backupPath += String.zeroPad(d.getUTCSeconds(), 4);
				case 'Y':
					backupPath += String.zeroPad(d.getUTCFullYear(), 4);
				case 'y':
					backupPath += String.zeroPad(d.getUTCFullYear() % 100, 4);
				case '%':
					backupPath += '%';
				case '(':
					var result = formatString.match(/%\((\d+)\)/);
					if (result) {
						if (counter <= 0 || counter >= result[1]) {
							counter = 1;
						backupPath += config.options.txtBackupCount;
						config.options.txtBackupCount = counter + 1;
						formatString = formatString.substr(result[0].length - 2);  // -2 because of later substring
					} else {
						formatHandled = 0;
					formatHandled = 0;
			if (formatHandled) {
				formatString = formatString.substr(2);
		if (! formatHandled) {
			backupPath += formatString.charAt(0);
			formatString = formatString.substr(1);

	return backupPath;

} // of "install only once"

!Licence and Copyright
You are free to use this however you like.  I place this code into the public domain.
''Description:'' Alternate explanation for why, while washing the street, the old lady manages to hit Ranma so often.
''Source:'' [[weebee|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/702658/weebee]] (also author of the text below)
 (Oneshot.) (Very short.)

So why does the old lady hit Ranma with her wash water every day? Is she blind, does she find the change interesting, or is there some other reason?

This fic asks, what if Jusenkyo tried to maintain a balance? The old woman was a previous visitor to Jusenkyo, a male one. He'd tried his damnedest to keep from changing for more than half of his life, and unlike Ranma he succeeded, mostly through a combination of family money and working in hot dry climates. After forty or so years of never being activated, the curse retaliated by finally locking when it was finally triggered.

In order to keep others from suffering the same fate, the now old woman starts splashing any Jusenkyo victim she sees.

This is sorta a spamfic, and my idea on what the old washer woman is really doing. There've been theories, from her just being bored to her being a washer woman android who just throws water at everyone nearby. Is this really any more improbable?
''Description:'' While trying to come up with a proper title for [[Bedknobs and Broomsticks Odd Idea]], I hit upon the title "Bedknobs and Boomsticks"... and I just knew that somehow, someday, I //have// to write a Bedknobs and Broomsticks - Army of Darkness crackfic crossover.

''Description:'' Since Rorschach's Blot hasn't created a Bedknobs and Broomsticks Odd Idea, I should do so for my own collection.

''Note:'' RB's Odd Ideas are Harry Potter chapters (in this case, it'd be a crossover/fusion) that are creative, but he lacks the will or time to make them into full stories.
''Description:'' Maybe Kakashi could have a secret life that only the Hokage and the Hyuuga clan know about? It's as good a reason as any for keeping his face so secret. (Multiple ideas inside)

''Inspiration:'' [[Black Sheep, Chapter 7|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2876720/7/Black_Sheep]] by A True Radical Dreamer.

Potential Interpretations: (Don't limit myself to just these)
* At least a bit silly
** Naruto, in a bout of comedic 4th-wall breaking, could accuse Kakashi of being a villain in disguise when he first appears (despite not having met most of them yet) since Mizuki-sensei, Kabuto, and Hidan all have gray hair.
** Crackfic: Kakashi is actually every gray-haired enemy Naruto ever run across. (He works very hard to make sure Naruto will have a suitably heroic life. Ideally, Orochimaru and Akatsuki should have known all along... maybe due to some sort of "punch-clock villain" gag. See chat logs for more.)
* Potentially silly, potentially serious
** "Mizuki-sensei" is an alias of Kakashi's through the clever use of Kage Bunshin to set up an alibi. The "alternate test" could be some mix of proving Naruto's loyalty, circumventing the 3rd's law for Naruto's long-term benefit (possibly with Sarutobi's regretful approval), giving Naruto the opportunity to learn Kage Bunshin since he can't do Bunshin, and retiring the persona.
** ''TODO:'' Decide if/how to put the "Kakashi is really a woman in disguise" suggestion from the chat log here.
** Kakashi is a Youkai. According to legend, they always have one tell when in disguise and his is covered by his mask.
* Take themselves seriously, though not necessarily depressing
** ''TODO:'' None of these have captured the original intent. The gender-bending suggestion in the chat log is closest, but takes things in a different direction and inherently dilutes what I'd originally intended. This needs more thought.

''Update 2011-09-04:'' [[Antipodean: Book of Artemis|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4420317/2/Antipodean_Book_of_Artemis]] actually started to explore the "Kakashi is really a woman in disguise" part but the author stopped writing just after setting up a good excuse for it to happen.

''<A True Radical Dreamer>'' hmmm
 His hair is pretty distinctive, though.
Trick to that one would to be to find someone else in the series with the same hair color
''<ssokolow>'' Or he could wear a hat or some other hair covering.
''<A True Radical Dreamer>'' and make them Kakashi's undercover work. You could make some pretty intersting ~AUs with that.
Who in the series has gray-ish silver hair...
Maybe Hidan.
That would be pretty hillarious.

''<jonakhensu>'' Kabuto?
''<ssokolow>'' True. That too could be funny.
''<jonakhensu>'' The traitourous sensei, I think, also had silver/gray hair
''<ssokolow>'' Mizuki.
Hey, that's an idea. Have them start to suspect Kakashi because only traitors have silver hair. Could even break the fourth wall if we wanted to be really cracky.
''<jonakhensu>'' lol
usimg other silver haired people as examples?
and ignoring people like Tessa Tessarosa
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah. Kakashi arrives, Naruto and co. immediately distrust him and use people they haven't met yet as examples.
''<jonakhensu>'' lol
or people who don't exsist, just for the added anoyance
Girls with purple hair are automatically trusted
''<ssokolow>'' Anyway, now lets explore the non-cracky options.
Or at least, somewhat serious even if it is cracky.
Kakashi could BE Mizuki-sensei through the clever use of Kage Bunshin to set up an alibi. The "alternate test" could be some mix of proving Naruto's loyalty, circumventing the 3rd's law for Naruto's long-term benefit (possibly with Sarutobi's regretful approval), giving Naruto the opportunity to learn Kage Bunshin since he can't do Bunshin, and retiring the persona.
''<jonakhensu>'' nice
but it'd also be fun to mess with his team
''<ssokolow>'' Howso?
''<jonakhensu>'' not sure
he'd know them better, so the bell test should be different, if only slighty
though Kakashi might try to mess with the teams themselves
switch someone out for Sakura
''<ssokolow>'' Here's a somewhat silly idea that involves that and much more. Kakashi is actually every silver-haired villain Naruto has ever come across.
''<jonakhensu>'' BWAHAHAHA
''<ssokolow>'' The only detail to determine is what amusingly silly reason for him to give to Akatsuki that they should let him temporarily join them as Hidan and play along.
I want this to be amusing. They have to know he's Kakashi pretending to be a religious nut named Hidan for whatever reason (which he'll tell them) that he also pretended to be Mizuki and Kabuto. (Ideally, Orochimaru should also have known all along)
''<jonakhensu>'' no idea
''<ssokolow>'' Aha! What about the old "let me check the script" gag. They accept it because if Kakashi doesn't do this to Naruto, then there's no "plot" for the world to follow. (Not literally breaking the fourth wall... just the sillyness of even the egotistical, power-hungry villains agreeing that, for whatever reason, without Naruto being driven to get better, the world has no purpose)
''<jonakhensu>'' lol
''<ssokolow>'' Now for the final "famous face" option. Kakashi IS Kabuto, but he has a reason more serious than the previous idea.
The trick being, does Orochimaru know?
''<jonakhensu>'' no
Kabuto is playing everyone
why? for amusement
''<ssokolow>'' ...or, he could be pulling a Snape. Orochimaru could know but think he's loyal.
Finally, there's the option that Kakashi's secret identity is someone new.
''<jonakhensu>'' for the INSANE crack option... Tessa Tessarosa
''<ssokolow>'' THANK YOU. Why the hell didn't I, gender-bending nut that I am, think of a gender-bending secret identity option.
''<jonakhensu>'' it also gives the insane tech option
Naruto in an ~ArmSlave
''<ssokolow>'' Nahh. I was thinking simultaneously more and less crack. (Amplify the shock by making it more believable) Kakashi is really female, but keeps 'his' work and home personas so separate that only the Hokage and the Hyuuga clan know and the Hyuuga are sworn to secrecy.
''<jonakhensu>'' meaning Hinata MUST be on his team
''<ssokolow>'' ...or maybe someone figured out a genjutsu which is subtle enough to keep it secret from the Hyuuga. (Just playing devil's advocate)
''<jonakhensu>'' I like mine better
and Tsunade
''<ssokolow>'' What about her?
''<jonakhensu>'' doesn't she have a solid genjutsu?
''<ssokolow>'' Oh, yeah. Maybe it was her work.
''<jonakhensu>'' still prefer the other option
''<ssokolow>'' The reason I generally like my option is that it allows for "canon lied to the reader/viewer all along"-style fiction more effectively.
Those are more fun in my opinion.
''<jonakhensu>'' ah
I generally try to fuck with everyone
like my current fic
where Ranma is Rupert Giles' son/daughter/whatever
and I realized, Dawn can still be a klepto
she just needs to meet her grandfather...

''<neko-otome>'' next idea
I am picturing Kakashi's mark being a mole on his upper lip why he always wears the mask to hide it
you can't hide the solid genjustus thingie

''TODO:'' This needs to be split up into a tiddler for the serious interpretation and a tiddler for the cracky one.
Washuu: I even tried the old "big red button" defense.
Other: Big red button?
Washuu: <insert description of http://www.missmab.com/Comics/Vol_362.php >
Ideas using Bleach as a source.

''Description:'' How about a Harry Potter story where people are actually creative about their use of spellwork? (especially transfiguration) Canon "smart people" are so unimaginative that it's often mistaken for stupidity.
''Description:'' While reading The Return, it occurred to me that a Ranma with most of the same context as the following quote, but human, would have interesting implications if fleshed out into a working and internally-consistent character.

The specific combination of details I've identified for my idea so far:
* Human Ranma
* Somehow possessing the ability to turn a human into a demon (or perform some other irreversible action of similar rarity and seriousness)
* With some degree of aversion (the mix of personal and social components may vary) to using said ability (In The Return, this is reconciled by the ability being used to save a life) since being willing to throw transformations of that severity around tends to make a story very boring.

The events in The Return compounded it by adding a gender-swap to the transformation and a bit of a mental component but, for my idea, the latter would pollute the idea (I'm not big on mental modifications of any kind) and the former would do better as an "or" choice (demon or gender-swap) rather than "and".

A Jusenkyo-like "Well, that's not so bad" result rather than a permanent transformation would require much though to reconcile potential tonal conflicts though, since giving new curses is common (though not necessarily commonly well done) in older Ranma ½ fanfiction and can interfere with immersiveness.

''TODO:'' Think of a better title for this idea.

"Well, now what?" Ranma asked.
"What do you mean?" Tofu asked.
"Aren't you going to try and blackmail me? I did turn a human into a demon."
Tofu smirked. "If we had a problem with you doing that, we would have tried to stop you. You saved his life."
"Oh, you guys suck as a scary secret organization."
-- http://florestica.com/jtemple/tr/return04.htm
''Description:'' Use the phrase "and a couple of bulges that have nothing to do with being male" in relation to gender-bending.

"If you have anything on you that'll make security jumpy, now is the time to remove it, we have five minutes until we arrive," Jack said.
"What makes them jumpy and why would you assume I'd have something that'd make them so?" Xander asked curiously, wondering what Jack had heard about him.
"I'm not assuming anything, which is why I mentioned it, but I noticed you have a knife at the small of your back and a couple of bulges that have nothing to do with being male. I have no idea what sets security off. I've seen Daniel walk past with a sword and they didn't twitch, but someone tried to bring a furby in and they went nuts. So really it's a crapshoot." -- [[I Still Say it Looks like a Nail, Chapter 1|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5985329/1/]]
''Description:'' I have no clue what I'm going to do with these yet, but I've yet to see anyone else do them (or at least do a decent job) and there's too much untapped potential to ignore them.
''Description:'' ''TODO:'' Think about this enough to come up with a concise description that doesn't throw the baby out with the bath water.

I wrote the following comment to express my disappointment at an un-taken opportunity and then that got me thinking about possible plot-worthy implications of it...

While I definitely enjoyed Screwball outwitting Starlight, it still feels a little disappointing that she just did something any old OC could do, rather than something uniquely Screwball like what came to mind for me the moment someone got the jump on her.

I doubt the unmarking spell would work properly if cast on a changeling who's just mimicking a mark, so why should it work properly on a pony who's Discord's daughter and, thus, also "outside designed parameters"? 

For example, It would have made all the sense in the world if, as with Discord, chaos is an inherent part of Screwball and, thus, emanating from all living parts of her being, rather than centered on some part. (I say "living" to rule out chaotic hair clippings and hoof filings.)

Then, as an aspect of her metaphysical self, her mark would count as a "living part" and would be an active source of chaos, even when separated from her. Cutting her off from it would simply cut off her ability to control it, causing it to slowly leak uncontrolled chaos into the Cutie Mark repository, ignoring or only being slowed down by containers designed to obstruct the flow of magic that's probably harmonic in nature and, thus, fairly opposite to Discord's.
-- ssokolow @ https://www.fimfiction.net/story/302400/31/its-a-screwed-up-life/map-to-oh-you-gotta-be-kidding-me#comment/8344685

...for example:

1. Would the chaos leak just be a different way to resolve the situation or would it have lasting effects on the other cutie marks?
2. Is there any other situation where this concept could be applied, to increase the chances of it happening?

The problem is that, currently, my brain is fixated on the idea of some kind of lasting contamination of other cutie marks... and to do that would essentially writing two stories to re-create the pattern established by [[Why Am I Pinkie Pie?|https://www.fimfiction.net/story/34702/why-am-i-pinkie-pie]] and [[School of Hard Knocks|https://www.fimfiction.net/story/55531/school-of-hard-knocks]] where the story I want requires conditions too distanced from canon to believably come about without a story to be a spin-off of. (And, now that I think about it, that ''is'' sort of what I'm going for. An entire arc following some background character's quest to either cure or learn to live with an under-mentioned leftover of the hero's quest of the week.)
''Description:'' How about a "the real Ranma is dead" (eg. stillborn) story which is a ~Ranma-OMG crossover and Ranma is some kind of pre-divine lifeform?

''<ssokolow>'' Or even better, now that I think about it... pre-demonic.
''<Katana>'' Hmm. The obvious question: what kind of pre-divine/demonic lifeform, and will it still act like canon Ranma?
''<ssokolow>''  It's still Ranma. He'll just suddenly get an unwanted power boost and revelation of his origins.
Can you imagine the fun of having a demon with Ranma's sense of honor?
''<Katana>''  Oh. Ow. He's likely to send his superiors into fits. Frothing ones.
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah. The closest you can get is Ozzallos's story where Hild discovers him. (I'm gapping on the name) (ed.: [[Hell Is A Martial Artist|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3505392/1/Hell_is_a_Martial_Artist]])
''Description:'' What if Genma and Nodoka were actually Kami-sama and Hild living as mortals with their powers sealed for some reason. (Yes, it's one of those "double or nothing" ideas that requires a skilled author)

In any case, this got me to thinking of what could happen if Ranma's parents HAD been Kami-sama and Hild, living as mortals, for whatever reason, and yet...not aware of who they truly were...until some point in the original storyline.

How would Kami-sama view the mess he had made of his son's life? How would Hild feel about being viewed as the benevolent and 'good' parental figure? (By Ranma, at least, if not the readers.)

And what would both do to change things, if anything, if they suddenly regained the knowledge of who they actually were at some point during the original canon storyline?
-- http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/display_comment.php?episode=205405&n=8&m=0&d=2
''Description:'' All content which contains raw chat logs... mainly so I know what to come back to when I feel like tidying things up.
''Note:'' I'd name this [[Chessmasters|http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheChessmaster]], [[Gambits|http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/XanatosGambit]], [[Magnificent Bastards|http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MagnificentBastard]], and and Mentorship, but it doesn't really flow as well as a three-part name.

Given a skilled enough author, the world can always use more fiction where the main character is a master plotter... but that, in itself, is not what this idea is about.

''Description:'' What really caught me was the idea of combining that with exploring a typical manipulative villain from a new angle by having him mentor the protagonist... ideally without letting the traditional conflicts dominate things. (Sort of like the ~Harry-Master interactions in [[Visited by a Doctor|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4922483/1/Visited_by_a_Doctor]] but with more focus on them, rather than simply using them as a side-plot. In other words, keep the canon conflicts which remain off-camera and simply allude to them as necessary to give a sense of context.)

Naturally, given the inspiration, Sosuke Aizen mentoring Harry Potter works, but just about any combination of genius villain for the mentor and a mentored party the readers see as "good" will work as long as the right kind of feel is preserved.

''Author's Note:'' Yep, Harry's personal grim reaper was none other than Bleach's Zaraki Kenpachi himself. I had almost considered making it Aizen, which would likely have had the end result of Harry turning into the greatest Slytherin to have ever lived since the original, but I went for Kenpachi because of the 11th Division's avoidance of Kido, the shinigami equivalent of spells. Since Harry is a wizard, having him not learn a stitch of "magic" during his euphemistically named training seemed to offer the best contrast.
-- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6511737/1/
|''Author:''|[[Stephan Sokolow|https://github.com/ssokolow/]]|
|''Licence:''|BSD (Contains code from TiddlyWiki 2.6.1)|
|''Description:''|Alternative to tagChooser macro which allows limiting the set of tags displayed|


This plugin provides a modified version of the core tagChooser macro capable of filtering for tags which themselves bear a specified tag. (Children in a hierarchical tagging system)

This functionality is the inverse of TaggerPlugin's {{{source:TagDB}}} argument which filters for tags applied to the given tiddler. (Parents in a hierarchical tagging system)


{{{<<childTagChooser parent:MainMenu text:sections>>}}}

If [[MatchTagsPlugin|http://www.tiddlytools.com/#MatchTagsPlugin]] is installed, you may supply a filter expression in place of {{{parent}}}.
{{{<<childTagChooser filter:"Foo AND NOT Bar" text:sections>>}}}

You can also limit filter results to only entries with children as {{{tagChooser}}} does.
{{{<<childTagChooser filter:"Foo AND NOT Bar" onlyTagging:true text:tags>>}}}

if(!version.extensions.ChildTagChooserPlugin) { //# ensure that the plugin is only installed once
version.extensions.ChildTagChooserPlugin = { installed: true };

config.macros.childTagChooser = {
	defaults: {
		text: "tags",
		parent: "MainMenu",
		filter: "",
		tooltip: "Choose existing tags to add to this tiddler",
		popupNone: "There are no tags defined",
		tagTooltip: "Add the tag '%0'"

	makeOnClick: function(params) {
		var defaults = config.macros.childTagChooser.defaults;
		var tagTooltip = getParam(params, 'tagTooltip', defaults.tagTooltip);
		var parentTag = getParam(params, 'parent', defaults.parent);
		var popupNone = getParam(params, 'popupNone', defaults.popupNone);
		var filterExpr = getParam(params, 'filter', defaults.filter);
		var onlyTagging = getParam(params, 'onlyTagging', defaults.onlyTagging);

		var onClick = function(ev) {
			var e = ev || window.event;
			var popup = Popup.create(this);

			// If MatchTagsPlugin is installed and filterExpr is specified...
			if (filterExpr && store.getMatchingTiddlers) {
				// Skip tags with no children if requested
				if (onlyTagging) {
					var tids = store.getTags();
					tids = jQuery.map(tids, function(t) { return store.fetchTiddler(t[0]); });
				} else {
					var tids = store.getTiddlers()

				var tags = store.getMatchingTiddlers(filterExpr, null, tids);
			} else {
				var tags = store.getTaggedTiddlers(parentTag);

			if(tags.length == 0)
			for(var t=0; t<tags.length; t++) {
				var tag = createTiddlyButton(createTiddlyElement(popup,"li"),tags[t]['title'],
			e.cancelBubble = true;
			if(e.stopPropagation) e.stopPropagation();
			return false;
		return onClick;

	handler: function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {
		if(tiddler instanceof Tiddler) {
			var params = paramString.parseParams(null, null, true);
			var defaults = config.macros.childTagChooser.defaults;

			var btn = createTiddlyButton(place,
				getParam(params, 'text', defaults.text),
				getParam(params, 'tooltip', defaults.tooltip),

} //# end of "install only once"

''Description:'' A Chronocline is a gradual change over time. That could be the name of an attack in which the user gradually moves faster and faster relative to the rest of the time-space continuum as the fight progresses.
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|OriginalAuthor|Bradley Meck - http://gensoft.revhost.net/Collapse.html|
|Description|show/hide content of a tiddler while leaving tiddler title visible|
This plugin provides commands to quickly switch a rendered tiddler between its current ViewTemplate display and a minimal display (title and toolbar) defined by a separate CollapsedTemplate.
In [[ToolbarCommands::ViewToolbar|ToolbarCommands]], add:
collapseTiddler collapseOthers
you can also embed the following macros in tiddler content:
*{{{<<collapseAll>>}}} - adds 'collapse all' command that applies CollapsedTemplate to each displayed tiddler
*{{{<<expandAll>>}}} - adds 'expand all' command that re-applies ViewTemplate (or equivalent custom template) to each displayed tiddler
*{{{<<foldFirst>>}}} - immediately apply CollapsedTemplate to a given tiddler, as soon as it is displayed.
2009.05.04 [2.0.0] standardized documentation and added version #
2008.10.05 collapseAll() and expandAll(): added "return false" to button handlers to prevent IE page transition
2008.03.06 refactored all code for size reduction, readability, and I18N/L10N-readiness.  Also added 'folded' flag to tiddler elements (for use by other plugins that need to know if tiddler is folded (e.g., [[SinglePageModePlugin]]
2007.10.11 moved [[FoldFirst]] inline script and converted to {{{<<foldFirst>>}}} macro
2007.12.09 suspend/resume SinglePageMode (SPM/TPM/BPM) when folding/unfolding tiddlers
2007.05.06 add "return false" at the end of each command handler to prevent IE 'page transition' problem.
2007.03.30 add a shadow definition for CollapsedTemplate.  Tweak ViewTemplate shadow so "fold/unfold" and "focus" toolbar items automatically appear when using default templates.  Remove error check for "CollapsedTemplate" existence, since shadow version will now always work as a fallback.
2006.02.24 added fallback to "CollapsedTemplate" if "WebCollapsedTemplate" is not found
2006.02.06 added check for 'readOnly' flag to use alternative "WebCollapsedTemplate"
version.extensions.CollapseTiddlersPlugin= {major: 2, minor: 0, revision: 0, date: new Date(2009,5,4)};

	<div class='toolbar' macro='toolbar expandTiddler collapseOthers closeTiddler closeOthers +editTiddler permalink references jump'></div>\
	<div class='title' macro='view title'></div>\

// automatically tweak shadow ViewTemplate to add "collapseTiddler collapseOthers" commands
config.shadowTiddlers.ViewTemplate=config.shadowTiddlers.ViewTemplate.replace(/closeTiddler/,"collapseTiddler collapseOthers closeTiddler");

config.commands.collapseTiddler = {
	text: "fold",
	tooltip: "Collapse this tiddler",
	collapsedTemplate: "CollapsedTemplate",
	webCollapsedTemplate: "WebCollapsedTemplate",
	handler: function(event,src,title) {
		var e = story.findContainingTiddler(src); if (!e) return false;
		// don't fold tiddlers that are being edited!
		if(story.isDirty(e.getAttribute("tiddler"))) return false;
		var t=config.commands.collapseTiddler.getCollapsedTemplate();
		return false;
	getCollapsedTemplate: function() {
		if (readOnly&&store.tiddlerExists(this.webCollapsedTemplate))
			return this.webCollapsedTemplate;
			return this.collapsedTemplate
	saveTemplate: function(e) {
		if (e.getAttribute("savedTemplate")==undefined)

	// fold/unfold tiddler with suspend/resume of single/top/bottom-of-page mode
	display: function(title,t) {
		var opt=config.options;
		var saveSPM=opt.chkSinglePageMode; opt.chkSinglePageMode=false;
		var saveTPM=opt.chkTopOfPageMode; opt.chkTopOfPageMode=false;
		var saveBPM=opt.chkBottomOfPageMode; opt.chkBottomOfPageMode=false;

config.commands.expandTiddler = {
	text: "unfold",
	tooltip: "Expand this tiddler",
	handler: function(event,src,title) {
		var e = story.findContainingTiddler(src); if (!e) return false;
		var t = e.getAttribute("savedTemplate");
		return false;

config.macros.collapseAll = {
	text: "collapse all",
	tooltip: "Collapse all tiddlers",
	handler: function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler){
				if(story.isDirty(title)) return;
				var t=config.commands.collapseTiddler.getCollapsedTemplate();

			return false;

config.macros.expandAll = {
	text: "expand all",
	tooltip: "Expand all tiddlers",
	handler: function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler){
				var t=config.commands.collapseTiddler.getCollapsedTemplate();
				if(tiddler.getAttribute("template")!=t) return; // re-display only if collapsed
				var t=tiddler.getAttribute("savedTemplate");
			return false;

config.commands.collapseOthers = {
	text: "focus",
	tooltip: "Expand this tiddler and collapse all others",
	handler: function(event,src,title) {
		var e = story.findContainingTiddler(src); if (!e) return false;
		story.forEachTiddler(function(title,tiddler) {
			if(story.isDirty(title)) return;
			var t=config.commands.collapseTiddler.getCollapsedTemplate();
			if (e==tiddler) t=e.getAttribute("savedTemplate");
		return false;

// {{{<<foldFirst>>}}} macro forces tiddler to be folded when *initially* displayed.
// Subsequent re-render does NOT re-fold tiddler, but closing/re-opening tiddler DOES cause it to fold first again.
config.macros.foldFirst = {
	handler: function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler){
		var e=story.findContainingTiddler(place);
		if (e.getAttribute("foldedFirst")=="true") return; // already been folded once
		var title=e.getAttribute("tiddler")
		var t=config.commands.collapseTiddler.getCollapsedTemplate();
		e.setAttribute("foldedFirst","true"); // only when tiddler is first rendered
		return false;
<!--{{{-->	<div class='toolbar' macro='toolbar expandTiddler collapseOthers closeTiddler closeOthers +editTiddler > syncing permalink references jump'></div>	<div class='title' macro='view title'></div>	<!--}}}-->
Background: #ffffff
Foreground: #071221
PrimaryPale: #ffffff
PrimaryLight: #81ace3
PrimaryMid: #255da6
PrimaryDark: #091729
SecondaryPale: #f0f0dd
SecondaryLight: #e3cf81
SecondaryMid: #a68c25
SecondaryDark: #9a471d
TertiaryPale: #eee
TertiaryLight: #e3a281
TertiaryMid: #a65025
TertiaryDark: #666
Error: #f88
ColorPaletteParameters: HSL([214|14], [0.6342125005749759],[0.1|0.4|0.7|1])
''Description:'' Throwing together either the casts of shows with related elements or other similar contexts to generate conflict.

This works best in situations where at least one character will see another as a discomforting or even downright terrifying reminder of their flaws or fears.
''Reminder:'' By commenting, you agree to release your comments under the same [[CC-BY 3.0 Unported|http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/]] license as existing content.
<html><iframe style="width: 99%; border: 0; height: 30em;" src="http://blog.ssokolow.com/contact_minimal.html"></iframe></html>
<<tiddler HideTiddlerSubtitle>><<tiddler HideTiddlerTags>>
''Description:'' A more personal, character-exploring alternative to the idea first explored in The Virus. (Though, ironically, I only realized I was converging on the same idea near the end of thinking this up)

* In saving Akane in the Phoenix Mountain arc, Ranma was immersed in Jusendo's waters. (At the least, nobody was immersed nearly as long) As a result, Ranma's curse is contagious under certain circumstances. (Perhaps the "magi-technobabble" excuse is that Ranma's curse got over-charged)
* Direct physical contact with Ranma while they are changing could be a decent way to spread the curse.
** In this situation, Kuno could be touching Ranma during a male to female change as a side-effect of Ranma making another attempt to get Kuno to see reason.
** ...then Akane could get cursed by Kuno if we go with a "People charged by Ranma start out with enough residual over-charge to curse someone else if they hurry" explanation.

* Should the new curses fade out after a while? (Long enough for some fun but not permanent. Perhaps a few days or weeks.)
* If so, should it be possible for people to get locked by being in their cursed forms when the magic fades out? (If so, then touching Ranma would be enough to recharge them enough to revert)
* Can/should I write this so it qualifies for any (or all) of the [[Identity Issues]], [[Working Through Issues]], and [[Under-Explored Characters]] tags. (Depending on where I take [[Cursed Kunos]], I might actually want to steer this one more toward the light and funny side of things)
''Description:'' For entries bearing this tag, a modern-day, contemporary setting is an essential part of spirit of the idea. (For the purposes of many of these stories, "Anime Japan" counts as contemporary)
{{mouseover center{
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''Description:'' What about some interesting side-effects from a potion that wasn't intended for the drinker, but was left unattended and smelled very good?

In the inspiring case, Harry naively asks about the identity of a good-smelling goblet... which happens to contain a morning-after prophylactic -- [[Achieving Clarity, Chapter 4|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4960786/4/Achieving_Clarity]]

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''Description:'' Humorous ideas for stories that don't even try to take themselves seriously.

''Note:'' If you want stuff that's merely crazy but still takes itself seriously, see [[Just Some Crazy Fun]].
''Description:'' Even in fields which are otherwise fairly saturated, like [[Ranma|Ranma ½]]-[[SailorMoon|Sailor Moon]] crossovers, alternate parentage crossovers are surprisingly rare... even the mediocre ones, it seems.

''Inspiration:'' The nicely-done details of the "Setsuna is Ranma's mother" version in [[Wild Charon, Chapter 1|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5159433/1/]] (Chapter 2 and beyond include too much of the "fate says new fiancees follow" theme)
''Description:'' An [[Addventure thread|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/17251.html]] with potential which starts with Ranma reincarnated as his younger sister Ranko with the older Ranma also in existence.

''TODO:'' This is a //very// old idea of mine (back when I was a dumb high-schooler) but I think I now know enough to think up enough details to graduate this to a sparse story plan.

!!!Old Notes: (as-is for now)
* Perhaps Ranko is trying to figure out the chrysalis technique since she knows that the perverted goblin, err...Happosai will eventually arrive and she doesn't have a jusenkyo curse to fall back on. (Just in case Happosai can see through the Umisen Ken)
* If we want to have it so that Ranma met Ukyo, maybe he met her when she and her father passed through Tokyo with their cart. (Could probably happen about a year or two after their canon meeting.) 'Ukyo? When did he meet her?' """-->""" 'She her father spent some time selling Okonomiyaki in Tokyo when Ranma was 8? So that's the friend that Ranma was always running off to meet' If I want a fiancee mess, It will have to be Ukyo thinking that Ranma doesn't want to be with Akane and deciding to try to become Ranma's girlfriend. Either way, things will be a lot more peaceful.
* Shampoo and Cologne will never be around since Genma never took Ranma to Nyucheizu after falling in Jusenkyo.
* Ranko remembers all of the Amazon techniques which will never happen since Genma and Ranma will never eat the nyucheizu (sp.?) tournament prize. (Also don't forget the techniques thar Ranma invented like Moko Takabisha and Hiryuu Korin Dan.) This also includes the fact that Genma never told anybody about the Umisen Ken. If Ranko trains in it, it should royally freak Genma out if he realizes it. Either way, it will be a good source of funny antics since the old Ranma made the promise never to use it but Ranko didn't and Ranko is trying to make up for all the things (she/he) didn't like about Ranma's life. (Check canon on Umisen Ken)
* Ranko and Ranma. How well do they get along? It all depends on Ranma's personality. Either way, Ranko thinks that Ranma is an idiot.
** Where is Ranma's house? (Check canon) Would it be possible for Ranma and Akane to go to the same school? That could be an option for Ranko and Akane (and possibly even Ranma, idiot that he is) to become friends. How would Genma react when he found out that his daughter's new friend is the daughter of his old friend Soun Tendo? (He'd probably get a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease)
''Description:'' What kind of situations would cause and result from the Kunos not only recognizing that Ranma has a gender-curse, but wanting their own? Could make a good crackfic. :P

''Idea Credit:'' [[TerraBull @ Anime Addventure|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/display_comment.php?episode=212515&n=13&m=0&d=0]]
''See Also:'' [[Spread Them Around A Bit]]

! Chat Logs
''<weebee>'' Tatewaki Kuno...
first, we need a situation where the curse cannot be denied.
personally, i see a few ways to do this.
we could have a beach scene, or somewhere else where Ranma's got a lot of flesh on display.
perhaps Kuno's somehow arranged, with Nabiki or otherwise, a way to be absolutely alone with his pigtailed girl.
tropical island, or something, Ranma gets suckered into going, maybe he owes Nabs money.
Kuno glomps her, but the two are near a hotspring or something, and Ranma's feeling annoyed.
She falls back into it, Kuno still holding on. Not only does he feel it, but he's stairing right into Ranma's eyes at the time.
touch, sight, maybe even sound, ALL tell him the transformation's taken place.
something SO blatant, that he can't really ignore it no matter what.
Now, this is when the Kuno damage control starts whirring into play.
he won't allow himself to admit he was wrong about the pigtailed girl.
he was NOT in love with a man.
but the sensation, the sight, won't go away.
what's the only other alternative?
the pigtailed girl becomes a man. she is, of course, originally female.
she has always been so...
and suddenly, things make sense.
she's not fighting Kuno because she doesn't love him,
she's fighting him because she doesn't want him to be with a freak such as her...
but tatewaki Kuno will not be disuaded.
he tries to tell her he doesn't care, but she shall not listen. The blue thunder must make some sacrifice to show the pigtailed girl that he truely loves her... and Akane Tendo, but that's beside the point.
therefor, he decides to show her his love by recieving the same, or in his mind, the opposite curse.
of course, if he ever finds out about the spring of drowned akane...
as a matter of fact, if the "Knows about the curse" thing wasn't a prevision, he may take a flying leap off of the spring of drowned Akane anyways if he found out about it.

As for Kodachi....
while much more willing to do... questionable... things than her brother, Kodachi is also a little more lucid on occasion.
as a matter of fact, it may be that simply seeing the curse and having it explained would be enough to onvince her.
Ranma's never done this simply because he figures she's just like her brother.
now, there are two reasons Kodachi wants a curse.
1) Ranma could use his cursed form to get away from her. "C'mon, yer not gunna glomp onto another girl, are ya?"
in which case, Kodachi could get it into her whacked out little brain that Ranma-chan is heterosexual.
whether this means Ranma's gay, or the preference switches, is anyone's guess.
in any case, simple cure.
One casque drowned man water, coming up!

SECOND way to do it.
she sees that that trollop Akane is getting in her way for Ranma-sama's heart.
how to get her out of the way?
Why simple.
it's obvious that no one can really resist a Kuno, at least as long as theiir not as stupid as her brother.
since tatewaki keeps failing, why not get some of that instant drowned man powder, sweep little miss short tempered tomboy off her feet, then dump her somewhere so Kodachi, once more a woman, can take Ranma for herself!

''<deitarion>'' Heh. Reminds me of my descriptions of the Kunos.
Tatewaki: Rich, delusional, stupid
Kodachi: Rich, delusional, insane

''<weebee>'' precisely.
 getting them to do it in the same fic, though...
THAT would be a tall order....
of course, if I could....
oh god, that's a twisted idea....
remember how I said Tatewaki would probably go for the Akaneniituan, so he could 'have them both?'
now, the male Kodachi encounters the female Tatewaki.....
it'd practically write itself from there.
''Description:'' One day, without warning, Hinako turns male. Shortly afterwards, Hiroshi and Daisuke reveal that they've been cursed for several months already but they kept it a secret. The game is afoot and the question on everybody's mind is "How did Ranma's curse become contagious, why now, and why THEM? After all, Akane spends plenty of time around Ranma and nobody has started turning into a panda." Cursed! Whodunnit?

* [[Experimental Attempt at Writing It|Cursed! Whodunnit? - Attempt]]

!Story Structure:
# Main Story: A Whodunnit-style story beginning with Hinako getting "spontaneously cursed" and ending, at the earliest, once they know what's going on. (Though that'll probably just be the main subplot. Seeing how Yuka and Sayuri deal with the curse and react to Hiro and Dai's curses could be good fun too.)
# Prequel to be read afterwards: A view of how Hiroshi and Daisuke reacted to getting cursed, how they kept it secret, their motivations for doing so, and what they did with their curses.

!Subplots for the main story:
# The whodunnit
# Hinako (In cursed form, 'he' is stable at an in-between age. This gives the clarity necessary to see the extremes she bounces between. With that, she can figure out what she's done for her students, both good and bad, and so on. The conflict is that she wants to go back to normal but she doesn't want to lose that clarity.)
# Yuka and Sayuri ("Cliché" pretty much doesn't exist when dealing with female-to-male transformation and, if we decide that they're currently dating or considering dating Hiroshi and Daisuke, then we REALLY have some fun options. Probably best to make a clean break from male-to-female cliché by having the guys be the experienced once. Additional fun can be had if, once they're used to being guys, Yuka and Sayuri decide to take the intiative and not only date Hiro and Dai, but suggest things Hiro and Dai either never considered or decided against intially... but not girl training. That brings back the cliché.)
# Herb (Lime and Mint end up cursed before this story even starts because of how much Herb blasts them. However, Herb doesn't know why until he receives a letter from Ranma detailing the events of this story up to a certain point. However, while dragon heritage provides for ki production and control, damping isn't so easy. This results in a character crisis (he's almost certain to eventually curse his bride) until Ranma comes up with a solution. However, he has to put his pride on the line to let Ranma teach him. Lime and Mint get cured... by force (Hinako) if need be.)

!Subplots not needed:
# Kasumi seems unaffected by getting cursed and serenely trusts that Ranma will find a cure. This really gets on Akane's nerves... especially since some of Kasumi's mannerisms really don't fit with a male body. (As a plus, periodic cut-aways to Kasumi can entertainingly build on the underlying theme.)
# Nabiki is pretty imperturbable. She'll just end up deciding to keep the curse so that she can become a male business tycoon if need be. After all, by this time, it'll be obvious that only Ranma has the water magnetism.
# Kuno may get cursed

* Ranma's curse taints his ki. Prolonged exposure to Ranma's curse causes peoples' ki to slowly become curse-tainted. Enough taint and you start changing.
* The osmotic taint only works for gender-curses because other curses are "too much work" to implement. (Complete genetic rewrite for most, Large mass change for age curses, etc.)
* Male-to-female curses are much easier than female-to-male curses because no Y chromosome needs to be synthesized.
** Also, Hiroshi and Daisuke have been hanging around Ranma long before Hinako showed up.
* Cursed people are immune. (Genma, Shampoo, Taro, Mousse, Ryoga)
* Happosai's ability to drain and convert female ki has taught him to filter what he draws but he knows what's going on and he finds it hilarious. He doesn't tell anyone because he's a jerk that way.
* Hinako is the most vulnerable female because of her draining ability and how frequently she uses it on Ranma.
** Her "Happo no Yen Coin Return" doesn't purge her ki system because her techniques make a distinction between native and foreign ki. Because it would probably bring her back to her original weakened state, she never flares her native ki.
** Draining Ranma's ki is similar to glomping onto him for several hours while having weakened defenses. That's why she picks up a curse much more quickly than Yuka and Sayuri.
* Cologne has never heard of this because it's really the first time population density, ki mastery, huge ki reserves, and a gender curse have combined in this fashion.
** The amazons know that a gender-cursed mother will give birth to gender-cursed children, but not why. Other kinds of curses don't spread this way because 9 months isn't enough exposure.
* Herb probably hasn't heard of this either, given how the Musk feel about gender-segregation.
** It doesn't help that neither the Amazons nor the Musk have an equivalent to "sit three feet away from a cursed ki adept for six to eight hours, six days a week". (school)
* The curses won't make Hiroshi and Daisuke into water magnets. Maybe it only works for Ki adepts who fight their curses. (The old "chi in turmoil" explanation)
** Note: The explanation doesn't really matter as long as Hiro, Dai, Yuka, Sayuri, and our choice of anyone who inherits a gender curse are free of water magnetism.
* Akane isn't the first girl to get cursed because flaring your aura (in her case, getting angry) helps to flush the taint out.
* Kasumi is the second girl to get cursed after Hinako. (Not only does Ranma live there, Kasumi does his laundry. If Happosai can get charged by panties, then Kasumi can get tainted by laundry)
* Yuka and Sayuri are the third and fourth girls to get cursed. No boys other than Hiro and Dai have been cursed yet. (Ranma keeps his aura controlled and they're the only non-immune (Akane) people other than Hiro and Dai who spend that much time in range)
* Ranma will learn to control his ki to prevent further tainting by the end of the story and will teach Herb and probably Cologne too so it can be recorded for future generations.
* Hinako can cure someone by draining them twice in rapid succession. However, the taint regenerates once you're cursed, so accidental curing by non-consecutive drains is impossible. Two drains will render a person unconscious for 12 to 24 hours but do no permanent damage. The body won't allow fatal amounts of ki to be drained. Cologne explains this so they'll allow it to be done.
* Nabiki gets cursed fifth: After Kasumi is changed, Ranma starts to think that the change has something to do with him. When Akane's friends are affected as well, he's completely confused. In a concerted attempt to find out what's going on, he and Nabiki, who's helping him because she's worried for Kasumi, spend days sifting through books on Jusenkyo at the Cat Cafe and Dr. Tofu's. During this time, Ranma's using his aura to keep himself awake, and heavily exposing Nabiki. When Nabiki is changed, Ranma finally realizes, at least basically, what's going on.

''<deitarion>'' In essence, if you're a martial artist, you're unlikely to get cursed via osmosis. If you're cursed (doesn't matter how) you only spread it via osmosis if you're a strong martial artist.

''<weebee>'' the main themes of the ending, IMHO, are what happens when Ranma finds out the mechanics.
''<weebee>'' he knows he'll lose control of his aura occasionally.
''<weebee>'' what will he do about it?
''<weebee>'' Then again, with Nabiki and at least one of the couples HAPPY about it, that may not matter.

!Questions to be Answered:
*Do Hiroshi and Daisuke's parents already know about their curses before Hinako spontaneously gains one?
** ''<weebee>'' It's entirely possible that the families know, but the boys have convinced them not to tell for several reasons.
### The families don't know that Hiro and Dai are harmless letchers,
### Well, let's face it, having a son that turns into a girl is rather embarassing.
** ''<weebee>'' ...though revealing it in the main story could be amusing, too.
* Do we want to curse Gosunkugi in order to set up for a "Gos + Girl = Goth = People taking interest {{{-->}}} Why!?" joke?

* Maybe Daisuke can borrow one of his mother's old wigs for his female form until his hair grows out. (Either the wig will match his natural color or "she" will claim she had the hairstylist dye her hair back to its natural color when his real hair looks apropriately androgynous)
* "How did you keep this a secret for so long?" "I dunno. We just don't seem to attract water the way you do... or trouble for that matter."
* By the time Yuka and Sayuri reach saturation point, they'll be so resigned to the probability of it that when one of them transforms in school, 'he' will jokingly turn to some of the other girls and respond with "Ok... does anyone have a pickle jar they need help with?"

* Hiroshi's hairstyle looks half credible as a girl's cut but Daisuke would need to grow his bangs down in the side not to look really odd as a girl. A hairstyle change could play a part in the plot. ("And here I thought Dai only started growin' that ponytail ta copy me or somethin." or something equivalent)
* Subplot timelines need to be written. Possibly using HTML tables to get parallel columns, one per subplot.
* Hiroshi and Daisuke's curses aren't going to kick in at the same time (too implausible) so, In the prequel, it's a given that the phrase "Can I touch them?" will get used at least once. A good response would probably be something along the lines of "Not now. I haven't even had a chance yet." but with more effort made to make it funny.

''<weebee>''  Hmm, now that I think of it, this isn't a disease. It's radiation exposure.
''<deitarion>'' Heh heh heh. That's great. "The Virus" turns the curse into a disease. I'm turning it into radiation poisoning. :P

''(12:28:53) deitarion:'' First, a simple thought that, once the news of the extra curses has spread enough for the  administration to not take issue with it, I'd like Hiro and Dai to come  to school in female form in borrowed uniforms at the request of some of  the girls. It'd be an opportunity to flesh out characters all around.
''(12:31:11) deitarion:'' ...but especially the female characters. Of all the bits in the Ranma anime that I enjoyed, the one that felt the most unique and memorable was probably Ukyo having fun playing with Ranma's curse. (The part that, in the dub, ended with "I'm not a plaything!")
''(12:32:18) weebee:'' always preferred "I'm not a toy," but that dub was mostly okay, so meh.
''(12:32:45) deitarion:'' I prefer that too, but it's been too long and audio stick in my mind better than subtitles.
''(12:32:52) deitarion:'' sticks*
''(12:32:55) deitarion:'' Same reason I enjoyed Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa. Anime and manga have a frustrating tendency to mute the fact that girls are human beings too.
''(12:32:57) weebee:'' Hiroshi and Daisuke are taking this pretty  well all around, so it could be all right. Though having someone should almost certainly flip out over it a bit more.
''(12:33:28) deitarion:'' Remember, the plot summary says "Shortly afterwards, Hiroshi and Daisuke reveal that they've been cursed for several months already but they kept it a secret."
''(12:33:42) weebee:'' agreed,
''(12:33:46) weebee:'' they still took it pretty well.
''(12:33:53) weebee:'' being capable of keeping it secret, especially.
''(12:34:49) deitarion:'' I've always had a fondness for the idea that there be some way to appease the rule of funny so the water magnet effect goes away.
''(12:35:48) weebee:'' well, it doesnt even need to be rule of funny, that's not what I meant.
''(12:35:57) weebee:'' though I suppose their parents might have found out and not told.
''(12:36:07) weebee:'' the initial flipout would at least give it away to them.
''(12:36:32) weebee:'' anyhow, it's easy to explain no water magnetism, or much less. Curse is weaker since it's a 'secondary infection,' and the gender change itself is more important.
''(12:37:42) deitarion:'' That'd actually work well since the parents could help provide the cash for the latter part of "Daisuke or Hiroshi: A little time alone with some cold water clears up a  lot of mysteries. Getting leered at and hit on while out to buy some  girl clothes... more than I wanted."
''(12:38:11) weebee:'' yeah, presumably.
''(12:38:21) deitarion:'' This IS Furinkan-cho. It's somewhat canon that people are desensitized to crazy things happening.
''(12:38:44) weebee:'' make this a "Meh" nerima similar to Help Wanted's, and the parents could even just be like "I told you hanging out with that Ranma boy woul dbe trouble..." or something.
''(12:39:16) weebee:'' whole bunch of ways to take it.
''(12:39:24) deitarion:'' *snicker* Yup.

* [[Daisuke & Hiroshi|http://furinkan.com/ranma/characters/daisuke.html]]
* [[Yuka & Sayuri|http://furinkan.com/ranma/characters/yuka.html]]
* Note to Self: If I ever need the chatlogs with weebee, I believe everything was discussed in one fairly long chat on 2009-03-28.

!Timeline: (Under Development)
* Ranma begins Ki training around the time of the Amaguriken. Ranma's aura, tainted with the Jusenkyo curse, begins radiating into his near surroundings. This effect will continue to strengthen as his training continues.
* Hinako arrives and begins draining Ranma's aura.
* Herb arrives, battles Ranma, and then returns to China.
* Lime and Mint reach taint saturation, having absorbed it quickly from constant exposure and frequently being on the receiving end of Ki blasts. They manifest curses.
* Hiroshi and Daisuke reach saturation point (when? Volume 36?) but decide to keep it a secret.
** There should be a day or two between them since it's more or less impossible that they'd get equal exposure.
* ''Main story starts here.'' Hinako reaches saturation point a few weeks after the end of the manga. (Volume 38) Hiroshi and Daisuke reveal their own curses at this point.
* ''[''Somewhere in here, Yuka, Sayuri, and Kasumi reach saturation point. Ranma starts to get seriously concerned.'']''
* Nabiki gets involved, helping Ranma search for a cure for Kasumi's sake.
* Ranma sends a letter to Herb asking if he knows of anything like this.
* Nabiki reaches saturation point within three days of working with Ranma. Ranma realizes the basic mechanics of the process.
* Ranma, Nabiki, and Cologne begin to try and determine the specifics.
* A few days to a few weeks pass, depending on the needs of subplots.
* Herb Arrives with Lime and Mint.
* ''TODO:'' <How much time passes in here?>
* Ranma and Cologne figure out the cure to the problem, Ranma devises a method to supress his own aura totally, based on Dr. Tofu's old technique and the Umisenken, and he teaches it to Herb. Kasumi gets cured.
* End of story?
''See Also:'' [[Cursed! Whodunnit?]] (story plan)

"Another English class, another day of boredom," Ranma thought to himself. Everything was ordinary. Students doing very little studying, Miss Hinako doing very little teaching, and Ranma with little to do but nap and toss the odd distraction in the general direction of their variably-aged teacher.

It was at that moment that things decided to go from normal to abnormal and did so even more quickly than was normal for Nerima. Miss Hinako had been firmly focused on finding the best way to combine her strawberry milk with the lemon lolipop Ranma had given her five minutes ago when the elastic on one one of her shoes slipped and she took a tumble, sending her milk flying.

In an instant, two very strange things had happened. The cold liquid hadn't, as it always did, somehow ended up on Ranma Saotome but, instead, on Miss Hinako herself, who had gone from a young girl to a teenage boy in a tight, yellow dress in the blink of an eye. Ranma just blinked lazily for a second, a yawn almost coming to his lips, before that last observation rammed its way through his sleep- and boredom-fogged mind.

Wait... Miss Hinako had just turned into a man? He blinked slowly several times, the unreal image refusing to go away. The week's weirdness quota was now well and truly satisfied.

''Cursed! Whodunnit?''
''By: deitarion/~SSokolow''

Now, for most schools, a teacher spontaneously changing gender in front of a class would be followed fairly quickly and abruptly by some combination of shocked silence, confusion, and panic... but, given their history with the insane, the bizarre, and the just plain stupid, the students of Furinkan High (and especially those of class 1-F) can be excused for having slightly higher standards. After a few furtive glances at each other, the thankfully principal-free windows and door, and their own secondary-sex characteristics (not necessarily in that order), normal operation resumed and the class, as one, began reacting.

@@TODO:@@ Finish thinking on how Miss Hinako would react. Given how Genma didn't seem to even notice his curse at first, and how Ranma, once used to his curse, often doesn't even notice he's changed, and that Hinako is quite used to transformation of a different sort, I think it's quite plausible that it would take her a few moments to realize that she's no longer in a familiar form. (Likely as a result of a "Do I have something on my face"-esque thought in response to the class's behaviour)
''(19:28:49) jonakhensu:'' also, the one problem I saw for Hinako not noticing she changed: panties not being at all comfortable on a guy- is lessened by the fact that she probably doesn't wear any
''(19:33:37) ssokolow:'' *nod* Doubt she'd be able to find something that sits equally well on her small and large forms and, as with one of the fanon tracks for Ranma's curse, I doubt she'll ever have a period unless she can stay in adult form for at least a month.

@@Potential fragment:@@

While this was going on, Akane had been busy weighing the evidence and, based on long experience, had reached the highly prescient (though still tentative) conclusion that this was all Ranma's fault, as usual.

@@Potential narrative response to a line of dialogue:@@ suave to stupid in {{{_}}} seconds flat. (with the number being how long the dialogue would take to say.)

! Random Idea Fragment (100% Raw)

[Write: Hiroshi and Daisuke admit they've already been cursed for several months.]

??? (probably female): "So that's why you have been less pervy lately? I thought Akane finally scared you into toning it down."

Hiroshi or Daisuke (Mock affronted tone, if it's not too "Weasley Twins"): We were sharing classes with Akane long before Ranma was keeping her busy. Why do you think she's the only person who calls Ranma a pervert?

Daisuke or Hiroshi: A little time alone with some cold water clears up a lot of mysteries. Getting leered at and hit on while out to buy some girl clothes... more than I wanted.

[Probably immediately followed with Ranma asking why the heck they'd want to buy girl clothes and Hiro/Dai responding with "Not everyone wants to be the center of attention, 'pigtailed girl'." with that last bit in a teasing tone.]

Also, I think, once the news of the extra curses has spread enough for the administration to not take issue with it, I'd like Hiro and Dai to come to school in female form in borrowed uniforms at the request of some of the girls. It'd be an opportunity to flesh out characters all around.
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|''Author:''|Stephan Sokolow|
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This hack rewrites ~TiddlyWiki's internal link tooltip generation to use the format "title - tags" as is most useful for a story idea repository.
config.messages.tiddlerLinkTooltip='%0 - %3';

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''Description:'' What if the Hyuuga are actually born blind and see via some alternate sense but don't know it because either they're prone to psychosomatic blindness or the caged bird seal interferes and no known main-line Hyuuga has ever been blinded and survived?

* The veiny appearance of an active Byakugan could be explained as "their eyes act as amplifiers" or simply "their sight is focused and shaped by chakra" depending on whether you want to discard the enhanced bloodline abilities.
* As the title suggests, this grew out of an idea involving Hinata losing her eyes.

''Inspiration:'' [[Addventure discussion on karmic paybacks for stealing Hyuuga eyes|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/display_comment.php?episode=217623&n=1&m=0&d=2]]

''Description:'' Explore the potential plot options for some sort of ~DNAngel gender-bender. This entry holds a variety of possibilities.

''<Katana>'' That makes me happy. You have no idea. The 'angels' are female but the hosts are male? All of them are female? 'angels' male and hosts female? I think that covers most of the bases, anyway.
''<ssokolow>'' And don't forget that Dark's body emerged before Dark's mind did and the initial heist had Daisuke in Dark's body.
''<Katana>'' Oh... that would be trouble. Might get Daisuke caught earlier, if his balance is off enough. If you went that route, though, you'd have to plausibly answer the question of why Emiko couldn't have Dark.

Ideas that occur to me for why Emiko couldn't have Dark:
* Maybe in this timeline, Dark simply skipped a generation regardless of gender due to the nature of the sealing. (This would imply that it's all expected, that Daisuke's parently simply kept it all a surprise as in canon, and that we've got something of a Futaba-kun Change-style conflict on our hands)
* Maybe something went very wrong with the sealing in such a way that, while Dark still skips Emiko due to gender-mismatch, when Dark re-appears, he's become a she. (In other words, Dark is still bound to the male half of the family despite now being female and the characters think everything is going according to canon until Daisuke shifts for the first time)

Obviously, I'm assuming a male-to-female shift in those ideas. I'll want to ponder both ways before deciding for certain though. Female-to-male is rare enough to be desirable purely on its own merits, but in this case, it'd probably be harder to pull off since, to do it, I'd essentially have to sell the readers on a new Niwa Daisuke with no lead-up.

To make that work, the possibilities that occur to me are:
* Our female Daisuke analogue not expected to transform and then she does:
** Gender-bend Dark (Dark was male, now he's female to match his host)
** Gender-bend our female Daisuke (Dark was male, he still is)

Both possibilities could be fun... so I've now got... what? ...three potential ways the original idea could make for a good story?
''Description:'' Plan out a story exploring a daughter of Voldemort... not necessarily intended, not necessarily one he knows about.

Character exploration and teenage rebellion without angst taking a dominant role would be important since, otherwise, she'll just be another bad OC.

Pomona: "Stumped" him? You know new sprouts - no pun intended - can grow out of stumps. You think this Volde-person is going to turn out to have a son?
Xiomara: Why not a daughter?
 -- http://www.thepetulantpoetess.com/viewstory.php?sid=1965&i=1

!!!Chat Logs
''<Jonakhensu>'' fun thought on that...
''<Jonakhensu>'' Bellatrix is the mother
''<ssokolow>'' Not necessarily. I've run across at least one story where one of his immortality rituals involved trading away his ability to procreate.
''<Jonakhensu>'' she so 'loved' voldimort that she raped him in his sleep
''<Jonakhensu>'' that was my point, but if he has a daughter, he must have the ability
''<ssokolow>'' One thing I was actually considering was having some unknown supposed muggleborn actually be the daughter of a woman who slipped through the cracks during one of their "nights of fun".
''<Jonakhensu>'' well, yeah, that's the more realistic approach
''<Jonakhensu>'' I was using the Voldie is too inhuman now to really get into such things
''<Jonakhensu>'' and it's funny thinking about him getting raped
''<ssokolow>'' I was actually considering something along those lines too.
''<ssokolow>'' Maybe he's not supposed to be able to procreate but something went wrong somewhere along the way and he has a daughter through atypical means.
''<Jonakhensu>'' Athena-esque?
''<Jonakhensu>'' name the girl Athena and drive Minera owl-ly
''<ssokolow>'' In the core elements, that's basically the idea... though probably, again, without him knowing he has a daughter because, if he did, it'd be more difficult to avoid the canonical "Here's the Dark Lord trying to mess with the character's life again" pattern.
''<Jonakhensu>'' he thought it was a hangover
''<ssokolow>'' No offense intended, but are you trying to be dense?
''<Jonakhensu>'' what with the ponding heacache and all
''<Jonakhensu>'' going with amusing ways of him not knowing
''<ssokolow>'' Using the same mechanism as the mythological reference ruins the metaphor.
''<Jonakhensu>'' true enough, I suppose
''<Jonakhensu>'' vindictive witch, no longer under Imperius, decides to be spiteful and eats them?
''<ssokolow>'' I think Voldie would obsess in such a circumstance.
''<ssokolow>'' Voldie obsessing is what we want to avoid.
''<Jonakhensu>'' true
''<Jonakhensu>'' Ginny
''<Jonakhensu>'' via ~Diary-Tom
''<Jonakhensu>'' little too young, but potentially amusing
''<ssokolow>'' The only way I can see that working is if she were somehow turned into Tom's heir (effective third parent) by the experience, but I don't see any real benefit to it. What would be the point?
''<ssokolow>'' Now, supposing we could work around the part about Molly Weasley marrying into the family, Ginny being only half-sister to her brothers and Molly and Arthur simply mistakenly assuming otherwise due to circumstance could have potential.
''<ssokolow>'' I suppose that'd be a third potential plotline to implement the two we already have growing.
''<Jonakhensu>'' I actually meant Ginny HAVING the ~DoS
''<Jonakhensu>'' sorry bout the confusion
''<ssokolow>'' No confusion. I saw no way to make it work.
''<Jonakhensu>'' ah
''<Jonakhensu>'' moving on then
''<Jonakhensu>'' As to teh original 'muggleborn' idea, it could be almost any cannonical student in or before Ginny's class.
''<Jonakhensu>'' The Ministry is likely to Obliviate a survivor so the parent's wouldn't know
''<ssokolow>'' Actually, as long as it was done properly, an OC might actually be better.
''<ssokolow>'' With canonical students, you have to circumvent or incorporate reader expectations.
''<ssokolow>'' With an OC, you just have to not suck at crafting characters.
''<Jonakhensu>'' true
''<Jonakhensu>'' right
''Description:'' What if all the supposedly dead Uchiha are actually living under new identities in Wave country?

''<Typhonis>'' Is that a pic of Mikoto or a pic of Tsunami? because they both look alike save for different clothes and Tsunamis hair is a it longer which can be explained by letting it grow out.
''<Parac>'' Tsunami = Mikoto Crack would be awesome.
Actually, have the entire Uchiha clan hiding out in Wave. Can just imagine Tazuna pulling out a Raikiri against Zabuza.
-- TFF, thread ID 11303
''Description:'' Explore the elements and implications of of the Futaba-kun Change characters being descendants of the Sailor Starlights that Ozzallos's "A Time Apart" doesn't have room for.

The Sailor Starlight homeworld was a dyson ring grown like a plant... implying that maybe the Futaba-kun Change characters are descendants who have lost the ability to control their change by will alone. -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4339125/3/
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''Description:'' Crackfic idea: Naruto has a bloodline that has only one effect: It lets him do supposedly impossible stuff if it meets certain criteria for overall silliness.

''Note:'' The title was an afterthought. I hadn't envisioned this bloodline as being "yet another eye ability".

Could go the normal/cliche route of blaming it on Naruto being unique due to ~Bunny-Foo-Foo, I guess, if you don't want it to be something everyone has access to. There are other possibilities I guess (Bloodline that does nothing but allow silly things like this, insane chakra cost of Henging X amount of times, whatever) but cliches aren't necessarily bad, after all.
 -- Canth @ TFF, Topic 16378, Entry 11022668
''Description:'' How about a story based, not around the adventures of of magical superheroes keeping their identities secret, but instead focused on the "Damn. Them too?" reactions of one or more people who happen to observe the superheroes transforming.

''Inspiration:'' A scene in [[Beautiful Destroyer Sailor Moon, Chapter 8|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6362397/8/]] which lead me to imagine Shingo catching both his sister and Mamoru transforming or de-transforming in the same week.

Type the text for 'Discworld'
''Description:'' "Meh. I've got an aunt or two who's a choushin megami."

(While my initial sleepy inspiration was with Tenchi Muyo, possibly via Innortal's [[No Need for Destiny|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2926771/1/No_Need_for_Destiny]], the whole "So? I'm on first-name terms with one of the creators of the multiverse." bit is amusing in any context.)

''<Katana>'' An aunt or two... as though the speaker can't even be bothered to count them up... -snicker-
''Description:'' Why aren't all the poles at Jusenkyo rotten through? Perhaps Jusenkyo water has antiseptic properties because germs can't survive the transformative magic? I don't want to limit potential plots to just this, but it'd definitely enable some nice "Life-saving cure and a side-order of identity issues" plots.

I'm imagining a more realistic feel to this one (Sort of like that one sequel to [[The Virus]] where the original character arranged for some Jusenkyo water to be brought to California as a likely (but not guaranteed) cure for his trigger temperature being far too high.) and it'd probably be set in some part of modern-day China capable of allowing a feel sort of like The Dresden Files. (Contemporary and taking itself seriously, yet aware of Jusenkyo so the story can be less about "Holy Crap! Magic is real?" and more about coming to terms with the curse)

However, that's not certain. I just can't currently imagine another workable, worthwhile plot for it.

! Chat Logs
''<gsteemso>'' that actually makews a lot of sense... anything as small as an insect or germ would be overloaded and killed instantly from the stress of the magic
''<deitarion>'' ...and I've never seen anyone explore that idea before. Heck, it could be part of a story if someone discovered immersion in Jusenkyo water could cure normally fatal diseases.
''<gsteemso>'' not sure about that, people don't get violently ill from their gut flora dying do they? probably things get shielded if they're inside some other entity
if they're thaose tiny ones I mean, fetuses and stuff change as normal
''<deitarion>'' Gut flora are symbiotic and Jusenkyo is high-enough level to make that kind of distinction. Just look at all the other distinctions it makes.
''<gsteemso>'' true enough
no spring of Terminally Diseased Ox then. dang it anyway :-)
''<deitarion>'' Heck, it's high-enough level to fuse totally unrelated species without killing them. Just look at Pantyhose Taro.
''<deitarion>'' Anyway, I think that using it as a cure could make for a very interesting plot. Highly original, which would make it similar to that otherwise original Virus-verse short, but quite good if done properly.
''<gsteemso>'' true!

''<weebee>'' hmm, pondering...
I don't know if that'd work. The level it'd need of control is pretty high....
and it'd be a pretty small outlet. It'd be good as a 'get out of jail free' card for a fatal disease, but asside from the delemna if a spring that exactly matched your original body couldn't be found, there's not much more you could do with it.
''<deitarion>'' The spring of drowned asura was created when someone dumped a statue in. You can't really get more high-level than that.
''<weebee>'' true.
but there's a difference between high enough power to bull through the laws of physics like a battering ram and high enough precision to disinfect viral infections..
''<deitarion>'' If it can merge a yeti, bull, crane, and eel into a living being, I think it can remove only the bad germs.
''<weebee>'' but i'll ask again, what would you DO with it?
''<deitarion>'' As for making sure that people have to be cursed, just make nannichuan+boy and nyannichuan+girl a true cure. (no curse, not a no-effect curse) Then Jusenkyo presents a "your life or your gender" decision.
Obviously, not exactly that decision since the curse can be toggled on and off, but you get the idea.
''<weebee>'' would ANYONE hesitate at that choice?
''<deitarion>'' No, but there's plenty of interesting plot to be had following their cure.
''<weebee>'' i mean, wufei or Genma are the only ones I could see who'd question it at all....
as a way to get people cursed, it'd work.
''<deitarion>'' That's the whole point. A way to get people cursed with a mood serious enough to focus on them coming to terms with it.
''<weebee>'' well, as for the cure/curse, it'd be a good way to get the Tendos cursed, especially with their mother's mysterious death.
''<deitarion>'' The one question is, does Jusenkyo cure cancer?
Cancer isn't alien to the body, it's just a malfunction.
''<weebee>'' cancer is a rapid development of human celular tisue... it's possible that the cursed form wouldn't have the cancer, but it wouldn' cure it, most likely.
the closest you'd get would be getting a curse and locking it without ever turning back, creating a health alternate body...
even then, the propencity for getting it again would be damned high...
jusenkyo could probably cure some cripling wounds, though.
''<deitarion>'' Not by transformation, at least.
I'm just pondering what effect the initial immersion would have.
''<weebee>'' well, like you said, the cells are part of your body...
so the initial immersion would just change them as it changes you, right?
about the only way I coud see cancer, or a bad wound, going away would be if the cursed forkm simply didn't have whatever was infected/hit.
''<deitarion>'' I'm still thinking on the cancer. It might be caught by some kind of internal error-correction code designed to ensure the Jusenkyo spell doesn't introduce damage.
''<weebee>'' or, possibly,
listen to this. One of the theories i have about Jusenkyo, a pretty commonly heald one actually, is that the cursed and normal bodies reset every time the curse is triggered.
even if the cancer wasn't cured, it'd keep resetting back to the stage it was at when you first fell in every time you got wet... it wouldnt spread all that far...
''<deitarion>''By the way, the tangential idea I forgot to share was that I'm considering possible ways for Mrs. Tendo to be still alive but cursed when Ranma arrives. That'd make for very different reactions and interactions.
Everyone would know about Jusenkyo. They'd be used to it, to some degree.
''<weebee>'' hmm, it'd certainly help streighten Ranma out, though I doubt soun would be very happy with that solution. It could even eventually lead to devorce depending on his atitudes towards bisexuality or his public appearance.
or would she have a different kind of curse?
''<deitarion>'' Depends. Could always try spring of drowned asura. That'd definitely ensure she wears the pants around that house.
''<weebee>'' yes, but it'd also pretty well destroy Ranma uppon first meeting.
and given the choice i think asura would be VERY low on the list.
personally, i'd much rather drowned cat or something.
''<deitarion>'' Unless it was accidental, that wouldn't work. She'd want a form with hands.
''<weebee>'' no that's not what I meant.
I mean, asura fucks with the mind. your personality is so scewed that you aren't even you anymore, really. Look at rouge?
''<deitarion>'' True. Just throwing it out because there's no guarantee she'd know that.
''<weebee>'' point.
''<deitarion>'' If I wanted to wimp out, I could always go with accidental cat followed while still soaked by girl. That'd give catgirl.
''<weebee>'' do you WANT to give Ranma a heart attack?
''<deitarion>'' My point is that there are tons of options.
''<weebee>'' yeah.
sorry, i'm going at this like it's part of an actual story, and not just a basic plot idea.
''<deitarion>'' Heck, one could create new springs. If it weren't already taken for Nodoka in that new on by either Ozzallos or Innortal, I could have gone with Kitsune.
Maybe a dozen at most of the 100+ springs have been officially named, after all.
''<weebee>'' wait, REALLY twisted idea....
do you recall the "Ranma goes back to Jusenkyo" storyline witht he namban mirror?
I think it was part of the anime.
''<deitarion>'' Yeah.
''<weebee>'' well, listen to this.
Ranma gets his hands on the mirror, and goes back a bit too far. Liike in the anime episode, Happi follows, but without Genma.
Ranma is about to get cured, but happi takes exception and tries to stop him, ending in Ranma being drowned at the springs.
Something done here causes a ripple effect to the future, where the tendos find out about the springs during Mrs. Tendo's illness, and they go. The guide leads them to 'spring of drowned girl,' though it's really 'sring of drowned Ranma...
okay, my brain fart is over now.
okay, is that an amazed silence or a "you're an idiot" silence?
''<deitarion>'' It's a "just a bit too tired to ponder that right now" slience.
''<weebee>'' woops.
I have a bunch of odd ideas about Ranma drowning at Jusenkyo.
Including one where Ranma commits suacide there at the end of one series after a time travel incident, and a fresh Ranma falls in that spring and has the whole manga + a year dumped into his head.

''<Katana>'' The time-travel thing is an inventive way to do that. Odd question, more or less related. We've never actually seen the children of someone with a Jusenkyou curse, right? Well, might Jusenkyou write itself into the DNA of the afflicted person, resulting in kids that either have or carry the curse? People have probably gone into this before, though. Jusenkyou-as-miracle-cure is a new one.
''<ssokolow>'' The Musk.
It'd take some creative writing about the original purpose of the Chiisuiton to work around the fact that they apparently suffer no hereditary curses despite being descended from many curse-locked animals.
''<Katana>'' Oh, right! Duh. -headdesk- I must be out of it if I'm forgetting them...
''<ssokolow>'' Actually, I'd really like to thank you there.
You made me think about it long enough to realize that I COULD adjust the historical purpose of the Chiisuiton.
''<Katana>'' Oh?
''<ssokolow>'' Just have it so that it's their greatest secret and the reason why the Kaisuifu was given away yet the Chiisuiton kept.
''<Katana>'' Oh... I think I get it.
''<ssokolow>''Ooh! And that would let me focus on Lime and Mint getting unlocked without ever knowing they were locked! I could even diverge from canon just by making a trivial alteration either during or after the Mt. Horai battle! I think this is the kind of situation where most people would say "I could kiss you" to express their thanks.
''<Katana>'' You're welcome. ^_^ I'm always happy to help.
''<ssokolow>'' If this was the only thing that had come out of our conversation, that alone would be enough to make me very happy. Also, back to the idea, this leaves lots of room for "corrupted curses" since they're descended from countless generations of cursed animals and who knows what being locked since birth has done to them.
''<Katana>'' Oooh, shiny. Perfect opportunity for the cliche catgirl, if it becomes necessary. Perhaps the root of various animal-demons as with the IY series? That would require pretty heavy time-travel or apocalypse, though.
''<ssokolow>'' I was about to say "My only complaint is that it'd be a waste to just give Lime and Mint girl curses, so I'll have to do something else." when I realized that all I have to do is have the curses unstable and going crazy until they manage to settle them down to something like (animal)-girl.
As for the Inuyasha demons bit, who says it'll require time-travel. Just have it so that this kind of thing has happened before.
''<Katana>'' Mind elaborating on that a bit? I'm not quite sure I've got what you mean there.
''<ssokolow>'' Jusenkyo is at least 1500 years old. Inuyasha takes place 500 years ago. That's at least 1000 years for something similar to have happened before.
''Description:'' How about a "life is a game" story where more than one character is getting a do-over and they can see each others' HUD announcements and the Steam-style achievements cause humorous strife?

John sighed as he shook his head "Fine...but what should we do now with the others?" Jane sighed as well "Come up with an excuse of course," She said. "I'll just say I'm your sister or something."

John nodded, "Sure," he said, and the two moved out from behind the Crates, however Jane did not see the small grin that was on John's face.

"Ok, now that we've calmed down a bit," Jane said, "I can explain a bit more. As it turns out, I am John's Sis-"

"She's my Wife." John interrupted her, "She just pissed that I haven't been home for so long, that's why she pulled a gun on me."

The others just looked at John Gaping, none more so than Jane herself. John just grins at her, and as he walks past her he whispers "No one pulls a gun on Commander John Shepard and gets away with it."

''Achievement Unlocked: Don't F**k with the Shepard (Shepard must put someone back in their place)''
-- [[Mass Effect: Life Is A Game, Chapter 3|https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8264615/3/Mass-Effect-Life-is-a-Game]]
''Description:'' Ideas which came about when I read a story with a lot of untapped potential and either recoiled in horror at their lack of skill or watched in despair as they ignored it in favor of something more mundane, boring, or just plain overdone.

!Abandoned to the Community
Stories which were beyond the author's capabilities and have been released to the community to finish:
* [[Third Layer|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1629851/10/]] (Ranma - Angelic Layer)

''Description:'' A chat log with Jonakhensu regarding a "near-canon Hermione meets Harry before Hogwarts" idea.

(20:33:47) Jonakhensu: had an idea for a near-canon Hermione meets Harry before Hogwarts fic
(20:33:58) Jonakhensu: a set-up, rather
(20:34:16) ssokolow: Oh?
(20:34:55) Jonakhensu: I'm going to do an annoying lead up.  stop me if you must
(20:35:11) ssokolow: No worries. I can multitask.
(20:35:15) Jonakhensu: What are Hermione's parents?
(20:35:59) Jonakhensu: one sided, then.  got it
(20:36:04) Jonakhensu: They're dentists
(20:36:34) Jonakhensu: and Vernon works for Grunnings (I think that's it) selling drills
(20:36:52) Jonakhensu: Dentists use pneumatic drills...
(20:37:37) Jonakhensu: so the Grangers are treated (When the kids rathert young) to a business dinner hosted by Petunia
(20:38:39) Jonakhensu: Petunia probably tries to get the kids (Hermione and Duddley) to get along...
(20:39:09) Jonakhensu: cue one burst of accidental magic, and one huge akward moment
(20:39:33) Jonakhensu: and... start with the real plot, as nothing past this point was really considered
(20:40:33) ssokolow: Sounds good. Give me a sec to finish writing something up and then I'll help you think on it.
(20:41:04) Jonakhensu: plot bunny, not a planned fic of mine
(20:42:14) ssokolow: Still something I want to think on.
(20:42:27) Jonakhensu: right
(20:43:07) Jonakhensu: for instance, would knowing a 'comopletely normal family' with a 'freak' for a daughter mellow the Dursleys out?
(20:43:18) Jonakhensu: or would it make Hermione's life hell
(20:47:10) ssokolow: Completely depends on how the canonically flat characters of Petunia, Vernon, and Hermione's parents are fleshed out.
(20:47:28) Jonakhensu: The Grangers have character?
(20:48:15) ssokolow: No. That's the point.
(20:49:33) Jonakhensu: well, they're either nurturing or perfectionists who acted as strong authority figures for Hermione
(20:50:04) Jonakhensu: or Hermione's a genius and they're indulgent to an unsafe degree
(20:51:55) ssokolow: Define "unsafe". Implying "Nurturing or genius" runs counter to what I remember of my own childhood.
(20:52:48) Jonakhensu: was going for extremes
(20:53:49) Jonakhensu: as for unsae, how many advanced books was Hermione likely to have before starting First Year?
(20:54:11) ssokolow: Point. That's actually the basis of one of the ideas in my bin.
(20:54:14) Jonakhensu: though they are doctors.  It's intirely possible Hermione was nanny-raised
(20:55:48) ssokolow: True.
(20:58:30) ssokolow: Anyway, my point is that, basically, what really matters is what would be best for producing an interesting story.
(20:58:52) Jonakhensu: true
(20:59:32) ssokolow: You've basically produced a plot device, so we still have pretty free reign over the central conflict.
(20:59:38) Jonakhensu: yp
(21:00:13) ssokolow: In idea bin parlance, you've produced an IdeaFragment. (It's useful as a plot device, but it could theoretically also be fleshed out serve as the point of the story itself)
(21:00:22) Jonakhensu: yay
(21:01:24) ssokolow: To flesh it out on its own, you'd focus on producing a "How would the characters and events be different if Harry had been introduced to another 'freak' at a young age? How would Hermione be different if she'd had a close friend from a young age?"
(21:01:29) ssokolow: ...story.
(21:01:40) Jonakhensu: I can see extremes: Grangers adopt Harry, Hermione's life is Hell, and the Dursleys give up ion hating magic
(21:02:10) Jonakhensu: I don't see any of those happening for a variety of reasons
(21:02:17) ssokolow: *nod*
(21:02:48) ssokolow: The main issue with letting this idea carry the plot on its own is that you're putting a heavy burden on yourself.
(21:03:02) Jonakhensu: right
(21:03:33) ssokolow: Only one subplot really jumps out at you, it's a character exploration one, and there's no obvious conflict end... so you're basically required to think of everything and balance all the variables on your own.
(21:03:48) Jonakhensu: Mostly meant it as a plot point for a backstory without actually writing most of the childhood
(21:04:42) ssokolow: Now, of course, one could add a conflict resoution. For example, reworking it so that this is the solution to a conflict already present like "Harry wishes for a loving family" and then put drama roadblocks like red tape in the way.
(21:05:06) Jonakhensu: so going towards adoption
(21:05:39) Jonakhensu: I see most of the red tape is attatched to a particular wand...
(21:06:34) ssokolow: Not necessarily. The recent, long-awaited update to Wishweaver's fic had most of the trouble due to Harry's unusually powerful natural healing talent.
(21:06:59) Jonakhensu: ah
(21:07:00) ssokolow: Hard to get a kid some help when you can't even find evidence of bruising from his cousin's bullying a few hours later.
(21:07:09) Jonakhensu: right
(21:07:37) Jonakhensu: but would the Dursleys want to stop another family from taking him?
(21:08:31) ssokolow: To be honest, I'm not really very enamoured with this particular plot thread. I just posed it as a "devil's advocate" sort of thing to demonstrate that there are many ways to make a plot more readily viable.
(21:09:06) ssokolow: (Most people don't think about the "Take an in-canon sub-conflict, promote it, and end the story much earlier" kind of writing)
(21:09:08) Jonakhensu: ...and I saw it as a plot point that I couldn't actually write
(21:09:38) Jonakhensu: so I was throwing it out into the wilds
(21:10:05) ssokolow: Give me a moment to try to think of exactly what intuitive elements of the original idea actually attract me.
(21:13:42) ssokolow: I think this is one of those ideas I just won't be able to really get into at this point in time. As far as I can tell, the elements I'm attracted to aren't very strongly tied to this idea itself... simply to the psycho-emotional context of things like Hermione learning about magic early, ~Harry-Hermione friendship at a young age, etc.& the kind of stuff that uses this only as a plot device to set things up, not at all as a focus for it.
(21:14:01) ssokolow: Which means we still need a conflict.
(21:14:14) Jonakhensu: right
(21:22:12) ssokolow: I think we'll have to continue this later though. I've got an Eva fic calling for my attention and it's rather distracting. Do you mind if I drop this into the idea bin?
(21:22:33) Jonakhensu: that's fine
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''Description:'' When I was reading "Hiding", I made an assumption which later proved false. Specifically, "Accidental magic is emotionally-driven and Harry ends up animating a toy to look and behave like Sirius's animal form and granting it the ability to change size while assuming the enchantment was already present and that it may have been made by Sirius." (as noted in my pending notes log)

False or not, it does show that the potential for accidental magic powered by non-anger emotions as a plot device is mostly unexplored. -- [[Hiding, Chapter 1|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2268289/1/Hiding]]

''<weebee>'' the whole other types of accidental magic bit needs some thought.
it's clear that there is a sort of emotion driven, instinctive magic beyond the canon, law driven stuff.
Harry's mother's love-protection, for example.
damn, note to self: Ranmaverse mages could be really, really dangerous.
anyhow, if anger can cause what it does, and love can cause what it does, then it's likely that there are emotional domains of magic for other emotions.
if Akane were ever a witch, the sheer amount of canon style accidental magic could rip appart Nerima.....
stuff like love protects, stuff like anger smites, stuff like fear helps you retreat or hide,
etc, etc....
(See Harry's accidental apperation or levitation during the first book's prologue.)
actually, perhaps english wizarding was initially created to supress this type of dangerous, hard to control magic,
as if it didn't, any emotional excesses on a wizard's part could cause great damage.
(Basically, the feeling of understading constrains action.)
and wandless magic is the slow, controlled release of those constraints in order to keep the person disciplined enough not to start turning people into toads out of jealosy subconsciously.
and that was my random runaway speculation for the night.
''Description:'' Look into how I could apply the core concept of [[Kagome on a String|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/frecent.php?tag=Kagome+on+a+String]] (an ordinary teenager who is in fact a Sabre Marionette, Steel Angel, or some other kind of ensouled mechanoid with superhuman abilities) to a story more centered around the modern day world. (I think it'd be very fascinating to see what would happen if events slowly nudged such a person into revealing their nature to people who would later prove trustworthy despite no requirement to do so)

Sort of an "I'm an ordinary teenage schoolboy/girl except for one thing. I'm a(n) android/gynoid." idea. The concept just fascinates me. The more "ordinary" they are by their own and everyone else's judgement, the more potential the idea has. Of course, it's no fun without seeing how at least one other person reacts to that realization, watching them come to terms with it, and deciding that it doesn't really matter.

''See Also:'' [[Three Sisters]] (For a look at what this is not intended to be)

! Chat Logs
''<weebee>'' hmm, so no Kagome for it then.
sounds like it'd be something like an original story....
either that or a Nuku Nuku type idea only with a human brain...
''<deitarion>'' Fairly original story. I'd prefer to avoid ~Nuku-Nuku type stories because then it's just a cyborg story.
''<weebee>'' hmm...
since there's not much of an xover element, and the characters would be your own, i don't have much to offer to start with.
all I can say is, definately keep it in at least an anime-esque world... that makes it all more fun.
''<deitarion>''  How about just general suggestions of components. (eg. Favorable types of mechanoids, etc.)
''<weebee>'' should I try to stick to quazi possible types?
''<deitarion>'' Throw in whatever ideas you get. I can filter down to whatever I can think of as possible.
''<weebee>'' well, in order to pass her off as  semi-ordinary, her body would iether need to be capable of growth, or she'd need frequent retrofits.
this indicates two things.
1. she could eb more of a bioroid or cyborg than android or
2, her 'little secret' could be revealed to someone by them walking in on her being serviced or uprgaded.
''<deitarion>'' In "Kagome on a String" the solution was frequent retrofits. (She was a Saber Marionette and her grandfather was a stranded scientist who had fallen through the same runaway gate/wormhole experiment)
''<weebee>'' ah.
an android or at least mechanical body would be more believable anyways,e specially if you wanted the character to have enhanced abilities.
like I said, whoever you want to find out could come looking for her, after finding out something like "Oh, did you hear? She's always sick for like, five days at the same time every year. it's freaky," or something similar.
''<deitarion>'' Good idea. (I have a tendency to overlook the obvious)
''<weebee>'' so is she just an AI that was raised as a human, or a human mind in  a mechanical body?
''<deitarion>'' I used the term "ensouled mechanoid" because she'd be essentially like Commander Data and/so if the setting indicates the existence of souls, then she has one.
''<weebee>'' it'd be funny if you did a few of the things that were done with data, too.
difference though, what if you gave her a fully functional emotional makeup, but the programmers didn't account for sexuality or love?
it'd kinda kill the idea of any romance in the fic, but it'd be funny still.
''<deitarion>'' Unlikely. For all I know, I might make her a Third.
''<weebee>'' a third?
''<deitarion>'' From Armitage III. The main character, Naomi Armitage is one of roughly two dozen secretly-developed gynoids known as third types. Their personalities are indistinguishable from humans and, unlike any other artificial lifeform in existence, they're capable of bearing human children.
They could be described as hybrid gynoid/bioroids.
Developed by a scientist who wanted to see enough sustainable population growth on Mars for a declaration of independence from Earth to be possible.
Almost all of the roughnecks moving to mars were men.
''<weebee>'' possibly, if they went and implanted a chriogenically frozen egg cell and created an artificial womb, possible... but still
''<deitarion>'' Seriously though, I'll probably go with something along similar lines to a Saber Marionette or a Steel Angel.
''<weebee>'' would make more sense.
assumeing we had the money and the bored people + a power source, a working robotic BODY is possible now.
''<deitarion>'' Human-like personality, "military-grade" skeleton and artificial muscles, probably no inherent growth capacity.
''<weebee>'' it/s the AI thats' the problem, and a genious managing to program an AI is less hard to believe than one building a bioroid...
''<deitarion>'' Actually, the trick is to figure out another plot device that'll work like the one which started off Kagome on a String.
Either that, or get appropriate permission and diverge. ...but my current opinion is that it'd be too big a divergence.
''<weebee>'' how about this.
this girl's parents were, or one was, a scientific genious in robotics and computer programming. When it was found they couldn't have a kid, they devoted all of their conciderable intillect to creating one. Cliche, but it'd work...
''<deitarion>'' It's the plot of Chobits.
''<weebee>'' LOL, shit... wooops...
''<deitarion>'' ...and it wouldn't feasibly explain the "military-grade chassis". I suspect I'll have to go with time-travel.
''<weebee>'' simple. they're good at micrhocircuitry and programming, but not engineering. swipe a pre-built chasis unit from a research R&D lab...
ouch, time travel.
''<deitarion>'' It's the atmosphere I'm going for. Having people build a gynoid, even if it can be made believable (I'm a programmer), implies that they don't think of the consequences of their actions.
They don't consider potential views from her perspective.
Whereas, if a scientist and a gynoid or two (possibly a shuttle or something like that) get sucked into the past, it's fully believable (hey, it's Japan they're arriving in :P) and the "parent" can believably be acting completely in the "child"'s interest.
''<weebee>'' but even then, why? I mean, a person building her as a testbed or somethi8ng, or as a replacement for a child, makes some sense... but some time travelers doing it... unless they're doing it for one of those reasons...  Or she could have been being transported by the time-travelers before they went back in time...
''<deitarion>'' No, temporal castaway. Those happen all the time in Japan. :P
''<weebee>'' ROFL  at least in anime japan...
''<deitarion>'' Exactly.
I suppose one could also use an interdimensional castaway. The Steel Angels originated in the future, but the series was set in the early 20th century.
''<weebee>'' what about alien technology?
''<deitarion>'' My main concern is "how would she fit in appearance-wise and stay in proper working order (and age) without being based on some dangerously powerful tech like T-1000 nanites".
''<weebee>'' point. wait, what about a maintanence system of some sort? no matter what or who built her, they could have included a maintanence unit that repairs and updates components as needed...
''<deitarion>'' Based on what besides nanites?
''<weebee>'' do you need her "Bones" to be insanely durable, or no?
''<deitarion>'' It is supposed to be a milspec chassis.
''<weebee>'' I was thinking more around solid steel.
basically, a device that contains a molding and manufacturing system for external components such as plasticized skin and the items to frame it in the correct size. Theoretically, her internal electronics would never really have to be switched out unless they malfunction, and that'd only need three or four backups.
i'm kind of thinking of the pd kos-mos uses in xenosaga... but damn, you've never seen it.
''<deitarion>'' I also have trouble visualizing how such a thing would scale from child to adult... or why it would start at child in the first place.
''<weebee>'' k, bad idea...
let's see if I can think of another one...
but as for the "Why start at child?" thing, that question is constantly gunna pop up with the main idea unless it's a bioroid.
''<deitarion>'' Not really. If a technician is sucked through, they can rework her chassis so she appears to be her mental age and then keep updating it.
For access to parts, the technician could arrange a job in the appropriate industry.
I get the feeling that It's really only feasible if you have at least one technician and one gynoid sucked through some kind of rip or wormhole. (because otherwise, you have trouble explaining the AI... milspec gynoid chassis are a dime a dozen in anime Japan)
''<weebee>'' well, why not make those two her 'parents.'
it'd be a good cover, at least...
''<deitarion>'' That's the idea.
''<weebee>'' even if the whole timetravel thing makes me nervous.
''<deitarion>'' Either parent(s) or grandparent(s) depending on the age.
Here are the main problems with doing it any other way:
- Humanoid or shapeshifting aliens ("Having a normal childhood" has the wrong meaning to someone not from an Earth-descended culture)
- Childless geniuses, no time travel (Already exlplained the problem. Time-travel fixes this by allowing me to take the decision to construct a gynoid in 20th/21st century Japan out of their hands)
As I pointed out for the latter case, if I let them decide to build the gynoid, it shows that they're not thinking of her future welfare. If they either build the gynoid for a society where she's nothing special... or they didn't choose to build her but will raise her now that they're stranded in the past, then that problem is avoided.
''<weebee>'' hmm. okay.
so what are the capabilities?
does she have cognative limiters so she doesn't just out-calculate everyone else, or is she concidered a genius?
''<deitarion>'' I'm not quite sure what her computational abilities will be... I'd prefer to just pick a type of existing mechanoid from anime or manga because that makes it easier to set the story in anime Japan.
Probably something along the lines of a Saber Marionette, Steel Angel, or ~Nuku-Nuku though. Those specs are fairly standard for anime gynoids and make for plenty of opportunities where she can risk exposure saving someone else... or just getting careless when she's in a rush.

''Note:'' While I'd like to continue the relevant stylistic/focal/tonal elements from the original inspiration, I'd also like to try either this or another idea in a manner that explores the inherent novelty of such ensouled mechanoids being male in the context of anime/manga.
''This idea for [[Episode 18599|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/18599.html]] of the Anime Addventure dates back to 2003!'' (For reference, my decision to learn to write happened in 2004)
''The content of this page is embarassingly bad and kept for historical records only.'' (Though, in my defense, I obviously thought this wasn't good enough even then or I'd have posted it.)

!!!Unmodified Ancient Content Beyond This Point

(Note: This doesn't necessarily have to be a "Nodoka is an evil nutcase" thread unless future authors want it to be. In favor of it, she is acting pretty crazy and it's easy to see how things could progress. In opposition, it has been shown that her train of thought can be twisted pretty far before it makes her anything more than just weird. After all, she never did say she was going to use the "Seppuku Supplies(tm)". This was all viewed from Ranma-kun and Ranma-chan's POV. Maybe she was just planning to scare Ranma-chan for whatever reason. Perhaps to keep her from neutering Ranma-kun and maybe even getting married and having more grandchildren? After all, who's to say? Maybe she sees the responsibility as falling on both although Ranma-chan's responsibility is to make sure that Ranma-kun is as manly as possible. Or you could just make her an evil nutcase. It's your choice.

Ranma-kun watched as Ranma-chan suddenly ran out of the dojo and vaulted over the wall, a look of rage on her face as she glanced at him. He leaned a little further over, curiosity turning to shock-tainted surprise as he saw his mother enter the dojo carrying what he still clearly remembered as her "seppuku supplies(tm)". He had always known that his mother was serious about the contract but using it as an excuse to commit murder? This was crazy even for Nerima.

Despite claims to the contrary, Ranma wasn't stupid. Yes, he had a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease but that was mostly ignorance. Yes, he had been outwitted by Nabiki on many occasions, but that was her area of expertise just as martial arts was his.


[Just then, Nodoka came back.

"Where's Ranma-chan?" asked one of the girls. To which Nodoka replied, in a relatively emotionless tone, "She ran away."

After no more than a moment's pause, Ranma was out the door, "I'll go after her," trailing behind him. For once, luck was on his side. Everyone had simply assumed that he would do the honorable thing (by their definition) by bringing her back and, because of the speed of his departure and the complete truth in his statement, not even Nabiki gave it a second though.

| (rewrite)]


Meanwhile, Ranma-chan was busy running. She wasn't running anywhere specific, just running. After all, it wasn't as if she had anywhere she could go. Not that it mattered; let her destination wait until her anger had ebbed. Right now, all she wanted to do was get as far away as possible. That brainwashed imposter was probably already on his way.


Conversely, though many Nerima residents (and fanfic authors) might think it ironic, Ranma-kun was trying to think. Where would he go if he couldn't run off to Ucchan's or his mother's house? Ranma-chan hadn't even taken a change of clothes so it was obvious that she didn't have a tent. Oh well. She didn't have that much of a head start and this was the direction she had been going. And with that, Ranma resumed his roof hopping.


Ranma-chan stopped for a moment. She was still angry but she had to decide on a destination some time and now was as good as any. She couldn't just start running and pass by all of japan on her way to wherever like Ryoga. Besides, he'd probably go straight where he was needed if he just decided to wander. It was while she was trying to decide that she noticed Ranma-kun approaching. Immediately her attention shifted. She wasn't going to let that zombie catch her and drag her back just to be killed off because of some promise she didn't even remember making. She readied herself to fight.


Ranma-kun slowed as he approached the intersection. Just his luck! Why did he have to be such an idiot!? There were enough crazies to keep him fighting until he died of old age and because of his stupid mistakes, he would probably have to fight himself too. Oh well, at least this time he knew how his opponent and talking might actually have some effect. "Oh man, she's probably gonna use that weird girl punch. That thing hurts!" Kuno would agree to that. He'd chased the pigtailed girl long enough for Ranma to become at least semi-proficient with the Female Fist of Righteous Fury. Ranma sighed as he jumped down onto the sidewalk. "Here goes nothing."

# Ranma-kun manages to talk with Ranma-chan without a fight (Hey, up until a moment ago, they were one person. He actually has a chance.)
# Ranma-kun and Ranma-chan fight.
# Ranma-chan runs away. She remembers that she/he has lately been neglecting to train his/her emale body.
# Someone else arrives. Kuno? Ryoga?
# Just then, <b>IT</b> fell out of the sky (Something else)
# Ah! It's horrible! Get it away! Get it away! (Rewrite this episode)

Ranma-chan wasn't just going to let herself be beaten. Oh no! She was going to win at all costs and prove that she wasn't just some pig to be dragged to the slaughter. All the more reason for her to be surprised when "he" just stopped at the edge of the intersection and sat down. Why was he leaving all of those openings?

"Hey! I wanna talk," he shouted.

"Why would I want to talk to a fake like you? ... And what would you want? You already have everything." she shouted back.

"You want it, you can have it. I thought you'd be smarter than that." he replied taking her completely by surprise. Neither of them were very good at lying and she could see that he was being honest.

"Whadda ya mean?"

"I know I was an idiot but I can't just leave ya ta take all that crap. You were so angry, you forgot to think."

"How can thinking solve this?" she asked angrily, though more calmly. He looked like he had an idea. "I'm stuck with this body, mom wants to kill me, and everything is messed up."

"baka." That got her ire up and Ranma-kun started mentally hitting himself. This was the first time that talking actually was working and he was about to blow it! "Ya go to Jusenkyo, jump in Nannichuan, and then go find Herb."

"I thought they lost the ladle at the mountain," she replied skeptically, the anger in her voice subsiding to irritation once more. "Even if they didn't, mom still wants to kill me." Her shoulders drooped a bit.

Ranma-kun was having trouble believing how thick-headed she was being (Had he/she/they always been like this?) but this time he knew better than to say something. "Mom was OK with the old Jusenkyo curse because we acted manly, remember? Even if you can't get it locked, I don't think the rain will suddenly turn hot and, either way, you'll be free of pop."

That caused a small grin to cross Ranma-chan's face. Why hadn't she thought of that? Maybe things weren't so bad. Back to a guy and no fat panda or human fountain. With Ranma-kun taking care of all the honor arrangements, why even stay in Nerima? Why not be rid of the Kunos? Her grin spread. ...and they would have to think of some new names. She didn't plan on staying "Ranma-chan" forever. Maybe Ranko but it did bring up some bad memories.

# Ranma-kun will stay in Nerima and keep everyone occupied. Better to let someone get away from the madness. Besides, his sex-pets need him and he wouldn't be so cruel as to just run off. Now, should he say that she got away or should he say that she's dead?
# Ranma-kun will go with Ranma-chan. It's the only right thing to do and he just can't stand it here anymore.
# Same as any of the above and maybe there's a Jusenkyo spring that can turn the others back to normal. After all, canon Ranma wouldn't leave someone in trouble even if they were his enemy. Herb could attest to that.
# Same as any of the above but lets skip a while and get the boring stuff out of the way.
# "Where the hell am I now?" (Something Else)
# "Do Over" """--"""Panda Sign. Genma Saotome.
''Description:'' What potential might one find in the entire Nerima Wrecking Crew's skills being boosted either in a non-crack, non-pseudo-epic fic or in a crackfic that's not as disorganized as the inspiration mentioned below?

''Inspiration:'' [[The Key to a Successful Interview, Chapter 17|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5953631/17/The_Key_to_a_Successful_Interview]]

The key points being:
* It must not be some kind of serious "all against the evil" idiocy fic. "All against a temporary threat" as in the initiating event can work, but the comparatively light, innocent slapstick comedic nature of Ranma ½ must be preserved.
* It can't be a disorganized series of loosely connected jokes following a plot that's lost interest like the inspiration's plot by that point.
* The boost in skills must make a noticeable difference, otherwise there's no point. (The DBZ effect) The ideal solution would probably be to use it as a catalyst to contrast what changes and what doesn't when idiots like Kuno are given new moves. (To accentuate the character-exploration facet to whatever fic uses the idea)
* Ideally, the "how they got there is unimportant and quickly but believably glossed over" component should be preserved. (In the inspiring fic, Genma called in a favor and had Donny Osmond, master of training montage arts, bring them up to speed)
* Seeing Genma coaching a training montage with people like the Kunos is inherently funny on some level and it'd be nice to preserve that feeling too somehow.

Heck, if you want to write a crackfic and break the fourth wall, it could just be that Ranma's newest plot device has made him advance too quickly and Genma needs to bring his competition up to spec to keep things balanced... though that'd be tricky to reconcile with the "should be used as a catalyst for character dynamics exploration" part.)
''Description:'' So many fics have Ranma falling for Kasumi because she has no ulterior motives. What if Kasumi decided to pursue Ranma and he took it as a betrayal instead?
''Source:'' [[weebee|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/702658/weebee]] (also author of the text below)

Title Translates to "You too, Kasumi?" and is a modified quote from Shakespeare, specifically Julius Caesar.

I've seen it so many times. Kasumi's the only person Ranma can talk to, the only one who won't get mad, and who will listen to his problems, it's only natural that she be his fiancee, and be the one to win him, right?  This completely misses the point of the dynamic that the people who write this kind of fic is going for. The reason so many of us like Kasumi is because she has no ulterior motives regarding Ranma. Yes, she wants to make him happy, but it's the same with everyone else.

This fic explores what could happen if Kasumi decided to pursue Ranma, and the results weren't what she expected. Ranma sees it as betrayal. The only person who never asks him anything, who is always there with a kettle and a smile, who never insults him and only ever does bad things to him when possessed or out of good will, has just turned on him and become like everyone else.

How would Ranma really react to Kasumi entering the fiancee race? How would Kasumi react to this reaction? That is what this fic idea is about. I have no idea what the resolution would be, but it WON'T be a happy Ranma and Kasumi marriage.

''Note:'' This qualifies for [[Subvert That Stupid!]] because it seems the whole fandom is of the opinion that, if Kasumi isn't on her way to a happy marriage with Ranma, she may as well not exist.
''Description:'' Harry Potter ideas too small to have their own entries.

* How about a Sirius-style prank on Moony that the child of a werewolf and a witch will be a leprechaun? ([[inspiration|https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11160991/21/0800-Rent-A-Hero]])
* Why not put a new spin on the "Parselmouths are good lovers" fanon cliché by having it that speaking parseltongue does give you an //advantage// (perhaps by training up useful tongue muscles), but Voldemort is a mediocre lover //despite// that. ([[inspiration|https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9051968/5/Harry-Potter-Unexpected-Animagus]])
* Hermione could notice that a floo password in Gobbledygook is an extra layer of security because, even if you hear it, most wizards won't know the difference between the phonetics and the phonology. (Which aspects of the sounds are significant) ([[inspiration|https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9051968/4/Harry-Potter-Unexpected-Animagus]])
* How about "Malfoy, did your father bribe the sorting hat? ...because I've yet to see you be cunning in the slightest." for a line in a fic?
* How might Voldemort react to discovering that Harry Potter, known to be alive but not having turned up at Hogwarts, is under the protection of an allied bloc of dark families outside Britain whose numbers and power greatly exceed his own, but who see him as a mad dog and a big threat to their own political efforts? (Inspired by a random thought while reading [[Gabriel, Chapter 36|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2695781/36/]])
* "I've been to New Zealand once -- that's about the furthest you could potentially portkey, unless you make one that has multiple stops. You shouldn't worry." -- [[Death Shall Have No Dominion, Chapter 6|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7060807/6/Death_Shall_Have_No_Dominion]]
* I don't think I've ever seen a Harry Potter fic where Lucius and Draco Malfoy die or are otherwise taken out of the equation and some squib (or person mistaken for a squib) or supposedly banished relative with little love for the pureblood cause somehow manages to inherit. That could make for interesting character interactions if done well.
* I wonder if there's any situation where The Daily Prophet could be shown as not even printing the truth about Harry Potter's birth notice. (+++^*[Inspiration]
"Open your eyes. Think for yourself. For fourteen years, they made me out to be some kind of spectacular hero, when really I'm just a normal kid who had something horrible happen to his family. They've spent the last year making me out to be some unstable liar, when again I'm just a normal kid who had some horrible things happen to him. As far as I can tell, the last thing the Prophet printed about me that was accurate was my birth notice back in 1980."
-- [[Harry and Luna Against the High Inquisitor, Chapter 4|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7725072/4/Harry_and_Luna_Against_the_High_Inquisitor]]
* Perhaps an HP story where someone illegally breeds spider monkeys or capuchin monkeys capable of using magic and someone (maybe Fred and/or George) winds up with one as a pet? ([[inspiration|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4183350/14/]])
* One thing occurs to me. Why doesn't a time-travelling or super Harry ever send through some large, irritable, hard-to-kill magical creature when he recognizes a portkey sent by Voldemort's followers to trap him?
* I know trust can go a long way, but if only the marauders had understood enough about the effects of torture, they could probably have crafted an unbreakable vow that would kill Wormtail before he could divulge the Fidelius secret... just to be sure.
* Interesting forgotten point about Voldemort. He rarely gives his word, but tries hard to keep it. (eg. The lengths he went to ensure Lily the opportunity to surrender and be saved for Snape.)
* "Draco may be a jerk, but you have to keep things in perspective. His father is the right-hand man of Lord Jerk himself. It's sort of the family business." +++^*[inspiration]Inspired by [[Flawed Perfection, Chapter 4|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1768603/4/Flawed_Perfection]] and, in another amusing convergence, almost duplicated by [[Flawed Perfection, Chapter 5|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1768603/4/Flawed_Perfection]]===

* Add [[806|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1835747/1/]] to my list of things to complete once I'm more skilled.
* I'd really like to see a well-done sequel/continuation to nonjon's [[Whatever Happened to the Likely Lad?|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7395979/1/Whatever_Happened_to_the_Likely_Lad]] or something functionally equivalent.
* What if Godric Gryffindor had been a wandering spirit and, deciding to provide a long-lasting prank on future headmasters and staff, gave the Sorting Hat a foreign name like Alejandro.

Draco appeared in what appeared to be a modest guest room with his pants around his ankles and fell over backwards. "What?"

Lucius rolled his eyes, knowing his son had no doubt been amusing himself with his twin sister the squib. Normally he'd give his son a lecture over such behavior as it was a trifle tasteless, but squibs weren't useful for much else until they reached adulthood and could be sacrificed for a slight increase in power of course.

Besides he could hardly throw stones considering the number of muggleborns he'd collected and played with while waiting for their 21st birthdays to boost his own modest core.
-- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3776911/20/

Those last two paragraphs would make for one hell of an intro to a novel take on this plot in a longer fic.

All of the fics that go in this direction that I've seen have Harry breaking free, rather than Harry remaining in his role and Dumbledore struggling to fix the mistakes he's just realized he made.

(Hell, it'd be even more interesting if this IS a manipulative "Harry is a weapon" Dumbledore because, instead of him honestly begging for forgiveness, he'd be rationally scheming... to give Harry something to live for. I've NEVER seen that angle explored and I've read a lotta fics.)

-- My response to https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6280893/1/Words-Have-Meaning

''UPDATE:'' I've seen plenty of stories where manipulative Dumbledore tries to set up Harry with Ginny from the beginning. The key here being that we've got a Harry who's already jaded and familiar with the other characters' normal behaviour, so Dumbledore would have a hard time just following the old tropes.

!!Ponder these for ideas:
* A Hermione who fled a world where Voldemort won discovers that Dumbledore somehow imbued her penseive memory of him with portrait-style sentience. -- [[Child's Play, Chapter 5|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1052076/5/Childs_Play]]
* It's an almost unknown fact that, in approximately the same percentage as wizards, some muggles are born immune to all magic including the killing curse. -- [[Child's Play, Chapter 8|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1052076/8/Childs_Play]]
!! Idea bins open for public use:
* [[In Search of a Plot|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4408541/1/In_Search_of_a_Plot]]
!! Idea bins of uncertain permission status:
* [[Accio Brain|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4100615/1/Accio_Brain]]
''Description:'' What about a crackfic of the "everyone has been lying to Harry about everything" idea which takes it to ridiculous lengths in the name of parody? (Literally "everything")

> One of your other ideas, about everyone lying about everything to Harry was so stupid, I kind of want to write it... I got to the idea that Hogwarts was really a giant incubator for ostrich eggs and Harry's name was really Bill when I ran out of steam.
> -- [[Lord Jeram|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/13839/]]

[Discussion about [[Secret Identity]] and [[Everything You Know Is Wrong]]]
''<ssokolow>'' Heh. Now there's a crazy crackfic idea (inspired by also having "Everything You Know Is Wrong" still open).
''<ssokolow>'' How many main characters do you think we could have being played by a single obsessed metamorphmagus? :P

''TODO:'' While my discussion with Jonakhensu on 2010-11-16 was primarily more suited to the plotting book, there may be bits worth adding to this entry as well.
''Description:'' What if, one day, Harry Potter realized "Holy shit, I'm a literary hero! ...fuck that, I quit!"?

Every "Harry isn't putting up with this anymore" fic I've seen has involved something in-setting, like time-travel or or a non-canon interpersonal encounter.

I've never seen a story with that degree of almost fourth-wall-breaking genre savvy and it'd be funny to see a Harry who's convinced that his life is a story and he won't stand for it pitted against Hogwarts staff who, being "sane, responsible adults", won't let him use this crazy whim of his as an excuse to give up his education.

(ie. There are plenty of "fuck this" HP stories, but they're all based on something like a do-over or a non-canon interpersonal interaction. I'm talking about something where the comedy from Harry saying "fuck this" and the teachers saying "no" is explicitly tied to Harry being delusional/correct in concluding that he's a literary hero.)

''Inspiration: The scene in '' [[And Yet Again Still Even More Fragments, Chapter 36|https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12286952/36/And-Yet-Again-Still-Even-More-Fragments]] where do-over Harry tells his friends that he's abstaining from the adventure of the year and that, when it comes knocking, he'll inform the teachers and wash his hands of it.

''(17:28:16) weebee:'' so... what, Harry gets the book series, and 'nopes' out of there?
''(17:28:55) ssokolow:'' More like "Harry realizes that his last few years have been 'literary' and, while still suck at Hogwarts, starts trying his darndest to fight fate".
''(17:29:16) ssokolow:'' Could be quite amusing to see a Harry who's trying to "defy the author" interacting with the rest of the cast.
''(17:29:34) weebee:'' hmm, gets ahold of one of the more cliched series that use a similar formula and start thinking about it?
''(17:29:39) weebee:'' Hardy Boys or something?
''(17:29:44) ssokolow:'' Could work.
''(17:30:01) weebee:'' 's just that Harry normally doesn't think that much.
''(17:30:06) weebee:'' you'd need to spell it out for him.
''(17:30:19) weebee:'' (I'm not saying he's dumb, he just... doesn't bother thinking... a lot.)
''(17:30:21) ssokolow:'' *nod* I was more saying "could work" to the Hardy Boys point.
''(17:31:12) ssokolow:'' The point being that it has to feel as opposite to "a conversation with another character made him think" as possible to capture the desired feel.
''(17:31:15) weebee:'' Dudly's school sends back what is effectively a 'your son's an idiot' letter, but very politely worded because the Derslies tend not to react to that, and casually toss off that he should read more.
''(17:31:46) weebee:'' in their usual bout of over-reaction, Vernin or Petunia proceed to go out and buy an entire book series which, of course, Dudly does not read.
''(17:32:13) weebee:'' about a year later it finds its way to Harry, who when not running around like a chicken with its head cut off or trying to sneak school homework, is bored out of his mind.
''(17:32:26) ssokolow:'' ...and Hogwarts does have that "mystery of story arc" aspect when Harry's around.
''(17:32:43) weebee:'' right.
''(17:33:09) weebee:'' I was thinking something like the Hardy boys because they're small, VERY formulaic, and  there are enough that even a kid will figure it out within five books or so.
''(17:33:19) ssokolow:'' Heck, now that you mention it, this could work out VERY well as an explicit counterpoint to fics which drum up the "A mystery... let's investigate!" aspect.
''(17:33:48) weebee:'' Nod*
''(17:34:20) weebee:'' "I... was right, this is a bad mystery novel... nope, not doin' it. I don't want to spend the next four months absolutely convinced it's Snape again because he's the obvious culprit..."
''(17:34:33) ssokolow:'' *grin*
''(17:35:00) ssokolow:'' This idea is definitely taking on a life of its own distinct from the inspiration in https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12286952/36/And-Yet-Again-Still-Even-More-Fragments
''(17:36:05) ssokolow:'' (In that one, the "F**k it" was explicit enough that do-over Harry withdrew from Hogwarts in fifth year to seek tutors, thanks to being a do-over character who knew the relevant laws.)
''(17:36:21) weebee:'' sorry, I've always been partial to the narrative device scream used, where knowing horror movie tropes was actually useful, because they just HAVE to play out that way.
''(17:36:44) ssokolow:'' *nod* I've never seen Scream but I know what you're talking about.
''(17:37:13) ssokolow:'' Problem is, I'm not trope-wise enough to pull it off yet.
''(17:38:05) weebee:'' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StU-StL0PHo

''(18:50:09) ssokolow:'' Set it in year 4.
''(18:50:44) ssokolow:'' Then, Harry's "Nope. I'm not going to be a bad mystery protagonist" kick will arrive just in time for someone to actually *be* trying to railroad him onto a plot.
''(18:51:24) weebee:'' ah, so he just stands there with his arms crossed all through the triwizard tournament.
''(18:51:29) weebee:'' or... at least ries to.
''(18:51:57) ssokolow:'' There have been various "alternative Triwizard Tournament" fics... but I don't think I've ever seen one with *this* kind of humour to it.
''(18:53:08) ssokolow:'' It's also about the right position in the series, given the whole "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action" thing.
''(18:53:40) weebee:'' Nod*
''(18:54:39) weebee:'' your logic seems to add up, though you'd have to be careful about  Harry's inaction, maybe a 'like they'd really do it' bluff calling on the  mirfolk, etc.
''(18:55:03) ssokolow:'' Not necessarily inaction... just entertainingly trying to "outplay the author".
''(18:55:14) ssokolow:'' Could almost be a "Man Who Knew Too Little" scenario in some ways.
''Description:'' A couple of ideas for familiar summoning in Zero no Tsukaima (Familiar of Zero) to stir things up a bit. Can be used separately or together.

''Ideas:'' What if...
* ...Louise somehow ended up in a symmetrical/mutual familiar bond. (X is the familiar of Y and Y is the familiar of X)
* ...Louise summoned herself as her familiar (without the recursion in the inspiration). Could be an AU self, a future self, or any other interesting variation.
** ''Update 2011-11-28:'' It'd also be interesting to explore alternate takes on "The Louise who does the summoning becomes the familiar to whomever was summoned". (Source: [[Everything and Nothing, Chapter 1|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7560531/1/Everything_and_Nothing]])

''(18:04:48) ssokolow:'' Familiar? is a bit tricky... but mainly because Zero no Tsukaima is, fundamentally, a crappy anime.
''(18:05:23) ssokolow:'' What you really need is a good foil for Louise to provide opportunity to build out her character.
''(18:05:38) ssokolow:'' That's why Zero Interface is so good. Ranma is an excellent foil for Louise.
''(18:07:23) ssokolow:'' The idea behind Familiar? is to introduce exploration-inducing conflict in a slightly different way by challenging her world view that she's the noble to be obeyed... either by making the familiar bond mutual or by adding a new Louise as the familiar and, in the process, creeping out the original.

''Inspiration:'' http://forums.spacebattles.com/showpost.php?p=5936598&postcount=36
''Description:'' ...but there couldnt be that many cursed springs in China... -- http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/223417.html

''<weebee>'' but you were thinking of "Oh, yes there can!"
''<ssokolow>'' Yup
The idea for the joke is to have a character in one of my stories repeat that line and then discover that China is chock-full of cursed springs all over the country... each one sillier and/or more ridiculous than the last.
I was thinking more of completely different springs elsewhere in China with only some of them having curses of a transformational nature.
The sillier the better. (Especially silly backstory)
''<weebee>'' the spring of the everlasting cold.
legend say powerfull sorcerer sneaze here 24000 year ago.
''<ssokolow>'' ...or "spring of unending flatulence" (though I have no backstory for that one)
Actually, better make that "swamp of..." and have it misfiled and not magical at all.
''Description:'' Oh, I just came up with a funny idea for a crackfic.... Orochimaru gives the curse seal to Sakura by mistake and it reacts to her "fangirl-ness" in ways that even make Orochimaru shudder.

''<weebee>'' so basically, Sakura would be a super buffed up fangirl?
yes, that is quite scary, especially with that multiple personality thing that she has going on.
''<Katana>'' Ack. That makes me want to hide under my bed. Super-fangirl Sakura... I have a feeling Sasuke would be hiding under his bed too.
''<ssokolow>'' Just the kind of comment I needed. I would have probably had Sasuke hiding in a less amusing place.
''<Katana>'' But... under the bed is a classic. I wonder where else he could hide? 'Course, Sakura would probably have Sasuke-radar...
''Description:'' A short essay on how many points you don't question are actually just fanon... like Sailor Pluto being able to play chessmaster with events.

Due to its length and nature, this is published elsewhere. Visit [[Fanon And The Hazards of Source Amnesia - Stephan Sokolow's Blog|http://blog.ssokolow.com/archives/2011/10/26/fanon-and-the-hazards-of-source-amnesia/]] to read it.
''Description:'' Ideas I'm disproportionately fond of, regardless of how much effort has been put into fleshing them out.
|''Description:''|//create//, //edit//, //view// and //delete// commands in toolbar <<toolbar fields>>.|
|''Date:''|Dec 21,2007|
|''Author:''|Pascal Collin|
|''License:''|[[BSD open source license|License]]|
|''Browser:''|Firefox 2.0; InternetExplorer 6.0, others|
On [[homepage|http://visualtw.ouvaton.org/VisualTW.html]], see [[FieldEditor example]]
*import this tiddler from [[homepage|http://visualtw.ouvaton.org/VisualTW.html]] (tagged as systemConfig)
*save and reload
*optionnaly : add the following css text in your StyleSheet : {{{#popup tr.fieldTableRow td {padding:1px 3px 1px 3px;}}}}


config.commands.fields.handlePopup = function(popup,title) {
	var tiddler = store.fetchTiddler(title);
	var fields = {};
	store.forEachField(tiddler,function(tiddler,fieldName,value) {fields[fieldName] = value;},true);
	var items = [];
	for(var t in fields) {
		var editCommand = "<<untiddledCall editFieldDialog "+escape(title)+" "+escape(t)+">>";
		var deleteCommand = "<<untiddledCall deleteField "+escape(title)+" "+escape(t)+">>";
		var renameCommand = "<<untiddledCall renameField "+escape(title)+" "+escape(t)+">>";
		items.push({field: t,value: fields[t], actions: editCommand+renameCommand+deleteCommand});
	items.sort(function(a,b) {return a.field < b.field ? -1 : (a.field == b.field ? 0 : +1);});
	var createNewCommand = "<<untiddledCall createField "+escape(title)+">>";
	items.push({field : "", value : "", actions:createNewCommand });
	if(items.length > 0)

config.commands.fields.listViewTemplate = {
	columns: [
		{name: 'Field', field: 'field', title: "Field", type: 'String'},
		{name: 'Actions', field: 'actions', title: "Actions", type: 'WikiText'},
		{name: 'Value', field: 'value', title: "Value", type: 'WikiText'}
	rowClasses: [
			{className: 'fieldTableRow', field: 'actions'}
	buttons: [	//can't use button for selected then delete, because click on checkbox will hide the popup

config.macros.untiddledCall = {  // when called from listview, tiddler is unset, so we need to pass tiddler as parameter
	handler : function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString) {
		var macroName = params.shift();
		if (macroName) var macro = config.macros[macroName];
		var title = params.shift();
		if (title) var tiddler = store.getTiddler(unescape(title));
		if (macro) macro.handler(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler);

config.macros.deleteField = {
	handler : function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {
		if(!readOnly && params[0]) {
			fieldName = unescape(params[0]);
			var btn = createTiddlyButton(place,"delete", "delete "+fieldName,this.onClickDeleteField);
			btn.setAttribute("fieldName", fieldName);
	onClickDeleteField : function() {
		var title=this.getAttribute("title");
		var fieldName=this.getAttribute("fieldName");
		var tiddler = store.getTiddler(title);
		if (tiddler && fieldName && confirm("delete field " + fieldName+" from " + title +" tiddler ?")) {
			delete tiddler.fields[fieldName];
		return false;

config.macros.createField = {
	handler : function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {
		if(!readOnly) {
			var btn = createTiddlyButton(place,"create new", "create a new field",this.onClickCreateField);
	onClickCreateField : function() {
		var title=this.getAttribute("title");
		var tiddler = store.getTiddler(title);
		if (tiddler) {
			var fieldName = prompt("Field name","");
			if (store.getValue(tiddler,fieldName)) {
				window.alert("This field already exists.");
			else if (fieldName) {
				var v = prompt("Field value","");
		return false;

config.macros.editFieldDialog = {
	handler : function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {
		if(!readOnly && params[0]) {
			fieldName = unescape(params[0]);
			var btn = createTiddlyButton(place,"edit", "edit this field",this.onClickEditFieldDialog);
			btn.setAttribute("fieldName", fieldName);
	onClickEditFieldDialog : function() {
		var title=this.getAttribute("title");
		var tiddler = store.getTiddler(title);
		var fieldName=this.getAttribute("fieldName");
		if (tiddler && fieldName) {
			var value = tiddler.fields[fieldName];
			value = value ? value : "";
			var lines = value.match(/\n/mg);
			lines = lines ? true : false;
			if (!lines || confirm("This field contains more than one line. Only the first line will be kept if you edit it here. Proceed ?")) {
				var v = prompt("Field value",value);
		return false;

config.macros.renameField = {
	handler : function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {
		if(!readOnly && params[0]) {
			fieldName = unescape(params[0]);
			var btn = createTiddlyButton(place,"rename", "rename "+fieldName,this.onClickRenameField);
			btn.setAttribute("fieldName", fieldName);
	onClickRenameField : function() {
		var title=this.getAttribute("title");
		var fieldName=this.getAttribute("fieldName");
		var tiddler = store.getTiddler(title);
		if (tiddler && fieldName) {
			var newName = prompt("Rename " + fieldName + " as ?", fieldName);
			if (newName) {
				delete tiddler.fields[fieldName];
		return false;

config.shadowTiddlers.StyleSheetFieldsEditor = "/*{{{*/\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.StyleSheetFieldsEditor += ".fieldTableRow td {padding : 1px 3px}\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.StyleSheetFieldsEditor += ".fieldTableRow .button {border:0; padding : 0 0.2em}\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.StyleSheetFieldsEditor +="/*}}}*/";
store.addNotification("StyleSheetFieldsEditor", refreshStyles);

|''Description''|Create a backstage tab to manage Firefox url privileges|
|''Author''|Xavier Verges (xverges at gmail dot com)|
|''Version''|1.1.1 ($Rev: 4266 $)|
|''Date''|$Date: 2008-04-06 09:04:49 +0200 (dom, 06 abr 2008) $|
|''License''|BSD tbd|
|''CoreVersion''|2.2.4 (maybe 2.2+?)|
|''Browser''|Mozilla. Tested under Firefox and Firefox 3.0b4|
!Revision History
!!v1.0 (2008-03-23)
* First public version
The wizard can be opened from the backstage or using the macro {{{<<firefoxPrivileges>>}}}
The step to show when opening the wizard can be set with the {{{txtPrivWizardDefaultStep}}} option: <<option txtPrivWizardDefaultStep>>
if(window.Components) {
config.macros.firefoxPrivileges = {};
config.macros.firefoxPrivileges.lingo = {};
!!! Strings to translate
merge(config.macros.firefoxPrivileges.lingo ,{
	wizardTitle: "Manage Firefox Privileges",
	learnStepTitle: "1. Learn about the risks of giving privileges to file: urls",
	learnStepHtml: "<h3>Local files</h3><p>Firefox can be configured to grant the same security privileges to every html document loaded from disk (those <i>file:</i> urls), or to grant different privileges on a per file basis. Local TiddyWikis need some high security privileges in order to let you save changes to disk, or to import tiddlers from remote servers. Unfortunately, these same privileges can potentially be used by the bad guys to launch programs, get files from your disk and upload them somewhere, access your browsing history...</p><p>While it is more convenient to let Firefox give all your local files the same security privileges, and I'm not aware of any malware attack that tries to take advantage of privileged <i>file:</i> urls, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.</p><p>You can learn more about this by reading <a href='http://www.mozilla.org/projects/security/components/per-file.html' class='externalLink'>Per-File Permissions</a> and <a href='http://www.mozilla.org/projects/security/components/signed-scripts.html#privs-list' class='externalLink'>JavaScript Security: Signed Script</a> at mozilla.org.</p><h3>Remote files</h3><p>When a remote document (<i>http:</i> urls) requests especial privileges, Firefox <ul><li>checks the value of <code>signed.applets.codebase_principal_support</code>, a preference that can be configured from the page that is loaded when you type <code>about:config</code> in the address bar</li><li>if the previous value is set to false, Firefox denies silently the request</li><li>if the previous value is set to true, Firefox looks for the document's domain in the list of privileges urls that can be configured from this wizard, and, if not there, asks the user to grant the privilege</li></ul><p>Note that, in this case, and unlike when dealing with local files, Firefox will only take into account the document's domain instead of performing an exact match of the url.</p><p>Take a look at <a href='http://messfromabove.tiddlyspot.com' class='externalLink'>http://messfromabove.tiddlyspot.com</a> to learn more about the nice and nasty possibilities that this setting provides.</p><h3>This Wizard</h3><p>This wizard will help you to grant the required privileges to your TiddlyWikis, local or remote, and warn you if you have enabled a dangerous default. To do so, Firefox will probably prompt you to grant it some special privileges in order to list and modify the list of privileged urls.</p><p>Please note that changing the privileges for an url may not have effect until you reload it in the browser.</p><input type='hidden' name='mark'></input>",
	learnStepButton: "1. Learn about the risks",
	learnStepButtonTooltip: "Learn why 'Remember this' is an unsafe choice in security prompts",
	grantStepTitle: "2. Grant privileges to individual local documents or remote domains",
	grantStepHtml: "Url: <input type='text' size=80 name='txtUrl'><br/><br/><input type='checkbox' checked='true' name='chkUniversalXPConnect'>Grant rights required to save to disk (Run or install software on your machine - UniversalXPConnect)</input><br/><input type='checkbox' checked='true' name='chkUniversalBrowserRead'>Grant rights required to import tiddlers from servers or access TiddlySpot (Read and upload local files - UniversalBrowserRead)</input><br/><input type='checkbox' name='chkUniversalBrowserWrite'>Modify any open window - UniversalBrowserWrite</input><br/><input type='checkbox' name='chkUniversalFileRead'>Read and upload local files - UniversalFileRead</input><br/><input type='checkbox' name='chkCapabilityPreferencesAccess'>By-pass core security settings - CapabilityPreferencesAccess</input><br/><input type='checkbox' name='chkUniversalPreferencesRead'>Read program settings - UniversalPreferencesRead</input><br/><input type='checkbox' name='chkUniversalPreferencesWrite'>Modify program settings - UniversalPreferencesWrite</input><br/><input type='button' class='button' name='btnGrant' value='Set privileges'/>",
	grantStepButton: "2. Set privileges",
	grantStepButtonTooltip: "Manage privileges for this or other docs",
	viewStepTitle: "3. Granted privileges",
	viewStepHtml: "<input type='hidden' name='mark'></input>",
	viewStepButton: "3. View privileges",
	viewStepButtonTooltip: "List granted privileges, and optionally reset them",
	viewStepEmptyMsg: "Asking for temporary privileges to list permanent privileges...",
	listViewTemplate: {
		columns: [
			{name: 'Selected', field: 'Selected', rowName: 'url', type: 'Selector'},
			{name: 'Url', field: 'url', title: "Url", type: 'LongLink'},
			{name: 'Granted', field: 'granted', title: "Granted", type: 'StringList'},
			{name: 'Denied', field: 'denied', title: "Denied", type: 'StringList'},
			{name: 'Handle', field: 'handle', title: "Handle", type: 'String'},
            {name: 'Notes', field: 'notes', title: "Notes", type: 'String'}
		rowClasses: [
			{className: 'lowlight', field: 'highlight'},
			{className: 'error', field: 'warning'}
	listResetButton: "Reset the privileges of the selected urls",
	noteDangerous: "This is dangerous",
	noteNoEffect: "This has no effect",
	noteThisUrl: "This document's url",
	noteTheUrlYouUpdated: "The url you just updated",
	errNoUrl: "The url is required",
	errNotAuthorized: "Not enough privileges. Maybe you are trying this from a tiddlywiki loaded from a server?",
	msgUpdating: "Updating privileges for %0",
	msgSetting: "Setting privileges for %0",
	msgResetting: "Resetting privileges for %0"
	txtPrivWizardDefaultStep: "Step to show when opening the 'Manage Firefox Privileges' wizard"
	firefoxPrivileges: {text: "security", tooltip: "Work with Firefox url privileges", content: '<<firefoxPrivileges>>'}
!!! Regular code
if (typeof(config.options.txtPrivWizardDefaultStep) === "undefined"){
	config.options.txtPrivWizardDefaultStep = "1";


var plugin = config.macros.firefoxPrivileges;
var lingo = plugin.lingo;
plugin.privAccessCapabilities = "UniversalXPConnect CapabilityPreferencesAccess";
plugin.stepNames = ["learn", "grant", "view"];
plugin.lastUrl = document.location.toString();

plugin.handler = function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler)
	var wizard = new Wizard();
	var step = parseInt(config.options.txtPrivWizardDefaultStep);
	step = (isNaN(step)||(step<=0)||(step>3))? 0 : step-1;
	plugin.step(wizard, step);
plugin.buttons = (function(){
	var onclick = {};
	for (var ii=0; ii<plugin.stepNames.length; ii++) {
		onclick[plugin.stepNames[ii]] =
			(function() {
				var index = ii;
				var handler = function(e) {
					plugin.step(new Wizard(resolveTarget(e)), index);
					return false;
				return handler;})();
	var getButtons = function(index) {
		var buttons = [];
		for (var ii= 0; ii<plugin.stepNames.length; ii++) {
			if (ii !== index) {
				var name = plugin.stepNames[ii];
					onClick: onclick[name],
					caption: lingo[name+"StepButton"],
					tooltip: lingo[name+"StepButtonTooltip"]
		return buttons;
	return getButtons;
plugin.step = function(wizard, stepIndex, extraParams)
	var name = plugin.stepNames[stepIndex];
	var stepResult = {};
	if (plugin[name+"StepProcess"]) {
		plugin[name+"StepProcess"](wizard, extraParams);
plugin.getMarkedDiv = function(wizard)
	var mark = wizard.getElement("mark");
	var div = document.createElement("div");
	return div;
plugin.learnStepProcess = function(wizard)
	var src = config.optionsDesc.txtPrivWizardDefaultStep + ": <<option txtPrivWizardDefaultStep>>";
	wikify(src, plugin.getMarkedDiv(wizard));
plugin.grantStepProcess = function(wizard)
	wizard.getElement("btnGrant").onclick = plugin.btnSetPrivileges;
	wizard.getElement("txtUrl").value = plugin.lastUrl;
plugin.viewStepProcess = function(wizard, extraParams)
	var listWrapper = plugin.getMarkedDiv(wizard);
	listWrapper.innerHTML = lingo.viewStepEmptyMsg;

	var html = [];
	try {
		if (!extraParams || extraParams.reqAcccess) {

		var thisUrl = document.location.toString();
		var privs = plugin.getPrivilegedUrls(false);
		var listItems = [];
		for (var handle in privs) {
			if (privs.hasOwnProperty(handle)) {
				var priv = privs[handle];
				if ((priv.url === "file://") ||
					(priv.url.indexOf(" ") !== -1)) {
					priv.warning = true;
					priv.notes = (priv.url === "file://")? lingo.noteDangerous:lingo.noteNoEffect;
				} else if ((priv.url === thisUrl) ||
				           (priv.url === plugin.lastUrl)) {
					priv.highlight = true;
					priv.notes = (priv.url === thisUrl)? lingo.noteThisUrl:lingo.noteTheUrlYouUpdated;
		var sortFunc = function(a,b) {
			if(a.url > b.url) {return 1;}
			if(a.url < b.url) {return -1;}
			return 0;
		listWrapper.innerHTML = "";
		var listView = ListView.create(listWrapper, listItems, lingo.listViewTemplate);

		createTiddlyButton(listWrapper, lingo.listResetButton, "", plugin.btnResetPrivileges);
	} catch (ex) {
		listWrapper.innerHTML = "Error: " + ex;
plugin.btnSetPrivileges = function(ev)
	var wizard = new Wizard(this);
	var checkboxes = wizard.bodyElem.getElementsByTagName("input");
	var grant = [];
	for(var t=0; t<checkboxes.length; t++) {
		var cb = checkboxes[t];
		if((cb.getAttribute("type") === "checkbox")&&cb.checked) {
	var url = wizard.getElement("txtUrl").value;
	if (!url) {
	} else {
		plugin.lastUrl = url;
		var viewStepExtraParams = {reqAcccess: false};
		var gotPrivileges = false;
		try {
			gotPrivileges = true;
		} catch(ex) {}
		if (gotPrivileges) {
			plugin.setUrlPrivilege(false, url, grant, false);
			plugin.step(wizard, 2, viewStepExtraParams);
		} else {
	return false;
plugin.btnResetPrivileges = function(ev)
	var wizard = new Wizard(this);
	var listView = wizard.getValue("listView");
	var urls = ListView.getSelectedRows(listView);
	if(urls.length === 0) {
	} else {
		for (var ii=0; ii<urls.length; ii++) {
			plugin.setUrlPrivilege(false, urls[ii], [], true);
		plugin.step(wizard, 2, {reqAcccess: false});
	return false;
plugin.setUrlPrivilege = function(reqAccess, url, rights, reset)
	function getFreeHandle(dict, prefix) {
		var handle = prefix;
		var ii = 0;
		while("undefined" !== typeof(dict[handle])) {
			handle = prefix + ii;
		return handle;
	if (reqAccess) {
	var isUpdate = true;
	var urlHandle = "";
	var urls = plugin.getPrivilegedUrls(false);
	for (var handle in urls) {
		if (urls[handle].url === url) {
			urlHandle = handle;
	var denied = [];
	var granted = [];
	if (urlHandle) {
		if (!reset) {
			displayMessage(lingo.msgUpdating.format([url]), url);
			denied = urls[urlHandle].denied.slice();
			granted = urls[urlHandle].granted.slice();
		} else {
			displayMessage(lingo.msgResetting.format([url]), url);
	} else {
		displayMessage(lingo.msgSetting.format([url]), url);
		urlHandle = getFreeHandle(urls, "FirefoxPrivilegesPlugin");
		isUpdate = false;
	for (var ii=0; ii<rights.length; ii++) {
	var prefs = plugin.getPrefsBranch();
	var idStr = urlHandle + ".id";
	var deniedStr = urlHandle + ".denied";
	var grantedStr = urlHandle + ".granted";
	function clearPref(str) {
		if (prefs.prefHasUserValue(str)) {
	function setOrClearPref(str, val) {
		if (val.length) {
			val = ("string" === typeof(val))? val : val.join(" ");
			prefs.setCharPref(str, val);
			// why oh why?!
			if (!prefs.prefHasUserValue(str)) {
				prefs.setCharPref(str, val);
		} else {
	if (!denied.length && !granted.length) {
		prefs.deleteBranch(urlHandle + ".");
	} else {
		setOrClearPref(idStr, url);
		setOrClearPref(deniedStr, denied);
		setOrClearPref(grantedStr , granted);
		setOrClearPref(idStr, url);
	var prefService = plugin.getPrefsService();

	return !isUpdate;
plugin.getPrivilegedUrls = function(reqAccess)
	function Privileged(url, granted, denied, handle) {
		this.url = url;
		this.granted = granted;
		this.denied = denied;
		this.handle = handle;
	function getPermissions(branch, handle, type) {
		var permissions = [];
		var pref = handle + "." + type;
		if (branch.prefHasUserValue(pref)) {
			permissions = branch.getCharPref(pref).split(/\s+/);
		return permissions;
	var privileged = {};
	if (reqAccess) {
	var prefs = plugin.getPrefsBranch();
	var capsEntries = prefs.getChildList("", { value: 0 });

	for (var ii=0; ii < capsEntries.length; ii++)
		var matches = capsEntries[ii].match(/([^\.]*)[\.]id/);
		if (matches && (2 === matches.length))
			var handle = matches[1];
			var url = prefs.prefHasUserValue(capsEntries[ii])? prefs.getCharPref(capsEntries[ii]) : "Error getting " + capsEntries[ii];
			var granted = getPermissions(prefs, handle, "granted");
			var denied = getPermissions(prefs, handle, "denied");
			privileged[handle] = new Privileged(url, granted, denied, handle);
	return privileged;
plugin.getPrefsService = function()
	return Components.classes["@mozilla.org/preferences-service;1"].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIPrefService);
plugin.getPrefsBranch = function()
	var prefsService = plugin.getPrefsService();
	return prefsService.getBranch("capability.principal.codebase.");
!!! Bookmarklet interface
plugin.onload = function()
	var b=backstage;
	var bt=createTiddlyButton(b.toolbar, "security"+glyph("downTriangle"), "", b.onClickTab,"backstageTab");
	var fp="firefoxPrivileges";
!!! ListView tweak for long urls. http://trac.tiddlywiki.org/ticket/570
ListView.columnTypes.LongLink = {
	createHeader: ListView.columnTypes.String.createHeader,
	createItem: function(place,listObject,field,columnTemplate,col,row)
			var v = listObject[field];
			var c = columnTemplate.text;
			if(v != undefined) {
				var link = createExternalLink(place,v);
				if(!c) {
					c = v.replace(/#|\.|\/|(\%..)|\?|\&/g, config.browser.isIE? "$&<wbr>": "$&&#8203;");
					link.innerHTML = c;
				} else {
					createTiddlyText(link, c);

})();	// scope hiding

} // endif(window.Components)
''Description:'' Dialog snippets, gags, and other types of flavor text that only have significance to the plot as a whole if you're very clever.
''Description:'' I'd like to write a story which explores Draco Malfoy as a somewhat sympathetic character undergoing changes (possibly gender-bending, though I doubt I could do it in an original fashion without a great deal of thought) which, though difficult and stressful, are for the better in the long run.

Presentation-wise, it should attempt to insulate itself from the big-picture evils of the Potterverse (or at least emotionally insulate the reader from them) though, the less insulation between the reader and Draco's reactions to the difficult changes ahead, the better.
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|automatically turn headings into slider-like panels that can be folded/unfolded with a single click|
This plugin defines a macro that automatically converts heading-formatted content into sliders that let you expand/collapse their content by clicking on individual headings.
<<foldHeadings opened|closed tag tag tag...>>
where: ''opened'' or ''closed'' is a keyword indicating the initial state of the sections (default: opened), and ''tag tag tag...'' is an optional list of tags to match, so that the foldable effect is only applied to tiddlers that contain one (or more) of the indicated tags.

When you place the macro in a tiddler, any heading-formatted content (i.e, "!" through "!!!!!") in that tiddler will automatically become //'fold-able'//, allowing you to expand/collapse the content that follows each heading simply by clicking on that heading.  Each content section begins with the first element following a heading, and continues until either another heading is found or the end of the tiddler is reached.  For example:
<<foldHeadings closed>>
is embedded in ''this'' tiddler in order to make all the headings it contains 'fold-able'.  Note that the macro has been placed at the //end// of the tiddler because it only operates on *rendered* content.  Thus, only headings that //precede// it in the same tiddler will become fold-able, as any headings that //follow// it are not actually rendered until //after// the macro has been processed.

You can further limit the effect of the macro within the tiddler by surrounding several headings in a "CSS class wrapper" ("""{{classname{...}}}""") or other containing DOM element (e.g., """@@display:inline;...@@""") and then embedding the {{{<<foldHeadings>>}}} macro inside that container (at the end)... only those headings that are also within that container will be made fold-able, instead of converting ''all'' the headings in that tiddler.

Conversely, if you want the fold-able ability to apply to the headings in //all// tiddlers, ''without having to alter //any// of those individual tiddlers'', you can add the macro to the end of your [[ViewTemplate]], so that it will be invoked after the content in each tiddler has been rendered, causing all headings they contain to automatically become fold-able.  For example:
<span macro="foldHeadings closed"></span>
You can also limit this effect to selected tiddlers by specifying one or more tags as additional macro parameters.  For example:
<span macro="foldHeadings closed systemConfig"></span>
is only applied to headings contained in //plugin tiddlers// (i.e., tiddlers tagged with <<tag systemConfig>>), while headings in other tiddlers remain unaffected by the macro, even though it is embedded in the common [[ViewTemplate]] definition.
2009.11.30 [1.1.2] corrected CSS 'text-weight' to 'font-weight'
2009.01.06 [1.1.1] removed hijack of scrollToSection() (see [[SectionLinksPlugin]] for equivalent code)
2008.11.17 [1.1.0] added hijack of 'scrollToSection()' function (see [[CoreTweaks]] and http://trac.tiddlywiki.org/ticket/784)
2007.12.06 [1.0.2] fix handling for empty sections when checking for sliderPanel/floatingPanel
2007.12.02 [1.0.1] fix handling when content following a heading is already a sliderPanel/floatingPanel
2007.12.01 [1.0.0] initial release
version.extensions.FoldHeadingsPlugin= {major: 1, minor: 1, revision: 2, date: new Date(2009,11,30)};

config.macros.foldHeadings = {
	guideText: "opened|closed className",
	showtip: "click to show '%0'",
	hidetip: "click to hide '%0'",
	showlabel: "more...",
	hidelabel: "[x]",
	html: "<span style='float:right;font-weight:normal;font-size:80%;' class='TiddlyLinkExisting'>%0&nbsp;</span>",
	handler: function(place,macroName,params) {
		var show=params[0] && params.shift().toLowerCase()!="closed";
		if (params.length) { // if filtering by tag(s)
			var here=story.findContainingTiddler(place);
			if (here) var tid=store.getTiddler(here.getAttribute("tiddler"));
			if (!tid || !tid.tags.containsAny(params)) return; // in a tiddler and not tagged... do nothing...
		var elems=place.parentNode.getElementsByTagName("*");
		var heads=[]; for (var i=0; i<elems.length; i++) { // get non-foldable heading elements
			var n=elems[i].nodeName; var foldable=hasClass(elems[i],"foldable");
			if ((n=="H1"||n=="H2"||n=="H3"||n=="H4"||n=="H5")&&!foldable)
		for (var i=0; i<heads.length; i++) { var h=heads[i]; // for each heading element...
			// find start/end of section content (up to next heading or end of content)
			var start=end=h.nextSibling; while (end && end.nextSibling) {
				var n=end.nextSibling.nodeName.toUpperCase();
				if (n=="H1"||n=="H2"||n=="H3"||n=="H4"||n=="H5") break;
			if (start && hasClass(start,"sliderPanel")||hasClass(start,"floatingPanel")) continue; // heading is already a slider!
			var span=createTiddlyElement(null,"span",null,"sliderPanel"); // create container
			span.style.display=show?"inline":"none"; // set initial display state
			h.parentNode.insertBefore(span,start); // and insert it following the heading element
			// move section elements into container...
			var e=start; while (e) { var next=e.nextSibling; span.insertBefore(e,null); if (e==end) break; e=next; }
			// set heading label/tip/cursor...
			addClass(h,"foldable"); // so we know it been done (and to add extra styles)
			h.onclick=function() {
				var panel=this.nextSibling; var show=panel.style.display=="none";
				// update panel display state
				if (config.options.chkAnimate) anim.startAnimating(new Slider(panel,show));
				else panel.style.display = show?"inline":"none";
				// update heading label/tip
				this.removeChild(this.firstChild); // remove existing label
				var fh=config.macros.foldHeadings; // abbreviation for readability...

if (story.scrollToSection) {
Story.prototype.scrollToSection=function(title,section) {
	var e=this.foldheadings_scrollToSection.apply(this,arguments);
	// if scrolling to a folded section heading, click to expand it
	if (e && hasClass(e,'foldable') && e.nextSibling.style.display=='none') e.onclick();
// //<<foldHeadings closed>>
''Description:'' Uncertain what this was supposed to be. Probably a "Keiichi in a Goddess-less universe gains power. Must learn to live with it without any kind of mentorship" story.

''Sources:'' [[[1]|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/203518.html]] [[[2]|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/243130.html]]
''See Also:'' [[A Different Kind of Ascension]]

While reading the Addventure episodes which inspired two ideas, I had two flashes of inspiration. However, while making sense of the vague feelings for Ascension and writing them down, I lost my hold on the core feel that made this idea what it is. I've reconstructed what I could here in hopes I might someday resurrect A Different Kind of Ascension's fraternal twin.

The only concrete data I have is this poor-quality memory-jogger:
>Keiichi in a Goddess-less universe, magic ''could'' work but nothing taps into it.

However, knowing how my mind works, I can speculate on what I intended:
# I almost always come up with character exploration stories... especially in a situation where "mundane through and through" is the norm as it is with [[[2]|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/243130.html]] and an opportunity has been given to shake things up by challenging a few world views.
# I may be scatter-brained at times, but I'd never let myself write a truly worthless memory jogger, so that bland summary is supposed to be "read into".
# I generally prefer stories which combine an innocent-yet-mature perspective with detailed, deep characterization... humor being desirable to whatever extent won't detract from the rest.

Given those points, my best guess at what my mind had latched on to is some kind of "Keiichi gets power, must learn to live with it" plot... probably with a bit of "bit by bit, secondary characters find out without their reaction being glossed over or [[reset|http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/StatusQuoIsGod]]" since dodging that is one of my pet peeves. (eg. in +++^*[Ranma ½]One of the biggest (anticipated) disappointments in the series was when Ranma's reaction to Nodoka's discovery of the curse happened "off screen". It was also irritating that, as far as I can tell, Ranma's classmates were introduced to the reality of the curse off-screen during the gap between chapters [[45 and 46|http://furinkan.com/ranma/manga/05.html]].=== and +++^*[Oh! My Goddess]Nobody will ever discover that Belldandy and co. are anything but human or, if they do, it will be glossed over and make no difference because that's not the point of the story.===)

I won't be certain, though, until some point in the indefinite future when I manage to get my mind back into the state which produced the spark of inspiration in the first place.

Using his full self, outside 4D space/time, the being known as Toltiir looked over the various Bad Endings.

Here was a universe where Keiichi Morisato never met Belldandy, never got involved with goddesses or demons or tiny ninja. Instead he simply went on with a normal life, gradually being eroded by despair and loneliness, until a shell was left of his previous potential. His luck continued to be as bad as ever, missing chances for happiness that he often never even knew were there. It wouldn't be difficult at all to intervene there and cause humorous romance to develop, substituting something or someone else for the usual wishcraft.

Over here, Shinji Ikari. In a mainstream universe - he met a bad ending along with the rest of humanity. He just lasted a bit longer. In some of the worst ones, he and humanity died together. To get a happier and more humorous result would not be difficult.
-- http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/203518.html

Here was a universe in which Keiichi Morisato, his family, and his troubles, continued on. This was a universe without the Heaven and Yggdrasil System and goddesses to provide their elements. It lacked magical beings to intercede, in fact - though the underlying physics didn't preclude them - it had no magical elements going for it whatsoever.

Further look into the whole underlying equations turned up that magic COULD work, it was just that nothing had ever come around that would tap into those forces.
-- http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/243130.html
''Description:'' How about a story where some kind of loophole results in a perfectly ordinary Harry Potter (no time-travel, no super-intelligence, etc.) satisfying this quote?

Harry Potter owned Hogwarts. Harry Potter was nine years old, rich, powerful, missing and owned Hogwarts. -- [[The Curse of Fate, Chapter 10|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2703901/10/The_Curse_of_Fate]]

''Note:'' This wasn't originally envisioned as subverting any specific bad plot archetype. I just wanted to throw a curve ball at the wizarding world and watch them run around like headless chickens.

''Update 2016-11-07:'' weebee had a good idea: It could be one of Dumbledore's contingency plans and Dumbledore could die early without getting the chance to inform others of the plans he's been secretly making.
''Description:'' A hard-to-summarize Ranma idea where Ranma is a demon who has been granted free will by Jusenkyo's insistence on "human" as a component of the girl curse.

* More punchy title.
* Extract a longer description from the chat log
!Inspiration Chatlog
''(01:34:24) weebee'': Random plot idea along the "Ranma as non-human" and "Genma's unintended wishes" set of events.
''(01:35:29) weebee'': basically was inspired by a comment about creatures wanting to be human in a lot of folklore due to some form of advantage people have over whatever race they are, and in particular, free will in this case.
''(01:35:50) deitarion'': I'm prepping for bed so I'll respond tomorrow but please do continue.
''(01:36:19) weebee'': basically, plotline is that Genma makes a deal with a demon, a sorrt of double edged sword contract,
''(01:36:58) weebee'': Genma doesn't realize it, (Since most of my Genmas aren't evil,) but the he wants Ranma to have an enhanced learning curve and to be tougher,
''(01:37:56) weebee'': the demon's price, very carefully worded, is ithat Genma's student, at the age of 18, will be offered the choice to go with the demon, and Genma has to go along with it.
''(01:38:35) weebee'': the demon basically uses the situation to plant one of its spawn or lesser demons within Ranma, but one that doesn't really have much of a personality or mind.
''(01:38:55) weebee'': in this situation, demons listen up hierarchies, and this one has temporarily been ordered to obey Genma.
''(01:39:32) weebee'': the idea is to have a warrior trained in the art of Anything Goes very theroughly and with a human shell. God knows why it's wanted, this is mostly filler I've rationalized for the main point, anyhow.
''(01:40:13) weebee'': So, basically, for most of Ranma's life, he's being raised by Genma and doing everything Genma says out of the obediance instinct. His regeneration and learning speed are suplimented by his demonic nature.
''(01:40:34) weebee'': nut sure if the Neko-ken would work in this universe, perhaps the demon contract was its replacement?
''(01:40:54) weebee'': Anyhow, time rolls around to Jusenkyo.
''(01:41:14) weebee'': We once taliked about Jusenkyo not much caring what species of girl a victim was, for example.
''(01:41:30) weebee'': in this case, the template is a lot more exact. It wants human girl, and it's damned well going to get it,
''(01:41:37) weebee'': but Ranma is partialy demonic.
''(01:42:12) weebee'': his cursed form, while sharing the mind, is fully human, and this is when Ranma starts to question Genma.
''(01:42:39) weebee'': basically, every time he's swapping forms, he's thinking about his orders and seeing if they fit what he wants, and usually concluding, "Um, no."
''(01:43:33) weebee'': not sure what the main plot would be or if it would be cross-cosmology. Definately not AMG, though I could see a Dresdenverse Fei doing something similar, though inventing my own cosmology would work too.
''(01:45:20) weebee'': it's possible that Ranma's new ascertiveness would bleed over to the male form, or the male form would just be able to act on modified orders rationalized by the female. In the first case, perhaps its lack of existance within his body for a period of time destroyed the demonic influence, and in the second, a trade off for really only being able to seriously disobey as a girl could be a lack of his usual combat improvisation and fast healing.
''(01:45:25) weebee'': interresting aspects.
''(01:45:39) weebee'': As for all fics like this, how does Ranma react to part of his hard work not being his?
''(01:46:24) weebee'': if Genma is not aware, how does he react if he's been rationalizing "I must be doing well, since if the boy's doing it even while grumbling, he must see the wisdom" and finds out that's false?
''(01:46:34) deitarion'': I agree AMG probably wouldn't work. Nearly impossible to justify Jusenkyo having enough power to affect anything demonic.
''(19:25:03) weebee'': minor note:This is another manifestation of the 'Ranma as something else' theme that a couple of my other attempted starter fics have been doing. Not sure if this is often noted by other authors, but when I get an idea, it tries to worm itself into every plot I think up in one way or another. The 'Ranma as something else' idea is one that hasn't been properly expressed yet, since all the fics I've tried with it haven't gotten past chapter 1, or in one case, 'prologue 2.' Another of these ideas is the dieing half way through the story one, fortunately that one should be taken care of buy the EVA colaboration. And my god, this is long. sorry.
''(19:25:08) deitarion'': Alright. The first point that jumps out at me as something to discuss is "not sure what the main plot would be or if it would be cross-cosmology. Definately not AMG, though I could see a Dresdenverse Fei doing something similar, though inventing my own cosmology would work too."
''(19:25:45) deitarion'': I get the impression original with proper work put into it would be the best choice here.
''(19:26:18) deitarion'': I can't imagine any existing flavor of demon/fey creature which would give the tone I envision as being most conducive to a good story with these details.
''(19:26:51) deitarion'': Any kind of cross would require at least the same amount of work.
''(19:27:54) deitarion'': That's not to say it wouldn't turn out good. Time Braid's elaborations on the Oh! My Goddess cosmology were neither Naruto-isn nor OMG-ish but felt excellent.
''(19:28:41) weebee'': true, in this case a cross wouldn't be a prop but rather an extra point. Not neccesarily bad, but also not neccessary.
''(19:28:54) deitarion'': Actually, now that I think about it, whether to make it original would probably be as big a question as the entire rest of the story because it's really a question of "would it be more enjoyable for the reader to concoct a beautifully-detailed cosmology from scratch as a motivation or to put tons of effort into elaborating an existing one in a new direction?"
''(19:29:08) deitarion'': It's not so much a prop as a setting-defining subplot.
''(19:29:41) weebee'': true, but ina  lot of cases, the crossover's rulesets on situations that the original fic doesn't have act as good guidelines.
''(19:30:03) weebee'': in this case, it'd be easier to create my own than to hammer one to fit.
''(19:30:08) deitarion'': I'm not sure I get what you're saying, but if I do, my answer is "naturally".
''(19:31:02) deitarion'': I'd again point to Time Braid as an example of what I'm talking about. It's very different from OMG/AMS, but it feels very believable that it's taking place somewhere else in the same multiverse and that it operates by the same fundamental ruleset.
''(19:31:54) weebee'': in this case, I'm also thinking about if there should be an overt main physical conflict or not.
''(19:32:03) weebee'': so far that turns around what happens when Ranma turns 18.
''(19:32:37) deitarion'': I'd be wary of one. Let's think on the two big themes I'm seeing in order to try to get a better idea for it:
''(19:33:02) deitarion'': 1. Ranma, the non-human, learning what it means to have free will. (Exploration of self, I'd guess)
''(19:33:21) deitarion'': 2. Exploring this original cosmology.
''(19:33:49) deitarion'': Supplementary themes would depend partly on how we decide to go about satisfying the main ones.
''(19:33:59) weebee'': hmm, not sure if Ranma even realizes the difference that much until it's explained to him....
''(19:34:22) deitarion'': ?
''(19:34:40) weebee'': I mean, it's possible that Ranma rationalized all of the order following he was doing, since he's been doing it since he was really little.
''(19:34:58) weebee'': in order not to violate canon too badly, we have to at least allow him to throw his insults at Genma same as always,
''(19:35:17) weebee'': sort of like one of those put apon underlings who always grumbles that their boss is being an idiot but does what they're told anyways.
''(19:35:50) weebee'': I'd say, if that's not normal, it's probably an offshoot of Genma's training and the "Insult as tactic" style Ranma was trained in.
''(19:35:50) deitarion'': Would make sense. Question is, how much do you want to twist Ranma's psyche before he figures out the truth. You could really mess him up really easily if he starts to notice and explore the difference between what he perceives as male vs. female.
''(19:36:29) weebee'': the original idea was he didn't even realize what was going on before the demon showed up, for one of two reasons.
''(19:36:44) weebee'': 1, he's REALLY good at his rationalization of the orders and doesn't notice much that she has more latitude,
''(19:36:45) weebee'': or 2,
''(19:37:06) weebee'': the "Demonic energy got expelled" explanation holds true, and he hasn't had the compulsions at all since Jusenkyo.
''(19:37:15) weebee'': however, your point is interresting.
''(19:37:34) weebee'': if we take him as having noticed it, he may have some very scewed ideas about what being a girl means.
''(19:37:50) weebee'': in his case, he thinks and heals slower, but can make decisions more readily.
''(19:37:56) weebee'': I'm not sure what conclusion that would bring.
''(19:38:04) deitarion'': *nod* The big question here is what DO we want to do with it?
''(19:38:31) deitarion'': That's more of the traditional gender focus of Ranma ½ character-exploration taken in an unusual direction.
''(19:40:25) weebee'': hmm....
''(19:40:36) weebee'': issue is I've got the base concept but no long term plots.
''(19:40:45) weebee'': though, it really does have a lot of tendancy for them.
''(19:40:52) deitarion'': Ok. Let's look at our driving conflict.
''(19:40:56) weebee'': if nothing else, the most obvious is what the hell does this demon think of all this?
''(19:41:05) deitarion'': *nod* Very important question.
''(19:41:20) deitarion'': Obviously, the driving conflict is going to center around something Ranma does.
''(19:41:49) deitarion'': So we've got three obvious turning points in the narrative here.
''(19:41:53) deitarion'': 1. Genma makes the deal
''(19:42:02) deitarion'': 2. Ranma's 18th birthday
''(19:42:27) deitarion'': 3. Any conflict resolution that occurs following that. (What it would be would depend highly on what decision Ranma makes at point 2)
''(19:42:56) deitarion'': Also, this could easily be a two-part series if we're not careful since we've essentially got two conflicts in it.
''(19:43:16) deitarion'': 1. Ranma discovering what he is and deciding what to do about it.
''(19:43:22) deitarion'': 2. Ranma getting free of his demon "parent"
''(19:43:53) deitarion'': I can imagine four different ways to structure it:
''(19:44:30) deitarion'': 1. Speed through #1 as a setup to #2. (Everything up to 18th birthday is hurried)
''(19:45:33) deitarion'': 2. Focus on #1 so that, when point 2 comes along, Ranma can somehow resolve the demon parent thing quickly and decisively. (eg. Maybe the demon is completely taken by surprise because it never anticipated Jusenkyo's effect on Ranma but keeps its end of the bargain and cuts its losses.)
''(19:45:57) weebee'': (Well, like I said, Ranma could be so good at pretending he's got a choice that 1 doesn't come into effect until 2 shows up, but there are canon issues there with Genma having given him orders and why he didn't instantly merry Akane or whatever else.)
''(19:46:42) deitarion'': 3. Write a two-part series where the two conflicts happen in sequence with Ranma's self-discovery "completing" prior to his 18th birthday and conflict #2 with the demon only becoming an immediate concern (rather than a series-level conflict) in book 2.
''(19:47:40) deitarion'': 4. Interleave the two conflicts so that the 18th birthday is a milestone and possibly a crisis, but comes before the climax. (This has interesting possibilities, since it could even have Ranma choose the demon, then complete his self-discovery, THEN break free.)
''(19:48:00) weebee'': hmm.
''(19:48:09) weebee'': when I was assuming 18 was the start of the fic,
''(19:48:13) weebee'': I haed 3 scenarios in mind,
''(19:48:19) weebee'': depending on how Jusenkyo did its thing.
''(19:48:24) deitarion'': Sounds like you were imagining something similar to my option #1.
''(19:48:38) weebee'': am willing to others,
''(19:48:46) weebee'': but an issue as to how we handle the demon conflict is,
''(19:48:49) weebee'': what kind of demon is it.
''(19:49:06) weebee'': if it's a big, red skinned, horned, forked tailed monstrocity, then it'd likely be best quickly resolved,
''(19:49:20) weebee'': but Genma's not stupid enough to make a deal with one of those, in most continuities anyhow,
''(19:49:36) deitarion'': I'm rather partial to the manipulative, amoral kind to be honest.
''(19:49:47) weebee'': however, if it's a Xellos-like trickster demon, then a long manipulation game that'd be perfect for a series or story conflict would work well.
''(19:50:14) deitarion'': Exactly... and it also gives plenty of flexibility since there's no inherent requirement for Ranma's deal to take on a specific role.
''(19:50:48) weebee'': hmm, actually, that kind of deal gives an easy explanation of why it needs Ranma,
''(19:50:53) weebee'': and how it got him, for instance.
''(19:51:05) weebee'': if we've got one of those cosmologies where most low rank demons are pretty dumb,
''(19:51:08) deitarion'': Mind if I finish mine first so I'm not distracted?
''(19:51:37) weebee'': it would make sense if this guy wants Ranma as dumb muscle that isn't redicuolously so, and found Genma, say, theaving one of his earthside bases and thought skills like that with good strength would be an asset.
''(19:51:46) weebee'': woops.
''(19:51:48) weebee'': didn't read.
''(19:51:51) weebee'': very sorry.
''(19:51:57) weebee'': shutting up.
''(19:51:57) deitarion'': My point was that Ranma could be central his plans or Genma could have just had the bad luck to bring himself to the attention of a demon who isn't going to pass up a free opportunity to possibly score some buck.
''(19:53:09) deitarion'': The situation is flexible enough that, if it's useful, the demon's response to Ranma choosing to stay with Genma could simply be to shrug and cross out a line in a long list of on-the-go projects.
''(19:53:30) weebee'': Nod*
''(19:54:12) weebee'': if we start beforehand and the demon showed up later, then it could be a good idea to just brush it off, and that could play into my joy in anti-climax. Still, I think I'd rather it have a bigger role.
''(19:54:54) deitarion'': *nod* It'd be a waste for it not to.
''(20:00:12) weebee'': so, okay, if the demon didn't reveal it, I wonder what did.
''(20:00:25) weebee'': especially since if it wasn't Genma, it'd be hard to test.
''(20:00:29) deitarion'': Reveal what, specifically?
''(20:00:38) weebee'': what's up with Ranma,
''(20:00:45) weebee'': unless he figures out right after Jusenkyo.
''(20:01:34) deitarion'': Why not make Ranma mad enough that "she" ignores Genma's orders without initially noticing?
''(20:01:57) weebee'': you mean at the springs,
''(20:02:02) weebee'': that pretty much happens.
''(20:02:17) weebee'': the issue is, I don't think Ranma really knows he's incapable of disobeying.
''(20:02:30) weebee'': sorta like the first half of bioshock with the "Would you kindly" bit.
''(20:02:56) weebee'': if he knew he couldn't disobey, he may ask or tell Genma about it, and I'm not sure how he'd react.
''(20:03:18) deitarion'': So we just throw in enough situations which help to accentuate the difference.
''(20:03:31) weebee'': hmm.
''(20:03:38) weebee'': actually, yeah.
''(20:03:49) weebee'': maybe have Genma give an order everyone KNOWS Ranma wouldn't do.
''(20:03:58) weebee'': and Ranma promptly does, or at least tries to do it.
''(20:05:24) weebee'': like I said, if we want to keep to canon at all we'll have to do some twisting so that Genma doesn't order him to do anything that'd end things really fast.
''(20:05:40) weebee'': so it may be best for things to start right after Jusenkyo.
''(20:06:00) weebee'': the ability to disobey plus the expanded set of stimulus helps reveal it.
''(20:06:27) weebee'': I kinda prefer using post series, but that'd restrict our options here pretty bad.
''(20:08:22) weebee'': actually, main issue with the beginning of the series is that, before that, he hasn't really done anything to show his character.
''(20:08:39) deitarion'': *nod*
''(20:08:45) weebee'': (And no, that's not obvious.) I mean, in all the flashbacks he acts sorta like he did when he first arrives, only younger.
''(20:09:14) weebee'': why I like going later, since it lets me fall back on actual character development moments.
''(20:09:49) weebee'': hmm, now that'd be interresting.
''(20:09:55) weebee'': scenario.
''(20:09:57) weebee'': failed wedding.
''(20:10:14) weebee'': "Boy, gimme that water! I'm gunna get it, whatever it takes."
''(20:10:19) weebee'': cue Ranma going berserk.
''(20:10:32) weebee'': everyone tries to figure out why, including a very shell shocked, but cured, Genma.
''(20:11:47) weebee'': hmm, another way to interpret Genma that would let us use most of the series as is,
''(20:11:53) weebee'': he has figued out what's going on.
''(20:12:41) weebee'': he deliberately tries to use language that isn't technically an order, since while he'll do damned near anything to convince Ranma to do what he wants he figures he should always actually convince him.
''(20:12:50) weebee'': but that's really rules lawyering.
''(20:13:02) weebee'': just figured that out.
''(20:13:16) weebee'': what we really need to figure out is what the curse actually does to Ranma.
''(20:14:20) deitarion'': Hmm. Could work.
''(20:14:43) deitarion'': It'd be interesting to see if there's a third option but I'm not entirely sure how I'd go about finding one. Maybe try again later.
''(20:15:17) weebee'': actualy, that's not really the issue, either. The issueis that I'm more comfortable with post-wedding characters but this thing'd make more sense at the beginning. Other problem I have with back then is half the characters are uninterresting and there's a lot of neccessary rehash.
''(20:15:54) deitarion'': Ahh. Point. It could still work. It's just a matter of having to work in a lot of original content (eg. alternate perspectives on canon events) and possibly some clever timeskipping.
''(20:16:43) weebee'': Nod*
''(20:17:02) weebee'': the powers and even the demon are really just an extension of the plot.
''(20:17:34) weebee'': another thing is that while I like the idea of writing a Ranmawho has been effected by the compulsions, writing stuff like that present tense makes my skin crawl a little.
''Description:'' How about a silly spamfic where Akatsuki are really after Naruto and the other demon hosts to create a group of idol singers and the fact that they are demon hosts is the gimmick?

> ''<Katana>'' It's got the potential to be funny, and then it's also got the potential to be just plain stupid, so you'd have to be careful with that.
''<Case13>'' Hahahaha
I'd pay to read this!
Especially if Tobi, who is Madara, is actually Tobi who is pretending to be Madara who is pretending to be Tobi
Tobi and Kakuzu - one is for the thrills, other for the money.
Tobi is a good, if crazy, boy. Kakuzu is just absurdly greedy.
''Description:'' How about implying (like how I misread something in http://www.fanfiction.net/s/676157/17/) that some of the myriad quidditch fouls are person-specific. (eg. a foul against turning "Erband Moptree" into a waterfowl)
''Description:'' How about a Harry Potter fic which uses the Freaky Friday trick (two people accidentally wishing for the exact same thing at the exact same time will make it happen so long as the wishes relate to each other) somehow? It definitely wouldn't feel out of place among the other decent fanfic ideas.

''<weebee>'' will there be body swopping involoved.
''<deitarion>'' Depends on whether I can cause similar juicy chaos without it.
''<weebee>'' LOL
hey, here's one. what if a slitherin and a griffindor both wished that the other house would act more like theirs, and you could swap out the atitudes?
Harry the school bully, with his minions ron and hermione, and malfoy crab and goil the school heros?
''<deitarion>'' Now THAT has potential. Especially if it gives ample focus on how everyone else is reacting.
''<weebee>'' yeah, all the hufflepuffs and teachers would be aware and see the insanity.
hufflepuffs and ravenclaws, rather...
and could you immagine snape's reaction to his house turning into a bunch of goodey goodeys? Or would it effect snape and mcgonigol too?
''<deitarion>'' Depends. I'd have to decide which would be funnier.
Students fainting at seeing Snape smile, or Snape's grimace at a house of Slythindors.
''<weebee>'' *Snickers violently*
personally, i like torturing snape for his dumb ledor killing, but whatever you wish.
trying to write the malfoy, crab, goyl dynamic would be funny as hell too.
''<deitarion>'' Yeah. Of course, the epilogue would be one of the best parts. Seeing how they react to the memories after things go back to normal.
''<weebee>'' hmm, originally, should their memories change to fit reality?
the slythindors and griferins, that is.
''<deitarion>'' Not sure. I'd have to analyze that too. (I'm not very good at disorganized humor yet)

''<Katana>'' So, two people accidentally wish for something similar enough, close enough in time that the two wishes get folded together into one? Going with weebee's line of thought, I wonder who would be the Gryffindor Pansy? And what other wishes might be possible... well, there's the classic bodyswap, but it's probably been done to death already. On the other hand, bodyswaps involving Voldemort and/or his younger self are always amusing...

It might be interesting if, say, someone was wishing for Voldemort to return while Ginny was wishing for the friend she had in 'Tom' to come back -- not the evil part, just the part that would listen... I can't imagine she didn't miss him at least a tiny bit....

''Description:'' I've seen all sorts of fukufics where Ranma was forced to accept being a senshi and a handful where Ranma chose it willingly, but I've never seen one where Ranma successfully refuses the fuku. Given how many frustratingly "too bad to like, too good to stop reading" fukufics I've read, I think reading //or// writing such a fic would be cathartic.

; Original Story idea:
: How about a ~Ranma-Sailor Moon crossover where Ranma //sucessfully// refuses to become a senshi? (I'm sick of stories where Ranma is forced into a fuku)
; Revised Story Idea:
: I've seen fukufics where Ranma had the fuku forced on him (very many), fukufics where Ranma accepted it (grudgingly or not, very few), and even a fukufic where Ranma just pretended to be a senshi to infiltrate them. I've also seen at least one crossover where Ranma unhappily gained the fuku without being a reincarnated senshi and another where Ranma accidentally phased through one of the senshi mid-transformation and gained enough senshi power to just be stuck with magically strong panties in female form (for protection against sex demons). Conversely, I've seen one or two fics where Ranma managed to fight alongside them without the fuku... but, surprisingly, I've never seen a fic where Ranma refused the fuku and managed to stand his ground. That is what you will now see.

''Update:'' [[Destiny|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3590026/1/Destiny]] is a good fic, but it's not what I'm thinking of here.
# It's more a romance/introspection. What I was imagining was a more typically-toned ~Ranma-SM comedy with the introspection-esque aspects more limited to the proposed parts with the Senshi being taught the hard way (Instant Jusenkyo) that they were being huge jerks expecting Ranma to take up the role of a senshi without any kind of consideration for his point of view.
# It's first-person from Haruka's viewpoint. What I'd envisioned was more of a third-person omniscient story.
# It follows Haruka from a very young age and ends with Ranma getting and breaking his henshin wand. I'd envisioned something starting from mid- or post- Ranma canon with Ranma getting the "job offer" (and repeatedly trying to refuse it) and ending when he finally hammers out some kind of cease-fire with the Senshi.

Basically, my intent was for a subversion of the elements common to all the frustrating fukufics I've read over the years.
!! Discussion
''<ssokolow>'' Hey. There's an idea. The Senshi could hound "her" as is normal for such fics, and Ranma, fed up with it, could wake them up with buckets of instant nannichuan because he's decided that, distasteful as it is, nothing else will get them to see his perspective on it.
''<Mari Falcon>'' That does sound like Ranma: creative, impulsive and rather vindictive.
''<ssokolow>'' Given how much Genma dislikes any indication of Ranma acting girly, Ranma could probably even get Genma to grant permission to unseal the Umisenken for sneaking around.

''<weebee>'' hmm, you do know magic NEVER works as planned, the nanniichuan will have to do something strange to the senshi.
''<ssokolow>'' One idea I just had would be for them to retain the water magnet aspect without the transformation... but only in senshi form.
That is, fanon water magnetism. (eg. Their senshi forms cause water to do anything but flow uphill to splash them... despite it not having any effect)
''<ssokolow>'' ''Update:'' Genma never told Ranma to seal the Umisenken. Ranma just told Ryu Kumon to seal the Yamasenken. Apparently, Ranma just never uses it out of respect for how dangerous it is.

''<Case13>'' To be completely honest, as I loathe Sailor Moon, and personally tend to immensely enjoy fics in which Senshi aren't the 'like, totally good and super powerful and can do no wrong heroines, like' and I like to see situations in Ranma/SM crosses where Ranma doesn't need any magic beyond his skills to be deadly in combat.
''<ssokolow>'' I tend to go with the "martial artists can't fight Youma because they feed on chi/ki" angle.
''<Case13>'' Yeah. Then it leaves the fact Ranma can lift and throw boulders that weigh several tonnes and would just turn a youma into a puddle of goo doing amaguriken
''<ssokolow>'' Not if the Youma contact-drains large amounts of ki.
''<Case13>'' which neither of them does
they need grasp and time
''<ssokolow>'' Point.
''<Case13>'' Remember Saffron?
''<ssokolow>'' Anyway, as I said, It's one of my ideas that's barely elaborated at all.
I really need to budget some time to write a proper idea organizer and then clean up my ideas bin. It's getting messy.
''<Case13>'' Mousse calls Saffron out as being 'glass jawed' and a 'wimp' because he can't take a three tonne boulder to the face which, as Mousse says, "Ranma throws at them all the time."
''<ssokolow>'' Point. I'll have to rework my notes to take that into account. Thanks.

''<weebee>'' note on the refusal of powers thing.
''<weebee>'' S1 Youma, at the very least, can remove energy environmentally. This leaves the possibility that large amounts of energy may be too much, but in S1, where Youma were much weaker, but custom built for energy manipulation and drain, two could absorb an entire skating rink's worth of people's life force in aprox. 5 minutes.

; Driving Conflict:
; Chosen Resolution:

!! Potential Titles:
* ...

!! Problems to Solve and Decisions to Make:
* ...

!! Ideas:
* ...perhaps eventually using his famously focused genius and some of his ki senses (post-canon?) to tap into the senshi magic without the ridiculous transformation.

!! Timeline:

; Divergence Point:

''TODO:'' Story timeline here.

''Description:'' Reminder: For gender-bending stuff, remember that having gender-bent girls learning about the less blatant/blunt/stereotypical guy social interactions the hard way is more fun than the inverse because it's not overdone.

''Inspiration:'' [[Switched, Chapter 6|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1744410/6/Switched]]
''Description:'' Gender-transformation, body-swapping or some other similar element is central. (Because they're such delightful opportunities to have fun with giving characters identity issues and exploring society's view on sex and gender.)
''Description:'' How about someone trying to find their elemental affinity and changing gender instead, leading everyone to assume that, despite it not even being an element, the character has "gender" as their elemental affinity?

''Inspiration:'' Option 3 on the Addventure episode, [[Ethsharitic Ranma: Like A Pig In A Cage|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/208464.html]]
''Description:'' Ideas centered around estranged or prejudiced people slowly coming to understand one another.
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''Description:'' What if Queen Chrysalis is one of many changeling queens but her huge swarm of drones is something other queens abandoned long ago in favor of a more sustainable feeding strategy?

When I read [[The Golden Daughter, Chapter 3|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/121586/3/the-golden-daughter/3-the-hardest-lesson]], the fact that drones only normally live for a few weeks and never more than three months struck me as something none of my other ideas would be compatible with.

I started to ponder on how one might write a "Changelings and Ponies living together in harmony" story with such a restriction ruling out the more typical solutions and here's what I got:

Without even having read to the end where it's shown that the author and I were thinking in similar directions, The Golden Daughter already gave me the impression that it may be feasible for a changeling queen to //not// birth a hive and to have many daughters, more like ponies, if their culture and their food supply weren't precluding it.

Therefore, why not have it that Chrysalis is a cultural throwback. A queen who adopted an ill-advised hive-building strategy abandoned ages ago and is too foolish or egotistical to change?

In turn, there could be *many* queens who, instead, seek out same-sex pairings and, once they've built up sufficient trust and an understanding of their partner, carefully reveal their true nature.

This would have several beneficial characteristics for mares who accept them:
* They'd have the option of having daughters without needing to involve a stallion
* With sufficient preparation to dig a hive beneath their house, they could have drones taking up roles similar to Harry Potter house elves.
* They'd have a spouse who has an incentive to remain faithful and keep the relationship strong.
* They'd have a spouse who can shapeshift, be it for bedroom fun, fashion experimentation, pranks, or any other conceivable use
Given how many changeling ideas I already have, it'd probably be a good idea to try to shift my focus elsewhere for a bit to accumulate some others but I'll also need to work on how to distance this from the other two. So far, the main distinctions I can see are:

|![[Adopted Family, Changing Times]]|!This|
|Takes place in Canterlot|Takes place somewhere distant from Canterlot (and not Ponyville)|
|Features a drone who stays in touch with the hive|Features one of many queens who live more like ponies than classical changelings|
|The plot is touched off when Chrysalis ruins the happy lives of changelings like our protagonist fairly directly|The plot is touched off when our lead reads about the invasion in the paper and feels pressured to tell her lover before she feels confident rather than risking getting caught without a chance to explain.|
|Resolving the driving conflict will probably have significance for ~Pony-Changeling relations in general|Resolving the driving conflict has no bigger implications. It's just a story about two lovers in a town the main cast has no interest in.|

I didn't bother to chart [[Unorthodox Metamorphosis]] because, aside from probably focusing on an ensemble cast and having more emphasis on "in the large" elements, it's basically the same as [[Adopted Family, Changing Times]] in how it differs from this story.

(Also, having now finished reading The Golden Daughter, I should also mention that I wouldn't have drones as merely the result of malnourished pupae. That's a little too "[[Brave New World|https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brave_new_world]]" for my tastes. Instead, I'd probably have them as just another template stored in a changeling queen's DNA and selectable at the time of conception. Instead of "mayfly sapients", their mentality could be more like trained dogs which use a hive-link to obey orders by automatically drawing any requisite knowledge from their queen's head.)
''Description:'' What about writing a story with a scenario sort of like [[Probation|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2633475/1/]] where Urd is on Earth with only minimal magic but instead of doing it how Probation does it, jump a few months into the future and show that Urd quickly found a compatible friend/roommate and is probably enjoying her probation a little too much.

Perhaps the conflict could be a social one between Urd and her sisters because they feel Urd has lost interest in working off her probation any time soon.

''Update 2016-11-07:'' weebee: It could also work out well if it was for breaking one of those rules she thinks is stupid, like how she doesn't go first class because she thinks lying is too useful an ability.

''See Also:''
* [[They walked in silence for a time]] (Same origins, sort of an Urd-style take on O!MG)
* [[Outside the Box]] (Similar "whole new facet" take on O!MG, potentially similar feel)

''Inspiration:'' [[The Little Veela Who Could|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5490079/1/]] by Darth Drafter (Harry Potter, accidental creator of the first non-dark Horcrux via self-sacrifice)

''Description:'' Has anyone other than Darth Drafter explored the character potential for ghosts as main characters with the following criteria:
* Well-explored, focused on, and with plenty of screen time (Myrtle in harem fics and [[Violence Inherent in the System|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5619147/1/Violence_Inherent_in_the_System]] don't count)
* Ghosts who exist primarily to be resurrected and then spend most of their screen time alive don't count. (Again, Myrtle in harem fics)
* Not necessarily Harry Potter... all that's necessary is a setting which:
** Has some ghost analogue
** Doesn't normally have the ghost analogues hang out with those they knew in life as if little had changed
** Can be adapted so someone believed to be the setting's version of a ghost sticks around.
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|view any tiddler by entering it's title - displays list of possible matches|
''View a tiddler by typing its title and pressing //enter//.''  As you type, a list of possible matches is displayed.  You can scroll-and-click (or use arrows+enter) to select/view a tiddler, or press escape to close the listbox to resume typing.  When the listbox is not displayed, pressing //escape// clears the current input.
>see [[GotoPluginInfo]]
*Match titles only after {{twochar{<<option txtIncrementalSearchMin>>}}} or more characters are entered.<br>Use down-arrow to start matching with shorter input.  //Note: This option value is also set/used by [[SearchOptionsPlugin]]//.
*To set the maximum height of the listbox, you can create a tiddler tagged with <<tag systemConfig>>, containing:
config.macros.gotoTiddler.listMaxSize=10;  // change this number
2009.05.22 [1.9.2] use reverseLookup() for IncludePlugin
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2006.05.05 [0.0.0] started
version.extensions.GotoPlugin= {major: 1, minor: 9, revision: 2, date: new Date(2009,5,22)};

// automatically tweak shadow SideBarOptions to add <<gotoTiddler>> macro above <<search>>

if (config.options.txtIncrementalSearchMin===undefined) config.options.txtIncrementalSearchMin=3;

config.macros.gotoTiddler= {
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	'<form onsubmit="return false" style="display:inline;margin:0;padding:0">\
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			title="Enter title text... ENTER=goto, SHIFT-ENTER=search for text, DOWN=select from list"\
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		story.displayTiddler(null,title); // show selected tiddler
		return false;

''Description:'' What about a ~Ranma-Tenchi crossover where Ranma is related to Ryoko (eg, "Like Mother Like Son" has Ryoko in place of Nodoka) but it's more canonical? (eg. Whatever special abilities Ranma has have been sealed and the story takes place post-canon)

''<ssokolow>'' Maybe Nodoka is an orphan and part of the reason she's so traditional is that she was scared out of her mind by the emergence of a superhuman ability as a kid.
''<Katana>'' That could work. Ryoko as Ranma's grandmother, then?
''<ssokolow>'' Could be aunt. Maybe Nodoka is a failed clone Kagato made.
He could have tried to make his own edits and ended up getting a result he considerd to be a failure. Jettison her in stasis and you could have a Superman-like origin. Possibly without anyone knowing it if she was thrown clear on impact.

...now that I think about it, what about a proper attempt at a "Washuu is Ranma's mother" story? It could be entertaining to see Ranma reacting to a different kind of over-the-top mother.
''Description:'' Ranma's spent twenty years using waterproof soap to give the girl he chose the life she wants... but the supply has dried up. He has to reveal the curse to his daughter, but before he can bring himself to, she manifests the reverse of his curse.
''Source:'' [[weebee|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/702658/weebee]] (also author of the text below)

Ranma's spent the last twenty years married, and trying his best to be a normal father for his daughter. Normal by his wife's definition, meaning no curses, no super martial arts, and a job, depending on who the wife is, working at an office or teaching 'hobbyist' martial artists at the Dojo. He's been keeping his curse under wraps with waterproof soap, only ever changing once or twice in years.

There's a problem. Jusenkyo products, which was severely weakened when the redirection of Jusendo's flow caused the springs to never recover from the destruction during the fight with Saffron, finally closed down. He's out of soap, and this means he's going to have to tell his daughter about Jusenkyo, at least.

While he's wrestling with how to do this, which takes several days or even weeks due to his foot in mouth, his daughter manifests the reverse of his own curse. According to someone, probably Cologne or Tofu, who just hadn't thought of mentioning this before, the Nyaniituan is inheritable and adaptive& wonderful&.

This story would deal with two concurrent adaptations. Ranma, to having the curse back and just a little of the chaos that used to gather around him, and his daughter as she has to come to terms with the fact that she's a boy half the time.

Possible questions include:
* How will this effect Ranma's job? If it's at an office, several interesting interactions with co-workers may occur.
* What of his daughter? Does she have a boyfriend? How will her friends react? What kind of trauma could this cause HER?
* With all hope of 'normalcy' lost, how will Ranma's wife react? Why was she so fixated on the idea of having an average family? Will the marriage hold up, and how does their daughter feel about all this secret keeping?
* How much does she find out? Is it just the curses or something else as well?

This is a pretty neat idea, if I do say so myself.

!Unsorted errata
''(19:03:51) weebee:'' way to improve plausibility on that Ranma and Daughter gender shifting curse idea.
''(19:04:01) deitarion:'' Oh?
''(19:04:09) weebee:'' the daughter's curse doesn't just mysteriously happen to show up just as Ranma's running out of soap.
''(19:04:32) weebee:'' Ranma's known he's going to run out of soap for a bit before he gets in touch with Nabiki.
''(19:05:06) weebee:'' before that, the waterproof stuff was the standard bar he always bought, and even if she used some moisturizing stuff sometimes as well, his daughter tended to use it.
''(19:05:32) weebee:'' when he first realized the supply was low, Ranma pulled it out of common use so the supply wouldn't be lost as quickly.
''(19:05:55) weebee:'' she's actually had a curse for months, maybe even a year. It just never manifested until she stopped using the soap.
''(19:06:17) deitarion:'' That works very nicely.
''(19:06:25) deitarion:'' In fact, it's pleasingly clever.
''(19:07:54) weebee:'' timeline in this case would be,
''(19:08:16) weebee:'' Ranma orders, let's say, a package of the stuff every month or two, depending on how long they take to arrive.
''(19:08:23) weebee:'' one month the package doesn't arrive.
''(19:08:55) weebee:'' as a precaution, he conserves what he's got, while making inquireys into what's going on.
''(19:09:28) weebee:'' due to how cooperative the chinese government tends to be, it takes him a couple weeks to find out Jusenkyo Products is down.
''(19:09:44) weebee:'' by which time his daughter's about lost her residual coating of the stuff.
''(19:09:56) weebee:'' hence he is talking to Nabiki right at the time of the scream.
''(19:10:44) weebee:'' also, another horrible idea, name the kid "Akane." Could make some use of the mistaken identity stuff, especially when it's mentioned that she lives with her father, depending on how it's written.
''(19:10:53) deitarion:'' Sounds perfect... especially if you play up the idea that Ranma never really considered his daughter had a curse. He just left the soap in the bathroom as a convenience.
''(19:11:46) deitarion:'' That latter idea is horrible and from a writing perspective too. This story needs a certain degree of "takes itself seriously" and you'll have a hard time doing that and keeping immersion if you name her Akane.
''(19:12:50) weebee:'' true.
''(19:12:51) deitarion:'' But yeah, that's why I think it's so perfect. If Ranma never considered the curse might be passed down, then it really plays up the "unintended consequences and coincidences" angle that reality is rife with and fiction is constantly trying to fake.
''(19:30:02) deitarion:'' Well it's definitely a beautifully elegant way to do it.
''(19:30:49) weebee:'' well, seemed a pretty practcal thing for Ranma to do.
''(19:31:21) deitarion:'' *nod* ...but only obvious in retrospect... which is the secret sweet spot all good writing hits.
''(19:31:45) weebee:'' as at least one person pointed out to me, that soap's name can't be accurate, since waterproof soap would be... problematic.. so I figure it's just a normal soap with some sort of temporary anti-change effect on it. Shouldn't hurt most people.
''(19:32:10) deitarion:'' *nod*
''(19:33:06) weebee:'' lol, maybe Ranma's daughter tends to use it instead of the usal skin care stuff, (if she's that type of girl,) since Ranma obviously imports it from China, so it must be some pretty high class stuff.
''(19:33:07) weebee:'' lol
''(19:34:25) deitarion:'' *grin* Excellent! Something along the lines of "THAT'S what it does? I just thought you had sensitive skin or something."
''(19:34:41) weebee:'' lol
''(19:34:51) weebee:'' yeah, that'd work.

!More detailed plot outline for Half Life.
While pondering who would wish for Ranma to become 'normal,' and have the clout to enforce it, I decided that only Nabiki would really fit the bill. All the other fiancees are just as strange as he is, including Akane. Kasumi's more normal, but she wouldn't make Ranma conform simply because A) It'd make him miserable and B) I don't think she even knows that what goes on in Nerima is abnormal, and if she does then she likely likes it.

Running with the assumption that it was Nabiki who Ranma married, my next question is "How does this happen?" The easiest way to do this without vilifying at least Akane would be for Akane to have died.

After Akane's death, Ranma falls into a deep depression, but unlike most stories where this happens, he doesn't recover instantly after another fiancee shows up or commit suicide. He goes for several months/years, not much caring about anything. The other fiancees leave when they find they can't get any response out of him.

The families must still be joined, and seeing that Kasumi's married tofu or is out of the way in some other fashion, Nabiki's up for the choice. She's got plans, though. She's not evil, but she does want to be a business woman and marrying Ranma is NOT going to jeopardize her choice of lifestyle, she makes that very clear. After an embarrassing incident, possibly the curse, possibly a rival, but whatever it is it causes Nabiki trouble, she makes Ranma promise that he'll settle everything and try to work as a normal civilian rather than a super martial artist.

Ranma's recovered a bit from his depression, but he still doesn't have the will to fight this, and besides, he doesn't want to screw up Nabiki's dreams as well as how he failed at grasping his own.

The years pass, Nabiki becomes more successful. The two have a daughter, and Ranma starts to live again, taking care of the Dojo and his little girl. Nabiki loves her family, but she loves her work as well. She's not around much, but Ranma's sort of gotten used to that. Some part of his mind finds it ironic, though, that he's doing most of the traditionally wifely jobs AFTER he all but gets rid of his curse using waterproof soap. He keeps the house, he takes care of his daughter, and he teaches self defense classes to kids, teenagers and old people who don't really push themselves in the art like he and his friends and rivals used to. He keeps telling himself that he's satisfied with this.

Other couples from the series are& uncertain.

Probably the 'canon' coupling, though that leaves the Kunos high and dry&. Meh, I don't care about them.

Fast forward to fifteen years after Ranma's daughter is born. (Man, I gotta name her somethin', To hell with the cliché, right now she's Ranko. I'll change it later.)

Let's go over her profile. We don't want a marry sue, but given the combination of Ranma and Nabiki, she's probably damned intelligent. Inquisitive, reasonably good at problem solving, but probably not scheming like Nabiki, given that she was raised mostly by Ranma who would try and suppress that as much as he can. Any martial arts would be vetoed by Nabiki, at least any big stuff. If she can fight at all, Akane's level would be the upper limit. Since Ranma's red hair is iffy on a genetic level, she may or may not have it, but probably Nabiki's brown eyes given that blue ones are recessive. The reason I didn't bring that up with the hair is 'cuz Ranma and Nodoka both have it to one degree or another, which would mean it's, if not dominant in Saotome females, at least it has an average chance of showing up. Probably a middling sized Japanese female, 5,2 or 5,3 and healthy. Given Nabiki and Ranma-chan's chest size, probably well built as well, unless she got whatever made Akane "plain but cute" from her grandmother. Woops, sorry for the sidetracking. Trying to build a mental image of a new character. I think I've got her now.

Okay, so getting back on track& Ranma finds out that Jusenkyo products is closing down. Remember, Jusenkyo's flooded in volume 38, and there's talk of Jusendo having been rerouted. I know the guide said something about the springs being all right in a few years, but if we go that route we can still make the excuse that all the magic mixing has voided all the templates, so they're currently harmless 'till someone-thing drowns in one.

Ranma orders a couple months worth of soap right before they shut down, but he wants to tell Ranko about his curse before he starts having to change again. He's also kinda angry at Nabiki, since he actually had to have 'the talk' with their daughter while she was on a business trip. Ranko walks in while Ranma's arguing both topics with his wife over the phone and hears some strange comments. Just as the argument's getting to cursing level, he hears a horrified male scream from upstairs and hangs up.

It takes quite a few minutes for Ranma to calm the rather hysterical Ranko down, (hey, maybe we could call her Ukyo& it would be strangely appropriate.) He finally succeeds when he splashes her with hot water, but the muttered "few, wasn't sure if that'd work," doesn't help much. Ranma explains that he has a similar curse, but can't prove it for a few days since the waterproof soap lasts a week and he used it a couple days ago. He gives Ranko some to keep the change away for the moment, but tells her that he doesn't know of any cure at the moment, and the soap will run out. He'll ask Cologne/Tofu, but she may have to get used to it. In more, or less, subtle wordings, of course, depending on if we're going with understanding or foot in mouth for Ranma at this point.

Cologne/Tofu, probably the latter since I think Ranma'd be nervous about telling the old ghoul about his kid, and the Nerima martial artists probably haven't been around each other in years, tell Ranma that yes, Ranko has an inverted version of his curse, in fact Ryoga's children showed the same problem much earlier, and they'd assumed he already knew. Another reason to use Tofu, I don't wanna know WHAT shampoo and Mousse's curse'd do to their kids, if you're using canon pairings. Unfortunately, depending on the way we do it, There's either no way for a cure or the only way involves waiting for some poor girl to drown for Ranko, and a guy for Ranma. Ranma's already lived with the curse a long time ago, how hard could it be?

Honestly, I don't know how this would effect Ranma himself. It'd definitely stir up his old feelings on other matters. Perhaps the curse coming back reminds him of other things that he's lost over the years. Either way, even it's presence by itself would cause problems. If he works anywhere other than the Dojo, or works two jobs, (Which is unlikely considering Nabiki's probably making a lot of money,) he'll have problems. Depending on how Ranko looks there could be mistaken identity or "Agh! My dad looks better in a dress than I do!" at some point.

Ranko herself would be much more interesting. Since she was raised in a much more normal, generally at least, atmosphere than even Akane, the curse could be a shock to the system. The fact that she's a late bloomer could have given her femininity issues that aren't helped by the curse, rather like Ranma's need to be macho during most of the Manga, only in reverse.

If she has a boyfriend, interaction with him could be a bit strained. Ukyo and Konatsu's kid could be a good choice. Gender ambiguity may not be such a hard thing for him to figure out. Kuno's, as well, especially if Ranma's involved. I can just see the "Bringing him home to meet dad" moment.

''Ranma:'' So, your last name is Kuno?
''Kuno:'' Yes, sir& it's a respected family, and even if it weren't I love your daughter very much.
''Ranma:'' Hmm& Promise me one thing, boy.
''Kuno:'' Wh& what?
''Ranma:'' Never, and I mean NEVER quote poetry, and we'll get along fine.

And now that that scene's outta my head for the time being&

Ranko having the waterproof soap is important. We can use the amount of times she uses it as a  marker for acceptance, and let's face it, Jusenkyo would pretty well tear her life to pieces without it. There's a big difference between a wandering martial artist and a school girl, after all.

Doing some inverted 'Mother and Son' moments could be kinda amusing as well, and it's possible that the curses could start, in a believable way, the chaos to begin building again.

Perhaps Tatewaki finds out that there's a pigtailed red haired woman showing up, perhaps Shampoo finds out that Ranma's mysteriously procured a son for her only daughter to marry, or piccolet chardene IV shows up to collect on Ranma's dinner bill.

The reaction to all of this is unknown. And that, my friend, is how far I've planned it out. Wadda ya think?

!Original Source
<weebee> just as an example, a future story in which Ranma has a 15 year old daughter. Since his spouse, probably Akane, wants a 'normal life,' he's been using waterproof soap to stay male. Jusenkyo products closes down, and just as he's about to finally level with the kid, a loud male scream is heard from the upstairs bathroom.
that showed up before I went to bed last night.
<ssokolow> Ooh. The kid being cursed, I assume?
<weebee> yes.
<ssokolow> What kind of triggering? Some aspect of maturity (eg. certain point in puberty)?
<weebee> yeah, basically when sexual characteristics are fully defined and in place.
when she becomes a "Woman," possibly after first period,
thought hat'd make her a rather late bloomer.
<ssokolow> I've always been fond of stories where, for whatever reason, Ranma's curse becomes hereditable.
<weebee> and yes, that was cold water.
the story would deal with both the girl's acceptance of the curse, and Ranma getting used to having it again.
<weebee> especially since he'd started to accept it as a teen, but the insistance on a normal life got him to submerge it semi-voluntarily. about the only way I think Jusenkyo'd let itself be supplanted that easily..
especially if it was waiting for this event.
''(14:43:30) weebee:'' for some reason the Ranma having a child whos boyfriend/girlfriend is a Kuno bit of fluff from the Half-Life fic came up again,
''(14:44:24) weebee:'' imagining the traditional 'what are your intentions' conversation, where Ranma finds the kid nice enough but warns them that there's going to be trouble with him anyways if things get serious, since if he has to spend more than 5 minutes in a room with a Kuno there will likely be broken bones.
''(14:44:35) weebee:'' *Kuno of his generation
''(14:45:06) weebee:'' know I've seen similar before, where there's going to be an almost unavoidable interpersonal conflict and one side warns about it ahead of time...
''(14:45:11) weebee:'' *Shrug*
''Description:'' A clever method for justifying side-effects of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode sticking around like in so many Halloween fics.

In largoyle's [[Halloween and a Half|http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-19567/largoyle+Halloween+and+a+Half.htm]], on a lark, Willow convinced Xander to go as Ranma Saotome. Ethan Rayne later ends up getting a visit from a pleased chaos demon because "ancient, living curses" turn out to be exempt from the undo.

Before the fic elaborated, I came up with the interpretation that magic like Jusenkyo curses exist in a gray area. The curse gets copied, because it's integral to the character, bound to Ranma's original body, and "just a spell", but once copied, it can't be undone because the undo must do no harm and Jusenkyo has been around and been chaotic for so many millennia that it's mutated and grown in complexity and the copied curse also qualifies as the newborn second-generation offspring of a very primitive supernatural organism.
''Description:'' An aborted dementor's kiss could have interesting effects. (Aside from the one or two examples other authors have already written)

''<Katana>'' Huh. I actually just finished reading one like that, but it's the only one I've encountered in that vein. The most obvious one is leeching out the Riddle-soul bit. Or, to reverse, leech out Harry and have Riddle-fragment take over the body, though that's got the potential to turn out rather dark. Unless that fragment develops a life of its own and decides the main bit is a complete moron...
''<ssokolow>'' Heh heh heh. A Black Comedy.
''<Katana>'' Oh yeah. Whoops. ^_^;;
Then there's the blender option... take a pinch of Harry, a pinch of Tom, and watch the chaos...
''<ssokolow>'' Here's an idea. Maybe Harry's personality starts to become a cross between his own and whoever happens to be nearby.
''<Katana>'' Since his soul's all out in the open and stuff? Oh dear. Imagine if Draco were closest.
''Description:'' A spell which makes a message appear on the back of someone's robes, but it's cast on them, so it appears on whatever they are wearing, doesn't appear when they aren't wearing anything, and doesn't stay on the clothes when they are removed.
''Description:'' Snips and bits for Buffy the Vampire Slayer fics.

* "Giles, does the brain have a burger center? I think I've got some hyena in mine." [[[inspiration]|http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-24613-5/TaoTeChing+Balance+Disrupted.htm]]
* ''TODO:'' Explore ideas for how and why Spike might intentionally arrange to be wearing a costume from Ethan's on that Halloween night. (Not merely as a plot device. The appeal in the idea lies in the background and supporting details.) [[[inspiration]|http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-23672/shellc+Split+Personality.htm]]

The First Evil (Buffy) can never succeed in its efforts because the Buffy-verse is really Roundworld and, though HEX is unsure how The Key and a god could spawn in Roundworld without deitium, it did notice that the first attempt to access other dimensions let narrativium in, ensuring there would always be heroes to defend it.

-- Source: Bad guess for what was going on in http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-10703-1/

''Description:'' What about twisting the "Naruto's mother was Kyuubi in human form" and "Kyuubi adopting Naruto" plotlines?

* Perhaps "Kyuubi is a nasty, evil, male beast and Naruto's mother was Uzumaki Kushina... but Kyuubi has done some biological 'third parent' tweaks to Naruto's body as a plan B to ensure his bloodline will live on"?
* Perhaps it would be fun to come up with some way to un-cliché the idea rather than discarding it. Tricky, but possibly fun nonetheless.

''<weebee>'' or Kyuubi seduced Naruto's mother, got the kid, then turned her into a man for fun.
as a result, the very pissed off Hokage sealed him up.

''Thought of the moment:'' While probably not what weebee meant, that could theoretically also be used as the basis for a "Yondaime was Naruto's mother" crackfic.

I suppose the real question is whether I want the "Kyuubi as a parent/mentor/teacher/whatever" aspect or the "Naruto, the Hanyou" aspect.
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''Description:'' How about a Harry Potter gender-bender where it's voluntary as a means of disguise in order to give Harry some freedom? (will obviously need to start post-GOF during the summer but could extend into the school year if it either gets stuck or incites a lot of thought which takes place post-changeback)

I should note that I came up with this before I discoverd [[Harry Potter: The 'Boy' Who Lived|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2296193/1/Harry_Potter_The_Boy_Who_Lived]]. It's been a long time, but I think what initially inspired me was seeing how different my hopes were from what happened in one of Perfect Lionheart's Addventure threads.

* One potential plot-deepening conflict could be Harry's "saving people thing" coming into conflict with the need to keep a low profile.
* Another important point is that
* It's easier for a girl to have a forehead-covering haircut... possibly combined with muggle cosmetics.
* Perhaps the idea could come about while they're working to disguise Harry's scar and Ron wanders by and comments that Harry's haircut is girly. (Followed by something along the lines of "Ron, you're a genius!")
** Obviously, Harry wouldn't be too happy with Ron for his contribution to the disguise... no matter how accidental it was.

* Humor potential:
** Ye olde prophecy destruction: The magic used to turn Harry into a girl long-term bulls its way through an unexplained barrier. Later on, Voldemort takes a death curse and drops dead.
** This spell is little-known because it was made by Dumbledore... "never mind what I wanted to use it for".
** This could involve Sirius saying something along the lines of "OK, Dumbledore. I've been trapped in this house for six months. I don't care if it means sacrificing my manhood. I'll take it." either to start the story off or, possibly better, in response to seeing how different Harry looks as a girl.
*** This could also lead to Sirius being registered as female Harry's mother to give the identity a background.
** If this happens in fifth year, it's guaranteed that Ron is going to hurt himself trying to drive out inappropriate thoughts of Harry.

''<Katana>'' I don't think I've run into that story... yeah, anyway. Might it even be taught to him by a well-meaning Sirius? (Am now imagining Sirius using the disguise as well...)
''Description:'' How about a Ranma spamfic where Ryoga time-travels by wandering from page to page in a non-linear order?

''<Katana>'' o.O Wow. That might be... interesting. Pages in order and Ryoga out of order, or vice versa? You'd probably have to have the whole thing at least outlined before figuring out where Ryoga goes...
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah. I never actually considered whose perspective it'd be from, to be honest.

<html><a rel="license" href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/" target="_blank"><img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0; vertical-align: middle" src="" /></a></html>
<html><a rel="license" href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/" target="_blank"><img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0; vertical-align: middle" src="" /></a></html>
''Description:'' Ideas that aren't enough to stand alone but can either be integrated into other stories or (possibly) fleshed out into something that can carry a plot.
''Description:'' [one-line synopsis here]

[detailed description here]

''Description:'' Where a character either has their self-image threatened by something they can't avoid or realizes it's been on shaky ground all along.

* As implied by the description, amnesia does ''not'' go here.
* Identity issues which are canonical belong in [[Working Through Issues]] instead. (eg. [[Ranma Saotome|Ranma ½]])
''Description:'' How about having Naruto habitually keep himself surrounded by Kage Bunshin to the point that nobody knows which one is the real him anymore. (If necessary, including having him cultivate that assumption by being present to make more if Kakashi initially tries dispelling them all and staying around until it's just assumed that he's always showing up rather than running off with the other clones he makes)

''See Also:''
* [[The Masks We Wear]] (It grew from the same wisp of inspiration)
* [[Naruto: Multiplicity]] (Entry for the scene-by-scene implications of various clone-related plotlines)
* [[Me, Myself, and The Others]] (Similar idea, but with Naruto's clones starting to become their own people instead)

''Note:'' In addition to the "shits and giggles" aspect of this, there also some more serious potential character-exploration themes to be identified and considered.

At first glance, it seems to be the polar opposite of this idea, but this quote might prove useful as inspiration:
 "Great! Well, I gotta go meet my team and grab my stuff. See you later, I'm gonna dispel now," Naruto said politely in farewell. He tapped himself on the head.

Nothing happened.

"Oh, yeah, that's right," he said, rubbing his head in embarrassment. "I'm real." He bowed to them, turned, and ran back towards Konoha.
-- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5487479/4/Ask_Me_No_Questions

''Description:'' Ideas which focus on taking a story element (character, class of characters, setting, etc.) that you think you know and completely re-interpreting them without being gratingly at odds with canon the way bad fanfiction does it.
''Description:'' How about a Sailor Moon fanfic where a Senshi (or similar) starts having problems because of something that happened in an even earlier life? (The counter for the fukufic "Previous life as a female with superpowers changes their gender identity" cliche.)

''<weebee>'' I'd say it's an even tossup between rei, Makoto or Haruka as the chosen victim.
''<Katana>'' I'd say take it all the way! ^_^ What if... even /before/ the Silver Millenium... the soul that just happened to be Serenity/Usagi... was male? Add in some sort of spell or whatnot gone awry to start bringing more male things to the surface... AHAHAHA oops. Yeah. Has the bonus effect of making the relationship with Mamoru that much more tumultuous.
Or maybe I'm just nuts... ^_^
''<ssokolow>'' Actually, that was very similar to my idea.
''<Katana>'' *by 'things' I mean memories, habits, etc. :) Well, great minds think alike.
I wonder if you could involve Ranma in some way?
''<ssokolow>'' Hmm. A possibility.
''<Katana>'' I wonder how you'd do it, though, and for what purpose... hm.
''Description:'' One potential rationalization for why The Initiative in [[BtVS|Buffy the Vampire Slayer]] were such screw-ups.

''(04:12:58) weebee:'' other military related items include, I've figured out why the initiative sucked so badly.
''(04:13:04) ssokolow:'' ?
''(04:13:19) weebee:'' Okay, think you're a military commander in charge of a spec-ops group.
''(04:13:43) weebee:'' now, your higher ups send out a troop request for anyone you feel is good enough for a special taskforce being created,
''(04:13:53) weebee:'' there is no reason given, it's 'classified.'
''(04:14:21) weebee:'' the thing is, as far as I've been able to tell, in the real military, 'classified' projects like that usually mean that DARPA has another insane idea, and they want to try it out.
''(04:14:38) weebee:'' so, naturally, a lot of commanders don't actually send their best and brightest.
''(04:14:53) weebee:'' combined with the Initiative being commanded by a civilian on top of that,
''(04:15:25) weebee:'' everyone sending personnel would probably think of the thing as the biggest joke ever, and the perfect place to send soldiers who were losing their edge or simply weren't very good, but they got stuck with anyways.
''(04:15:59) ssokolow:'' I like. Mind if I toss it in the reference section of my ideas bin alongside my suggested explanation for Ranma's hair growth in Movie 2?
''(04:16:13) weebee:'' it's going to be used in Council's ace eventually
''(04:16:16) weebee:'' but go for it.
''(04:16:44) ssokolow:'' *nod* Doesn't mean it can't be reused elsewhere.
''(04:16:54) ssokolow:'' Hell, that's where fanon comes from.
''(04:17:09) weebee:'' the thing is, I was reading through season 4,
''(04:17:18) weebee:'' and I kept counting on my fingers the screwups.
''(04:17:27) weebee:'' if I'd have kept it up, I'd have needed a few more hands.
''(04:17:59) weebee:'' I'm one for mildly military, it makes the plot a lot easier, but Whedon was trying to write them as though the U.S. government actually took them seriously as a fighting force.
''(04:19:02) weebee:'' (Only one I'll mention, I promise.) Using cellular phones in a location where they had several fully equipped installations? That's what radios and relay stations are for, less signal degradation over short ranges. (They lost their comm. signal every few minutes, and needed radio men to pass messages from a command post half a mile away.)
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''Description:'' An idea which needs more pondering in which Inner Sakura is really a [[cabbit|https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Ryo-Ohki]] who, because she bonded at such a young age and was then sent to hide in orbit with nobody else to talk to, has borrowed her partner's self-image and desires more than is healthy.

; Original idea summary ([[Jonakhensu|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/584174/Jonakhensu]]):
: "Inner Sakura is a cabbit in orbit"
; Initial Interpretation (deitarion/~SSokolow):
: "Inner Sakura is really a cabbit in orbit" ("really" implies canon personalities and events where relevant until divergence)
''Jonakhensu's Idea (Major Points):''
* To try to kill the Kyuubi without sacrificing his soul, Yondaime used a summoning ritual to attract a creature capable of fighting a bijuu, without being as much a threat as one, to fight it. Unfortuantly, it was more a beacon than a summoning so it took a while.
* Sakura encountered the resultant cabbit egg as a baby and they bonded.
* ''TODO:'' Finish merging in the details from the chatlog

''Questions I Still Need to Ask:''
* I'm still not entirely clear on how an egg could apparently follow a beacon. That point might need reworking.
* Probably a good idea to make explicit the reasons for the ~Sakura-InnerSakura dynamic, given that, at first thought, this is no different from how [[Ryoko and Ryo-ohki|http://www.astronerdboy.com/tenchi/Images/Omaturi4_03-Washu_and_Daughters.jpg]] ([[source|http://www.astronerdboy.com/tenchi/Section%202/Other-Canon-FAQ.html]]) started out.
* //[The questions necessary to lay out the rest of the details for a story plan template]//

!Stuff Still to Summarize
(15:27:01) Jonakhensu: then she stumbles on Hinata's kidnapping, the cabbit does something to slow it down and Sakura's parents ask her to get rid of it, sending it into orbit for quite a few years
(15:27:51) Jonakhensu: anyways, Zabuza gets nuked from orbit
(15:32:14) Jonakhensu: the team gets changed via Hinata uber-crush
(15:32:46) ssokolow: Elaborate?
(15:33:24) Jonakhensu: hero worship of Sakufra, normal crush on Naruto
(15:33:39) Jonakhensu: and looking at the class ranking
(15:34:29) Jonakhensu: she asks Sasuke (or Ino) for help raising to the top of the class
(15:35:01) ssokolow: Not sure what I think of that.
(15:38:17) ssokolow: I suppose it's because there's no real hook to the Hinata change.
(15:38:52) ssokolow: It just feels like "Maybe it'll be useful to keep it from following canon too closely, but if mishandled, it could also mess up the signal-to-noise ratio in the plot"
(15:39:03) Jonakhensu: Sasuke gets a non-fangirl to train with, Hinata gets actual physical training that can be used in class, nice healthy competition, and Sasuke gets the chance to get away from a 'loser' and a fangirl
(15:39:36) ssokolow: Yeah, but when you describe it like that, it feels more like it should be the primary plot in its own story, not a distraction from the potential to explore a clever alternate take on Inner Sakura.
(15:40:32) Jonakhensu: it was to keep Sasuke away from the cabbit
(15:40:48) ssokolow: Elaborate?
(15:41:07) Jonakhensu: the person obsessed with power?
(15:41:54) Jonakhensu: Sakura needs deprogramming before Sasuke can learn about it
(15:43:02) ssokolow: Clarify? I think the reason I'm not getting it is that I didn't quite understand Sakura's state of mine enough.
(15:43:37) Jonakhensu: pretty much canon before the team select
(15:45:02) Jonakhensu: add crush of doom with a living weapon of mass destruction and you get... well, it'll drop directly into a weasil hunt
(15:46:14) ssokolow: Mine rephrasing that last line? I'm not quite clear on it.
(15:46:18) ssokolow: s/Mine/mind/
(15:46:26) Jonakhensu: Itachi
(15:47:01) ssokolow: I know that. I meant the part before the ellipsis.
(15:48:11) Jonakhensu: a cabbit desprately wanting to please duck-head
(15:48:57) ssokolow: Ahh, that's what was missing... and I see your point.
(15:49:21) ssokolow: I still think putting Sasuke with Hinata would require a fair bit of skill though.
(15:49:38) Jonakhensu: for only training
(15:49:56) ssokolow: Like all "Juggle two co-dominant subplots" ideas, it's necessary to make a really really good story, but if you don't pull it off, it really bombs.
(15:50:09) Jonakhensu: ah
(15:51:39) Jonakhensu: the whole thing was to make Hinata the number one rookie
(15:55:03) ssokolow: That's not a problem, in fact, as ~KnC demonstrated, giving the feel that the world doesn't revolve around your driving conflict is good... it just takes more juggling of plots to keep it from feeling like the elements the reader wants to see are being withheld for no good reason.
(15:55:26) Jonakhensu: right

''Description:'' More "Groundhog Day" stories where the main character is somehow brought into a time loop that another character has already been walking for a while.

''Inspiration:'' A [[deleted|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/198112.html]] Addventure thread where Asuka woke up in a loop which Shinji had already been living for long enough to go a little loopy.

''<Katana>'' Oh yeah. Bonus points for making one of them crazy and the newcomer having been pulled in to fix it. Also, if the newcomer is obviously /not/ the best person for the job... chaos.
I don't know why, but I keep thinking Naruto. It may be because I've been reading Chunin Exam Day recently.
''Description:'' Amusing mysogyny-related dialog snippet.
"There's no way a girl could learn the art!"
"Then what //*crack*// do you call //*wham*// this? //*crunch*// Cooking?"

''<deitarion>'' No clue who's speaking. It just came to me.
''<weebee>'' i've heard a variation of the line before, but I can't recall where.
and please don't make Ranma say the first line,, unless his opponent is hiding her skilll VERY well. He's not as much of a chovanest as everyone seems to think...
''<deitarion>'' Of course not.
I was thinking something more along the lines of Happosai misjudging a female martial artist badly and deciding to belittle her skill.
''<weebee>'' ranma,w hile hiding the curse or locked, saying the second line would make me laugh my ass off though.
''<deitarion>'' Could even be a flashback to his youth.
''<weebee>'' Cologne...
if it was colone, especially since a comment like that'd piss off her amazon sensabilities.
''<deitarion>'' Possibly. Never seen it done like that before.
''<weebee>'' imagine, a happosai cologne r4omance fic...
scary, scary thought...
''<Katana>'' Oh my. The mental images... Happosai and Cologne... eep. My first thought was a random chauvinist vs. locked Ranma, actually. You should definitely find an excuse to use that somewhere, though. Bonus points for martial arts cooking. :P
''<ssokolow>'' Actually, that was my first thought too.
''Description:'' Explore the plot possibilities for characters who grow up socially, psychologically, and instinctually human and then discover that, by a quirk of heredity, they are actually pure-blooded demons.

In response to something not involving differing outward appearance:
 "Hmm. I've only ever heard of one other occurrence like this. A muggleborn in 1863 drew attention when her presence repeatedly unnerved her roommates' pets. It turned out that she was actually a pure-blooded demon of an eastern species thought extinct. The healers concluded that, rather than being a muggleborn, she was descended from a long line of squibs and theorized that whatever defect produces squibs must have also suppressed any detectable evidence of demonic heritage."

[worriedly] "Demon?"

"The native word doesn't have a direct english equivalent, but it was considered a fitting epithet for reclusive, strongly territorial people with animal features and innate magical abilities"

Inspired by the last scene in [[A Good Offense, Chapter 12|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2419955/12/A_Good_Offense]]
''Description:'' If I can swing it, a good bit of flavor would be for someone (soldiers, mercenaries, a prisoner being lead ahead of them to watch for traps, or whoever) to naively try to slog through Jusenkyo, take one step in Nyannichuan, and turn female in a way that's visible even from behind (eg. hair color, height, build, etc.).

(Another interesting idea would be a female prisoner local to the area choosing to walk into Nyannichuan to give her captors a false sense of security)

As for the guide, he could be away, dismissed as a crackpot, or this could be before he was assigned his post.

''Inspiration:'' Shampoo's orders for the handling of intruders in [[Martial Arts Motherhood Challenge, Chapter 11|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2962506/11/Martial_Arts_Motherhood_Challenge]]
''Description:'' ''TODO:'' Ponder how Jusenkyo would react to various types of artificial lifeforms.

''<weebee>'' hey, here's a bazar thought for you. what do you think Jusenkyo would do to an artificial lifeform?
''<deitarion>'' Artificial how? It all depends on how the "magical algorithms" recognize life.
''<weebee>'' let's see..
Lt. Cmdr data, a persicom, one of the marionettes...
hell, commander Kusinagi from ghost in the shell...
or how ever her name is spelled...
''<deitarion>'' I'll sort them from most "alive" to least "alive" but I'd need some deep pondering to work on this. It's more one of those "it's an opinion I've never formulated" problems.
Kusanagi (most "alive")
Data -- Marionettes (Data is more complex but the marionettes have the 'voodoo' of the maiden circuit)
Kusanagi is a cyborg, after all.
''<weebee>'' true.
 :D Kos-mos. ROFL
''Description:'' Can we possibly write a crackfic around how the acronym for the +++^*[T&I]Torture & Interrogation=== division is very similar to +++^*[T&A]Tits & Ass===? Yes we can.
''Description:'' Ranma fell in "spring of drowned weak/sickly/etc. girl". It's a trade-off, because the form came with some alternate benefit, but Ranma now has to come to terms with the idea that both bodies are equally his and learn to separate his self-image from his macho-ness and martial arts. (Basically, an idea for a "force Ranma to build a more robust self image" story that doesn't discard essential elements of his character in the process)

Originally posted as an [[Anime Addventure comment|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/display_comment.php?episode=187802&n=15&m=0&d=2]] by deitarion/~SSokolow:

Let me try to explain the big difference: (though I doubt I'll succeed very well. I feel the difference more than know it)

# In the 100MiB+ of Ranma fanfiction I've read, I've never seen anyone use spring of drowned weak/sickly/etc. girl.
## That doesn't mean nobody has, but given how thorough I am, I highly doubt anybody good has used the concept.
## Given that poor authors tend to make Ranma more powerful rather than less, the odds of finding a badly written story based on the concept are slim.
# While I have seen a handful of ~HP-Ranma crossovers, none has set up a "trading one power for another" situation beyond the one inherent in the basic Nyannichuan curse.
## Watching Ranma struggle with that trade-off (In essence, you set up a trade between self and power. All humans desire power to some extent and Ranma seems to have tied a great deal of his self-image into being physically strong, male, and an amazing martial artist.) makes for a very interesting story indeed.
# Your new branch is nothing special:
## You re-used the same boring old "I'm glad you're a girl" introduction
## While I'll admit the "Ranma as a martial arts teacher in a magic school" idea does have potential, I've developed quite the sense for these things and this branch has no spark. It's like Naruto after the Wave Coutry story arc or Yu Yu Hakusho after Yusuke regained his body. (OK, but a disappointing hint of what could have been) It's a rare thing for a story to start without a spark and then find one. It does happen, but not very often.
## The situation you set up is very compatible with simple copying of fanon (or canon) events and personalities. There are only so many times you can read about Genma making an idiot out of himself in a generic fashion (It's always funny when you find things like that plan for uniting the schools involving duct tape, a miniature nuclear reactor, and zit remover... with Genma going to the hardware store to buy them) before you start to dread it.

On the plus side, at least you fused Harry Potter concepts into Ranma ½ while still keeping the Ranma ½ setting. I can't remember seeing that before. (I may have, but if so, it wasn't very memorable)

Anyway, I was actually hoping (with great impatience) for updates with the other one. Now this thread is in the list of things that I sometimes read for no reason other than trying to eventually have read every thread on the Addventure. (and it would be too much hassle to keep track of it and come back to it later)

I do like the idea of Ranma gaining some kind of other strength in female form and having to learn that physical strength isn't everything though.

''<Katana>'' Yeah. Most everything I've read just has Ranma getting stronger and stronger, mostly physically, occasionally magically. There's so many other ways to write a good Ranma story...
''Description:'' Ideas which don't really have a specific thematic goal to them beyond "let's add a little more controlled craziness to the characters' lives to explore how they react. It'll be fun!"

''Note:'' Generally ''not'' crackfics. These are stories which take their crazy seriously.
''Description:'' Something results in Filia having to come to terms with having gained the Mazoku ability to feed off suffering.

! Chat Logs
''<jonakhensu>'' also, can you help with a plotting problem for a ~HarryPotter/Slayers fic I'm collaborating on? The other person hasn't been on in two days
small thing, just need a bunch of options to draw from
''<ssokolow>'' I can try.
''<jonakhensu>'' thanks
first the setup
Harry is greviously injured and Xellos says he'll take care of it. The group chooses then to forget what he is... again
so Xellos starts about making a chimera using Harry, an emerald gollum, and a newly budded Mazoku
Filia, the only one to not forget about Xellos, rushes after, but is too late to stop the practice
so she jumps in.
on the 'bright' side, L-sama smiles
I need a bunch possible effect on Filia that leave her mostly fine, as we have plans for her later
''<ssokolow>'' What are the known constraints? (Mood, plot constraints ,etc.)
''<jonakhensu>'' humorous, and we need Filia alive and well enough to teach Harry tricks. I'm also going t otry for an... odd pairing with her, but that isn't critical
we do want her to replace the horntail, though, dureing the Triwizard Tournament
''<ssokolow>'' Short-term temporary, plot-length temporary, or permanent?
''<jonakhensu>'' depends what the effect is. There is no plot currently regarding anything but messing with Harry
we know where we want to go, but haven't set much in stone yet
''<ssokolow>'' Considered cementing other parts of the plot outline and then coming back to it?
''<jonakhensu>'' she's been off for 2 days
hard to cement anything at the moment
''<ssokolow>'' Ahh. Give me a sec to get something out of the way and I'll try to think of more narrowing questions.
Oh, yeah. Physical transformation, embarassing but harmless adjustment to emotions/instincts, or both?
''<jonakhensu>'' temporary rash of emerald?
or permenent
''<ssokolow>'' How about a temporary rash of emerald and a permanent gain of the mazoku ability to gain sustenance from suffering that'd sneak up on her and she'd have to come to terms with.
''<jonakhensu>'' ah
but no fun part and without the added taint?
''<ssokolow>'' Just a dragon who can feed off suffering in addition to the usual way. Harmless, but a good way to introduce character-exploring self-doubt.
''<jonakhensu>'' true
also more an annoyance than anything else
''<ssokolow>'' Why an annoyance?
''<jonakhensu>'' annoyance is the wrong word
I meant it wasn't physical and didn't dirrectly affect her mind
''<ssokolow>'' Sleep on my idea for Filia's inconvenience and get back to me, OK?
If you don't use it, I want to.
''<jonakhensu>'' oh, I like it
unfortunetly, I'm not the only author
''<ssokolow>'' *nod* I may still also use it in a future idea of mine, but if we both use it, I'll be sure to make my implementation sufficiently different.
''Description:'' How about a story where something atypical results in Kyuubi being Naruto? (eg. Someone tries to kill Naruto... possibly pre-canon... and the result is Naruto and Kyuubi's souls fusing. Result: Kyuubi with Naruto's tolerance for humans and forgiving nature... and desire to become Hokage.)

Inspired by Kyuubi's explanation of how he "became" Naruto in [[Echoes, Chapter 2|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3454697/2/Echoes]]
My intent, basically, is to go for less "epic" and more "amusing" than the inspiration source. (More "Kyuubi wants to be Hokage" and less "Naruto embraced his inevitable death, so Kyuubi now alleviates his boredom by following the approximate course of Naruto's life goals")

''Note:'' Don't worry. the title's just a placeholder.

''<weebee>'' Hmm,
given Kyuubi's advanced age and wisdome,
it's likely that Naruto's mind wouldn't do much.
''<ssokolow>'' Unless the seal was designed with some sort of failsafe that only partially worked.
''<weebee>'' note how the outer senshi were pretty well overwhelmed by their past ememories when they were re-awakened in Sailor Moon?
kinda the same thing.
only, probably worse.
''<ssokolow>'' Maybe Kyuubi's mind got scrambled and fragmented and the conscious ~Naruto-Kyuubi fusion, once he comes out of a coma, has only the surface of what Kyuubi once was.
''<weebee>'' Ah,
coping mechanism.
Naruto's brain overloads, can't handle it all.
stuffs a great deal of it away for future reference.
that'd make Kyuubi easier to handle.
make the merger more equitable.
''Description:'' Once I'm confident enough in my ability, write a Serial Experiments Lain fic involving Lain and Alice, either after the final ep., or in an AU where ep. 13 didn't result in Alice's memory being completely wiped of Lain's existence.
''Description:'' dogbertcarrol's omake involving the discovery of a Rei Ayanami-style tank of Rock Lee clones.

Omake by dogbertcarroll
"And he's picked up a mini me somewhere," Kei said with a shudder of disgust, "creepy as hell."
"Lee is a failed experiment of Orochimaru. It was an attempt to clone Gai, but his chakra coils didn't develop properly. Neither, Lee nor Gai are aware of that. It was decided that it was best not to release this information because of the stigmata involved."
"And Gai didn't question the resemblance?"
"Anko's test for special Jonin was to seduce Gai and get him so drunk he wouldn't remember anything beyond the fact that he got lucky. I assume he thinks Lee is his child from that one night stand."
"Sounds a bit extreme."
"It was necessary at the time to conceal his origins."
"Why are you revealing it now?"
"Because we just found a tank containing 23 other Lees and they seem to be experiencing his life through some sort of chakra link. We need options for when they finally awaken."
 -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3488198/10/
''Description:'' How about a Ranma fanfic based on the impression the first two or three chapters of [[Ranma: More Than Half|http://www.fanfic.net/pub/Anime/FanFictions/Ranma/ranma.xover.ranma-more-than-half.book-1.gz]] [[[1]|http://www.fanfic.net/pub/Anime/FanFictions/Ranma/ranma.xover.ranma-more-than-half.book-1.gz]] [[[2]|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/765843/1/More_Than_Half]] give?
''Description:''  Voldemort to Harry: "What are you going to do? //Angst// me to death?"

''<weebee>'' point, harry did start channeling shinji for a while, especially in book six, eh?
''<weebee>'' you could have [[that voldimary character|Voldie]] you were thinking of use that line, so long as she doesn't start making waves for a few years.
''<Katana>'' If she pops up somewhere around book 6, that'd be /perfect./ XD

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''Description:'' How about an Oh! My Goddess fic where one of the main characters used to be an Yggdrasil system bug before Skuld came along? (Inspired by a tangental thought to http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1235950/6/)

''See Also:'' [[Outside the Box]] (Angels as main characters)
''Description:'' Write my own implementation of A Rose At Hogwarts that follows the ~Kodachi-Harry dynamic properly.

 (Perfect Lionheart says in his profile that he just wants attribution and a link)

!!! Reviews:

Not as good as it could be so far, but entertaining nonetheless. In my opinion, you should have kept the events you wanted and restructured it so that it doesn't feel like a patchwork of stories haphazardly glued together. (For example, I'd probably do tag-team chapters alternating between following Kodachi+Harry and Ranma et al. I may give it a try once I've got the hang of building plots.)
-- [[Review for Hogwarts One Half, Chapter 7|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3899849/7/Hogwarts_One_Half]]

Ugh. Whether you are the original author of this or just borrowing it from the Addventure (I forget which), it completely discards the "people think Kodachi is Harry's sister" subplot with a degree of finality that can't be worked around. (Unless you want to make the internal inconsistencies worse than they already are)

Given my own experiences with the Addventure, am I correct in suspecting that we both started on the Addventure and then started aiming for regular fanfic later? (I have a few horrible episodes from high school on the Addventure and several regular fics in progress which I don't intend to publish until they're completed)

I like both plots, but to be perfectly honest, if I had to choose between the Ranma et al. plot and the ~Harry-Kodachi plot, I'd pick ~Harry-Kodachi.

Also, I think adding Tofu is pushing believability (especially the way it's presented) and Azusa Shiratori is too far, no exceptions. (I could probably restructure all of this to work quite well, but only if I dumped Azusa and any other crazy stuff that might get added)

If this is the thread I remember, though, then Harry is going to end up disguised as a girl and it may even include or reference one of my old high school fragments.

I still stand by my argument that "non-standard Ranma" isn't an acceptable explanation. If you want something this different from the original characters to work believably, you have to put in the effort to show how the characters went from what fans remember to this. (It's a larger-scale version of the "show, don't tell" problem that poor authors routinely get chewed out for on the Addventure comment boards)
|Author:|Simon Baird|
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''Description:'' If only it were feasible, it would be cool to have a new Hogwarts student who changed gender either voluntarily (and stubbornly) every night before bed, or who changed gender on a 24-hour cycle outside of their control.

''<Jonakhensu>'' actually...
start in first year...
Hermione was a bad girl before school started...
practicing magic with no supervision like that...
she might accidentally curse herself!
''<deitarion>'' Tricky to make her alteration believable, but could work.
''<Jonakhensu>'' and it needs to be some really weird mechanism

The idea I was just having is that maybe she screwed up badly enough that undoing the spell is like unravelling a VERY complicated tangle... and so each attempt changes the trigger. (It could start as a timer, then switch to various other triggers used in anime and manga like sneezing (Gacha Gacha), arousal or stress (Futaba-kun Change), etc.)

''<Katana>'' Oh fun. I can just see Hermione doing something like that, though it might be a little harder to envision her actually making a mistake. Got distracted halfway through, perhaps? What was meant to be a simple little charm turned into a huge self-transfiguration, then when she tries to change herself back using the same spell she just botched -- either the original or what she can remember of the mix-up -- it either doesn't work, or works for a set period of time before reverting her to male... hm. I want to go further, and make the messed-up spell actively resist canceling somehow, but that'd be harder to swing, and there'd have to be a reason magic wanted her male or gender-changing. Another idea was that the curse/spell/whatever might actually absorb other magics from the vicinity to alter itself in new and interesting ways.
''<ssokolow>'' Maybe the books were at fault. Especially early on, she does seem to trust the written word a little too much.
''<Katana>'' Ah, since most people with at least one magical parent probably would be.
A subtle slight to the Muggleborns?
''<ssokolow>'' Actually, I was more meaning "maybe Hermione was reading from a section that would normally be worked on after several weeks of classes... including some lessons nobody bothers to write down"
''<Katana>'' Oh. Yeah, that could work. ^_^
''<ssokolow>''  Something so rudimentary that the authors just didn't think of it.
''<Katana>''  Yeah... sometimes the basics are the hardest things to remember for someone who's mastered a craft; they might forget ever /not/ knowing these things.
''<ssokolow>'' Exactly.
Heck, the gender-bending could happen at any point if she seemingly fixed it herself but the fix slowly degrated (causing the spell to become more tangled and difficult to remove) until our story starts. Could even take place years later.
''<Katana>'' It could. Sometime in the Angsty Teenage Years? (Yes those capitals were necessary. : P)
''<ssokolow>'' Possible. I'd have to think about it.
''Description:'' Akane-chan Overdrive - Oh! My Goddess crossover (see [[Akane-chan Parking Brake]] for context)

''<weebee>'' someone gave me a rather weird idea how to modify it which I'm still pondering
''<weebee>'' the guy's idea was to replace the rather unknown celestial beurocracy and main character with a known one that could make things more amusing.
''<ssokolow>'' Which one?
''<weebee>'' A! MG.
''<weebee>'' I suspected so. That's the one which comes to mind for most people.
''<weebee>'' it is a bit overdone, I guess.
''<weebee>'' but Keiichi's reaction would be priceless.
''<ssokolow>'' It's only overdone if you don't put enough focus on characterization.
''<ssokolow>'' The closest I've seen in ~OMG-type stuff is gender-bending via transfomation.
''<weebee>'' basically, the idea was that Akane's soul's doing a ru8nner, just like in canon,
''<weebee>'' and the Ygdrasil's focussing a lot of resources on finding it.
''<weebee>'' when Bell shows up to give Keiichi his wish, a few wires get crossed due to a few similarities between Bell and someone else, and the open stream to Akane, with a "Lock the so8ul down the second we get it" clause.
''<weebee>'' but I'm debating as to if I should use it or the original.
''<ssokolow>'' I dunno. I think it might work better as a pure OMG fic which just borrows ideas from ~AcO.
''<weebee>'' ah.
''<weebee>'' hmm,
''<weebee>'' yes, probably.
''<weebee>'' which, of course, means I wouldn't write it.
''<weebee>'' but you can add it to your idea bin.
''<ssokolow>'' I really should look into ways to make that idea bin more participatory... at least between us.
''<weebee>'' just... don't put him in Sayoko...
''<weebee>'' that would get messy.
''Description:'' We need a fic which properly explores the "Gaara is really a girl" idea. The only two which even use it (as far as I know) aren't doing it justice so far. (One is a pseudo-oneshot and the other is slow-moving and seems to be focusing elsewhere)

* [[Overlord, Chapter 7+|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3445791/7/Overlord]]
* [[Naruto the Spanking Nin, Chapter 4|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4516775/4/Naruto_the_Spanking_Nin]]

The origin of the idea being that it's easier for a "Gaara is really a girl in disguise" fic to be credible than a Naruto one. In one of those fics, Gaara has been wearing a sand disguise since birth because Shukaku considers it unacceptable for people to know he was sealed into a girl.

''<Katana>'' I should say right now that this idea makes me smile. A lot. This could be so awesome, and I have to wonder why so few people have tried it. So... it doesn't look like you've thought /too/ much about the details, but any idea what your excuse for Gaara actually being a girl might be?
''Description:'' Ideas that, rather than simply being vague, are just plain difficult to make something worthwhile out of in their current state.
''Source:'' [[Princess613|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2053069/Princess613]]

''Description:'' Why is it always Lucius who abuses Draco while Narcissa stands around? Why not have Narcissa as the uncaring, emotionally unstable one while Lucius, being the sly, smart, manipulative Slytherin he is, cares a great deal for his only son and heir? Given what we know about her mother and sister, Bellatrix, from canon, it's surprising nobody seems to have tried this already.

''Potential Titles:''
* My Pride and Joy
* Father/Son Bonding

''<Princess613>'' Why is it always Lucius who abuses Draco while Narcissa stands around? Canonically, it makes more sense that the Black (insane female family? Hel-lo?) descended Narcissa would be mentally/emotionally unstable and more likely to demand a "perfect son" while Lucius, being the sly, SMART, manipulative Slytherin he is, would actually care about his only child and HEIR.

''<ssokolow>''Mind if I add that "pro-Lucius" point to the idea bin? It's clever, I've never seen it done, and I can easily see why not... but that's what makes it so good. (You have to make the effort to flesh out a less simplistic explanation for Lucius joining Voldemort and most people don't like to see past "he's a Nazi soldier analogue and Nazi's are evil. End of story.")

''<Princess613>'' Please feel free to add any of my suggestions. The truth is, Rowling doesn't do Slytherins well. Her "House of Evil" idea only stretches so far, and part of the house description is brains. Slytherins are more the "Big Bad" types or Dragons. Lackeys are just... not Slytherin.
''Description:'' How about writing up a pseudo-script for a mental illness awareness commercial involving Tatewaki Kuno?

''<Katana>'' Dear God the irony. That would be so perfect. With little clips of him at his most deranged, denouncing the foul sorceror or chasing the pig-tailed girl... maybe a medication for delusions? (i.e. before I found ____ I was a complete nutcase, etc...)
''<ssokolow>'' That's also good. I was actually thinking of sort of a candid camera-style commercial, but that's probably better.
''<Katana>'' Hmm? As in, You're on candid camera?
''<ssokolow>'' Sort of. Sort of as in "Kuno's delusion keeps him from realizing what the commercial he's in is about"
Could mix the two, I suppose.
''<Katana>'' -snicker- That would be awesome.
''<ssokolow>'' Sort of a before/after.
''<Katana>'' Yeah, I could see that.
''Description:'' The Ethereals from X-COM are actually Protheans who survived the last cycle.

Think about it:
# The Ethereals are running from something and the reapers fit quite well.
# Prothean society was a multi-species empire with the original Prothean species at the top. Now compare to the Ethereals.
# 50,000 years is easily enough for Protheans to engineer their reading abilities into powerful psi abilities. (Hell, their beacons already have the appearance of telepathy in Mass Effect canon, regardless of how they actually work.)
# Any divergent technology can be explained as intentional R&D to escape the reaper technology trap.

(The only fics I remember encountering had them as contemporaries of the Protheans.)
Ideas using My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as a source.

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config.shadowTiddlers['EditTemplate'] = config.shadowTiddlers['EditTemplate'].replace(/<!--}}}-->/, "<div class='editorFooter'><span macro='markupReference'></span></div>\n<!--}}}-->");
''Description:'' Ranma ½ ideas not yet ready for their own entries.

* For some reason, having Plum as the Jusenkyo guide in [[It's All Relative, Chapter 1|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5526928/1/Its_All_Relative]] thanks to the altered time period (or any woman really) seems to alter the flavor of the scene in interesting ways. Probably because it's just one of the most blatant ways to make me realize that making the Jusenkyo guide more than just a tired old recording we don't even think about would have a lot of unexplored potential.
* It occurs to me that I've never really seen a decent attempt at "What if Genma had fallen in Nyannichuan too?" It'd take some authorial subtlety and skill, given that most of the changes would be character-related and it'd be the author's choice how closely it followed canon, but it could be a lot of fun.
* Look into potential uses for Ozzallos's new twist on starting a ~Ranma-Nanoha crossover [[from Crapspace|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6439399/22/]].
* Look into continuing or re-implementing [[Ranma & Kaneda|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/892133/1/Ranma_Kaneda]].
* Get permission from Ozzallos and then continue Saffronification without the originally-intended pairing. (Despite the pairing not having been indicated beyond the story's title , I like how things were going before Ozz abandoned it... therefore, I should focus on the elements that Ozz was using simply as framing)
* Stories which reveal hidden depth to Kodachi or Tatewaki Kuno or explore them as characters without conflicting with their canon selves are always fun. (Happosai and Cologne too, as weebee pointed out, but I've yet to see it as strongly)
* Story idea: Ranko 1/2 with a twist to somehow make Ranko more girly without it being unbelievable.
* "If you've ever enjoyed a story where Nabiki was handling the family finances, then you have no right whatsoever to complain about MY intentional and horrible mis-characterization."
* Could I somehow do an interesting story with Ranma working as a nameless henchman to a non-dark villain like Carmen Sandiego? (Because jobs are scarce and he needs the money)

''<osvico>'' I think you could just make her deny that ranma turns into a girl, entirely
''<deitarion>'' No, Jusenkyo was her plan. Her imagination has run wild and she's got the worst-case scenario running rampant in her head.
''<osvico>'' no, I get that it was her plan
''<osvico>'' but I'm saying maybe she realized how badly she fucked her own child up and began denying it

!!Characters who don't get enough screen time:
* Miss Hinako
* Natsume and Kurumi (anime only)
* The Musk (manga only)
* The Phoenix Tribe (manga only)

!! Idea bins open for public use:
* [[The vault | http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3314467/1/The_vault]]
* [[LordArchive's Ranma ½ Ideas|http://www.lordarchive.com/ficidea/ranid.htm]]
''Description:'' Ideas based on the ''first'' Mass Effect game and possibly a few cherry-picked details from the later games that don't conflict with the pre-Electronic Arts universe and plot.

* Mass Effect 2: Plot Analysis [[[1]|http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=7004]] [[[2]|http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=7006]] [[[3]|http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=7007]]
* [[A Logical Breakdown of Why The Mass Effect 3 Ending Makes No Sense|https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QT4IUepvrU1pfv_B95oQj0H84DlCTUmzQ_uQh1voTUs/view?pli=1]]
* [[Mass Effect 3 Ending Hatred: 5 Reasons the Fans Are Right|http://www.gamefront.com/mass-effect-3-ending-hatred-5-reasons-the-fans-are-right/]]
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|'tag matching' with full boolean expressions (AND, OR, NOT, and nested parentheses)|
> see [[MatchTagsPluginInfo]]
2011.01.23 2.0.5 fix core tweak for TW262+: adjust code in config.filters['tag'] instead of filterTiddlers()
2010.08.11 2.0.4 in getMatchingTiddlers(), fixed sorting for descending order (e.g, "-created")
| please see [[MatchTagsPluginInfo]] for additional revision details |
2008.02.28 1.0.0 initial release
version.extensions.MatchTagsPlugin= {major: 2, minor: 0, revision: 5, date: new Date(2011,23,11)};

// store.getMatchingTiddlers() processes boolean expressions for tag matching
//    sortfield (optional) sets sort order for tiddlers - default=title
//    tiddlers (optional) use alternative set of tiddlers (instead of current store)
TiddlyWiki.prototype.getMatchingTiddlers = function(tagexpr,sortfield,tiddlers) {

	var debug=config.options.chkDebug; // abbreviation
	var cmm=config.macros.matchTags; // abbreviation
	var r=[]; // results are an array of tiddlers
	var tids=tiddlers||store.getTiddlers();
	if (tids && sortfield) tids=store.sortTiddlers(tids,sortfield);
	if (debug) displayMessage(cmm.msg1.format([tids.length]));

	// try simple lookup to quickly find single tags or tags that
	// contain boolean operators as literals, e.g. "foo and bar"
	for (var t=0; t<tids.length; t++)
		if (tids[t].isTagged(tagexpr)) r.pushUnique(tids[t]);
	if (r.length) {
		if (debug) displayMessage(cmm.msg4.format([r.length,tagexpr]));
		return r;

	// convert expression into javascript code with regexp tests,
	// so that "tag1 AND ( tag2 OR NOT tag3 )" becomes
	// "/\~tag1\~/.test(...) && ( /\~tag2\~/.test(...) || ! /\~tag3\~/.test(...) )"

	// normalize whitespace, tokenize operators, delimit with "~"
	var c=tagexpr.trim(); // remove leading/trailing spaces
	c = c.replace(/\s+/ig," "); // reduce multiple spaces to single spaces
	c = c.replace(/\(\s?/ig,"~(~"); // open parens
	c = c.replace(/\s?\)/ig,"~)~"); // close parens
	c = c.replace(/(\s|~)?&&(\s|~)?/ig,"~&&~"); // &&
	c = c.replace(/(\s|~)AND(\s|~)/ig,"~&&~"); // AND
	c = c.replace(/(\s|~)?\|\|(\s|~)?/ig,"~||~"); // ||
	c = c.replace(/(\s|~)OR(\s|~)/ig,"~||~"); // OR
	c = c.replace(/(\s|~)?!(\s|~)?/ig,"~!~"); // !
	c = c.replace(/(^|~|\s)NOT(\s|~)/ig,"~!~"); // NOT
	c = c.replace(/(^|~|\s)NOT~\(/ig,"~!~("); // NOT(
	// change tag terms to regexp tests
	var terms=c.split("~"); for (var i=0; i<terms.length; i++) { var t=terms[i];
		if (/(&&)|(\|\|)|[!\(\)]/.test(t) || t=="") continue; // skip operators/parens/spaces
		if (t==config.macros.matchTags.untaggedKeyword)
			terms[i]="tiddlertags=='~~'"; // 'untagged' tiddlers
	c=terms.join(" ");
	if (debug) { displayMessage(cmm.msg2.format([tagexpr])); displayMessage(cmm.msg3.format([c])); }

	// scan tiddlers for matches
	for (var t=0; t<tids.length; t++) {
	 	// assemble tags from tiddler into string "~tag1~tag2~tag3~"
		var tiddlertags = "~"+tids[t].tags.join("~")+"~";
		try { if(eval(c)) r.push(tids[t]); } // test tags
		catch(e) { // error in test
			break; // skip remaining tiddlers
	if (debug) displayMessage(cmm.msg4.format([r.length,tagexpr]));
	return r;
config.macros.matchTags = {
	msg1: "scanning %0 input tiddlers",
	msg2: "looking for '%0'",
	msg3: "using expression: '%0'",
	msg4: "found %0 tiddlers matching '%1'",
	noMatch: "no matching tiddlers",
	untaggedKeyword: "-",
	untaggedLabel: "no tags",
	untaggedPrompt: "show tiddlers with no tags",
	defTiddler: "MatchingTiddlers",
	defTags: "",
	defFormat: "[[%0]]",
	defSeparator: "\n",
	reportHeading: "Found %0 tiddlers tagged with: '{{{%1}}}'\n----\n",
	handler: function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {
		var mode=params[0]?params[0].toLowerCase():'';
		if (mode=="inline")
		if (mode=="report" || mode=="panel") {
			var target=params.shift()||this.defTiddler;
		if (mode=="popup") {
			if (params[0]&&params[0].substr(0,6)=="label:") var label=params.shift().substr(6);
			if (params[0]&&params[0].substr(0,7)=="prompt:") var prompt=params.shift().substr(7);
		} else {
			var fmt=(params.shift()||this.defFormat).unescapeLineBreaks();
			var sep=(params.shift()||this.defSeparator).unescapeLineBreaks();
		var sortBy="+title";
		if (params[0]&&params[0].substr(0,5)=="sort:") sortBy=params.shift().substr(5);
		var expr = params.join(" ");
		if (mode!="panel" && (!expr||!expr.trim().length)) return;
		if (expr==this.untaggedKeyword)
			{ var label=this.untaggedLabel; var prompt=this.untaggedPrompt };
		switch (mode) {
			case "popup": this.createPopup(place,label,expr,prompt,sortBy); break;
			case "panel": this.createPanel(place,expr,fmt,sep,sortBy,target); break;
			case "report": this.createReport(target,this.defTags,expr,fmt,sep,sortBy); break;
			case "inline": default: this.createInline(place,expr,fmt,sep,sortBy); break;
	formatList: function(tids,fmt,sep) {
		var out=[];
		for (var i=0; i<tids.length; i++) { var t=tids[i];
			var title=t.title;
			var who=t.modifier;
			var when=t.modified.toLocaleString();
			var text=t.text;
			var first=t.text.split("\n")[0];
			var desc=store.getTiddlerSlice(t.title,"description");
			var tags=t.tags.length?'[['+t.tags.join(']] [[')+']]':'';
		return out.join(sep);
	createInline: function(place,expr,fmt,sep,sortBy) {
	createPopup: function(place,label,expr,prompt,sortBy) {
		var btn=createTiddlyButton(place,
			function(ev){ return config.macros.matchTags.showPopup(this,ev||window.event); });
	showPopup: function(here,ev) {
		var p=Popup.create(here); if (!p) return false;
		var tids=store.getMatchingTiddlers(here.getAttribute("expr"));
		var list=[]; for (var t=0; t<tids.length; t++) list.push(tids[t].title);
		if (!list.length) createTiddlyText(p,this.noMatch);
		else {
			var b=createTiddlyButton(createTiddlyElement(p,"li"),
				function() {
					var list=this.getAttribute("list").readBracketedList();
			b.setAttribute("list","[["+list.join("]] [[")+"]]");
		var out=this.formatList(tids," &nbsp;[[%0]]&nbsp; ","\n"); wikify(out,p);
		if(ev.stopPropagation) ev.stopPropagation();
		return false;
	createReport: function(target,tags,expr,fmt,sep,sortBy) {
		var tids=store.sortTiddlers(store.getMatchingTiddlers(expr),sortBy);
		if (!tids.length) { displayMessage('no matches for: '+expr); return false; }
		var msg=config.messages.overwriteWarning.format([target]);
		if (store.tiddlerExists(target) && !confirm(msg)) return false;
		var out=this.reportHeading.format([tids.length,expr])
		store.saveTiddler(target,target,out,config.options.txtUserName,new Date(),tags,{});
		story.closeTiddler(target); story.displayTiddler(null,target);
	createPanel: function(place,expr,fmt,sep,sortBy,tid) {
		var s=createTiddlyElement(place,"span"); s.innerHTML=store.getTiddlerText("MatchTagsPlugin##html");
		var f=s.getElementsByTagName("form")[0];
		f.expr.value=expr; f.fmt.value=fmt; f.sep.value=sep.escapeLineBreaks();
		f.tid.value=tid; f.tags.value=this.defTags;
<form style='display:inline;white-space:nowrap'>
<input type='text'    name='expr' style='width:50%' title='tag expression'><!--
--><input type='text'    name='fmt'  style='width:10%' title='list item format'><!--
--><input type='text'    name='sep'  style='width:5%'  title='list item separator'><!--
--><input type='text'    name='tid'  style='width:12%' title='target tiddler title'><!--
--><input type='text'    name='tags' style='width:10%' title='target tiddler tags'><!--
--><input type='button'  name='go'   style='width:8%'  value='go' onclick="
	var expr=this.form.expr.value;
	if (!expr.length) { alert('Enter a boolean tag expression'); return false; }
	var fmt=this.form.fmt.value;
	if (!fmt.length) { alert('Enter the list item output format'); return false; }
	var sep=this.form.sep.value.unescapeLineBreaks();
	var tid=this.form.tid.value;
	if (!tid.length) { alert('Enter a target tiddler title'); return false; }
	var tags=this.form.tags.value;
	return false;">
// SHADOW TIDDLER for displaying default panel input form
config.shadowTiddlers.MatchTags="<<matchTags panel>>";
// TWEAK core filterTiddlers() or config.filters['tag'] (in TW262+)
// to use getMatchingTiddlers instead getTaggedTiddlers
// for enhanced boolean matching in [tag[...]] syntax
var TW262=config.filters && config.filters['tag']; // detect TW262+
var fname=TW262?"config.filters['tag']":"TiddlyWiki.prototype.filterTiddlers";
var code=eval(fname).toString().replace(/getTaggedTiddlers/g,'getMatchingTiddlers');
// REDEFINE core handler for enhanced boolean matching in tag:"..." paramifier
// use filterTiddlers() instead of getTaggedTiddlers() to get list of tiddlers.
config.paramifiers.tag = {
	onstart: function(v) {
		var tagged = store.filterTiddlers("[tag["+v+"]]");
''Description:'' Ponder the possibilities of and for Kage Bunshin with unique personalities of their own.

(Both knowing like [[Kyuubi no Cabbit|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3440931/1/Kyuubi_no_Cabbit]] (and [[A Twist of Chance|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3598487/1/A_Twist_of_Chance]]) and unknowing like [[The Missing Hokage|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4412313/14/The_Missing_Hokage]]) The latter case providing an example of how a long-lived kage bunshin can even have a mind of its own temporarily.

Now that I think about it, it's a great opportunity for identity issues. I can just use whatever mix of "kage bunshin memories are retained" and "henge is useful and fun" proves most beneficial to the plot.

Another possibility, should I go with Naruto eventually producing personalities whose memories don't feed back into his, would be having one of Naruto's "siblings" getting popped after they've build up a life of their own and having to struggle to convince their friends that they really are their own person and not just a cruel joke on Naruto's part.

Here are some of the different ways I imagine it could be explained:
# Naruto wants friends and family so much that he unconsciously "tunes" the clones so that, either from the beginning or gradually, they reach a state where their memories and personalities are kept separate from his when they dispel.
# Naruto unconsciously gives voice to aspects of himself which, in some sense, always were separate from his conscious mind.
# Another idea that I'm having trouble remembering at the moment

''See Also:''
* [[The Masks We Wear]] (Similar, but with Henge instead of Kage Bunshin)
* [[Naruto: Multiplicity]] (Thoughts on how this kind of thing even applies somewhat in early canon one the scene-by-scene level)
* [[Secret Handshake]] (Potential gender-culture implications of this idea)
* [[Naruto and Gender-Bending (A Summary)]]

! Chat Logs
''<neko-otome>'' So would this be a main subject? Or, would this be in addition to some thing else?
''<ssokolow>'' It'd be close to main. Either a direct side-effect (perhaps a coping mechanism for something) or the main thing.
''<neko-otome>'' ok
''<ssokolow>'' ...or the cause of the main thing. It could be that Naruto gave himself identity issues and a fractured personality from over-using kage bunshin and henge together and THAT is the conflict.
''<neko-otome>'' Interesting concept it could definately hold attention. Perhaps it could be told from the perspective of the copies and even Naruto himself isn't quite sure if he is the real one or not. It is the main problem with self copying
especially if you share memories
''<ssokolow>'' Good idea. I'll keep it in mind in addition to my original 3rd-person omniscient idea.
Only downside is that all you have to do to figure out who is who is to pop all the clones.
...so either he's figured out how to respawn them while he sleeps or it's more like an addiction.
''<neko-otome>'' thats good it definately would work with the idea of Naruto being sort of out of touch with whether or not he is the original.
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah.
''<neko-otome>'' You know another interesting idea would be if it was casued by loneliness. He was an orphan and pretty much an outcast so he made himself playmates then he couldn't stop he had to have his othdr selves around.
''<ssokolow>'' Many of my favorite stories have a healthy-minded Naruto accidentally creating clones with unique personalities by letting his poor chakra control overcharge them so much that they've got at least as much chakra as your average human being.
What if, instead, a lonely young Naruto tried to create playmates, but found the returning memories a downside and ended up eventually figuring out how to *intentionally* fragment his own mind to work around the problem.
In all the existing stories, it's like multiple personality disorder except the alternate personalities only emerge via kage bunshin. (shared memories and the personalities only think independently while they've got their own kage bunshin brains to drive them)
In my story, Naruto would have accidentally sealed off the memories of these alternate personalities, so they can keep secrets from him and so on.
''<neko-otome>'' that idea seems very complicated but doable
''<ssokolow>'' Well, not accidentally at first. Young Naruto would have intended to seal off the memories so he could pretend his playmates weren't just kage bunshin. He just wouldn't have realized the implications of doing so.
''<neko-otome>'' But, of thye develop thier own mind what if the ydecide they want to be the original
Could they become violent?
''<ssokolow>'' That's actually one thing I was about to mention.
For the "young Naruto, fractured mind" story, I'll probably have at least one "persistent personality" who resents the main Naruto in much the same way Neji resents the main house.
Main Naruto is the only one who is truly "real". All the others are ephermal shadows who only come out when summoned.
Same kind of relationship as Neji and Hinata. Naruto didn't intend it, but he's doomed his independent-minded kage bunshin to a life of servitude in a sense.
Imagine what it would be like to live your life that way, knowing you could never move away to a home of your own or enter into a relationship with someone because "you're not real" as far as everyone else is concerned.
Some of them would cope by staying innocent-minded, those that couldn't would either accept it, become obsessed with looking for a way to become "real", or become resentful.

> ''Reference:'' [[TED Talks - Dan Gilbert Asks Why Are We Happy|http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/dan_gilbert_asks_why_are_we_happy.html]] (Synthetic Happiness)

''<gsteemso>'' I like the "am I the real one or not?" idea
especially if he figures out a way to make the clones survivbe small amounts of damage like a nicked finger by pumping more chakra in or some such
that actually look a lot more promising as a story driver [the latter one]

''TODO:'' Re-read this. I think it's another one that needs to be split into multiple tiddlers.

''Description:'' How to fake leaps of creative magic using many smaller steps

The secret to fleshing out your fanfic (or original story, though it takes more practice) the way someone like [[Lucillia|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/579283/Lucillia]] can is to take some random detail from your character's known traits, then start building out "detour" details to explain it.

It's difficult, at first, for many non-authors to do this because it's the opposite of what instinct and society tell us to do. An explanation becomes "good enough" very quickly and the most likely simple reason is probably correct. In fiction, however, the whole point is to go into excessive detail and do ''un''likely things. The purpose of fiction is to be novel.

For example, in the fandom for the anime/manga, Naruto, it's generally accepted that the titular character isn't overly fond of vegetables. The simple answer is that he doesn't like the taste... end of story. However, in [[Naruto's BFF|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6862457/1/Narutos_BFF]], Lucillia uses a more elaborate (and entertaining) reason:

It was a little known fact, but this had been the year that truly cemented Naruto's dislike of vegetables. While shopkeepers didn't sell Naruto their top-quality goods, they weren't dumb enough to sell him things that were outright spoiled after what happened to the first guy who did so. Usually, Naruto ended up getting things that were approaching the end of their shelf life. Because of this, Naruto didn't really have any feelings about vegetables one way or another, other than to occasionally complain that they didn't last long enough.

For Naruto's seventh birthday, the Hokage had arranged for several rooftop planter boxes to be built and gave Naruto a large number of seeds. Thanks to Naruto's careful tending over the Spring and early Summer months, Naruto had ended up with an overabundance of everything from carrots to pumpkins that he wasn't allowed to let "Go to waste". With nobody to give the spare vegetables to, you can easily imagine what happened, especially considering the boy's piss-poor cooking skills.

As a result, Naruto ended up hating vegetables, and avoided the rooftop planters completely until his apartment building was destroyed by Pein.
-- [[Naruto's BFF, Chapter 3|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6862457/3/Narutos_BFF]]

To arrive at something this elaborate, simply work in reverse and, at each step, choose a reason other than the most obvious:
# He doesn't like vegetables because, when he was seven, he ate so many that he can't stand them anymore.
# He ate so many that he can't stand them anymore because he had to and he's not a good cook.
## He grew too many in his garden
## He wasn't allowed to let them go to waste
## He's an outcast, so he couldn't sell or give them away.
# He grew too many because he received the seeds as a birthday present and everyone agrees he's a hyper, enthusiastic little guy, especially as a kid.
# He received the seeds as a gift because the Hokage noticed that the shopkeepers don't like him and always sell him veggies ripe enough to not keep for very long.

Each step is simple and easy, but when you turn them around and flow them in a narrative, they make a very creative new twist on things and provide an excellent jumping-off point for more craziness... as events later in the story show.

To implement said future craziness or original fiction, just pick a state you'd like to reach (eg. "The town police eat all his veggies") and then apply the process again. The trickiest part is often getting the hang of being off-the-wall enough in your target states. (You //can// try just randomly building little details on top of each other to get to an unpredictable target state... but it makes it harder to keep the story on track.)
''Description:'' Y'know, somehow, the image of Hiashi eating Ramen makes me imagine the addition of Ramen to the Hyuuga diet single-handedly saving them from being stick-in-the-muds.

''Inspiration:'' [[The Great Romantic, Chapter 8|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3810394/8/]]
''Description:'' What about a story set in the future of the Mass Effect universe where the Reapers missed humanity because we fled?

''Inspiration:'' +++^*[This quote]
"Suddenly we were confronted with the realization that we were going to be facing the apocalypse. It practically drove us mad. Most of our leaders had no idea what to do, others used it as an excuse to hoard more power. This led to the Alliance being formed, just so that we had some plan, but we still weren't sure what we would do. Flee, hide, or fight."

Sighing, Davis continued. "Ultimately we chose to fight. Not everyone was happy with that decision, or how we came to it, but it's what we chose."
=== in [[Future History, Chapter 10|https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9815459/10/Future-History]] and the comment in an earlier chapter that some human separatists, lifespan extended to 300 years by nanotech medicine, fled to Andromeda... a trip that's expected to only take 150 years because they'll go much faster once their non-eezo FTL drives clear the hyperspace muck churned up by millennia of eezo FTL use.

''Update:'' While it would inherently go in a completely different direction than what I'd envisioned, "humans are from another galaxy and arrive before the harvest" can also be entertaining. (A thought inspired by [[Fifty Shades of Overkill|https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9001395/1/Fifty-Shades-of-Overkill]] in which Mass Effect takes place when the future of the Halo-verse starts colonizing another galaxy.)
''Description:'' What if, in [[Genma's Daughter|http://homepage.mac.com/dgoldsmith/gd/daughter.html]], Akane hadn't been spared Happosai's (Inherently flawed) ~Girl-to-Guy spell?

''Description:'' What if the core point of Poul Anderson's Brain Wave happened with magic on modern day earth? (Suddenly, using magic goes from practically impossible to trivial)

''TODO:'' Re-locate the Anime Addventure comment this originated in.

Years and years ago, i read a book that i think was "Brain Wave" by Poul Anderson (?) dealing with an area of space that inhibited mental functions, and what happened when the Earth left it.

What would happen if you had similar inhibiting fields, but the inhibited force was magic - and on modern Earth, the magic came back?

Hmmm. A SM scenario where the reason Beryl and her Mistress all fell because the magic suddenly started failing, causing them to retreat into bound slumber? Where the last gasp of the ginzuishou was to send the reincarnations forward to when magic would return?

Oh well, got enough on my plate for now... -- Kestral
''Description:'' What kind of fun could I have if I wrote additional "Mushroom of Ages" stories (the arc with Ranma as a little kid)? (Inspired by [[Little Angel Lost|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1235950/12/Little_Angel_Lost]] where Ranma has become an Oh! My Goddess-style divinity and ends up accidentally omitting the emotional maturity from one of his chibis when he splits up)

Explore for Soun and Genma.
''Description:'' What if the power of belief and desire of the collective Wizarding populace makes subtle, unintentional edits to people and events.
''By:'' [[Kadunta|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1018068/Kadunta]]

''(11:37:54) weebee:'' neat thought from Kadunta.
''(11:38:30) weebee:'' based on the old standby that magic's main force and control is actually your will, and movements/incantations are only a focus and a Placebo effect.
''(11:39:18) weebee:'' given the number of Wizards with notions that are very set in their ways, he speculates that it's possible that a lot of what's happened in the Wizarding world is the result of a collective subconscious reality warping spell.
''(11:39:42) deitarion:'' ?
''(11:40:36) weebee:'' like, for example, Everyone was so convinced of Voldemort's power that their collective belief combined with their magic talents augmented his actual ability somewhat to try and match their beliefs.
''(11:41:02) weebee:'' or the prophecy and Harry's subsiquent living up to it was a result of the Wizards of Britain wanting Voldie toppled.
''(11:41:12) weebee:'' or a bunch of other stuff.
''(11:41:28) deitarion:'' Ahh.
''(11:41:45) deitarion:'' Interesting idea. Don't think I've seen it done in quite that manner before.
''(11:42:48) weebee:'' actually,  from what fictions I know it most resembles the "Faith has power" methodology of the Dresden files,
''(11:43:14) deitarion:'' I meant "not before in an HP fic"
''(11:43:20) weebee:'' but slightly different because the wizards have actual magical talent, so it's a much smaller population base conflicting with a bigger base of ordinary humanity.
''(11:43:26) weebee:'' Nod*
''(11:44:14) weebee:'' forgot to ask him before I told you but just finished doing so,
''(11:44:32) weebee:'' he doesn't plan on using it himself, so you can chuck it in the plot section if you want.
''Description:'' Consider the possibilities for a Naruto who takes a sort of "teen super-spy" approach to school. (Relying on connections to get information on classmates before joining, thinking before he acts to a greater degree than in canon, possibly (possibly not) using his canon personality as a cover). I've seen fics come close to this, but I've never seen one really get it right.

''Note:'' This is actually one of my ideas where I //don't// want gender-bending and the relation to Kim Possible only occurred to me when I shared the idea. Again, placeholder title.

Anyway, I took the liberty of getting some background information on the students in your class. Kakashi pulled out a dossier from nowhere.
-- [[ANBU BRAT, Chapter 4|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3333378/4/ANBU_BRAT]]

''<ssokolow>'' For this idea, it's all about atmosphere. I know there are various cartoons I could reference, but the only one that comes to mind readily is Kim Possible.
''<jonakhensu>'' Hinata=Ron
''<ssokolow>'' *snicker* Good idea. :)
''<jonakhensu>'' of course, losing her pants would be even MORE embarrassing
''<ssokolow>'' one sec. I've got a perfect pic to reference that.
''<jonakhensu>'' ... just realized...
''<ssokolow>'' http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/361554/all_fours-ass-blush-buruma-gym_uniform-haruno_saku
''<jonakhensu>'' vary nice
I think Anko would be the best Sensei for that group. Failing that, Kurenai
who'd be the third team member?
''<ssokolow>'' not sure

''<falling skywards>'' You could have I dunno... does anybody hate Hinata?
Because then you could have the third member as bonnie.
Or have Ino as Kim. And Hinata as that Japanese girl.
''<ssokolow>'' I'm not trying direct mappings. I'm just going for something that combines the feel of Kim Possible with the Naruto characters and setting.
''<falling skywards>'' Oh alright.
''<ssokolow>'' That's what gives the most enjoyable story.
''<falling skywards>'' That was just the question left in the conversation, so I assumed I'd attempt to answer it
''<ssokolow>'' Fair enough

''Description:'' A summarized collection of what seems to be turning up in more and more of my ideas for Naruto gender-swapping.

While reading +++^*[this scene]
Yuuhi Kurenai was a sensible woman. She believed in patience and slow deduction to solve her problems; she saw to it that every occurrence had a reasonable and logical explanation behind it. Nara Shikamaru was another who valued rationalization as a way of life, spending his hours finding patterns in the world and breaking things down to the smallest detail.

As these were the two most influential people in Sarutobi Keiji's young life, he was also one to believe in all things logical.

Uzumaki Hitomi was not logical.

She was clumsy and irresponsible and somehow always dirty. She never wore shoes and she would never apologize, even when she was wrong. She stuck her gum behind her ear so that she could have tree climbing races with her fisher catwhich he had heard that she just took out of the forest one day and called it her own.

It was no secret that she was the village Jinchuuriki's daughter, that she was a half-breed of sortsnot quite human with demonic quirks. However, the village respected that because they respected her father. The Kyuubi's misdeeds against Konoha had ultimately lead to its power being used to protect the village; a fitting punishment in the eyes of many who witnessed the disaster, and a benefit to Konoha.

Still...demon or no, Hitomi was a girl.

Weren't girls supposed to play with dolls and stay clean?

Weren't they supposed to lose arm wrestling matches against guys?

Weren't they supposed to fuss over their figures rather than instigate ramen eating contests with whoever looked at them wrong?

They certainly weren't supposed to skip out on ikebana and try to worm into the boys' separate practice.

Keiji scowled at said girl as he watched her hold some poor kid in a chokeholdone of his friends actually. Her knees and arms were dirt smeared after the small scuffle that had just recently broken out and her hair had come undone from their usual short, low pigtails.

"Say it again!" Hitomi commanded theto an outsidervictim of her aggression. But if anyone were to ask the blonde girl, she would gladly list all the reasons why Kataku Suni deserved the punishment she was doling out on him.

"I said youurkgo back to your," every time he tried to get a sentence out she would tighten her hold round his neck.

It was almost painful to watch one of the top students in taijutsu get his ass handed to him so quickly by a girl (granted they'd only been going for a few months) but Keiji had no plans to interfere. It was too troublesome.

The young brunette felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise from ingrained instincts born of being raised in a ninja village and he immediately knew this was about to end.

"Uzumaki Hitomi! Release him this instant!"

Suzume-sensei's voice echoed around the courtyard. The kids that had gathered to watch the fight immediately broke their circle and hushed.

"Aw crap," Hitomi muttered softly and liberated the dupe who had the gall to say she didn't belong there with the boys.

Suni bolted away from the demon-girl the second he was free and scurried to the other side of Suzume-sensei, all the while making a show of coughing and rubbing his neck. Once he was safely behind Suzume-sensei's leg,, he stuck his tongue out at her.

Hitomi growled and took a menacing step forward.


"But he"

"I don't want to hear it," Suzume cut her off sternly; "You're supposed to be in ikebana right now."

"But it's soooo duuuuumb!" Hitomi whined, an exaggerated pout on her lips, "What the hell would I need to arrange flowers for?"

Suzume adjusted her glasses and harrumphed at the language of today's youth.

"Sometimes a kunoichi needs to go undercoverand such missions require delicate and practiced ladies."

"But they should do it too!" Hitomi cried, outraged, while pointing a finger at the gaggle of boys who were snickering at the show, "Boys should have to henge as girls and...and...be all girly and stuff! Ugh, this isn't fair!"

This had become the routine for nearly every Wednesday and Thursday when the girls would take special Kunoichi classes while the boys got to have extra sparring practice. It infuriated Hitomi to no end.

"Everyone knows that most creepy old guys have it in for dudes. I bet half the kunoichi who seduce them are requested to henge into little boys."

Several of Keiji's classmates looked a bit queasy; Keiji himself knew better than to buy into one of her wild theories.

Suzume sputtered incoherently at the implications, the extent of which she was sure Hitomi didn't even realize.
-- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4512691/21/Medicinal_Lullaby
=== in [[Medicinal Lullaby, Chapter 21|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4512691/20/Medicinal_Lullaby]], I was reminded of how +++^*[in one fic] might have been the instance in [[Reload|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4203131/1/Reload]] but I remember it feeling more like the end of a oneshot===, Naruto was briefly mentioned as having used the Oiroke no Jutsu to craft an identity with which he seriously impressed the teacher for the Kunoichi classes. ("Suzume", I believe her name was)

That reminded me of how much I'd like to explore that kind of thing. Sort of like a mix of the feel of [[Ganbatte ne, Oiroke-chan|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3730694/1/Ganbatte_ne_Oirokechan]] and that of what I imagine simply expanding the instance I'm vaguely remembering would be like.

''See Also:''
* [[The Masks We Wear]]
* [[Me, Myself, and The Others]]
* [[Secret Handshake]]
* [[The Life of an Avenger is Fraught With Peril]] (Potentially, but probably if done well)
* [[Sometimes, Having A Bloodline is a Real Hassle]] (Maybe. It's sort of a 50-50 chance, depending on how the idea's fleshed out)
''Description:'' In [[A Drop of Poison|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4573620/1/A_Drop_of_Poison]], the author seems to have expanded on the "Naruto clones fighting for the bathroom" gag by having them take showers and hang around until explicitly ordered to pop. Why didn't I think of such a simple way to get fun stuff like divergent personalities and "unknown twins" misunderstandings?

''See Also:'' [[Me, Myself, and The Others]] (This idea as a driving conflict rather than flavor)

''Description:'' Look for stories which don't yet have a decent, humor-oriented Groundhog Day fic. (And make a list of them for the ones which do)

Does it count if the story has an excellent non-humor Groundhog day fic? (eg. Should I plan a humor one for Ranma along the lines of Chunin Exam Day?)

|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|show content in nest-able sliding/floating panels, without creating separate tiddlers for each panel's content|
>see [[NestedSlidersPluginInfo]]
<<option chkFloatingSlidersAnimate>> allow floating sliders to animate when opening/closing
>Note: This setting can cause 'clipping' problems in some versions of InternetExplorer.
>In addition, for floating slider animation to occur you must also allow animation in general (see [[AdvancedOptions]]).
2008.11.15 - 2.4.9 in adjustNestedSlider(), don't make adjustments if panel is marked as 'undocked' (CSS class).  In onClickNestedSlider(), SHIFT-CLICK docks panel (see [[MoveablePanelPlugin]])
|please see [[NestedSlidersPluginInfo]] for additional revision details|
2005.11.03 - 1.0.0 initial public release.  Thanks to RodneyGomes, GeoffSlocock, and PaulPetterson for suggestions and experiments.
version.extensions.NestedSlidersPlugin= {major: 2, minor: 4, revision: 9, date: new Date(2008,11,15)};

// options for deferred rendering of sliders that are not initially displayed
if (config.options.chkFloatingSlidersAnimate===undefined)
	config.options.chkFloatingSlidersAnimate=false; // avoid clipping problems in IE

// default styles for 'floating' class
setStylesheet(".floatingPanel { position:absolute; z-index:10; padding:0.5em; margin:0em; \
	background-color:#eee; color:#000; border:1px solid #000; text-align:left; }","floatingPanelStylesheet");

// if removeCookie() function is not defined by TW core, define it here.
if (window.removeCookie===undefined) {
	window.removeCookie=function(name) {
		document.cookie = name+'=; expires=Thu, 01-Jan-1970 00:00:01 UTC; path=/;';

config.formatters.push( {
	name: "nestedSliders",
	match: "\\n?\\+{3}",
	terminator: "\\s*\\={3}\\n?",
	lookahead: "\\n?\\+{3}(\\+)?(\\([^\\)]*\\))?(\\!*)?(\\^(?:[^\\^\\*\\@\\[\\>]*\\^)?)?(\\*)?(\\@)?(?:\\{\\{([\\w]+[\\s\\w]*)\\{)?(\\[[^\\]]*\\])?(\\[[^\\]]*\\])?(?:\\}{3})?(\\#[^:]*\\:)?(\\>)?(\\.\\.\\.)?\\s*",
	handler: function(w)
			lookaheadRegExp = new RegExp(this.lookahead,"mg");
			lookaheadRegExp.lastIndex = w.matchStart;
			var lookaheadMatch = lookaheadRegExp.exec(w.source)
			if(lookaheadMatch && lookaheadMatch.index == w.matchStart)
				var defopen=lookaheadMatch[1];
				var cookiename=lookaheadMatch[2];
				var header=lookaheadMatch[3];
				var panelwidth=lookaheadMatch[4];
				var transient=lookaheadMatch[5];
				var hover=lookaheadMatch[6];
				var buttonClass=lookaheadMatch[7];
				var label=lookaheadMatch[8];
				var openlabel=lookaheadMatch[9];
				var panelID=lookaheadMatch[10];
				var blockquote=lookaheadMatch[11];
				var deferred=lookaheadMatch[12];

				// location for rendering button and panel
				var place=w.output;

				// default to closed, no cookie, no accesskey, no alternate text/tip
				var show="none"; var cookie=""; var key="";
				var closedtext=">"; var closedtip="";
				var openedtext="<"; var openedtip="";

				// extra "+", default to open
				if (defopen) show="block";

				// cookie, use saved open/closed state
				if (cookiename) {
					if (config.options[cookie]==undefined)
						{ config.options[cookie] = (show=="block") }

				// parse label/tooltip/accesskey: [label=X|tooltip]
				if (label) {
					var parts=label.trim().slice(1,-1).split("|");
					if (closedtext.substr(closedtext.length-2,1)=="=")
						{ key=closedtext.substr(closedtext.length-1,1); closedtext=closedtext.slice(0,-2); }
					if (parts.length) closedtip=openedtip=parts.join("|");
					else { closedtip="show "+closedtext; openedtip="hide "+closedtext; }

				// parse alternate label/tooltip: [label|tooltip]
				if (openlabel) {
					var parts=openlabel.trim().slice(1,-1).split("|");
					if (parts.length) openedtip=parts.join("|");
					else openedtip="hide "+openedtext;

				var title=show=='block'?openedtext:closedtext;
				var tooltip=show=='block'?openedtip:closedtip;

				// create the button
				if (header) { // use "Hn" header format instead of button/link
					var lvl=(header.length>5)?5:header.length;
					var btn = createTiddlyElement(createTiddlyElement(place,"h"+lvl,null,null,null),"a",null,buttonClass,title);
					var btn = createTiddlyButton(place,title,tooltip,onClickNestedSlider,buttonClass);
				btn.innerHTML=title; // enables use of HTML entities in label

				// set extra button attributes
				btn.sliderCookie = cookie; // save the cookiename (if any) in the button object
				btn.defOpen=defopen!=null; // save default open/closed state (boolean)
				btn.keyparam=key; // save the access key letter ("" if none)
				if (key.length) {
					btn.setAttribute("accessKey",key); // init access key
					btn.onfocus=function(){this.setAttribute("accessKey",this.keyparam);}; // **reclaim** access key on focus
				btn.onmouseover=function(ev) {
					// optional 'open on hover' handling
					if (this.getAttribute("hover")=="true" && this.sliderPanel.style.display=='none') {
						document.onclick.call(document,ev); // close transients
						onClickNestedSlider(ev); // open this slider
					// mouseover on button aligns floater position with button
					if (window.adjustSliderPos) window.adjustSliderPos(this.parentNode,this,this.sliderPanel);

				// create slider panel
				var panelClass=panelwidth?"floatingPanel":"sliderPanel";
				if (panelID) panelID=panelID.slice(1,-1); // trim off delimiters
				var panel=createTiddlyElement(place,"div",panelID,panelClass,null);
				panel.button = btn; // so the slider panel know which button it belongs to
				btn.sliderPanel=panel; // so the button knows which slider panel it belongs to
				panel.defaultPanelWidth=(panelwidth && panelwidth.length>2)?panelwidth.slice(1,-1):"";
				panel.style.display = show;
				panel.onmouseover=function(event) // mouseover on panel aligns floater position with button
					{ if (window.adjustSliderPos) window.adjustSliderPos(this.parentNode,this.button,this); }

				// render slider (or defer until shown)
				w.nextMatch = lookaheadMatch.index + lookaheadMatch[0].length;
				if ((show=="block")||!deferred) {
					// render now if panel is supposed to be shown or NOT deferred rendering
					// align floater position with button
					if (window.adjustSliderPos) window.adjustSliderPos(place,btn,panel);
				else {
					var src = w.source.substr(w.nextMatch);
					var endpos=findMatchingDelimiter(src,"+++","===");
					w.nextMatch += endpos+3;
					if (w.source.substr(w.nextMatch,1)=="\n") w.nextMatch++;

function findMatchingDelimiter(src,starttext,endtext) {
	var startpos = 0;
	var endpos = src.indexOf(endtext);
	// check for nested delimiters
	while (src.substring(startpos,endpos-1).indexOf(starttext)!=-1) {
		// count number of nested 'starts'
		var startcount=0;
		var temp = src.substring(startpos,endpos-1);
		var pos=temp.indexOf(starttext);
		while (pos!=-1)  { startcount++; pos=temp.indexOf(starttext,pos+starttext.length); }
		// set up to check for additional 'starts' after adjusting endpos
		// find endpos for corresponding number of matching 'ends'
		while (startcount && endpos!=-1) {
			endpos = src.indexOf(endtext,endpos+endtext.length);
	return (endpos==-1)?src.length:endpos;
	if (!e) var e = window.event;
	var theTarget = resolveTarget(e);
	while (theTarget && theTarget.sliderPanel==undefined) theTarget=theTarget.parentNode;
	if (!theTarget) return false;
	var theSlider = theTarget.sliderPanel;
	var isOpen = theSlider.style.display!="none";

	// if SHIFT-CLICK, dock panel first (see [[MoveablePanelPlugin]])
	if (e.shiftKey && config.macros.moveablePanel) config.macros.moveablePanel.dock(theSlider,e);

	// toggle label
	// toggle tooltip

	// deferred rendering (if needed)
	if (theSlider.getAttribute("rendered")=="false") {
		var place=theSlider;
		if (theSlider.getAttribute("blockquote")=="true")

	// show/hide the slider
	if(config.options.chkAnimate && (!hasClass(theSlider,'floatingPanel') || config.options.chkFloatingSlidersAnimate))
		anim.startAnimating(new Slider(theSlider,!isOpen,e.shiftKey || e.altKey,"none"));
		theSlider.style.display = isOpen ? "none" : "block";

	// reset to default width (might have been changed via plugin code)

	// align floater panel position with target button
	if (!isOpen && window.adjustSliderPos) window.adjustSliderPos(theSlider.parentNode,theTarget,theSlider);

	// if showing panel, set focus to first 'focus-able' element in panel
	if (theSlider.style.display!="none") {
		var ctrls=theSlider.getElementsByTagName("*");
		for (var c=0; c<ctrls.length; c++) {
			var t=ctrls[c].tagName.toLowerCase();
			if ((t=="input" && ctrls[c].type!="hidden") || t=="textarea" || t=="select")
				{ try{ ctrls[c].focus(); } catch(err){;} break; }
	var cookie=theTarget.sliderCookie;
	if (cookie && cookie.length) {
		if (config.options[cookie]!=theTarget.defOpen) window.saveOptionCookie(cookie);
		else window.removeCookie(cookie); // remove cookie if slider is in default display state

	// prevent SHIFT-CLICK from being processed by browser (opens blank window... yuck!)
	// prevent clicks *within* a slider button from being processed by browser
	// but allow plain click to bubble up to page background (to close transients, if any)
	if (e.shiftKey || theTarget!=resolveTarget(e))
		{ e.cancelBubble=true; if (e.stopPropagation) e.stopPropagation(); }
	Popup.remove(); // close open popup (if any)
	return false;
// click in document background closes transient panels
document.onclick=function(ev) { if (!ev) var ev=window.event; var target=resolveTarget(ev);

	if (document.nestedSliders_savedOnClick)
		var retval=document.nestedSliders_savedOnClick.apply(this,arguments);
	// if click was inside a popup... leave transient panels alone
	var p=target; while (p) if (hasClass(p,"popup")) break; else p=p.parentNode;
	if (p) return retval;
	// if click was inside transient panel (or something contained by a transient panel), leave it alone
	var p=target; while (p) {
		if ((hasClass(p,"floatingPanel")||hasClass(p,"sliderPanel"))&&p.getAttribute("transient")=="true") break;
	if (p) return retval;
	// otherwise, find and close all transient panels...
	var all=document.all?document.all:document.getElementsByTagName("DIV");
	for (var i=0; i<all.length; i++) {
		 // if it is not a transient panel, or the click was on the button that opened this panel, don't close it.
		if (all[i].getAttribute("transient")!="true" || all[i].button==target) continue;
		// otherwise, if the panel is currently visible, close it by clicking it's button
		if (all[i].style.display!="none") window.onClickNestedSlider({target:all[i].button})
		if (!hasClass(all[i],"floatingPanel")&&!hasClass(all[i],"sliderPanel")) all[i].style.display="none";
	return retval;
// adjust floating panel position based on button position
if (window.adjustSliderPos==undefined) window.adjustSliderPos=function(place,btn,panel) {
	if (hasClass(panel,"floatingPanel") && !hasClass(panel,"undocked")) {
		// see [[MoveablePanelPlugin]] for use of 'undocked'
		var rightEdge=document.body.offsetWidth-1;
		var panelWidth=panel.offsetWidth;
		var left=0;
		var top=btn.offsetHeight;
		if (place.style.position=="relative" && findPosX(btn)+panelWidth>rightEdge) {
			left-=findPosX(btn)+panelWidth-rightEdge; // shift panel relative to button
			if (findPosX(btn)+left<0) left=-findPosX(btn); // stay within left edge
		if (place.style.position!="relative") {
			var left=findPosX(btn);
			var top=findPosY(btn)+btn.offsetHeight;
			var p=place; while (p && !hasClass(p,'floatingPanel')) p=p.parentNode;
			if (p) { left-=findPosX(p); top-=findPosY(p); }
			if (left+panelWidth>rightEdge) left=rightEdge-panelWidth;
			if (left<0) left=0;
		panel.style.left=left+"px"; panel.style.top=top+"px";
// TW2.1 and earlier:
// hijack Slider stop handler so overflow is visible after animation has completed
Slider.prototype.coreStop = Slider.prototype.stop;
Slider.prototype.stop = function()
	{ this.coreStop.apply(this,arguments); this.element.style.overflow = "visible"; }

// TW2.2+
// hijack Morpher stop handler so sliderPanel/floatingPanel overflow is visible after animation has completed
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''Description:'' My own interpretation of this story summary: "Happosai tries to summon a demon to put Ranma in his place; however he gets more than he bargained for when the demon he summons takes Ranma's side." (Two potential interpretations so far)

[[Summons one half|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5257306/4/]]
Naruto/Ranma multi crossover featuring the Naruto personality from my story Kitsune brothers. Happosai tries to summon a demon to put Ranma in his place; however he gets more than he bargained for when the demon he summons takes Ranmas side. It only gets weirder when the Sailor Senshi get involved.

!Interpretation 1
''Idea:'' If I can make it work, it'd be oddly appropriate to end the story with Naruto and Ranma friends, Naruto deciding to hang around, and them "walking away from the camera" down the street to go buy a snack.

!Interpretation 2
Heck, why not just throw out the Naruto element altogether and have an honest to goodness demon summoned but deciding to take it as an opportunity for a vacation instead. (Perhaps twisting a loophole in Happosai's summon so, as long the demon doesn't decide to attack Ranma of their own free will, they don't have to go back to work)
''Source:'' [[weebee|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/702658/weebee]] (also author of the text below)
A first person narrative. (Story type and Genre unknown.)

If I were to write this, it would be to test out my writing skill in a new style. For you, I'd have no idea why you'd do it.

''Description:'' Please recall an old idea I had about Shampoo and Ranma looking for a cure to a disease that Akane has. What if I told it first person from Shampoo's perspective? I don't know if this would increase or decrease my ability, but I do know damned well that it'd change my opinion one way or the other on Shamps, I'd either like her more or truly despise her.
''Description:'' Naruto ideas too small for their own pages... often stuff I saw done elsewhere, was underwhelmed by, and decided needed to be done better.

* "instead, he was treated to a demonstration of why Konoha has never had a log successfully attempt to turn traitor."
* "I won't cheapen our relationship by bartering it like some trinket, but if it's a fight you want, I'll be happy to oblige." -- +++^*[Inspiration]
Hinata's plan to test how serious Sakura is about Naruto in [[Without Sasuke|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5588054/13/Without_Sasuke]]

* How about some Naruto do-overs focused on less typical characters? (Ideally, not people used in [[Time Mix-Up|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5496758/1/Time_MixUp]] but, if so, then focus on just one of them in greater detail. I want something that has character-exploration as a major goal)
* "Slapstick could probably make a potent school of taijutsu, actually..." -- [[Animethropologist @ Anime Addventure|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/display_comment.php?episode=220026&n=3&m=0&d=2]]
* Naruto dies and then ends up becoming the first known ghost ninja. ([[inspiration|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3727079/1/Ghostly_Protectors]])
* Someone other than Kyuubi was sealed in Naruto, having arranged for Kyuubi to be indisposed and then using a Henge to hide that fact. ([[inspiration|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3383334/3/Angels_Reprieve]])
* As thanks for making his last moments more bearable, one of the biiju transferred its title to a human. This confers either powers or something else entertaining without them actually being a jinchuuriki or biiju. ([[inspiration|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3563196/1/Something_Completely_Different]])
* The elemental nations exist on an island, island chain, or peninsula in the Japanese archipelago hidden from others by a vast spell/seal array/whatever akin to a notice-me-not charm. ([[inspiration|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5353683/5/]])
* [[Stanly Steamer's Plot Bunnies|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/display_comment.php?episode=232151&n=7&m=0&d=2]]
* Could be nice to see a longer version of [[Phantasmagoria|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6754260/1/]]
* We need to have a time-travelling Naruto who is convinced that the past is really Tsukuyomi (like in [[Time and Again, Chapter 2|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4041754/2/Time_and_Again]]) and says something to that effect where Sasuke can hear him, touching off some interesting interactions.
* Given what's you have to go through to reach a woman's heart or lungs, if a female Naruto (transformed or alternate) gets a chidori through the chest and the tone of the story fits, she //has// to at least //think// "Oh, that'd ''better'' grow back!"
* It'd be interesting to explore possible continuations from [[this Addventure episode|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/241223.html]] where Naruto gets the HyMton... especially if he encounters Haku as in canon.

!! Ideas and idea bins of uncertain permission status:
* [[Catch 22|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2721219/1/]]
* [[Grand Escape|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5572940/1/Grand-Escape]]
''Description:'' Maybe a better try at "[[Ninja Wizard|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3176640/1/]]"
''Description:'' Think about it. A lot of the oft-ignored Ranma ½ battles would have been real game-changers if Ranma lost.

Stopping to ask "what if...?" on bits and pieces that seem uninteresting is a pretty easy way to dig up plots nobody has done before.

My first impression of "Kodachi beating Ranma" is that it sounds interesting, but that may just be because there are far too few fics which make a genuine effort at exploring the Kunos as characters, regardless of the plot.

!Chat Log
''(13:26:07) weebee:'' Random plot I don't actually want to use but can never remember having seen before.
''(13:26:21) weebee:'' Ranma loses the ~Kung-Fu Stew battle, the one with the french guy.
''(13:26:30) weebee:'' what would actually happen next?
''(14:00:05) deitarion:'' As for the "~Kung-Fu Stew battle" with the french guy, I assume you meant Picolet Chardin and Martial Arts Fine Dining?
''(14:00:20) weebee:'' yeah.
''(14:00:24) weebee:'' managed to kill that one.
''(14:00:35) weebee:'' Kung-fu stew was, I think, the name of one of the manga chapters,
''(14:00:39) weebee:'' it's stuck in my brain.
''(14:00:40) deitarion:'' Ahh.
''(14:01:50) deitarion:'' I'm not really sure I want to shoulder the full burden of envisioning possible "happen next"s in this case.
''(14:02:05) weebee:'' yeah.
''(14:02:12) weebee:'' a lot of what I thought up was not pleasant.
''(14:02:24) weebee:'' and I'd much rather not get into most of it.
''(14:02:49) weebee:'' just tossed out the idea as it was sort of the starter for another train of thought,
''(14:03:11) weebee:'' going through various battles in the series and seeing which ones that aren't very used can cause serious plot complications.
''(14:03:46) weebee:'' For example, Kodachi beating Ranma has only really been used twice, and I don't think I can recall one where Mousse actually caught on to Ranma trying to let him win in that one match they had.
''(14:05:50) weebee:'' even a lot of the sillier battles, like the dining one, Ranma won them so it doesn't matter, but the consequences for losing were almost always real game changers.
''Description:'' Not currently summarizable due to flaws which, when remedied, may significantly alter which plot points are considered central.

''IMPORTANT: This idea is on hold pending a significant rewrite to address the flaws Case13 pointed out.''

; Original Story idea:
: Complications with Ranma left Nodoka barren but she wanted a daughter so much that Ranma's trip to Jusenkyo wasn't an accident.
; Revised Story Idea (If Applicable):
: {{multiLine{Complications with Ranma left Nodoka barren but she wanted a daughter so much that she became obsessed with finding a way to have a daughter. This obsession lead to Genma fearing what she might do to Ranma and sneaking off with him in the middle of the night. (leaving behind the Seppuku contract) However, Nodoka's preparations (including several which never came into effect, like bribing the guide to make sure that Ranma got re-cursed with Nyannichuan if need be) bore fruit. Now, it's canon time for Ranma and Nodoka to meet, and a decade of childlessness and runaway imagination has left Nodoka just wanting Ranma back, but fearing the worst for his reaction to her role in his getting cursed.

The title comes from the fact that the canon events are now a lie told by Genma to keep Ranma away from Nodoka and, upon meeting and seeing through "Ranko Tendo", Nodoka decides to play along for one week to get a feel for who Ranma is and how he thinks of the curse and being a girl in general. Unfortunately for the both of them, Ranma isn't stupid and will see her deception for what it is a day or two before she would have revealed it... and that'll damage their relationship a LOT. From that point on, the story will revolve around Nodoka trying to earn Ranma's forgiveness and trust and Ranma having to learn to forgive Nodoka and learn to get used to his curse. (Much of Ranma's learning to not be so wary of his curse canonically happened while he was hiding from his mother) Oh, and to some extent, Nodoka learning to forgive herself.}}}

; Driving Conflict:
: ''TODO: Specify''
; Chosen Resolution:
: Ranma gives Nodoka a second chance and they grow closer. (Note: This may not mark the end of the story since I suspect a second primary conflict will emerge part-way through.)

!! Potential Alternative Titles:
* ...
!! Problems to Solve and Decisions to Make:
* I'm going to need to finish fine-tuning my mental model of Nodoka's personality before I continue writing.
* Did Nodoka preemptively plan for the possibility that Genma would sneak off with Ranma or did she set things up afterwards?
* How many other contingency plans did Nodoka set up in case Genma didn't go to Jusenkyo?
* What are the details of Nodoka's plan for if Ranma did turn up at Jusenkyo? (I'd assume that bribing the guide is part of it)
* How exactly should Nodoka and Ranma interact? This'll be important in determining how long it takes for Ranma to forgive Nodoka.
* I need a plot that must somehow be similar to, yet markedly different from Girl Days. A big part of this will revolve around Nodoka trying to earn Ranma's forgiveness, but it might also be useful to explore (beyond the required minimum) Nodoka's divergence from canon and her and Genma's "difference of opinion" about how Ranma should have been raised.
* ''TODO: Insert problems and ideas from the discussion with weebee on 2008-06-15 through 2008-06-16 as well as 2008-08-18.''

!! Solved Problems and Made Decisions:
* Nodoka didn't even try to adopt a daughter because she felt that it would show the world that she had failed as a wife. (honor-obsessed, remember)
* Ranma will clue into Nodoka's deception shortly before she would have revealed it herself and asked for forgiveness. This will create a very problematic rift between them which will also be one of the driving forces behind the story.
* Over the years since Genma left and her plan went into effect, loneliness, childlessness, and runaway imagination has left Nodoka just wanting Ranma back, but fearing the worst for his reaction to her role in his getting cursed. I still need to fine-tune her though.
* Focusing on the characters in a somewhat serious manner rather than attempting to use Takahashi's style of light, silly comedy would go a long way towards distancing myself from Girl Days. "Girls School" is a good example of another fic which makes a divergence of a similar nature and magnitude in a different direction and thrives because of it.
* Somewhere along the way, Nodoka will decide to get a Nannichuan curse to show Ranma how serious she is. (TODO: Pull the rest of my plans out of my discussions with friends and include them here)

!! Ideas:
* Keep a close eye on Nodoka's thoughts. A lot of originality can be had by exploring her opinions and observations on how "Ranko" acts and reacts.
* The combination of jokes I keep, jokes I inject, and jokes I discard for the "Ranko Tendo" bits will depend on how much can be excused by looking at Nodoka's thoughts.
* Probably a good idea if Nodoka's devotion to her plan fades as Ranma's childhood slips away and she ends up just wanting Ranma back. That way, we get a sane Nodoka (easier for Ranma to forgive) but one who would still like Ranma to at least give it a try.
* I'm thinking that, given how honor-obsessed Nodoka was in canon, a believable perspective for her in this story would be that her actions were extremely dishonorable, but she considers herself too cowardly to commit seppuku, so she's desperate to make amends. (You get the feeling that, even in canon, a big part of her honor-obsessed craziness stems from being alone for a decade) That'd also solidify her motivations for keeping her knowledge of Ranma's curse a secret. Ranma ½ is full of good intentions and bad decisions leading to big trouble and she'd justify it as being reconnaissance so that she doesn't screw up.
* I'd like to at least work in the ''idea'' of Nodoka turning into a man.
** Maybe past Genma could say something like "If you're willing to do THAT to get a daughter, why don't you just father her yourself." with Nodoka replying, "Oh, and who's going to be the mother? You?"
** Maybe Nodoka could offer to use some Instant Nannichuan to show Ranma that her request is by no means a hypocritical one. If we want to avoid actually doing it, we could just have Ranma even more creeped out by that idea.

!! Timeline:

; Divergence Point:
: From a writing standpoint, when Nodoka was introduced canonically. All past details which are changed were originally revealed via flashback following that point.

Complications with Ranma left Nodoka barren but she wanted a daughter enough that, in her search for a solution other than adoption, she discovered Jusenkyo.

Her obsession with having a daughter led Genma to worry about how she would raise Ranma, so he snuck off, leaving behind the seppuku contract without confirming that she'd accepted it. (though he wouldn't tell this to Ranma for obvious reasons) Little did he know that Nodoka either had planned or would plan for this contingency.

Ranma was cursed at Jusenkyo as Nodoka had planned. However, naturally, she couldn't be certain of the end result. Up to just before the story arc where Nodoka comes in (Book 22, Issue 2 in the fan-translated manga or Season 7, Episode 24 in the anime), all is canonical. While changes do occur prior to canon, they are only revealed via flashback.

The first visible divergence point is in the subtleties of the events of Ranma and Nodoka's meeting at the canal, where Nodoka's behaviour differs slightly from canon. When Ranma gets home, he finds Genma rushing to leave. Apparently, he's learned that someone named Nodoka will be dropping by. (Probably unannounced since, in this story, Genma has snuck away before) Naturally, the revelation of Genma's story will have to be by Genma since, in this story, the canonical events are a partial lie told by Genma to justify his actions and to gloss over Nodoka's eccentricities. (A different expression of perfectly canonical Genma behaviour, actually)

However things unfold, Nodoka gives them no reason to doubt Genma's story and, upon meeting "Ranko Tendo", she realizes the deception. However, rather than confronting them, she decides to turn it to her advantage by using it as an opportunity to familiarize herself with Ranma so she doesn't screw up her attempt to gain forgiveness. She asks Soun if, having not seen her husband and son in roughly a decade, she might stay and wait for them to return. Soun agrees, partly because he knows that Genma doesn't always tell the whole truth and he wants an opportunity to understand Nodoka's motivations first-hand. (Note the irony? Things going pear-shaped because three people with the best of intentions tried to avoid it? Three because Genma's story will convince Ranma to wait and see, at least for a few hours so that some other plot device can draw things out.)

The relevant "Ranko Tendo" bits are then mashed together with original stuff and compressed into the following week as Nodoka uses them as an opportunity to feel out what Ranma knows of being a girl and to attempt to observe how he feels about it. Throught this time, Ranma struggles with himself as to whether he should tell her. (eg. "Is she just sad because she misses me or is she sad because she expects to have to kill me?") Nodoka originally only intends for it to last three or four days, but when it comes time for her to tell Ranma, she fears going from "auntie" to outcast and talks herself into extending the observation period to a full week.

However, Ranma is not stupid and has been noticing hints that Nodoka is not and never was fooled. A day or two before Nodoka's planned "admit and beg for forgiveness" moment, he confronts her. Given how tightly-wound Ranma's emotions are after a week of being around Nodoka, the phrase "bad first impression" is an understatement for the kind of betrayal Ranma feels and the resulting rift between them will be one of the main driving conflicts in the story. ''(TODO: What kind of conflict is this, exactly?)''

TODO: The rest of the plot. ''(Especially the stuff from the discussion with weebee!)''

!! Written So Far:
''Note:'' This initial fragment is not a typical example of my writing. The first paragraph is intentionally compressed in a "told, didn't show" fashion because, until maybe six to twelve paragraphs beyond what I've written so far, the story is told with the reader as a passenger while 'Ranko' recalls what got 'her' into the situation 'she' is now in. The first paragraph is lacking detail because Ranma's recollection lacks detail. It's irrelevant to him beyond giving context to what happened next. ''[TODO: Confirm that weebee's comments on 2008-12-06 have been addressed before publishing]''


Ranma sighed. Was there some unwritten rule that life could never be simple for him? It had all started earlier that morning. While honoring their mother, Akane and her sisters had made him realize that he'd never really given his own mother any thought. Naturally, Genma was no help and, to make matters worse, it had left him so distracted that a loose section of fence had dumped him into the canal; wet, female, and thoroughly irritated.

If that had been the end of it, Ranma wouldn't have given it a second thought. However, since his arrival in Nerima, he'd learned that phrases like "just coincidence" and "common sense" rarely applied in the real world. Sure enough, chaos jumped at the opportunity. Ranma had barely begun to wring out the soaked clothing draping his newly-female frame when his sensitive ears caught a quiet (and, on later reflection, quickly stifled) gasp from the street above.

"Excuse me," A soft voice from the road caused Ranma to look up. "Do you need any help, miss?" The voice belonged to an elegant-looking woman in a floral kimono.

Ranma paused for a moment, not sure how to answer.

"Here," the woman said, holding out a long object wrapped in cloth, "I'll pull you up."

No sooner had Ranma accepted the kind offer and begun to climb, when fate decided to demonstrate the reason for having fences on canals, and with little more than an "oops" and a splash, they found themselves in the water. In retrospect, his frantic apology probably did look a bit silly, so it probably wasn't that odd for her to chuckle, but the cheer in her voice rung false and a flicker of sadness was clearly visible in her eyes as she patted him on the head and told him not to worry about it.

[TODO: Tidy up the phrasing in the previous paragraph and continue on with  Ranma asking if she's alright. Then Nodoka can respond with something along the lines of "It's ok. I shouldn't burden you with my problems," leaving the reader with a hidden meaning they won't recognize until the reason for the divergences is revealed. ...or at the very least, rewrite it so the flash of sadness in Nodoka's eyes doesn't scream "plot point!"]

[TODO: When Ranma gets home, Genma's advance warning should be something he arranged, since in this story, Genma fled to protect Ranma and may not have been sending back postcards.  Genma will tell his version of the story before Nodoka arrives and he will have plenty of time to do so because, having met Ranma in the street and seen first-hand proof that her original mad scheme came to fruition, Nodoka will need time to regain her composure. When Nodoka does arrive, I'll need to use a mix of half-questions and assumptions to keep the charade from failing right then and there.... though, in all honesty, it'd have been just as easy in canon for everything to come falling down. All Nodoka needed to do was to ask someone about Ranma who didn't know about the Seppuku pledge and that Ranma and Genma were keeping their identities secret... for example, a member of the Fuinkan High faculty.]

!! Case13's Commentary

Okay, I see several problems with this whole setup.

First of all, you seem very big on this 'Ranma forgiving Nodoka' thing. I am not. Mostly because while Ranma is incredibly cavalier when it comes to attempts at his life and forgiving people for them, his manhood and curse is another matter entirely. Also, what Nodoka did isn't some 'insult of curry bread' or rivals being rivals, or some trouble with Amazons that he got into, more or less, by stumbling into it. It is a deliberate, cold-blooded scheming to get her only son be a girl, something that he really doesn't care for, without even bothering to think how it affects said son. This, plus revelations of seppuku contract... well, Nodoka comes off as a crazy, unhinged loon who not only makes Genma a shining image of parental care, but also is worse than anything anyone ever did to Ranma before.

The fact she now 'just wants Ranma back' doesn't change a thing. She still did it. Genma Ranma might forgive - the guy is a moron and he honestly didn't want the curse to happen. Someone, his own mother no less, scheming to get him said curse? Houston, I think we have a problem.

What most people forget is that Ranma didn't even know he _has_ a mother. He never, until Nodoka's appearance, had shown any real desire to have one either. Granted, it can stem form Takahashi's comedy, but seriously - did he show, at any point, any longing for having a mother? Not really.

Revelation that Nodoka is worse than Cologne, Happosai and Nabiki put together... No. I don't see forgiveness here.

You're clearly inspired by Girl days and you want lighthearted comedy, but using such plot device doesn't lead to comedy in this case - it leads to Ranma being bitter and deciding that he doesn't remember that loon that says she is his mother, he didn't need a mother for the last ten years and he sure as hell doesn't need one now, especially if it is Nodoka.

Also, several other problems I see here.

Why not adopt? This, contrary to what you think, wouldn't show Nodoka's failure at all. In fact, it is a very honorable, traditional method and carries _no stigma whatsoever_ in Japanese society, and is practiced to this day. It originates form feudal era, and is alive and well in modern times. Remember - _name_ (IE family) means more than 'blood'. Nodoka, being a honor-obsessed traditionalist would know that very well.

If Nodoka, after all that, considers herself 'too cowardly' to commit seppuku (and seppuku for women is slitting their own throats, btw) then she is, in her own eyes, lower than trash, considering her devotion to tradition. Also, ranma would call her on that the very moment he realized that while Nodoka is perfectly okay with creating a contract for a _six year old_ to slit his belly open, phony or real doesn't matter, and she would sooner run and lie her way out than do it herself... Nodoka comes off as a total hypocrite.

The problem with Nodoka, even in canon and ten times more so in popular fanon interpretation of her, that people play her up completely for laughs. That's okay the way Takahashi does it, there is however one problem - Nodoka doesn't want a son. She doesn't want Saotome Ranma as he is. She wants Ranma to be this ideal she dreamed up and she wants said ideal to act as she wants him to. With the whole 'manly' slapstick? That's funny. When you consider long-term ramifications and the fact Nodoka is _completely serious_ about it... well, it stops being so funny. Nodoka is a worse loon than Kuno, and ten times as dangerous as anyone else because she is Ranma's mother and he doesn't want to hurt her at this point.

The fact she planned for Jusenkyo, and had _fail-safes_ to ensure she had her cute daughter... well, that is the point Ranma stops being amiable and starts treating her like an enemy. He doesn't know that woman, and, like with delusional loons like the Kuno family, he doesn't care to know her. 
''Description:'' Ranma Saotome discovers that he has innate magical abilities when he accidentally turns an alley cat into a "not-a-cat". (Intended to be similar to [[Harry Potter]] wizardry, but with an original, Anime Japan-styled twist rather than being a crossover.)

''Original Idea Credit:'' [[weebee|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/702658/weebee]]
''Potential title:'' "It all began with a boy... well... some of the time"

''Update 2012-01-01:'' I've noticed that [[Veela One Half|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4811634/3/]] probably diverges as far as you can get from the spirit of the details listed here while still matching many aspects of the high-level description. Just a thought.

!!Iinitial Impression
''<weebee>'' it's post saffron, to start off with.
kinda have to tweak the timeline to put it inline with the right HP era, but at any rate... Ranma is running from a cat,a nd in his head, he's chanting "It's not a cat, it's not a cat, it's not a cat!"
well, he ends up performing accidental magic, and poof, it's not a cat. LOL.
Ranma goes to ask what the heck is going on from Cologne, and gets an explanation as to why he hasn't encocuntered any mages yet.

!!Weebee's plans for it
This came to pass in [[Shaking the Foundations|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3314467/11/The_vault]] before weebee's muse died.

''<weebee>'' he ends up moving in with some distant relations on his mother's side, the evenses. Le't s put it this way, petunia just LOVES him...
''<weebee>'' btw, the rather confused 'not a cat' will be Ranma's animal. it's a jack russle tarrier now, by the way.

!!My divergent interpretation of the initial impression
''<weebee>'' but what are you gunna use, the accidental magic bit or what?
''<deitarion>'' The accidental magic bit. It's a (as far as I know) never-before-used way to redirect a Ranma plotline so it crosses with HP.
Highly believable (once I figure out why it never happened in canon) and amusing as well.
Of course, my "not a cat" will be something very different. It could be anything from a cabbit to a velociraptor. [Or a creature so literally "a 'not a cat'" that it's never been seen before in history. Heck, it could be something which "looks like a cat, but it's not... as in 'thanks to magic, you just know in your bones'"]
''<weebee>'' well, that's part of the explanation of mages I glossed over.
I thought of it before brothers united came out, but unfortunately if I use it now i'tll look like I'm copying that fic.
''<deitarion>'' Oh yeah. I forgot about that. What was the explanation in it again?
''<weebee>'' in the eastern world, magic has been handled in a far different way.
instead of the uncontrolled, and possibly dangerous, way it's done in the west with 13 year olds able to do accidental magic, it's held in tight spell constructs passed down through blood lines.
this is part of the explanation for all the "Magical girls" in japan.
Ranma gets his magic from his mother's side, who come from the pool of western mages, but he started with very little magical talent.
all of his exposure to magic items, curses, and supernatural beings sorta filled up his already existing magical reservoir, culminating in the battle at Jusendo and the exposure to the staffs and the water of the source spring.
''<deitarion>'' Here's a suggestion you can use. Maybe a binding was placed on Ranma (muggleborn) by the gov't when he was younger because they suspected Genma might do what he did, but they didn't expect it to be so impossible to either contact Ranma for schooling at the right time or renew the binding later on.
The binding finally wore out post-Saffron.
''<weebee>'' hmm, workable, but a bit too much interference from the ministries.
i'm trying to keep ~HPesque wizards out of japan, to explain why Ranma hasn't seen them already.
''<deitarion>'' Doesn't have to be ~HPesque wizards. Could also be a curse put on Genma by someone he cheated which runs in families... but it wasn't designed for the crazy stuff Ranma has been through and it wore out.
Which then makes you wonder... what was the effect it was supposed to have on Genma?
Heck, the magic-blocking effect could be purely a side-effect.
''<weebee>'' hmm, i preffer my original version, but yours has possibilities.
''<deitarion>'' You're welcome to use my idea. I'm going to keep it around to see what I can do with it.
''<weebee>'' and plus, magic blocking would increase the resemblence to brothers united.
''<deitarion>'' So? I'm starting to envision something that doesn't necessarily have to be an HP cross at all.
Think about it. Ranma (famous for distrusting magic) gains magical abilities that he needs to learn to control.
''<weebee>'' its been done a few times, but still interresting.
hell, 'god seed' is a lot like that.
''<deitarion>'' My point is that all of these small plot points can easily be made original. It's all about how you tie them together and what other conflicts and plot twists you throw in.
It's not as if it's trying to live up to "Girl Days".

''<Katana>'' Would be so nice to see a good Ranma/HP crossover. Also, Ranma with a velociraptor as pet... oh dear. Would the velociraptor still have cat-brain, I wonder? Yeah. Anyway. Ranma=suppressed mage. There's so many different styles of magic running around, I wonder which kind would best suit Ranma? Maybe not something overly destructive, for a change. Ranma with magic... perhaps he's going to have to suck it up and ask for help from Cologne or someone.
''<ssokolow>'' You can see why I thought the idea has such potential. :)
Of course, I especially like the idea of the "not a cat" also not being any other creature the world has ever seen. (doesn't have to be excessive. Could just be a winged monkey, for example.)
...or it could be a magical cat that projects an aura compelling people to know that, whatever it is, it's most definitely not a cat.
''<Katana>'' Yup, no cat here, move along...
''<ssokolow>'' If it weren't already taken, I'd probably have invented the flying big-eared cat that Kanako Urashima has as a familiar in Love Hina Again. I still might since it's not native to the Ranma or HP canon.

The idea I've more or less settled on is having the "~Not-a-Cat" being a felinoid creature whose appearance, though feline, screams "not a cat" at some deep, instinctual level. Cute, mischievous, and capable of flight. Beyond that, I'm still pondering. At the moment, I'm thinking female, capable of telepathic speech, and travelling with Ranma because it's the most entertaining option around.

''TODO:'' Add in my conversation with weebee on 2009-08-08 for more details.

Possibly with a personality slightly reminiscent of how fanfic authors like to show Nabiki when she's an ally rather than an enemy. After all, cats in western fiction are often personified much the way kitsune are in the east. I'm essentially envisioning a personality that's sort of a cross between catgirl and kitsune. (Catgirls whose 'kawaii' extends to the personality are annoying but kitsune have an inherent maturity to them which a newly-magical alley cat wouldn't)

Maybe make her ability to turn invisible hinted at but never confirmed. (For all we know, she knows the Umisenken or is just damn good at sneaking around) Hell, given how I'm going with this, we could have interesting interactions between her and Cologne. Given how Cologne likes to know what's going on, she probably wouldn't take too kindly to a mischievous, flying "not a" cat with unknown magical powers and a taste for snark and/or sarcasm. We'd essentially have someone who annoys Cologne in the same way that Cologne canonically annoys Ranma.

''<weebee>'' can you do me a favor, sorry. now that you know the plot, any title suggestions?
''<ssokolow>'' *snicker* "It all began with a boy... well... some of the time"
''<weebee>'' LOL.
''<weebee>'' like the original harry potter opening.
''<weebee>'' where'd you get that?
''<weebee>'' (Can't use for a title, but I'd save it for your fic.)
''<ssokolow>'' I thought it up after "What? Me Worry?" popped into my head.
''<weebee>'' LOL.
''Description:'' A couple of ideas for getting some good plot out of Kasumi's canon personality being a much bigger mask than any reader might normally suspect.

How something along the same lines as [[Not A Dirty Word, Chapter 1|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/741167/1/]] but without things diverging. (Reinterpreting canon events)

Or how about just having an "alternate view of Canon" story which implies that Kasumi has always worn a mask of fake obliviousness, that the cases where we see through it are cases where she lets it down (either accidentally or purposefully), and that she's really more manipulative than Nabiki (though not maliciously, just as a way of ensuring that life continues to be entertaining)

''<Katana>'' I think I saw something similar -- oh yeah, a little oneshot with Kasumi-as-mazoku, who kept making innocent little comments to inspire chaos. After all, most of the chaos doesn't really affect her; it just washes over her and around her.
''Description:'' Can I think of  any believable and original way to have Hinata somehow become a more active character in Naruto's life back before he becomes a Genin?

''<Katana>'' Hmm... I think Hinata herself wouldn't provide the motivation. It might be something as simple as Naruto running into her, or something going on with her family... but I'm fairly certain Hinata's not going to be the driving force, at least not originally. Some event -- perhaps somewhere around the Cloud thing -- acts to change Hinata enough so that she acts differently as she's growing up.
''<ssokolow>'' In other words... it'll be a challenge.
''<Katana>'' Oh definitely. I think, though, once you find the appropriate thing to push Hinata into changing herself, it'll be at least partially downhill.
Kind of like the snowball rolling down hill; perhaps a very tiny change at first, that results in something a whole lot larger farther down the road.
''Description:'' What if someone told Kuno that Ranma was really a lesbian who'd cursed herself to turn into a boy as a more socially-acceptable option?

''<ssokolow>'' Heh. I just had an amusing idea. Have you ever encountered a story where somebody tells Kuno that Ranma is really a lesbian who gave herself a male body because she couldn't change her sexual preferences? Could be amusing if done right.
''<gsteemso>'' HAHAHAH! I've never seen that before, and you're right, it could be great! :-)
''<ssokolow>'' I'll have to consider using it in my "[[Yumi Kuno]]" fic. Maybe Yumi could try to use it to keep her adoptive brother out of the way.

''<weebee>'' hmm...
taht does sound interresting. (Masterful change of subject by the way. :JP) But are you sure you could write that much Kuno-speak?
it'd take a lot of character interraction on his part.
though I guess if he's toned down a bit in Yumi Kuno, it could be less painfull...
then again I guess in that fic you're gunna have to deal with Kuno speak anyhow.

''<ssokolow>'' Speaking of Kuno speak, what do you think of this...? (I just thought it up now)
"Sister, I have returned"
"So, what do you want? A medal?"
''<Katana>'' -snicker- I might add a couple flowery adjectives to sister, though.
''Description:'' How about a Naruto oneshot exploring how things might go if Naruto realized the "overpowered Henge" fan-theory applied to him?

The "overpowered Henge" fan-theory (as I call it) is the theory that Naruto can actually transform himself (Henge is normally an illusion technique) which has been inspired by the fact that, during the Wave country arc, Saskue threw the giant shuriken Naruto was disguised as and it flew like a giant Shuriken, rather than a person who appears to be a giant shuriken. (Naturally, ignoring the possibility that it was just a Kage Bunshin and Kage Bunshin actually do transform because that's no fun)

More specifically, what if the Naruto+Kyuubi Chakra combination has meant that Naruto has always transformed when using Henge (or at least, since a very young age) and he doesn't know that it's abnormal. (Perhaps anything said about it being only an illusion was said to reassure very young children and Naruto doesn't remember it anymore)

''<ssokolow>'' To be honest, my main focus was more around:
* how much fun could be had by showing the un-expected inner workings of Naruto's mind if that's true (suppose all of this is canonical. Naruto's mental normality (more or less) is then just a mask)
* Watching the fun reactions when other characters find out and have to get used to it
* Seeing Naruto's reaction when he discovers that he's abnormally gifted with transformations. (minor since he's used to it)
* Whatever long term plot results.

''<Katana>'' So keeping things more or less canon, but providing a different take on what's going on inside his head?
''<ssokolow>'' No, but I might also do that.
''<ssokolow>'' Anyway, my original intent with this idea was more to pick an appropriate point in canon, trigger a divergence, and then have the characters start to revise their opinions of Naruto (both from that point on, and of past events).
''Description:'' What if there's a pony who hears Changeling telepathy due to a childhood accident but just dismissed it as, at most, mental illness.

I haven't really thought about the details much, but upon reading the quote listed as the source, the idea of "hears changeling telepathy because her neurochemistry was altered by a childhood incident with bad candy" popped to mind.

Obviously, it wouldn't be a continuation of that fic, given the "childhood" part. I'm not locked in on that detail, but it feels like it has more potential.
* The "childhood" part would allow the character to just be used to the idea that the voices are all in her head.
* It wouldn't automatically rule out Bon Bon for her part in events. Heck, it could make her more vulnerable to Chrysalis's mind control if that'd help the plot.
* The "bad candy" part isn't essential... I just get the impression that I don't want something so boringly obvious as "magical mishap" as the cause and "bad candy" imparts a nice touch of silliness to the "origin story".

I can think of various ways this could be integrated into a story, either as a source of a driving conflict or as something more supplementary. A big determining factor would be where they are during the wedding and how that affects their perspective on the voices in their head.
{{{>>2924612}}} She continuously ate hallucinogenic candy. For weeks.

From the looks of it, given her semi-realistic changeling experience, it might have altered her neurochemistry enough to make herself compatible with their telepathy and connected her with the hive mind.
-- Luminous Lead @ [[#3345873|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/110510/unfamiliar-skin#comment/3345873]]
''Description:'' Has anyone ever thought about what would happen if a vampire tried to bypass the invitation requirement by trying to ~FedEx themselves to someone?

Would moving the box into the house count as an invitation? Would they end up screwing themselves by getting carried into the house without a verbal invite? Would the box just refuse to cross the threshold? Something odder/funnier/sillier?

What did they send, everything? Mort staggered with his own box before he adjusted his grip. Balance is key when youre packing, a heavy box is even worse if it isnt balanced.
-- [[A Prince Among Toads, Chapter 27|http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-1671-27/Lucinda+A+Prince+Among+Toads.htm]]
''Description:'' Stories have made some great justifications for the nature of cutie marks being cultural... what if exceptional circumstances could alter their position or nature in more exceptional ways?

Some stories have put a lot of thought into the nature of cutie marks.

For example, in [[The Xenophile's Guide to Equestria, Chapter 13 (Ponies Behaving Badly|https://www.fimfiction.net/story/57315/13/the-xenophiles-guide-to-equestria/ponies-behaving-badly]], a deeply-considered and perfectly canon-reasonable argument is made for how much of the form cutie marks take is nurture, not nature. (ie. not only is the iconography based on what the subject is familiar with, but things like marks running may come and go as societies change.)

Given that and how loosely defined the whole setting is, why not a story built around coming to terms with some kind of "extremely exceptional circumstances produce something well outside the normal bounds of 'cutie mark'" as the driving conflict?

''Inspiration:'' Just a random thought when I was looking at a scene from the cartoon and thinking about how it makes sense to put an athletic contestant's number over their cutie mark because, with their cutie mark being probably the most distinctive single feature on their body, habit would probably draw the eyes there when trying to remember who someone is.
''Description:'' Heh. A misread of "About two and a half hours later, Saffron sat under a bridge. Hed spent quite a bit of time under this bridge in the past" inspired me to ponder ways to send the original god-king of Phoenix Mountain back in time. Perhaps one of those "You broke it, you fix it" deals with a Quantum Leap-style "You look normal. Keep a low profile." twist.

''Inspiration:'' weebee's [[Deja Vu All Over Again|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5452559/1/Deja_Vu_All_Over_Again]]
''Description:'' What if the spring of drowned girl from Ranma 1/2 gave the form (including all wearables) for if the character had been born female. I immediately realized that it would cause Ranma an order of magnitude more grief than before and trying to think of what would happen is rather amusing at times. (As opposed to merely the character's form as based on a female variant of their genes)

* Ranma would probably be weaker because the training would have been less intense
* Hairdo and clothes would probably change.


It was a familiar sight to any interdimensional beings who frequented this area of the multiverse, a teenage boy being knocked into the Nyannichuan by his newly cursed father. But this Jusenkyo was different. When Ranma surfaced, he was the same in mind but his body, right down to the clothing, was as if "she" had been born female. When Ranma surfaced, "she" was...:

# wearing a gi that fit better than it should have, little did "she" know that less gender-neutral clothing would produce much more spectacular changes. (The "Ranma's clothing changes too" option. This does transformations like ~Tuxedo-to-Gown)
# wearing casual clothing typical of a Japanese girl and with little muscular development (looks like Genma wouldn't have trained his daughter)
# Like option 1 or 2 but Ranma's cursed form will always match the appearance of some alternate-dimensional Ranko as of the time of Ranma's most recent transformation.
# Like option 3 when based on option 1 but Ranma is loosely linked to "Ranko" so any improvements Ranma makes will be mirrored in her. I hope she doesn't hurt anyone by accident.
# Like above but the clothing doesn't change back with hot water. (Looks like Ranma is gonna REALLY hate water)
# wearing Something Else <em>*cue ominous fanfare*</em>

!!!!Option 3:
Guide: Oh, you fall in Nyannichuan. Very tragic story...
Ranma: Why the hell am I wearing a fuku?
Guide: That Japanese school uniform, yes? If you born girl, you be in school right now.

!!!!Option 4:

Ranko experiences a momentary dizzy spell.
"Ok, that's it. No more skipping breakfast."


Option 3 could be funny if Ranma ends up relying on a punctual Ranko and then she makes an exception to her usual mode of dress just in time to unknowingly mess with Ranma.

Option 4 would probably do best if Ranko either gets a visit from the Chinese Amazons (complete with explanation of why she's getting so strong and agile) or meets Ranma in mutual shared dreams. I also suggest that she start getting "skill bleed-through" (In other words, she can access Ranma's conscious skills when in danger and she always has his martial arts instincts to tell her when to dodge random dangers)
''Description:'' Unsorted bits and bobs... usually too short to have their own page.
* How about writing my own "Odd Ideas"?
* Try writing a report/log/journal-style story like The Virus.
* ...heck, why not try some "What if...?" stories exploring how differently various series set in the future might go if Nerimavirus has become simply a part of what it means to be human.

!!Stuff too short for its own page:
* "Hulk Sell!" +++^*[inspiration]
"So, you're like a Hulk now?" She asked, putting her hand on Xander arm and feeling the muscle beneath. "Wow, how much do you weigh now, or lift, oh my god, I bet you're stronger than Buffy now!"

"I don't know," Xander laughed as they walked out of the house into the night, ducking under the doorway as he did. "They should have someone take a look at that, shoddy workmanship."

"Yeah," Jennifer replied with a grin. "We just knocked and it caved right in, no defence against door to door salesmen."

* Somehow, I get the feeling that [[Rei|https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayanami_Rei]] reading [[Faust|https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faust]] would have interesting effects. ([[inspiration|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5093352/1/Deus-ex-Evangelion]])
* Outsider comment regarding the crazy/fanatical Cylon Model Ones to use in an nBSG fic: *sigh* There's at least one in every family.
* How about a Futaba-kun Change fic that doesn't cross over with Ranma 1/2? (it would be a first)
* What other stories could be set in "The Virus"-verse? (eg. What series haven't been crossed in yet?)
* The world can always use more good fanfics for under-appreciated series like El Hazard, Sabre Marionette J, and so on.
* Send someone who isn't the main character back in time to the beginning of the series. (bonus points if they're not even a main character)
* Look into possible ways for the concept of "[[I Was A Teenage Dummy Plug|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1046500/1/I_Was_A_Teenage_Dummy_Plug]]" to be applied to other source series.
* How about a "self insert" where the person admits to being godly but doesn't do anything godly because their preferred method of meddling is to use chaos theory to solve problems? (Preferring to use their omniscience rather than their omnipotence)

* How about a Beavis and Butthead gender-bend crackfic? (Inspired by something in [[Uhhhhh ok|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2160751/1/]])
* Try to get some inspiration from the comment about Utena and ~OMG-style valkyries on [[this page|http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/45038318/]].
* If I can't find a decent implementation of the final author note from [[The Wild Horse Thesis|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3107822/18/]], then I should write it myself.
* Once I've finished figuring out how to model characters accurately and I've got a few stories under my belt, I should start completing the current story arcs on old Addventure favorites. Then I should try asking for permission to complete standalone fics, eventually working my way up to "Forever The Tomboy" and "Girl Days" once I hopefully have enough of a reputation to receive it.

"You're forgetting that this is the guy who drinks a glass of chocolate milk by drinking the glass and throwing away the milk, which then explodes. For him, BLT probably means something like Begonia, Lead, and Tarantula... and that's assuming he wants to hit all three food groups." (animal, vegetable, and mineral)

!!Ponder these for ideas:
* Discworld:
** Dumbledore has seven portraits but only six are known... because the seventh is hidden in the Patrician's palace in ~Ankh-Morpork where the magic field is so strong that Dumbledore's portrait self can step out of the portrait into reality in case of emergency. -- [[Harry Potter and the Color of Magic, Chapter 19|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2512228/19/Harry_Potter_and_the_Color_of_Magic]]
* Neon Genesis Evangelion:
** Some of the AU universes touched on in http://tinyurl.com/gymgz and http://tinyurl.com/marzs (Chapters 15 and 16 of Innortal's "True Angel".)
** Perhaps something starting at http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/170181.html and involving "Dual!: Parallel Trouble Adventure"?
* Sailor Moon:
** http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/203004.html
* Slayers:
** http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/35529.html

!! Idea bins open for public use:
* Neon Genesis Evangelion:
** [[Spare Parts|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5092329/1/Spare_Parts]]
** [[The Beginnings Repository|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5344173/1/The_Beginnings_Repository]]

!!Analysis TODO
''Note:'' This category is for stuff that's probably only relevant to me at the moment but may become generally-useful ideas later on.
* Re-read "[[Generation Lost|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/345621/1/Generation_Lost]]" [[[2]|http://www.florestica.com/jtemple/gl/index.htm]], identify what about it captivates me, distill it, and design a fic plan to reproduce it.
* Analyze "[[Eldritch Asylum|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2056653/1/Eldritch_Asylum]]" to identify what about it I crave and what pitfalls to avoid... then look into writing something like that once I've proven that no more fics like that exist.
* Figure out what atmosphere/tone traits appeal to me in the combination of Make a Wish [[chapter 38|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2318355/38/Make_A_Wish]] and luinlothana's omake on [[chapter 39|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2318355/39/Make_A_Wish]] and plan a fic around them. (In essence, a Harry Potter (-ish) fic that mixes in a modern North American setting without completely throwing out the baby with the bathwater)
''Description:'' If a story's plot depends heavily on obsessive love, gender-bending can be a very entertaining way to mess things up.

''Inspiration:'' [[Spoiled Brats, Chapter 19|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4631579/19/Spoiled_Brats]]
''Description:'' Kuno may be an idiot, but it always surprised me that his ego wasn't big enough to prevent posession in canon. Was that anime-only?

> ''<gsteemso>'' Kuno may be too inane [ed. or insane] to get possessed... hard to hit a target that's so erratic
''<Katana>'' It may have been only anime. They start to blur, after a while. I don't think possession would work on him very well, but a sort of control or manipulation might. A nudge here, a 'foul sorceror imprisoning pure maiden' there...
''<ssokolow>'' True.

''Description:'' A bin to accumulate bits and pieces about the Hogwarts house system that are either subtle but important or commonly forgotten.

The thing to remember about the houses is that they reflect your strongest trait. That in no way precludes you being only slightly behind in the other traits. Harry himself is a prime example of that. That's why the hat called him "difficult".

''<Katana>'' Yes, I get what you're saying. I think the House system might also be a little detrimental to people, too; they focus on that specific quality to the exclusion of all else. Also, it has the effect of creating a stereotype of that particular House.
''Description:'' What if, in reconstructing Commander Sheppard for Mass Effect 2, the process accidentally included a gender-swap?

No special reason. It's an opportunity for a gender-swap and it could be an interesting option for exploring either the author's vision of Sheppard or the social context of the Mass Effect universe in general.

''Important:'' I generally don't like Mass Effect 2 and beyond, so I have a strong preference for the ridiculously implausible reconstruction from seeming nothing being the //only// elements of post-~ME1 continuity in the story. For some of the reasons why, check the links on the [[Mass Effect]] page.

''Update 2017-07-28:'' That said, "no time to sedate for another couple of years and rebuild correctly" is a good way to justify keeping Sheppard gender-swapped for the duration of the story, while not needing some "Sheppard's gender identity changes" magic BS to achieve a happy ending.

''TODO:'' Think of a more relevant title.
!How could it happen?

Whether it's accidental, mistakenly perceived as the only option for salvaging damaged DNA, or actually a result of the limitations of the already magically-powerful recovery technique is up to the author. The result is what matters, not the process.

The most likely excuse for accidental would be one of the following leading the machine to "repair" the recovered DNA to the wrong gender:
* Due to operational security, policy, or plain old overwork, the operator doesn't know the subject's original gender and guesstimates incorrectly.
* The operator of the machine put too much trust in the automation.
Either way could result in the system restoring missing bits by either duplicating the X chromosome "in better condition" (male-to-female) or pulling a known good replacement chromosome (X or Y) from storage.

If it's purposeful, I'd rather the person making the decision see it as a necessary evil (eg. the only way to make it work) rather than some kind of villainous means of manipulating Sheppard.

''Update 2016-11-07:'' Probably best to make it a comedy of errors centering around how compartmentalized TIM keeps knowledge in Cerberus.
''Description:'' Gag: Window is asked to open on command. Window falls apart instead because someone stole the hinge-pins and just left it balanced in place.

''Inspired by:'' [[Partially Kissed Hero, Chapter 20|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4240771/20/Partially_Kissed_Hero]]
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''Description:'' How about exploring the potential of the "OMG/AMS Angels can take on pseudo-human form and move about independant of their goddesses but don't desire to because it never occurred to them and, even if it did, the unknown is a scary thing." idea as used in "Little Angel Lost" but with a pure OMG/AMS setting and tone?

I'd have to do some re-reading to identify the best triggering event, but it's definitely an interesting idea.

Oh! My Goddess angels can go off on their own... but World of Elegance (Urd's angel) is the exception in wanting to strongly enough to counter the fear of the unknown. -- [[Little Angel Lost, Chapter 14|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1235950/14/Little_Angel_Lost]]

''See Also:''
* [[Going Nativity]] (Urd stuck on Earth on probation with a more comtemporary feel)
* [[Life is Buggy]] (Character who used to be an Yggdrasil system bug. Not necessarily the same feel)
''Description:'' Entries tagged "PB" may be useful to my plotting book project (no link yet available but it will be ~CC-BY-SA licensed soon). Typically, because of something I said and didn't feel like duplicating the chat logs for.

In other words, PB is a tag for my own use which, were I more confident that others would see the same things in it I do, would be named "Insightful".
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''Description:'' How about doing the "parallel kingdom/empire to the moon kingdom using cloaking spells/tech to stay secret from them" idea from [[Endymion, Chapter 4|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1803531/4/Endymion]] properly.
''Description:'' ''TODO:'' Think about what elements of this I consider most important and summarize them here.

See Also: [[Secret Identity]]

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, Children of AAAAALL ages, I give you the Unfortunate Metamorphmagus, Peter Pettigrew.

> "Did you know there's a fourth-year girl in Hufflepuff who's a Metamorphmagus?" said Hermione as they headed toward the Great Hall. "She makes her hair really red, like stopsign red not Weasley red, and when she spilled hot tea on herself she turned into a black-haired boy until she got it under control again."

That bit wasn't included _just_ to make a shout out to Ranma 1/2. That's how Peter knew so many secrets, and that's how Peter is in Azkaban and Sirius is... maybe dead, maybe living as a dog somewhere in hiding and all that.
-- Name withheld by request
''Description:'' Ranma's body has been steeped in so much magic over the course of his life that, as a result of its chaotic interactions, when he dies and is cremated, he's reborn from the flames. (I'd like to try an alternative vision to how it was done in [[Death Reborn Evolution|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5627756/1/Death_Reborn_Evolution]] )

''TODO:'' Don't forget to send [[Shanami|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1780347/]] a link as requested when I write it.
''Description:'' How about a matrix fic where, as part of the setting, someone once learned enough about the nature of the matrix to create their own network of alternate "zones" connected to each other and to the matrix at large by portals. Perhaps they crafted a civilization of their own in the hidden spaces which hasn't had contact with the regular matrix in ages and now is about to.

''<Katana>'' Oooh. Now, I am not normally a big fan of anything Matrix, but that sounds really, really, cool. Another civilization... what kind of civilization? Aware of the Matrix?
''<ssokolow>'' Probably. I was more pondering the setting than the characters at the time I wrote that.
''Description:'' Story ideas which are little more than their summaries.
''Description:'' If I have Harry Potter wind up in a dimension where there's no wizarding world, it'd probably be best to have him arrive with a pocketful of wands so at least one character can be revealed to have magical ability of the wizarding kind. (The simplest way would be to have Harry removed from his dimension during or at the end of a fight with death eaters where he had been summoning the wands of downed death eaters to keep them from being picked up and used) ...of course, it should only be done if I can find a fresh way to do it.
''Description:'' "Shakespeare, <poet>, <poet>; Kuno mangles all!"

Just a little dialog snippet to think on.

''<Katana>'' Er? Tennyson and... uh... Frost? ^_^;; Lewis Carroll, maybe; Jabberwocky's a sure-fire winner.
''<ssokolow>'' Anyway, you can see how that's a keeper as a dialogue fragment.
''<Katana>'' Oh yes. Definitely. For greatest effect, the last <poet> should end in -all, I think. It would be funny(-ier) if it rhymed.

''Note:'' Probably best to include at least one famous Japanese poet to show that Kuno mangles poetry regardless of whether it's in his native language.
''Description:'' A bin for accumulating reference information on unisex names in case I need them in my gender-bending stories

|>|!Names which appear to be unisex in their romanized forms|
|!Name|!Reasons for Inclusion|
|Haru|According to an Addventure comment, "The name 'Haru' is gender-neutral, but only barely." A quick search [[seems|http://myanimelist.net/character/19132/Haru__Yukima]] [[to|http://myanimelist.net/character/4802/Haru_Yoshioka]] [[back|http://myanimelist.net/character/25966/Haru__Sakura]] [[this|http://myanimelist.net/character/40608/Haru_Tsukumo]] [[up|http://myanimelist.net/character/1855/Haru_Miura]]|
|Hikaru|Seen it used without comment by both [[male|http://www.furinkan.com/ranma/characters/hikaru.html]] [////[[2|http://myanimelist.net/character/22/Hikaru_Hitachiin]]////] and [[female|http://myanimelist.net/character/518/Hikaru_Shidou]] [////[[2|http://myanimelist.net/character/472/Hikaru_Shiina]]////] characters|
|Kaoru|Seen it used without comment by both [[male|http://myanimelist.net/character/5892/Kaoru_Hanabishi]] [////[[2|http://myanimelist.net/character/24/Kaoru_Hitachiin]],[[3|http://myanimelist.net/character/1261/Kaworu_Nagisa]]////] and [[female|http://myanimelist.net/character/148/Kaoru_Kamiya]] [////[[2|http://myanimelist.net/character/10640/Kaoru_Mitarai]]////] characters|
|Makoto|Seen it used without comment by both [[male|https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/List_of_El-Hazard_characters#Makoto_Mizuhara]] and [[female|https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Sailor_Jupiter]] characters|
|Tsubasa|[[Characters commented|http://www.furinkan.com/ranma/characters/tsubasa.html]] on the gender-ambiguity. A quick search [[seems|http://myanimelist.net/character/5620/Tsubasa_Ozora]] [[to|http://myanimelist.net/character/6297/Tsubasa_Shiina]] [[back|http://myanimelist.net/character/5621/Tsubasa_Andou]] [[this|http://myanimelist.net/character/4651/Tsubasa_Ootori]] [[up|http://myanimelist.net/character/29109/Tsubasa_Amaha]]|
|Tsukasa|[[Characters commented|https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Tsukasa_%28.hack%29#Tsukasa]] on the gender-ambiguity, one author [[seems to have banked on it|http://myanimelist.net/character/4677/Tsukasa_Kozuki]], and a quick search [[seems|http://myanimelist.net/character/2170/Tsukasa_Hiiragi]] [[to|http://myanimelist.net/character/11817/Tsukasa_Hino]] [[back|http://myanimelist.net/character/1974/Tsukasa_Nishino]] [[it|http://myanimelist.net/character/36055/Tsukasa_Sakuma]] [[up|http://myanimelist.net/character/5535/Tsukasa_Tsukisaki]]|
|Setsuna|Seen it used without comment by both [[male|http://myanimelist.net//character.php/2805/Setsuna_Mudo?id=2805&display=&t=Setsuna_Mudo]] and [[female|http://myanimelist.net/character/2828/Setsuna_Meioh]] characters|

* Get proper, knowledgeable input on these.
* Try to find out what Japanese people tend to read into various spellings of these names as well.

''(20:44:38) weebee:'' Yuki
''(20:45:58) weebee:'' Akira.
''(20:46:11) weebee:'' prodominantly male, but can be female.
''(20:47:07) weebee:'' Chihiro.
''(20:47:14) weebee:'' mostly female, rarely male.
''(20:49:06) weebee:'' Chiaki
''(20:49:28) weebee:'' gender neutral, also, name of female astronaut.
''(20:53:55) weebee:'' Hiromi
''(20:54:06) weebee:'' used by both, ratio unknown.
''(20:54:43) weebee:'' Haruka, is apparently gender neutral....
''(20:55:46) weebee:'' Itsuki
''(20:56:25) weebee:'' Jun
''(20:58:11) weebee:'' Katsumi
''(20:58:43) weebee:'' Kei
''(20:59:19) weebee:'' can I stop now?
''(21:00:20) ssokolow:'' You have more?
''(21:00:30) weebee:'' yup.
''(21:01:13) ssokolow:'' Why not just say as many as you can think of and I'll drop this chatlog into the TODO list?
''(21:01:36) weebee:'' not thinking of them.
''(21:01:45) weebee:'' there's a japanese surname section on wikipedia.
''(21:01:56) weebee:'' am looking through and checking genders and famous individuals.
''(21:02:14) ssokolow:'' Mind linking the page so it gets in the chatlog?
''(21:02:21) weebee:'' rgr.
''(21:02:30) weebee:'' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Japanese_given_names
''(21:02:36) ssokolow:'' Thanks.
|Description:|Provides a new date format ('pppp') that displays times such as '2 days ago'|
|Version:|1.0 ($Rev: 3646 $)|
|Date:|$Date: 2008-02-27 02:34:38 +1000 (Wed, 27 Feb 2008) $|
|Author:|Simon Baird <simon.baird@gmail.com>|
* If you want to you can rename this plugin. :) Some suggestions: LastUpdatedPlugin, RelativeDatesPlugin, SmartDatesPlugin, SexyDatesPlugin.
* Inspired by http://ejohn.org/files/pretty.js
Date.prototype.prettyDate = function() {
	var diff = (((new Date()).getTime() - this.getTime()) / 1000);
	var day_diff = Math.floor(diff / 86400);

	if (isNaN(day_diff))      return "";
	else if (diff < 0)        return "in the future";
	else if (diff < 60)       return "just now";
	else if (diff < 120)      return "1 minute ago";
	else if (diff < 3600)     return Math.floor(diff/60) + " minutes ago";
	else if (diff < 7200)     return "1 hour ago";
	else if (diff < 86400)    return Math.floor(diff/3600) + " hours ago";
	else if (day_diff == 1)   return "Yesterday";
	else if (day_diff < 7)    return day_diff + " days ago";
	else if (day_diff < 14)   return  "a week ago";
	else if (day_diff < 31)   return Math.ceil(day_diff/7) + " weeks ago";
	else if (day_diff < 62)   return "a month ago";
	else if (day_diff < 365)  return "about " + Math.ceil(day_diff/31) + " months ago";
	else if (day_diff < 730)  return "a year ago";
	else                      return Math.ceil(day_diff/365) + " years ago";

Date.prototype.formatString_orig_mptw = Date.prototype.formatString;

Date.prototype.formatString = function(template) {
	return this.formatString_orig_mptw(template).replace(/pppp/,this.prettyDate());

// for MPTW. otherwise edit your ViewTemplate as required.
// config.mptwDateFormat = 'pppp (DD/MM/YY)';
config.mptwDateFormat = 'pppp';


|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|add key-by-key wikified preview to any textarea input field|
Provides key-by-key ''LIVE PREVIEW'' of //formatted// tiddler content as you type input into a textarea (multi-line) edit field.
>see [[PreviewPluginInfo]]
Automatically freeze preview updates when a tiddler takes more than <<option txtPreviewAutoFreeze>> milliseconds to render.
2008.01.08 [*.*.*] plugin size reduction: documentation moved to ...Info tiddler
2007.12.04 [*.*.*] update for TW2.3.0: replaced deprecated core functions, regexps, and macros
2007.11.18 [1.8.1] in config.commands.previewTiddler, changed alt command text to use character-based "psuedo-checkbox" instead of embedded html fragment
2007.09.27 [1.8.0] split TidIDE preview functionality into separate stand-alone plugin (see [[TidIDEPlugin]]).
|please see [[TidIDEPluginInfo]] for additional revision details|
2006.04.15 [0.5.0] Initial ALPHA release. Converted from inline script.
// // version info
version.extensions.PreviewPlugin= {major: 1, minor: 8, revision: 1, date: new Date(2007,11,18)};

// //  macro definition
if (config.options.txtPreviewAutoFreeze==undefined)
	config.options.txtPreviewAutoFreeze=250; // limit (in milliseconds) for auto-freezing preview display

config.macros.preview = {
	renderMsg: "rendering preview...",
	timeoutMsg: " (> %0ms)",
	freezeMsg: " - preview is frozen.  Press [refresh] to re-display.",
	handler: function(place,macroName,params) {
		var hide=params[0]=="hide"; if (hide) params.shift();
		var field=params[0];
		var height=params[1]; if (!height) height=15;
		var here=this.findContainingForm(place);
		if (!here) here=story.findContainingTiddler(place);
		if (!here) here=place.parentNode;
		if (!here) here=place;
		var elems=here.getElementsByTagName("textarea");
		if (field) for (var e=0; e<elems.length; e++)  // find matching textarea (by fieldname)
			if (elems[e].getAttribute("edit")==field) var ta=elems[e];
			if (elems.length) var ta=elems[elems.length-1]; // default to last rendered text area
		if (!ta) {
			var elems=here.getElementsByTagName("input");
			if (field) for (var e=0; e<elems.length; e++)  // find matching input field (by fieldname)
				if (elems[e].getAttribute("edit")==field) var ta=elems[e];
				if (elems.length) var ta=elems[elems.length-1]; // default to last rendered input field
		if (!ta) return false; // no textarea or input field found... do nothing...
		var id=(new Date().getTime()).toString()+Math.random(); // unique instance ID
		ta.onkeyup=function(ev) {
			if (this.saved_onkeyup) this.saved_onkeyup.apply(this,arguments);
		var html=this.html.replace(/%previd%/g,id+"_preview")
	findContainingForm: function(e) {
		while (e && e.nodeName.toLowerCase()!="form") e=e.parentNode;
		return e;
	render: function(srcid,previd,force) {
		var value=document.getElementById(srcid).value;
		var panel=document.getElementById(previd);
		var f=this.findContainingForm(panel);
		if (!f || (f.freeze.checked && !force)) return;
		var p=panel.firstChild; var d=f.domview; var h=f.htmlview; if (!p||!d||!h) return;
		var start=new Date();
		var end=new Date();
		f.status.value="elapsed: "+(end-start+1)+"ms";
		// automatically suspend preview updates for slow rendering tiddlers
		if (end-start+1>config.options.txtPreviewAutoFreeze) {
		if (f.freeze.checked) f.status.value+=this.freezeMsg;
	renderDOM: function(id) {
		var panel=document.getElementById(id);
		var f=this.findContainingForm(panel); if (!f) return;
		var p=panel.firstChild; var d=f.domview; var h=f.htmlview; if (!p||!d||!h) return;
		var height=p.getAttribute("height");
		if (f.dom.checked) d.value=this.getNodeTree(p,"|  ");
		if (!d.style||!h.style) return;
	renderHTML: function(id) {
		var panel=document.getElementById(id);
		var f=this.findContainingForm(panel); if (!f) return;
		var p=panel.firstChild; var d=f.domview; var h=f.htmlview; if (!p||!d||!h) return;
		var height=p.getAttribute("height");
		if (f.html.checked) h.value=this.formatHTML(p.innerHTML);
		if (!h.style||!d.style) return;
	formatHTML: function(txt) {
		if (config.browser.isIE) return txt; // BYPASS - 4/24/2006 due to IE hang problem.  Will fix later...
		var out="";
		var indent="";
		var level=0;
		for (var i=0;i<txt.length;i++) {
			var c=txt.substr(i,1);
			if (c=="<") {
					if (txt.substr(i+1,1)=="/")  indent=indent.substr(0,indent.length-2);
				if (txt.substr(i+1,1)!="/" && txt.substr(i+1,3)!="br>" && txt.substr(i+1,2)!="p>" && txt.substr(i+1,3)!="hr>")  indent+="  ";
				if (c=="\n")
			if (c==">" && txt.substr(i+1,1)!="<")
		return out;
	getNodeTree: function(theNode,theIndent,showPath,inline,thePrefix,thePath)
		if (!theNode) return "";
		if (!thePrefix) thePrefix="";
		if (!thePath) thePath="";
		var mquote='"'+(inline?"{{{":"");
		var endmquote=(inline?"}}}":"")+'"';
		// generate output for this node
		var out = thePrefix;
		if (showPath && thePath.length)
				out += (inline?"//":"")+thePath.substr(1)+":"+(inline?"//":"")+"\r\n"+thePrefix;
		if (theNode.className=="DOMViewer")
			return out+'[DOMViewer]\r\n'; // avoid self-referential recursion
		out += (inline?"''":"")+theNode.nodeName.toUpperCase()+(inline?"''":"");
		if (theNode.nodeName=="#text")
			out += ' '+mquote+theNode.nodeValue.replace(/\n/g,'\\n')+endmquote;
		if (theNode.className)
			out += ' class='+mquote+theNode.className+endmquote;
		if (theNode.type)
			out += ' type='+mquote+theNode.type+endmquote;
		if (theNode.id)
			out += ' id='+mquote+theNode.id+endmquote;
		if (theNode.name)
			out += " "+theNode.name+(theNode.value?"="+mquote+theNode.value+endmquote:"");
		if (theNode.href)
			out += ' href='+mquote+theNode.href+endmquote;
		if (theNode.src)
			out += ' src='+mquote+theNode.src+endmquote;
		if (theNode.attributes && theNode.getAttribute("tiddlyLink")!=undefined)
			out += ' tiddler='+mquote+theNode.getAttribute("tiddlyLink")+endmquote;
		out += "\r\n";
		// recursively generate output for child nodes
		for (var i=0;i<theNode.childNodes.length;i++)
			var thisChild=theNode.childNodes.item(i);
			var theNum=(inline?"~~":"(")+(i+1)+(inline?"~~":")");
			out += this.getNodeTree(thisChild,theIndent,showPath,inline,thePrefix,thePath+theNum);
		return out;
	html: " <form style='width:100%'><span id='%previd%' editID='%srcid%' style='display:%hide%'><div class='viewer' \
			height='%height%' style='margin:0;margin-top:.5em;height:%height%em;overflow:auto;white-space:normal'> \
			&nbsp; \
			</div> \
		<!-- DOM and HTML viewers --> \
		<textarea name=domview cols=60 rows=12 wrap=off \
			onfocus='this.select()' style='display:none;width:100%;height:%halfheight%em;'></textarea><!-- \
		--><textarea name=htmlview cols=60 rows=12 wrap=off \
			onfocus='this.select()' style='display:none;width:100%;height:%halfheight%em;'></textarea> \
		<!-- status line, preview option checkboxes, run/refresh buttons --> \
		<table width='100%' style='border:0;padding:0;margin:0'><tr style='border:0;padding:0;margin:0'> \
		<td style='border:0;padding:0;margin:0'><!-- \
			--><input type=text name=status style='padding:0;width:100%;' \
				title='ELAPSED: time (in milliseconds) used to render tiddler content in preview display'><!-- \
		--></td><td style='width:1%;border:0;padding:0;margin:0;'><!-- \
			--><input type=text name=limit size='6' maxlength='6' style='padding:0;width:5em;text-align:center' \
				value='%limit%ms' title='TIME LIMIT: maximum rendering time (in milliseconds) before auto-freezing preview' \
				onfocus='this.select()' \
				onchange='var val=this.value.replace(/[^0-9]/g,\"\"); if (!val.length) val=this.defaultValue; \
					this.value=val+\"ms\"; config.options.txtPreviewAutoFreeze=val; saveOptionCookie(\"txtPreviewAutoFreeze\"); \
					this.form.freeze.checked=false; config.macros.preview.render(\"%srcid%\",\"%previd%\",true);'><!-- \
		--></td><td style='width:1%;border:0;padding:0;margin:0;'><!-- \
			--><input type=text name=height size='4' maxlength='4' style='padding:0;width:4em;text-align:center' \
				value='%height%em' title='HEIGHT: size (in \"ems\") of preview area, including controls' \
				onfocus='this.select()' \
				onchange='var val=this.value.replace(/[^0-9]/g,\"\");  if (!val.length) val=this.defaultValue; \
					this.value=val+\"em\"; document.getElementById(\"%previd%\").firstChild.setAttribute(\"height\",val); \
					config.macros.preview.render(\"%srcid%\",\"%previd%\",true)'><!-- \
		--></td><td style='width:1%;border:0;padding:0;margin:0;text-align:right;white-space:nowrap'> \
			<input type=checkbox name=dom style='display:inline;width:auto;margin:1px;' \
				title='show Document Object Model (DOM) information' \
				onclick='config.macros.preview.renderDOM(\"%previd%\");'>DOM \
			<input type=checkbox name=html style='display:inline;width:auto;margin:1px;' \
				title='show rendered HTML' \
				onclick='config.macros.preview.renderHTML(\"%previd%\");'>HTML \
			<input type=checkbox name=freeze style='display:inline;width:auto;margin:1px;' %frozen% \
				title='do not update preview display as changes are made' \
				onclick='var p=document.getElementById(\"%previd%\");  \
					if (this.checked) this.form.status.value+=config.macros.preview.freezeMsg; \
					else config.macros.preview.render(\"%srcid%\",\"%previd%\",true);'>freeze \
			<input type=button style='display:inline;width:auto;' value='refresh' \
				title='update preview display' \
				onclick='config.macros.preview.render(\"%srcid%\",\"%previd%\",true)'> \
		</td></tr></table> \

// // toolbar definition
config.commands.previewTiddler = {
	text: 'preview',
	tooltip: 'show key-by-key preview',
	text_alt: '\u221Apreview',
	handler: function(event,src,title) {
		var here=story.findContainingTiddler(src); if (!here) return;
		var elems=here.getElementsByTagName("span");
		for (var e=0; e<elems.length; e++) {
			if (elems[e].getAttribute("editid")) {
				var show=elems[e].style.display=="none";
				if (show) config.macros.preview.render(elems[e].getAttribute("editid"),elems[e].id);
		return false;
''Description:''  How about a TFF/[[Innortal|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3022400/1/The_Naruto_Omake_Files_Innortal_Style]]-style time-looped Naruto crackfic omake where, maybe just for shits and giggles, Naruto spends a loop with two tailed beasts sealed within him and the rest of the cast sees them playing the roles of shoulder angel and shoulder devil... much to the concern of the rest of the cast and Naruto's hidden amusement.

* "Two tailed beasts" was just the original thought that occurred to me. It may be better to have it simply being Kyuubi and either Minato, Kushina, or both.
* They could appear in the real world as either the traditional "miniature beings on shoulders" forms or as temporary extrusions of the flesh of Naruto's shoulders similar to the faces of [[Dizzy|http://guilty-gear.wikia.com/wiki/Dizzy]]'s half-transformed wings. (Note: I've never played Guilty gear. I'm just making a reference to the pic on the linked page) I think the former would work better somehow, but the latter occurred to me first.
* This doesn't necessarily have to be a Naruto idea. It shouldn't be too difficult to repurpose it to any series where you can set up a similar dynamic. Naruto is just the most obviously compatible choice.

''Inspiration:'' [[The Rough Fist, Chapter 15|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5806020/15/]]. Specifically, the scene where Kakashi wonders how Naruto can use the bubble-element techniques which Naruto's former teacher can only use because of his own "passenger" (The title comes from the ~TVTropes [[Good Angel, Bad Angel|http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GoodAngelBadAngel]] page.)

Maybe someone (Kakashi?) could try to get shoulder-Minato's attention (or scream at shoulder Kyuubi), breaking Naruto's focus and causing them to vanish and then Naruto could feign ignorance.

Hell, for an omake of the omake[-ish fic], there could be a "shoulder Minato vs. shoulder Kushina" when Naruto's in a "fish or cut bait" situation.  Of course, that would mean I'd have to go back to Narutopedia to look up what Minato and Kushina did (or could believably have done) in their off-time. We know Naruto got his personality from Kushina, but I don't remember whether Minato's love of Ramen is merely fanon. If it's not, it could be "Prank (Kushina) or Eat Ramen (Minato)"
''Description:'' What might happen if Gilderoy Lockheart was canonical except for not being a fraud and took Harry under his wing in a way Harry actually accepted?

The specific elements I'm thinking of are:
* Lockheart is still more or less canonical in his behaviour, but instead of being a complete and utter fraud, is closer to Horace Slughorn. (Skilled, but much more interested in his social status)
* Lockheart recognizes that Harry has the potential to be the next Dumbledore that various fics have haphazardly focused on.
* Lockheart approaches Harry, either initially or after a bad first impression, more seriously, and manages to convince Harry that, since his fame isn't going to go away, he should learn how to manage it so "Just Harry" and "The Boy Who Lived" can come to some sort of truce.

''Inspiration:'' In [[Defense For Two|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6473434/1/]], Gilderoy Lockheart is actually an unspeakable in disguise. In [[Chapter 15|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6473434/15/]], my mind slipped off track just enough for this bit of dialogue to get me thinking:
"I&I understand, but I just don't understand why."

"It is because Harry here is going to be the next Dumbledore, and both Voldemort and Dumbledore himself are doing everything they can to prevent that from happening.


''Update 2011-09-03:'' [[When In Doubt, Obliviate|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6635363/1/When_In_Doubt_Obliviate]] has Lockhart adopting Harry without asking, but not taking a canon Harry under his wing.
''Description:'' If I work from the manga only, can I make the Tendos secretly rich? I only remember evidence of monetary problems in the anime.

''Inspiration:'' I'm sick of fics where they're only solvent because of Nabiki's tireless efforts.

''<ssokolow>'' "Tendo. Why didn't you say anything?"
"You never asked."
''<Katana>'' Exactly. I wonder, would Genma try to make off with some or would his loyalty to his friend win out?
''<ssokolow>'' Could go either way, so it's up to the author.

|''Description''|Adds a random color palette to TiddlyWiki|
|''Author''|Jon Robson|
Sets and saves a random color palette on execution

Creates a button, which when clicked will change the color palette
More information at http://macros.tiddlyspace.com/#%5B%5BRandomColorPaletteButton%20macro%5D%5D
RGB.prototype.toRGBString = function() {
	return "rgb(%0,%1,%2)".format(parseInt(this.r * 255, 10),
		parseInt(this.g * 255, 10), parseInt(this.b * 255, 10))
function HSL_TO_RGB(h, s, l) { // h (hue) between 0 and 360, s (saturation) & l (lightness) between 0 and 1
	var c = l <= 0.5 ? 2 * l * s : ( 2 - (2 * l)) * s;
	var h1 = h / 60;
	var x = c * (1 - Math.abs((h1 % 2) - 1));
	var r, g, b;
	if(typeof(h) == 'undefined') {
		r = 0;
		g = 0;
		b = 0;
	} else if(0 <= h1 && h1 < 1) {
		r = c;
		g = x;
		b = 0;
	} else if(1 <= h1 && h1 < 2) {
		r = x;
		g = c;
		b = 0;
	} else if(2 <= h1 && h1 < 3) {
		r = 0;
		g = c;
		b = x;
	} else if(3 <= h1 && h1 < 4) {
		r = 0;
		g = x;
		b = c;
	} else if(4 <= h1 && h1 < 5) {
		r = x;
		g = 0;
		b = c;
	} else if(5 <= h1 && h1 < 6) {
		r = c;
		g = 0;
		b = x;
	m = l - (0.5 * c);
	return new RGB(r + m, g + m, b + m);

	var macro = config.macros.RandomColorPalette = {
		messagesOn: false,
		changedPaletteText: "We have assigned you a random theme by adjusting the [[ColorPalette]] tiddler.\nDon't like it? Click <<RandomColorPalette>> for another one.",
		handler: function(place, macroName, params, wikifier, paramString, tiddler) {
			paramString = paramString || "";
			var options = macro.getOptions(paramString);
			macro.generatePalette(options, true);
		optionTypes: {
			floats: ["hue", "saturation", "darkest", "lightness", "huevariance", "dark", "pale", "light", "mid"]
		getOptions: function(paramString) {
			var args = paramString.parseParams("name", null, true, false, true)[0];
			var options = {};
			var numbers = macro.optionTypes.floats;
			for(var i in args) {
				options[i] = numbers.indexOf(i) > -1 ? parseFloat(args[i][0], 10) : args[i][0];
			return options;
		generateRandomNumber: function(min, max, info) {
			var num = (Math.random() * 1);
			info = !info ? { attempts:0 } : info;
			info.attempts += 1;
			var good = true;
			if(min == max) {
				return max;
			if(min && num < min) {
				good = false;
			} else if(max && num > max) {
				good = false;
			if(!good) {
				if(info.attempts < 5) {
					return macro.generateRandomNumber(min, max, info);
				} else {
					if(max) {
						return max;
					} else if(min) {
						return min;
					} else {
						return 1;
			return num;
		getExistingPalette: function(asJSON) {
			var title = "ColorPalette";
			var tiddlerText;
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			} else if(store.isShadowTiddler(title)){
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			if(asJSON) {
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					for(var i = 0; i < lines.length; i++) {
						var definition = lines[i].split(":");
						if(definition.length == 2) {
							var name = definition[0].trim();
							var value = definition[1].trim();
							json[name] = value;
				return json;
			} else {
				return tiddlerText;
		generatePalette: function(options, save) {
			var outputRGB = options.rgb;
			var palette = macro.getExistingPalette(true);
			var hue = options.hue || Math.floor(Math.random() * 359);
			var saturation = options.saturation || macro.generateRandomNumber(0.3, 0.7);
			var dark = options.dark || options.darkest || macro.generateRandomNumber(0, 0.10);
			var pale = options.pale || options.lightness || macro.generateRandomNumber(0.90, 1);
			var delta = ( ( pale - dark ) / 3 );
			var mid = options.mid || dark + delta;
			var light = options.light || dark + (delta * 2);
			var lightness_values = {Dark: dark, Mid: mid, Light: light, Pale: pale};

			var opposite_hue = (hue + 180) % 360;
			var seed = options.huevariance || Math.floor((85 * Math.random()) + 5); // we want it to be at least 5 degrees
			var huetwo = (opposite_hue + seed) % 360;
			var huethree = (opposite_hue - seed) % 360;
			if(huetwo < 0) {
				huetwo = 360 + huetwo;
			if(huethree < 0) {
				huethree = 360 + huethree;
			for(var j in lightness_values) {
				if(true) {
					palette["Primary" + j] = HSL_TO_RGB(hue, saturation, lightness_values[j]);
					palette["Secondary" + j] = HSL_TO_RGB(huetwo, saturation, lightness_values[j]);
					palette["Tertiary" + j] = HSL_TO_RGB(huethree, saturation, lightness_values[j]);
			palette.Background = HSL_TO_RGB(hue, saturation, 0.92);
			palette.Foreground = HSL_TO_RGB(hue, saturation, 0.08);
			palette.ColorPaletteParameters = ["HSL([", hue, "|", seed, "], [", saturation, "],",
				"[", dark, "|", mid, "|", light, "|", pale, "])"].join("");
			// construct new ColorPalette
			var text = ["/*{{{*/\n"];
			var colorcode;
			for(var id in palette) {
				if(true) {
					var color = palette[id];
					colorcode = outputRGB ? color.toRGBString() : color.toString();
					text.push("%0: %1\n".format(id, colorcode));
			text = text.join("");
			if(save) {
			return text;
		saveColorPalette: function(text) {
			var tid = store.getTiddler("ColorPalette");
			if(!tid) {
				tid = new Tiddler("ColorPalette");
				tid.fields = merge({}, config.defaultCustomFields);
			} // TODO: detect that the ColorPalette in the space comes from outside recipe
			tid.fields["server.page.revision"] = "false"; // edit conflicts dont matter

			// save the color palette in tid
			tid = store.saveTiddler(tid.title, tid.title, text, tid.modifier, tid.modified,
				tid.tags, tid.fields, false, tid.created, tid.creator);
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			if(macro._nextSave) {
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				}, 2000);
			// temporary workaround for IE.
			$.twStylesheet.remove({ id: "StyleSheetColors" });
			$.twStylesheet.remove({ id: "StyleSheet" });
			return tid;
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			if(macro.messagesOn) { // only display message once..
				var msgPlace = getMessageDiv();
				if(!$(".changedPalette", msgPlace)[0]) {
					var tempPlace = document.createElement("div");
					wikify("{{changedPalette{" + macro.changedPaletteText + "}}}", tempPlace);
	var btnMacro = config.macros.RandomColorPaletteButton = {
			text: "New ColorPalette",
			tooltip: "Generate a random colour scheme for your TiddlyWiki",
			makeButton: function(place, options) {
				var btnHandler = function(ev) {
					var t = $(ev.target);
					var options = t.data("options");
					macro.generatePalette(options, true);
					return false;
				var btn = createTiddlyButton(place, this.text, this.tooltip, btnHandler);
				$(btn).data("options", options);
				return btn;
			handler: function(place, macroName, params, wikifier, paramString, tiddler) {
				var options = macro.getOptions(paramString);
				btnMacro.makeButton(place, options);
''Description:'' Something like [[Growing Up The Half Way| http://www.fanfiction.net/s/639048/1/Growing_Up_The_Half_Way]], where Ranma is cursed young and, by the time he finds out that his "cold water form" is female, he's had enough experience with it to know Genma doesn't know what he's talking about. Focus on social implications.

; Original Story idea:
: {{multiLine{--Get permission to expand on Joe Fenton's [[Growing Up The Half Way| http://www.fanfiction.net/s/639048/1/Growing_Up_The_Half_Way]]-- (done) and then write a "Ranma gets cursed really young" story that explores the possibilities for childhood social interaction if Ranma has to go to school and the other kids find out but Ranma makes them promise not to tell.
> ''<weebee>'' hmm... they'd do it too, keeping secrets from teachers is the most fun thing little kids can think of.
; Revised Story Idea (If Applicable):
: {{multiLine{Something like [[Growing Up The Half Way| http://www.fanfiction.net/s/639048/1/Growing_Up_The_Half_Way]], (especially chapter 1) where Ranma is cursed young (somewhere between age 6 and 8 will do nicely) and, by the time he finds out that his "cold water form" is female, he's had enough experience with it to automatically discard all of Genma's propaganda in favor of personal experience. Focus will be on how everyone else sees gender as a big thing but Ranma doesn't.
''<weebee>'' hmm... they'd do it too, keeping secrets from teachers is the most fun thing little kids can think of.
''<Katana>'' So, when abouts would the story take place? Would you use any of the events or people from the series? (I'm assuming this is a good while after the curse...) 13-18 is a pretty large range, and anywhere in there would work, if I'm understanding all this correctly.  /% 6/10/08 11:02 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' Ideally, I'd only use canonical characters when I can make it believable. This is a big divergence, so the closer I stay to canon without introducing some kind of supernatural "Ultimate Force" to steer Ranma's life "back on course", the less believable it'll be. /% 6/14/08 5:04 PM %/

; Driving Conflict:
: person vs. person and person vs. society (''TODO:'' State this in a form where I can infer a resolution)
; Chosen Resolution:
: {{multiLine{
''<Katana>'' I want one of these - right now it's a fun, if kinda pointless story. I'll assume you're working on that right now. ; ) /% 6/10/08 11:00 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah. That's the main thing I need to figure out for this and one of the prime reasons it's probably the last of these four story ideas that I'll implement. /% 6/14/08 5:06 PM %/
''Tone:'' Humorous

!! Notes on Humorous Tone:
Okay, with a humorous tone, one idea would be to make Ranma completely oblivious to the fact that anything is unusual/wrong.
He goes out jogging in a pair of shorts, and doesn't think anything of it when it starts to rain.
Although there do seem to be more traffic accidents than usual.  Odd, that.
Part of the humor then comes from the bizarre circumstances that he causes, and part from the fact that he doesn't connect the odd happenings back to himself.
And, naturally, any explanations will fall on deaf ears.
At least, until it's time to twist the plot.

He listens, his mind just refuses to connect it back to him.
"Well, yeah, I can see how a topless female jogger would distract people.  What's your point?"  "..."
 "Don't you get it?  *You* caused that."  "Now you're just being silly."
"Gah!  Why do I bother trying to explain anything to you?"
You can walk him through the path from either end, but if you try to connect it up in the middle, he won't believe it.
For resolution, you can either bring it full circle, or do something that suddenly makes it click for Ranma. /% 2008-01-26 21:17 %/

> ''<Katana>'' Bwahaha. Seriously, do this - it's awesome. :P /% 6/10/08 10:53 PM %/
> ''<ssokolow>'' I probably will... once I solve my own similar problem with regards to writing humor. /% 6/14/08 5:06 PM %/

''<ssokolow>'' Resolution on what scale and what do you mean by those two options?

''<~FunnyMan3595>'' How you end the story.
Full circle is "Even after all of that, there s/he goes again..."

''<ssokolow>'' But then both choices for an outcome would probably leave me feeling unsatisfied. As if I'd just written Chapter 1.

Sometimes what you don't write is as important as what you do.
The "makes it click" solution should go to one of two extremes.  Either some trivial little effect that for no apparent reason Ranma realizes s/he caused, or else something so hopelessly complicated that nobody could puzzle it out.  The point of both ends being to make the resolution as bizarre as the condition itself.

The problem is, you've basically written me into the situation which I started this project to rectify. (I like Chapter 1 of the story, but the latter chapters I don't like so much)
I need a way to provide a story that's more than just humorous fluff with an ending that has no substance.
The problem is, the only case I can think of which merges humorous and substantial satisfactorily is "Girl Days". That's why Robert Haynie is held in such high regard.

!! Potential Titles:
* {{multiLine{Ranma - Cursed Young
''<weebee>'' I hadn't thought of it before, but the name implies that one of Ranma's forms is a curse... and it's not the female one.
Know ur a Ranma-chan fan, but wasn't sure if you wanted to make that impression.
''Note:'' For the record, I'm not a Ranma-chan fan, I'm a fan of exploring Ranma's potential to be bi-gendered.

!! Problems to Solve and Decisions to Make:
* What is the conflict?
** Probably something brought on by puberty. Let's assume Ranma is equally comfortable in two forms and is effectively bisexual. That still leaves a whole lot of normal peers. As Ranma and his/her peers enter puberty and start to notice the opposite sex, that's definitely going to cause some tension.
*** ''<ssokolow>'' ...because one of my big reasons for disliking where "Growing Up The Half Way" was going is that it seemed to imply that Ranma was going to realize that he was mentally a cursed guy. I prefer stories where Ranma feels that he/she is both. /% 1/21/08 10:54 AM %/
** So... what kind of conflict would that be? Person vs. person? Person vs. society?
*** ''<gsteemso>'' A little of both, I think. The devil is in the details. /% 21/01/2008 07:24 %/
** {{multiLine{So, how about this: The conflict is that, up until puberty, Ranma and his/her peers have been perfectly fine with the curse, keeping it secret from the administration, and then puberty rolls around...
* People start being interested in the opposite sex. (and you know how much chaos that causes)
* The difference between boys and girls starts to become visible through clothing
''<Katana>'' ... So is Ranma completely oblivious to all this? That seems a little un-plausible - even the densest person would notice some of the funny looks he/she's getting. I could see Ranma understanding the issue but not really seeing how he/she fits into it. /% 6/10/08 10:56 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' I was thinking that I'd use inertia. Before puberty, Ranma gets used to having two forms without knowing that one is female because of the "child logic" he used. Once it's revealed, that mental inertia causes conflict because Ranma's social preferences clash with the rest of Japanese society. /% 6/14/08 5:07 PM %/
*How (if at all) should Ryoga and the all-boys school fit into this?
** Omitting Ranma's enrollment would be feasible with all the other changes and would be more fun too. (Sending him to a regular co-ed school)
** {{multiLine{''<gsteemso>'' Ryoga's school could always be nearby if necessary
''<ssokolow>'' True, but it just feels like including Ryoga without a need to do so would be indicative of a story where the author included characters for the sake of including them... and that's indicative of an author who need help. /% 1/21/08 10:48 AM %/
Besides, Ryoga's purpose is to provide a rival for Ranma in a martial arts person vs. person story. While Ranma is still a martial artist, this is more a social/psychological/emotional conflict than a physical one. /% 1/21/08 10:49 AM %/
''<gsteemso>'' I agree. It'd be funny if he still popped in from time to time due to being lost though. Could be a minor running gag. /% 21/01/2008 07:52 %/
''<ssokolow>'' So basically, as a cameo for humorous effect. Sounds doable. /% 1/21/08 10:52 AM %/
''<gsteemso>'' he could also retain some element of martial arts in the story, without which there is not a proper Ranma fic in many people's eyes /% 21/01/2008 08:10 %/
''<ssokolow>'' I'll need to think about how, but it makes perfect sense since this takes place on the training trip. /% 1/21/08 11:58 AM %/

!! Ideas:
* {{multiLine{As long as I can do it without it seeming cliché, it'd be fun to have Nodoka meet Ranma after a while.
''<Katana>'' Not connecting the two separate forms at first? /% 6/10/08 10:54 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' Possibly... but that's a little too close to canon as you described it. I'll need to come up with more details no matter which method I decide to use. Of course, that'll take some time. I just got back from nearly a week away from home and I'll need time to get my equilibrium back. /% 6/14/08 5:09 PM %/
!! Timeline:

; Divergence Point:

''TODO:'' Story timeline here.
''Description:'' ''TODO:'' Decide how to summarize this.

''<Kaoru Shimitsu>'' I had this idea for a fic where Ranma's cursed form doesn't age... because it was spring of drowned girl.  And that at some point, ranma's male half dies but rather than dying, he gets locked.
''<ssokolow>'' Reminds me of Destiny's Child where Ranma's cursed form conveys it's agelessness on his male form too.
He was born in the 1600s, so he doesn't run into the Senshi until he's over 400 years old.
Basically, it turns out that the girl who drowned was the reincarnation of Sailor Saturn and Ranma was the reincarnation of "Saturn Knight". Provides excellent conflict since he falls for Sailor Mars and she's trying to avoid him because she knows that Saturn Knight already has Sailor Saturn.
''<Kaoru Shimitsu>'' I'd want to write a story based specifically on the time when Male Ranma dies...
maybe he found a workaround cure that somehow locked him as a guy or something, but then he dies, and poof....
''<ssokolow>'' Definitely a good idea. Mind if I put it on my list of potential stories I'd write?
Destiny's Child reminds me of that because Ranma's curse has it's deactivation trigger at near boiling.
He ends up spending most of his first 400 years female.
''<Kaoru Shimitsu>''  sure.... though I'd rather it not cross with Sailor Moon.
could have some nice potential for original mythos.
Ranma in 2058... learns about an organization composed of other immortal cursed Jusenkyou victims.
''<ssokolow>'' I'm not sure I'll go with original, but I will try to avoid Sailor Moon crosses. They've been done like crazy and I try to only do overdone things when nobody has done them well.

! Additional Chat Logs
''<weebee>'' hmm, that is a pretty good idea.
but the whole jusenkyo victim group thing makes little sense. Most of them would be animal cursed, if anything. There are only two girl cursed people in the whole series, and no guy cursed ones,s o getting a human curse would be rarew.
also, the term for 'boy' isn't quite as flexible as 'girl,' and the only animal spring I can think of that specifies age is black piglet.
> ''<Katana>'' Ah, poor Ryoga -- eternally stuck as a piglet. Ranma would probably look out for him, though, given his honor-thing. Though I could see Ryoga trying to make a deal with the devil or whatnot -- not caring what he has to do so long as he doesn't have to be a pig forever.
''<ssokolow>'' I suspect that's one reason I didn't feel like using the idea in full.
''<weebee>'' yeah, probably.
The thing could be neat to play off of Ranma's family.
Maybe he's left Nerima and settled down with another person, or maybe he and his fiancee, (I';d bet Akane, though they could probably be dead by the time Ranma croaks,) just didnt tell therir kids.
seeing their reaction as their father/grandfather turns into a hot teanaged girl would be funny.
''<ssokolow>'' I actually hadn't considered that much. I was mainly thinking about how I might be able to do my own Destiny's Child without it
''<weebee>'' well, destiny's child is a pretty specific set of events. You can't really duplicate more than one or two without getting odd looks...
''<ssokolow>'' Of course not. I mean the general "Ranma finds out he's ageless" bit.
''<weebee>'' and you gotta be careful about which ones you chose. Given the immortal Ranma-chan thing, starting the series off in a priar time would make it an obvious knock off...
''<ssokolow>'' Of course.
''<weebee>'' Oh!
''<weebee>'' I see.
''<weebee>'' well, he wouldn't have to figure it out very fast.
''<ssokolow>'' My plan would be to have it start off with manga canon and then explore the future.
''<weebee>'' hmm, how about this.
''<weebee>'' Ranma finds a "Work around," like permanent waterproof soap or something, a year or so after the Manga. He wouldn't really notice the lack of age, since hsi girl form looks young anyways
''<weebee>'' then, have him "die" and come back to life in girl form. then, she thinks that they two forms must only age when you're in them, ergo, she's still a teanager.
''<weebee>'' She could maybe not even realize she's not ageing for another four or five years after that.
''<weebee>'' It'd be a reall kick in the teeth.
''<weebee>'' y'know, it would be kinda funny if you did something similar to "Allw e know of heaven," though I don't think that'd work...
''<weebee>'' sorry, i'm done spurting ideas for the moment. You can talk. :D
''<ssokolow>'' I'm not sure if I've actually read "All We Know of Heaven"
''<weebee>'' of course, you know the reaction to being locked for this Ranma would be drastically different than cannon.
''<ssokolow>'' No, I mean things like how I don't like waterproof soap.
''<weebee>'' Hell, she may even LIKE it, since her male body would have been deteriarating to a degree where she could barely move when it finally died, depending on how stubborn Ranma is.
''<weebee>'' oh.
''<weebee>'' well yeah. i just threw the waterproof soap in as a quick placeholder.
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah. The first thing Ranma would probably notice if he died in his sleep is that, compared to when he fell asleep, it feels like "she's" got more energy than "she" knows what to do with.
''<weebee>'' true.
''<weebee>'' it could be funny if she starts bouncing around, happy about being able to move and fight again, and odesn't even notice the change until someone of her family asks who the hell she is.
''<ssokolow>'' Also, keep in mind that Ranma is, without a doubt, the greatest martial artist of his generation. He'll probably die after living at least 150 years if manga Cologne's life is any indication. (As I remember, she's roughly 130 in the manga)
''<weebee>'' yeah, she said something about living 100 years several times,
''<weebee>'' oh crap, could you imagine a Ranma who trained for eighty or ninty years before becoming out of shape, suddenly having a sixteen year old body again?
''<weebee>'' she'd be a fighting god.
''<ssokolow>'' Heck, given how Cologne is so skilled at using her energy efficiency, this Ranma could literally have more energy than "she" knows what to do with.
''<ssokolow>'' Yuck. This is starting to sound like a Dragonball Z crossover.
''<weebee>'' LOL.
''<weebee>'' well, if it were, it'd be one of the few well reasoned ones.
''<ssokolow>'' True... but I've already seen one which applied similar reasoning.
''<weebee>'' I wanted to write a DBZ Xover once, but it would take me 400000 words to do it plausibly enough to keep my skin from crawing,
''<weebee>'' ah.
''<weebee>'' Hmm, maybe you could use the principle, (That I don't agree with, but anyways,) that the two forms have seperate Chi batteries.
''<weebee>'' then Ranma would have the skills of an old grand master, but a lot less chi.
''<weebee>'' more, REALLY good than Uber.
''<weebee>'' especially in a world that's far advanced from ours. if he lived 150 years before dieing, it'd be 2120, at least.
''<weebee>'' sorry, 2130.
''<ssokolow>'' Even better. Chi is produced by the body. His female body deteriorated in sync with his male body as his ability to stay in shape diminished.
''<weebee>'' that would work...
''<weebee>'' it'd start her off at about Akane's level, given that her muscle tone would probably still be there.
''<weebee>'' after all, her PHYSICAL body couldn't deteriorate with his, or she'd age, and die when he did..
''<weebee>'' so she'd start off with his expertice at using Chi, amplified by a lifetime of learning, but virutlaly at square one in actual utilization, and in good physical shape...
''<weebee>'' that about right?
''<weebee>'' of course, now comes the question. Okay, we've got a locked Ranma-chan who doesn't particularely mind in the year 21??. what do wwe do with her?
''<ssokolow>'' That's the tricky part.
''<weebee>'' the most obvious would be some random Xover, probably ghost in the shell or something... but that's a bit too predictable.
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah. You can't just cross for the sake of crossing. That's worse than trying to be original and failing.
''<weebee>'' LOL.
''<weebee>'' truth, man. truth.
''<ssokolow>'' I suppose, if all future plans fail, one could always make it simpler by having Ranma "die" from fighting a vitality-sapping enemy that ages him to death in a matter of minutes.
''<ssokolow>'' The main problem there is that you'd then have mood issues.
''<weebee>'' and also, it'd do the same thing to her.
''<weebee>'' even if she didn't age naturally, something like that'd do it.
''<ssokolow>'' Not necessarily.
''<ssokolow>'' The enemy could die from overeating.
''<weebee>'' LOL
''<weebee>'' I don't suppose you have a plot that you can use this as an opening for?
''<weebee>'' like, a pre-made story idea that needs a locked unageing Ranma-chan to work... but if you didn, you woulnd't be asking me would ya?
''<weebee>'' okay, erm... wanna try and brainstorm a plot to fit one of those two situations?
''<ssokolow>'' I might. A lot of my plot ideas are disorganized enough that they don't jump out at me as "this will fit with that"
''<ssokolow>'' ...or one could do something similar to Youma ½ and have it stick around because, for the first time in it's memory, it's not starving.
''<ssokolow>'' (I got that idea off a Harry Potter lemon on ~FicWad)
''<weebee>'' LOL.
''<weebee>'' hmm, while I agree, unlike Youma 1/2 this one'd probably burn through Ranma's life force pretty quickly.
''<weebee>'' I mean, if it rains his entire life energy in minutes then it's probably got a big apitite...
''<weebee>'' although perhaps it gets temporarily full off of his energy, can't suck up much more, and Ranma-chan ends up defeating it before it can clear itself out to suck up more
''<weebee>'' even demons can have eyes bigger than their stomachs, after all. :P
''<ssokolow>'' Or it's been eating like a snake (feasting followed by fasting) and now it has a steady source of food.
''<ssokolow>'' We don't know how long it's been since this thing's last meal, after all.
''<weebee>'' true.
''<weebee>'' though we still have the mood problem you mentioned.
''<ssokolow>'' Besides, I kinda want a light mood. If it's non-sentient, then Ranma could keep it as a pet.
''<weebee>'' I really don't wanna read yet another lockfic angst fest, don't think you wanna write one ither.
''<ssokolow>'' If I can get around that angst bit, then I've got it solved.
''<weebee>'' hmm...
''<weebee>'' I think i got it.
''<ssokolow>'' Heh. Reminds me of that fic by Innortal where Makoto's father is Ranma and he finally returns from a demon dimension as the head honcho... complete with pet hellhounds.
''<weebee>'' ah.
''<weebee>'' Shinji was so cool.
''<weebee>'' I'd want one!
''<weebee>'' wait, what if you take the "I'm determined to find a cure for this!" mentality, rather than the angst.
''<weebee>'' Then, she could travel around japan for a while, and get used to the new reality as she starts finding out that what happened is irreversible.
''<weebee>'' it'd have some angst, sure, but it'd be destributedf and you could use the trip as part of the story.
''<ssokolow>'' Hmm. Good idea. I'll have to consider that.
''<weebee>'' besides, if the Puppy-demon follows her, she could start to sorta like it.
''<weebee>'' and of course, all the readers will think she's gunna eventually find a cure, so it'll throw them a curve ball whens he doesn't.
''<weebee>'' hey, what if Ranma doesn't really 'give up' herself. What if while a trip through Nerima during her journey, they ask her to come back to stay, reguardless of the curse's state...
''<weebee>'' that'd probably be the Tendos, and MAYBE Genma, who'd do that.
''Description:'' Try writing a semi-fanfic as a glimpse into what would have happened if Ranma ½ had being punched as the curse trigger instead of water. (Rumiko Takahashi __did__ consider that before settling on water)

''<gsteemso>'' hee! that would be interesting. Would any impact do it or only someone's bare knuckles?
''<Katana>'' Ranma would be switching so, so much. Especially if mallet hits triggered it. On the other hand, if the mallet hit triggered it, Akane might not smack him around so much...
''Description:'' Try writing a semi-fanfic based around my first impression of Ranma ½, back when the closest I knew to anime and manga were the Pokémon comics that came with Nintendo Power.

>  The story of a boy who turns into a girl, a father who turns into a panda, and the weird Chinese curse that did it to 'em!

That summary was in the back of a Pokemon comic I got for free. I was curious but didn't try to get it. (No disposable income) I though the curse change was permanent (stuck in their cursed forms) and I assumed that they had both fallen in a single, solitary cursed spring somewhere in China. (Maybe at a shrine, temple, tomb, or off in the wilderness)

I had already seen a preview for the first Ranma movie although my memories of it were a bit hazy. My memories haven't really faded that much since then (I kept them once I realized what Ranma ½ was), there was a clip of Happosai becoming airborne thanks to a kick by Ranma, a clip of Kirin's flying ship arriving (and/or Kirin arriving on the ship), a clip of Akane being pulled up to the ship, and the "Ranma, please come rescue me before I'm married to Kirin" soundbyte from the preview's narration.

''EDIT 2018-04-17:'' [[This ad|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52_1zxTUpHU]] (Closing To Pokémon: Poké Friends 1999 VHS)

I saw Ranma (female or male?) punt Happosai into the air in the preview for the first movie but I didn't didn't know who they were. It is important that I remember the impression I got of Happosai I got from that blurry memory. (A diminuitive old man, probably a martial artist, capable of taking a fair bit of damage, and someone who the character doing the kicking (Ranma, but I didn't know that) disliked. It may be possible to refresh the feeling by reviewing my preconceptions of Dragonball.)

I had no idea who was cursed so I ran through several possible scenarios when I heard Akane say "Ranma, please come rescue me before I'm married to Kirin" in the preview for the first movie. One such possibility being that the cursed character was the one in danger of being married off. (I hadn't retained any knowledge which would confirm that the cursed person was the one doing the rescuing)

''<Katana>'' Hmm, fun. Maybe some sort of curse that reflects what they need to learn? (from vengeful spirit/god/etc. that somebody annoyed?) Though what Genma could stand to learn from a panda, I don't know. Abstinence? Okay, bad joke. So, permanent curse... or maybe, the curse will be lifted once they meet certain conditions? That could be entertaining. Maybe Ranma winds up in positions best suited for the damsel in distress as part of the curse, and circumstances often contrive to make her incapable of escaping independently?
''<ssokolow>'' I'll have to think about that and get back to you. Semi-fanfics require my full faculties to ponder.

''UPDATE 2018-04-17:'' One idea for a final title could be "Who-ma? 1/2"
''Description:'' Some old discussion snips on how Jusenkyo might affect Ranma's gender identity.

> ''<ssokolow>''
> Good explanation, though my personal preference is to choose the
> explanation where the spring changes all the biologicals and Ranma's
> attitude is a combination of machismo and what I'll refer to as "gender
> habit". (It removes some of the potholes in the road to creating a
> workable framework for explaining how a spring's name and origin map to
> it's effect, as well as allowing some of the plots I've enjoyed
> reading) From a purely neutral point of view as a reader, I consider
> the two explanations to be of equal weight.

> ''<gsteemso>''
> I think there's not a lot of difference there, though I don't completely
> agree with the idea that Ranma has a totally female brain -- or, more
> likely: she probably does, but there almost has to be some sort of
> magical overlay that causes her to retain a male mind regardless.

> ''<ssokolow>''
> Up until now, I just attributed it to human neural plasticity being greater than any other animal so-far examined. Of course, I didn't get around to working that into my framework yet.
> I'd probably explain it away by saying that the curse's psychomagical overlay allows the victim's mind to be any mixture of their two forms, but that it's effectively nullified in animal-cursed humans because humans have a strong sense of self and no chance to believe that life might be better thinking like a "dumb animal". (This explanation would definitely help with fics that want to follow a Nyannichuan-/Nannichuan-cursed animal under a ruleset that doesn't enforce animal-like intelligence on human-cursed animals)
''Description:'' Weebee's dropped [[Ranma-Chobits idea|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3314467/13/]] deserves to be continued once I am able.

''TODO:'' Try to dig up our chatlogs regarding the devlopment of said plot and get permission to post them here. (and send a copy to weebee when I do)
''Description:'' There are lot of interesting parallels between Ranma ½ and Tenshi na Konamaiki. Why not a story where, in the first story arc, Megumi discovers Ranma and persistently tries to get a curse of her own (Focus on ~Ranma-Megumi interactions) and, in the second story arc, she has to come to grips with the full implications of what's she's done.
; Original Story idea:
; Revised Story Idea (If Applicable):

; Driving Conflict:
; Chosen Resolution:

!! Potential Titles:
* "Be Careful What You Wish For?" (Could also be used as the title for "Yumi Kuno" if not here)
* Some variant of "One man's trash is another's treasure"
** Directly: "One man's curse is another's blessing/cure"
** "//You// call it a curse"
** "Your problem, my solution."
* "Typhoid Ranma" (the implication being that he's indirectly passing the curse on to others, unintentionally)
* Any number of possible quotes out of the story:  "You're crazy, Megumi."  "I want that curse" "Gimme that curse"

!! Problems to Solve and Decisions to Make:
* How do I believably keep Ranma from sympathizing with Megumi? (I think I need to get him to form an opinion of her as "definitely a girl" before she asks so he can decide that she's adapted and it's better than being a gender flip-flopping freak. It also might be a good idea to have her scare Ranma (though he would never admit it) by being the living embodiment of everything he fears the curse will do to him.){{multiLine{
> ''<~FunnyMan3595>'' Might help if Megumi first asks for the curse before revealing why, so that he's already thinking of her as a nutcase.
* {{multiLine{Where should this take place? I want to keep the ~TnK regulars away from the bulk of the Nerima crew. Maybe Megumi's parents' wealth and prestige could help somehow.
''<~FunnyMan3595>'' Since Megumi is chasing after Ranma, it's plausible that she uses her clout to get transferred to his school, which should isolate her from the other ~TnKers.
''<ssokolow>'' Other way around, but it could work if I can find a way to keep the Nerima regulars from trashing the ~TnK setting in their search for Ranma. /% 11/13/07 10:40 PM %/
''<Katana>'' Is there any such way? :P I suppose Nabiki could be persuaded to help out somehow - a lot of money for a little misdirection might go a long way. /% 6/10/08 11:10 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' I'm fairly certain there is. I just have to find it. As for Nabiki, this is fairly early on in the series, so it's more likely that Ranma wouldn't think to ask her. /% 6/14/08 5:00 PM %/
* {{multiLine{I think I'll follow the "Jusenyko only does the water magnet bit on people who refuse to accept the curse" idea. That way, the only emotional trauma Megumi gets is from the shock of having the demon's deception revealed and she'll eventually be able to live a "normal" life. It'll also imply to the readers that Ranma won't have as much trouble if he accepts that he's now both.
''<Katana>'' Which, of course, will take nothing short of a miracle. Ranma has always struck me as a very stubborn person, particularly with regards to his "I'm a guy, dammit" mentality. /% 6/10/08 11:12 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' Naturally. It makes the story more interesting for the readers. :) /% 6/14/08 5:01 PM %/
I need to re-read Ranma ½ and Tenshi na Konamaiki so I can take proper note of how the characters will speak and react in various situations.
''<~FunnyMan3595>'' Keep in mind that these are your interpretations of the character. You don't need to agree with cannon 110%. /% 11/13/07 9:44 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' But I do need to at least get int the ballpark vocabulary- and viewpoint-wise. /% 11/13/07 10:39 PM %/
* I just noticed that, according to Wikipedia, there's a Furinkan high school in ~TnK. Verify and decide how this alters my plans.

!! Similarities Between Ranma ½ and ~TnK:
* Genzo is like Tatewaki Kuno but with delusion and obsession traded for obsession and immaturity. Kuno is quickly revealed to be delusional and crazy rather than cool. Genzo is quickly revealed to be immature rather than cool. In Genzo's case, he reminds me of a puppy begging for acceptance. Ironically, his immaturity is his biggest asset since Megumi's personality is a mix of teenage girl and pre-pubescent boy.
* Megumi is like Ranma. She is the most skilled martial artist in the series though she lacks the brute strength or strength in numbers of some of her foes. She also attracts allies and enemies the way Ranma attracts suitors and enemies. (like flies) And, of course, the problems she has with her gender identity.
* Keiko is like a sane Kodachi Kuno.
These similarities are what originally caught my attention. They'd make for great reactions from Ranma if used properly.

!! Ideas:
* {{multiLine{Maybe Ranma could refuse to tell Megumi where to get a curse and then leave... resulting in her having to track him/her down.
''<Katana>'' Cue the NWC. Possibly an assumption of 'new fiancee'? If there's an overload of chaos and Megumi still tries to find Ranma, that would speak volumes for her dedication. /% 6/10/08 11:14 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' My main worry with that idea is that I think I'm trying to set Ranma in a ~TnK atmosphere rather than Megumi and crew in a Ranma atmosphere. I'll need to contemplate it more. /% 6/14/08 5:01 PM %/
* The demon could respond with a jaw-drop to Megumi's curse because she actually managed to find a way to improve on his work without meaning to.{{multiLine{
> ''<~FunnyMan3595>'' Could also be an "I don't believe you made this so easy for me" moment. All he has to do to inflict further mischief is release the memory mod.
* If the demon releases the memory alteration, it's probably best to follow up with Megumi being suspicious of her new perception's truthfulness.{{multiLine{
> ''<Katana>'' This is to be expected with any mind-screwing thing - "How do I know that this is the reality?" /% 6/10/08 11:16 PM %/
* {{multiLine{Over the course of their interactions, Ranma will slowly come to see the strength of character and charisma Megumi has "despite being a girl" and the skill she has despite being trained by an ordinary martial artist... which should ease his fears about his own curse. That might be enough of a mechanism to act as a timer for when Megumi gets her own curse.
''<~FunnyMan3595>'' To be realistic, Ranma should (at least at first) reject all evidence of Megumi's strength and charisma.  It's a sort of psychological immune system. /% 11/13/07 9:48 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' Of course. That's just common sense. (Insert "common sense is anything but common" here) /% 11/13/07 10:58 PM %/
* {{multiLine{Maybe Ranma could get some Instant Nannichuan for Megumi in hopes that it will dissuade her... or maybe he wouldn't think of it or would worry about her potentially just trying harder to get the real thing.
''<~FunnyMan3595>'' 'The most bang for your buck here is probably in debating whether he should, doing it, and then immediately regretting it as his worst fears come to life. /% 11/13/07 9:56 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' Sounds good, but I'll have to make sure I don't go with the fanon implementation of the curse where your cursed form feels somehow wrong or it'll clue her into the little demon's deception too early. /% 11/13/07 10:59 PM %/
''<Katana>'' Remarkably, I haven't run into this fanon interpretation before. /% 6/10/08 11:18 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' I ran across it in various places, but it's not ubiquitous, so that's perfectly normal. /% 6/14/08 5:03 PM %/

Just stop in home for a bite to eat and wanted to send you a idea on how to have Megumi see Ranma get hit by water. How about a baseball game between the two schools and Ranma has to be bat-boy (ok bat-girl), maybe due to some punishment or such. While filling up a cooler/keg to make some sport drink gets splashed. Megumi sees this happens.

Talk to you later!


!! Story Summary: (so far)
The story starts as early in the Ranma series as reasonably possible. The world of Tenshi na Konamaiki is another part of Ranma-verse Tokyo (Remember, until Ranma dropped by, the residents of Nerima didn't know magic existed) and Ranma sneaks off by train to get some time alone. (purpose?) However, he is followed by one or more of his enemies. (Probably Mousse, Ryoga, or both)

Megumi sees the resulting Nerima-style fight and gets closer in an attempt to ensure that she won't lose track of them having decided that she needs to find a sensei who can teach her to do that. In the process, she ends up observing Ranma's curse in action and her priorities take a major shift.

''<~FunnyMan3595>'' Still feels to me like there needs to be some dramatic event that attracts Megumi's attention.  At very least, something that makes enough noise to bring her in from a short distance away.  Then again, given Ranmaverse, it might work to just have the battle go past the coffee shop (or whatever) where Megumi is currently sitting.  Or you could combine the two, the fight going past several times before finally crashing in through the window. /% 11/13/07 10:07 PM %/

''TODO:'' Insert information from the synchronous Google Talk conversation here. /% -Stephan Sokolow 11/13/07 11:12 PM %/

She ends up introducing herself to Ranma (TODO: How exactly? What kind of first impression do they make on each other?) but, once Ranma learns of what she wants to know, he decides that he'll keep it a secret to protect her from herself. The first half of the story follows Megumi and Ranma growing to know each other better as she keeps trying to get the info she needs to acquire Jusenkyo water and he keeps refusing
''<~FunnyMan3595>'' You can solve both the introduction and cluing Ranma in to what she wants to know by Megumi cornering him and asking a series of questions rapid-fire, which put Ranma on the defensive and wondering what she's up to.  Leading up to: "Why did you change into a girl?  How would I get an ability like that?"  "It's a Jus"""--"""wait, WHAT?" /% 11/13/07 10:00 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' Sounds good. It also matches nicely with her personality. It's not unlike that of a little boy in many aspects. I suppose it's a side-effect of a teenage girl trying to hold on to the mindset of the little boy she thought she once was. /% 11/13/07 11:05 PM %/

The second half of the story begins when, somehow, she gets the curse that she wants. The plot then switches to her getting used to being a guy. (TODO: Define the conditions for the conflict's resolution) (Hence my proposed title of "Be Careful What You Wish For")

!! Timeline:

; Divergence Point:

''TODO:'' Story timeline here.
''Description:'' How about some kind of story where Ranma and one of the Senshi accidentally get some aspect of their abilities swapped?

I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this because the spike of inspiration decayed very rapidly. I got it while accidentally mis-reading the last paragraph of http://www.fanfiction.net/s/125582/2/ (as part of cleaning up the formatting on my quotes collection) This would definitely have to differ from Fission and, to be honest, I didn't think of that until after because Fission was not so much a swap as a mixing and re-interpretation. (Usagi became a Kamen, Ranma became a very generic magical girl while still keeping the curse as the trigger. My idea would have a more clear-cut and recognizable swap and the plot would be based around them trying to arrange to swap back... though by the time they actually can, Murphy's Law will have found some way to make the decision not so clear-cut.)
''Description:'' ''TODO:'' Derive what insight I can from [[this Addventure comment thread|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/display_comment.php?episode=49657&n=1&m=0&d=2]]
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|OriginalAuthor|Joe Raii|
|Description|drag tiddlers by title to re-order story column display|

adapted from: http://www.cs.utexas.edu/~joeraii/dragn/#Draggable
changes by ELS:
* hijack refreshTiddler() instead of overridding createTiddler()
* find title element by className instead of elementID
* set cursor style via code instead of stylesheet
* set tooltip help text
* set tiddler "position:relative" when starting drag event, restore saved value when drag ends
* update 2006.08.07: use getElementsByTagName("*") to find title element, even when it is 'buried' deep in tiddler DOM elements (due to custom template usage)
* update 2007.03.01: use apply() to invoke hijacked core function
* update 2008.01.13: only hijack core function once.  (allows for dynamic loading of plugin via bookmarklet)
* update 2008.10.19: added onclick popup menu with 'move to top' and 'move to bottom' commands


if (Story.prototype.rearrangeTiddlersHijack_refreshTiddler===undefined) {
Story.prototype.rearrangeTiddlersHijack_refreshTiddler = Story.prototype.refreshTiddler;
Story.prototype.refreshTiddler = function(title,template)
	var theTiddler = document.getElementById(this.idPrefix + title); if (!theTiddler) return;
	var theHandle;
	var children=theTiddler.getElementsByTagName("*");
	for (var i=0; i<children.length; i++) if (hasClass(children[i],"title")) { theHandle=children[i]; break; }
	if (!theHandle) return theTiddler;

	Drag.init(theHandle, theTiddler, 0, 0, null, null);
	theHandle.title="drag title to re-arrange tiddlers, click for more options..."
	theTiddler.onDrag = function(x,y,myElem) {
		if (this.style.position!="relative")
			{ this.savedstyle=this.style.position; this.style.position="relative"; }
		y = myElem.offsetTop;
		var next = myElem.nextSibling;
		var prev = myElem.previousSibling;
		if (next && y + myElem.offsetHeight > next.offsetTop + next.offsetHeight/2) {
			next.parentNode.insertBefore(myElem, next.nextSibling);//elems[pos+1]);
			myElem.style["top"] = -next.offsetHeight/2+"px";
		if (prev && y < prev.offsetTop + prev.offsetHeight/2) {
			prev.parentNode.insertBefore(myElem, prev);
			myElem.style["top"] = prev.offsetHeight/2+"px";
	theTiddler.onDragEnd = function(x,y,myElem) {
		myElem.style["top"] = "0px";
		if (this.savedstyle!=undefined)
	theHandle.onclick=function(ev) {
		var p=Popup.create(this); if (!p) return;
		var b=createTiddlyButton(createTiddlyElement(p,"li"),
			"\u25B2 move to top of column ","move this tiddler to the top of the story column",
			function() {
				var t=story.getTiddler(this.getAttribute("tid"));
				t.parentNode.insertBefore(t,t.parentNode.firstChild); // move to top of column
				return false;
		var b=createTiddlyButton(createTiddlyElement(p,"li"),
			"\u25BC move to bottom of column ","move this tiddler to the bottom of the story column",
			function() {
				var t=story.getTiddler(this.getAttribute("tid"));
				t.parentNode.insertBefore(t,null); // move to bottom of column
				return false;
		ev.cancelBubble=true; if (ev.stopPropagation) ev.stopPropagation(); return(false);
	return theTiddler;

 * dom-drag.js
 * 09.25.2001
 * www.youngpup.net
 * 10.28.2001 - fixed minor bug where events
 * sometimes fired off the handle, not the root.

var Drag = {

	function(o, oRoot, minX, maxX, minY, maxY) {
		o.onmousedown = Drag.start;
		o.root = oRoot && oRoot != null ? oRoot : o ;
		if (isNaN(parseInt(o.root.style.left))) o.root.style.left="0px";
		if (isNaN(parseInt(o.root.style.top))) o.root.style.top="0px";
		o.minX = typeof minX != 'undefined' ? minX : null;
		o.minY = typeof minY != 'undefined' ? minY : null;
		o.maxX = typeof maxX != 'undefined' ? maxX : null;
		o.maxY = typeof maxY != 'undefined' ? maxY : null;
		o.root.onDragStart = new Function();
		o.root.onDragEnd = new Function();
		o.root.onDrag = new Function();

	function(e) {
		var o = Drag.obj = this;
		e = Drag.fixE(e);
		var y = parseInt(o.root.style.top);
		var x = parseInt(o.root.style.left);
		o.root.onDragStart(x, y, Drag.obj.root);
		o.lastMouseX = e.clientX;
		o.lastMouseY = e.clientY;
		if (o.minX != null) o.minMouseX = e.clientX - x + o.minX;
		if (o.maxX != null) o.maxMouseX = o.minMouseX + o.maxX - o.minX;
		if (o.minY != null) o.minMouseY = e.clientY - y + o.minY;
		if (o.maxY != null) o.maxMouseY = o.minMouseY + o.maxY - o.minY;
		document.onmousemove = Drag.drag;
		document.onmouseup = Drag.end;
		Drag.obj.root.style["z-index"] = "10";
		return false;

	function(e) {
		e = Drag.fixE(e);
		var o = Drag.obj;
		var ey = e.clientY;
		var ex = e.clientX;
		var y = parseInt(o.root.style.top);
		var x = parseInt(o.root.style.left);
		var nx, ny;
		if (o.minX != null) ex = Math.max(ex, o.minMouseX);
		if (o.maxX != null) ex = Math.min(ex, o.maxMouseX);
		if (o.minY != null) ey = Math.max(ey, o.minMouseY);
		if (o.maxY != null) ey = Math.min(ey, o.maxMouseY);
		nx = x + (ex - o.lastMouseX);
		ny = y + (ey - o.lastMouseY);
		Drag.obj.root.style["left"] = nx + "px";
		Drag.obj.root.style["top"] = ny + "px";
		Drag.obj.lastMouseX = ex;
		Drag.obj.lastMouseY = ey;
		Drag.obj.root.onDrag(nx, ny, Drag.obj.root);
		return false;

	function() {
		document.onmousemove = null;
		document.onmouseup = null;
		Drag.obj.root.style["z-index"] = "0";
		Drag.obj.root.onDragEnd(parseInt(Drag.obj.root.style["left"]), parseInt(Drag.obj.root.style["top"]), Drag.obj.root);
		Drag.obj = null;

	function(e) {
		if (typeof e == 'undefined') e = window.event;
		if (typeof e.layerX == 'undefined') e.layerX = e.offsetX;
		if (typeof e.layerY == 'undefined') e.layerY = e.offsetY;
		return e;
''Description:'' Notes on how to reconcile conflicting cosmologies when writing a crossover.

When crossing/fusing OMG with something else, one uncommon option for reconciling two different definitions of godhood is to refer to one set (usually the OMG ones unless you're crossing with Tenchi Muyo) as "True Kami", delegating the others to the status of beings within the created cosmology... sort of like how people reconcile "elves".

Another option I've seen is having the different pantheons covering different areas of Earth, but it's tricky to get right.
''Description:'' One of the many potentially-tricky bits in writing a crossover between Ranma ½ and Harry Potter is reconciling the definition of "Phoenix".

 In DRE, Shanami comes up with the clever solution of having Saffron a "greater phoenix" capable of spawning one "lesser phoenix" per rebirth cycle but not required to. Something which not only reconciles the differing definitions, but also helps to justify the mystique and rarity of ~HP-style phoenixes, assuming that lesser phoenixes don't reproduce.

The silly "phoenix chick" from the ~OAVs could be reconciled with this result by assuming that it's simply a confusion in terminology, allowing the reader to dismiss it as, at worst, a decision by ignorant peasants scoffed at by the mages of the time but perpetuated by dumb luck and brute force of culture and, at best, some kind of mis-identification or the result of a wizard's arrogant attempt to create a phoenix.

''Source:'' [[Death Reborn Evolution, Chapter 12|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5627756/12/Death_Reborn_Evolution]]
''Description:'' Ideas for reconciling the atmosphere of Ranma ½'s Nerima with more serious near-future settings.

One potentially good way to cross Ranma ½ with stories set in the near future (eg. Full Metal Panic) is to make it a well-known fact within the story universe outside Nerima that Nerima itself is home to a bunch of nutjobs who are figuratively stuck in the past.

A more interesting and original idea would be if Nerima were somehow literally stuck in the past. The main issue with that is reconciling with the rest of the world. Either the characters could be oblivious (eg. Just not noticing things like cell phones, Internet cafés and so on) or they could somehow carry a bubble of altered reality around with them similar to what happened with the main Ranma cast in Elegy for a Golden Youth.
''Description:'' A suggestion for how to work the second Ranma ½ movie's apparent re-vitalization of the dragon's whisker into your stories.

In the author's notes for [[Tales of the FoxCat, Chapter 10|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2685072/10/]], Ozzallos came up with the idea that the dragon whisker "recharges" as a way to explain how he borrowed the second Ranma movie's unexplained "give female Ranma long hair in a jiffy" plot twist.

I'm not overly fond of the dragon whisker "recharging", since it brings back the danger that if the whisker is ever destroyed or lost, Ranma will have to stay female. (Ranma ½ is, fundamentally, an innocent story. Nothing bad ever lasts and it's hard for me to enjoy stories which retcon canon events into a light which violates that principle.)

My suggestion is that, in the second movie, Cologne used an ancient Chinese Amazon technique which uses ki to trigger the growth effect in women who have eaten the whisker. (It'd be a useful tidbit of knowledge back in the days when they might want to send an infiltrator to spy on or scare an emperor or someone else in the imperial government. How likely are your guards or soldiers to look closely at a woman (or man, if you've got instant Jusenkyo) whose hair is far too long to be the person they're after?)

Given that the whisker has a shelf-life of 1000 years and the Chinese Amazons have several times that much history, you even get the choice between Cologne already knowing it'd still work from records or trying it on Ranma just in case and finding out right then that it'll still work.
''Description:'' An example of how to reconcile vampire types in Hellsing and Buffy the Vampire Slayer which can be used elsewhere too.

"The vampires you have seen up until now, including Angel, have been of the Aurelius line of vampires. Xander there was turned by Vlad's line."
 -- [[Abyss, Chapter 3|http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-3891-3/AlanP+Abyss.htm]]  (~Buffy-Hellsing crossover, explanation for why Buffy and Hellsing vampires differ. Could easily be expanded to many other crossed-in vampire types too)
''Description:'' Write a story where Lucius Malfoy gets tricked into demanding of the American Ministry of Magic that they apprehend Benjamin Franklin. The idea being that the european magical world is so insular they have no idea who Ben Franklin was. In context, they still thought of America as "those rebellious colonies". After all, it's fanon (possibly canon, I forget) that the magical world doesn't know about the american moon landing.

''Idea credit:'' http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3401052/25/
''Description:'' Explore the core aspects of the potential-rich "~Demon-Sakura's Redemption" subplot that ~ShaperV seems to have either discarded or relegated to a position which doesn't exercise its potential. (I won't know which until the story finishes)

Key points, divested from the Naruto context:
# A "demonic" character of some kind is created, already endowed with a "past" (another character's memories) and the "demonic psychological taint" (preconceptions, altered ethics, or what have you) but with no life experience of their own and not enough self-confidence to ignore the [sub]plot's driving conflict.
** I quoted "demonic" because, in theory, all that's necessary is for the character to define their self-identity in terms of undesirable character traits... no supernatural bias is strictly necessary.
** The "already with the memories of another" can theoretically be omitted, but I can't think of how it'd be done while still preserving the "someone else who understands them, whether or not they're even willing to admit it to themself" element that's key to this kind of plot.
** While pre-endowed with the "fallen in with a bad crowd" attribute, the "demonic" character is, fundamentally, just a person like anyone else. This is the part that has to be handled delicately if the story is to work.
# The driving conflict for the [sub]plot prevents them from simply attaining whatever goal they have, forcing them to endure situations which call into question the base assumptions upon which they've anchored their identity.
** Given human (or human-like) neural plasticity and reasonably human-like instincts, any kind of "created demon" mindset is effectively guaranteed to be unstable and only a viable long-term situation if supported by social reinforcement. Hence the plot focus on the "demon"'s identity crisis.
# They're then forced (ideally, as gradually as possible) to re-evaluate said assumptions and find a new identity.

''Important:'' This cannot be cast in a contemporary, non-fantasy, non-~SciFi context. So many stories have done that badly that it would make implementing it sucessfully an uphill battle. The title "Redemption of the Innocent" was not simply chosen on a whim like so many of these other titles and actually embodies the paradox of preconceptions this story must explore.

Specifically, a character that everyone (themself included) except the original owner of their memories believes to be evil (hence the use of "demonic" as a descriptor) who, being effectively a newborn, can truly only be considered evil by the doctrine of original sin and who, once their worldview is challenged, will be revealed to, in effect, be little more than a scared child burdened with memories and expectations not their own.

! Inspiration
''Source:'' [[Time Braid, Chapter 9|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5193644/9/Time_Braid]]

Sakura herself also summarizes what happened in [[chapter 16|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5193644/16/]] though, as stated, it omits the plot elements this idea is intended to focus on.
"Yes, Naruto," I said tightly. "The Sharingan curse copied off all the darkest parts of my soul and stitched them together to make a whole person, stuffed her head full of demonic propaganda, and plugged her into an infinite source of black chakra that corrupts anything it touches. And what did she do? She tried to find love, punish injustice, and become stronger. Oh, I'm so ashamed."

''<weebee>'' Hmm,
''<weebee>'' seems a bit of a flawed preconception anyways.
''<weebee>'' given a pre-set memory, and no 'demonic'  memories to balance it out,
''<weebee>'' barring severe behavioural psychological problems, probably caused by neural imbalance,
''<weebee>'' they wouldn't act "Demonic."
''<weebee>'' unless it's a magically enforced compulsion,
''<weebee>'' in which case changing would be hard to impossible.
''<ssokolow>'' In the original story, the causal event effectively cloned the main character's mind, brainwashed the clone, and stuck the second "aspect" (in-story term) back in alongside the first.
''<weebee>'' hmm.
''<weebee>'' so, there would be additional memories.
''<weebee>'' hence 'brainwashed.'
''<weebee>'' which would mean that, the character isn't precisely innocent, t least not in the Innocent, un-effected mind wording you're going for.
''<ssokolow>'' Let's say "innocent of any crimes".
''<weebee>'' enough trauma can break a mind sufficiently that it's entirely possible the one who  thinks they understand the other could be hopelessly deluding themsleves, since after a breakage of a magnitude high enough to cause that big a change, all or most responses would alter to follow the trauma.
''<ssokolow>'' I think there may be a miscommunication somewhere.
''<weebee>'' okay, how was the other Sakura turned 'demonic.'
''<weebee>'' are we talking, the three days of torture Jutsu here,
''<weebee>'' or finger snapping, boom you're evil, or....
''<weebee>'' what?
''<ssokolow>'' Time-looping Sakura attempted to replicate the Sharingan using body-rewriting shapeshifting jutsu she'd perfected. The pattern of veins in the Sharingan turned out to be a demonic contract. Sakura forces heavy eyes open to find herself in her mindscape face-to-face with another Sakura who shares her pre-timeloop memories (quite a shock to demon Sakura to discover how badly the creation program failed her) but, in the copying process, had her personality nudged and her semantic memories amended so she knows what she is, what she's supposed to do, and doesn't have original Sakura's same strong conscience
''<ssokolow>'' ...though I get the impression that a non-trivial part of the ethical/moral shift may boil down to "if she's going to feel empathy, it'll have to be learned as a habit rather than an in-born instinct".
''<weebee>'' Hmm.
''<ssokolow>'' Especially since, in Time Braid, Demon Sakura seems to still care quite a bit for Hinata... just in a rather twisted fashion.
''<weebee>'' ....
''<weebee>'' okay,
''<weebee>'' i'm sorry, but that's half-way unquantifiable and half-way idiotic.
''<ssokolow>'' ?
''<weebee>'' Okay, so what you're telling me is that, in spite of an entire lifetime of memories with different source data, she somehow knows she's a demon and know what she's supposed to do.
''<weebee>'' the problem here comes in the fact that, unless her past memories have been altered somehow, that persona has no innertia.
''<ssokolow>'' Are you familiar with the distinction between semantic and episodic memory?
''<weebee>'' the second her subconscious reaches back for anything to draw on to keep her acting like... anything, it'll hit a Data not found and reset her to normal.
''<weebee>'' Yes, I am, but the problem being, the former tends to lean upon the latter quite a bit sometimes, especially since it's your experiances that shape a lot of your personality.
''<weebee>'' with a personality completely at odds with experiance,
''<weebee>'' the persona would eventually collapse due to lack of foundation.
''<weebee>'' I get she *Knows* she's a demon and she's supposed to do what she's supposed to do, I get that it's part of her core mental model, but it just doesn't seem sustainable unless she's got some experiance to draw on.
''<weebee>'' or she'd end up acting like that idiot Oni in that Ranma OVA.
''<ssokolow>'' That's sort of the point of the story. Twist the personality enough to make the foundation stable in the original designed context, but then apply it outside design specs.
''<weebee>'' but here's the thing, this demonic contract, if it worked like that, would have resulted in a pretty damned abismal track record in actually turning out demons that could do anything other than sitting in a corner, shaking.
''<weebee>'' why would any self-respecting army of the damned or tailed beast of Doom ever use it?
''<weebee>'' though I suppose you could condition Uchiha so that there's enough of a framework,
''<weebee>'' and in Sakura there's no conditioning.
''<weebee>'' but that still leads back to it falling apart pretty fast.
''<ssokolow>'' Did you miss the part about ~Demon-Sakura being produced from the pre-timeloop memories?
''<weebee>'' no, I didn't.
''<weebee>'' though it makes sense.
''<weebee>'' for her memory not to reset, a lot of it would have to be somehow protected from outside rewrite.
''<weebee>'' especially if this is one of those "your body resets" loops.
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah. It's a Groundhog Day-style loop.
''<weebee>'' basically, actually, I've answered my own question about why the Demon would do it.
''<weebee>'' I mean, if the Uchiha agreed in the first place, they could probably rig their kids so that the demonic personality had enough substance behind it.
''<weebee>'' but I don't get why the one in Sakura's head didn't just start constantly having an identity crisis since it couldn't justify its own existance.
''<ssokolow>'' Her job was to take over the body and become the primary persona.
''<weebee>'' knowing you're something and having the experiance to be it are two different things, after all, as many insane people will tell you...  sometimes.
''<ssokolow>'' Anyway, we're getting off track.
''<weebee>'' the acttual gist of this conversation is, I agree with you, actually.
''<weebee>'' the demon really wouldn't have any inertia in its demonicness.
''<weebee>'' primarily due to a lack of definition in the meat of its objective.
''<ssokolow>'' Well, there is actually one element I didn't mention.
''<weebee>'' (Sry for interrupting, but somewhat funny, somewhat torturious idea.) It's actually Inner Sakura who's looping.
''<ssokolow>'' Sakura has some distant celestial ancestry and is on the path to ascending and, whether or not it's true, ~Demon-Sakura firmly believes that, in such a situation, if non-demon Sakura ascends, ~Demon-Sakura gets mentally-rewritten into a goody-goody, essentially dying in the process.
''<weebee>'' she's so irate and psychotic because she can't actually do anything,
''<weebee>'' and she inevitably vanishes because she's reset the loop.
''<ssokolow>'' Interesting. Let's discuss that and put it in the idea bin once we've completely finished the previous thread of discussion.
''<weebee>'' I know, just had to be put out there.
''<weebee>'' hmm...
''<ssokolow>'' As I was saying, this isn't about the details embodied in the fic. It's about the potential person vs. self conflict the author seems to be ignoring... and that doesn't require multiple mental "aspects". It just requires a "created demon" to experience an identity crisis when the intended positive reinforcement from peers and/or successes fails to materialize.
''<weebee>'' okay.
''<weebee>'' however,
''<weebee>'' the problem is, outside of a completely comical situation, I've never gotten evil for evil's sake.
''<weebee>'' I mean, that thing you mentioned about ascension and rewriting actually gives that other Sakura somewhat of a reason, but the way you're describing it,
''<ssokolow>'' Evil is a construct of society... a caricature of real-world socio-psychological behaviours.
''<weebee>'' a copy of the original, which just thinks it's evil for... no reason?
''<weebee>'' yes, so a person whose only difference is being 'evil' sort of collapses back into the modl of the original.
''<weebee>'' you'd have an "I've been cloned" story, which is rather interesting in itself, especially the identity issues,
''<weebee>'' but that idea's been discussed before, and I'm not sure it's what you had in mind.
''<weebee>'' basically, the only bit that makes this idea unique... really doesn't seem to work for me... at all.
''<weebee>'' hell,
''<weebee>'' just writing a story where a clone has to deal with the usual "I've been cloned" issues,
''<weebee>'' and everyone else thinks it's 'teh Evil!' because of the way it was created,
''<ssokolow>'' Let me generalize it in a more contemporary context. A manufactured being, whether by intent or by accident, recognizable as being in some group demonized by society and with altered desires, who will experience an identity crisis due to one of several functionally equivalent situations.
''<weebee>'' would work rather well.
''<ssokolow>'' Less clear, but more re-contextualizable.
''<weebee>'' that involves a completely or mostly non-human neurology.
''<weebee>'' which, I suppose, makes more sense for the plot.
''<ssokolow>'' As long as the character is relatable, it doesn't really matter how human their neurology is.
''<weebee>'' basically it's set up to find positive feedback in situations where normal people find negative feedback, aside from the general pro-anti-socioty aspects, where it's somewhat normal, so you get some serious "What the hel" moments as it tries to figure out what way to swing.
''<weebee>'' is that closer?
''<ssokolow>'' It's different. I'm not sure if it's closer. This "demon" is based on the Oh My Goddess model, which means evil ~= selfish from a psychology standpoint.
''<weebee>'' okay, the problem here is, even in O!MG, the demons had recognizable motives.
''<weebee>'' heck, Urd is half and half, so we got to see her swinging back and forth.
''<weebee>'' but a lot of the things that influenced her decisions, or even the demons', were past experience. (See Vesper.)
''<weebee>'' yes, demons are more inclined to take things personally and think maliciously,
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah, and this is tagged IdeaFragment, not [[Vague]]. The motivation for the "evil" is effectively a ~MacGuffin.
''<weebee>'' basically, taken from an A!MG perspective, the demonic Sakura would proceed to systematically start putting negative spins on her lie's memories.
''<weebee>'' which would help her stay coherent, certainly, hmm...
''<weebee>'' I think I can see the crisis here now, and it makes some sense,
''<weebee>'' but I'm a little too tired to cogitate over it now.
''<ssokolow>'' k. I'll prune this down and put it in the idea bin so we can come back to it later.
''Description:'' Entries which aren't so much ideas as insight into how to make other ideas work.
''Description:'' Reification ([[RDF|https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Resource_Description_Framework]] term, or Evangelion plot seed? :P )
* [[RDF Term|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reification_(knowledge_representation)]]
* [[Fallacy|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reification_(fallacy)]]

Maybe everything except Rei is not real? If so, how the heck do I write my story?

<Katana> Rei's dreams -- wanting something else to be real, perhaps her dreams gain some sort of power over her own reality -- and, of course, dreams aren't always happy fuzzy bunnies. Hmm...
Maybe she's not even aware of it... maybe she's 'real' in a different sense?
i.e. a different species -- I know there's at least a minor precedent for 'real' people vs. .... ah crud I don't remember the words I'm looking for, but do you catch my drift?
I think what I'm trying to get at is how some humans consider other life-forms below them simply because of the difference in sentience -- maybe Rei's different enough that the other humans aren't 'real' to her.
After all, 'real' has a number of different definitions. ...Hey look I found a use for that philosophy class.
(Also had a very odd thought regarding the 'holodeck' as seen in Star Trek... o.O Rei = Starfleet officer stuck in holodeck?)
''Description:'' Reincarnated mahM shMjo story where the events of the person's previous self are still in the history books.
''Inspiration:'' [[Magical Girl Lina Inverse|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/874872/1/]]

Or even just a "reincarnated" story where the person remembers their previous life and there was no delay between their death and reincarnation.
 (eg. Like is being suggested for [[Addventure: Ranma Hentry Arthur Hellsing|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/frecent.php?tag=Ranma+Henry+Arthur+Hellsing]] and as has been done in [[Wild Magic|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3466354/1/Wild_Magic]]/[[A Fix of Wild Magic|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5898372/1/A_Fix_of_Wild_Magic]] by ~Usagi-Hasano)

! Chat Logs
''<Katana>'' Fun stuff; I've read two of the three. Any idea what domain you might want to play in?
''<ssokolow>'' domain?
''<Katana>'' Uh... sorry. World. Fandom. Plane of existence, etc.
''<ssokolow>'' Ahh. Not really. My plan was to make a list of potentials and then ponder them when a free slot in my 4-story outline queue opened up.
''<Katana>'' I see. Well, maybe not Slayers? It seems that one's been done. It might be fun to see one of those showing up in Naruto, but I've been on a Naruto kick recently. What if a Ranma character had been a ninja?
''<Katana>'' Or even better, multiple Ranma characters. :P
''<ssokolow>'' Doesn't have to be anime.
''<ssokolow>'' In fact, doesn't really even have to be fanfiction.
''<ssokolow>'' I just didn't feel it appropriate for my generic ideas basket. (It's somewhat less organized and refined than the fanfic ideas one)
''<Katana>'' Yay for new possibilities. Actually, the first thing I thought after you mentioned that was Wheel of Time. Original might be cool too, but sometimes I think half the fun is playing in someone else's playground. Your thoughts?
''<ssokolow>'' I don't read Wheel of Time and, from what I've heard, I doubt I will. It apparently suffers from many of the things I preach against in my plotting book. (eg. going on and on until your muse dies of old age)
''<Katana>'' Ahh. -considers- Yeah, it does a bit. Anyway, a bit of an add on to 'half the fun...' *With the reincarnation fics, that is. It's a bit harder when no one really knows any of the characters involved and doesn't really have a reason to care, although...
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''Description:'' A martial artist wanders the world looking for a challenge. He has black hair, wears a red shirt and says he's named Ranma. Okay, so why's he got brown eyes and fangs?
''Source:'' [[weebee|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/702658/weebee]] (also author of the text below)

A piece dwelling on what would happen if one's only real motivation was taken away, after Ranma dies in an accident. A lot is made of the fiancees' reaction, but what of the man who made it his life's work to see Ranma defeated and humiliated?

No, NOT ~RanmaxRyoga& 
[img[Subscribe to idea bin updates|
''Description:'' "[...] tied into myriad pretzel-like shapes, covered in various unidentifiable substances, and even one Sound nin who appeared to be having a particularly stimulating conversation with his shoe." (My interpretation of what a smart Naruto's assistance could mean for the traps used to slow down the sound nin during the invasion.)

''Inspiration:'' http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4771093/21/Bondage_Style
''Description:'' How about a fic where, instead of long-forgotten western-inspired dragons from D&D or Shadowrun, the cross-in "to dragons as we are to monkeys" dragons are the benevolent mythological Chinese kind and, due to their secretiveness, the respect of the Chinese people, and their natural abilities, they're thought to be mere myths by all but people who actually see them and some additional scattered few among the Chinese populace (both wizarding and rural muggles).

Of course, that begs the question of what the tie-in to an actual plot would be. The two obvious possibilities are Harry becoming one somehow or Harry getting assistance (mentorship?) from one.

This tiddler was automatically created to record the details of this server
''Description:'' What about a "self-insert gone wrong" story where Naruto has an author sealed in his navel instead of canon Kyuubi?

''Note:'' This could be either [[crackfic|Crackfics]] or just an unorthodox self-insert (like [[I Was A Teenage Dummy Plug|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1046500/1/I_Was_A_Teenage_Dummy_Plug]]) depending on how it's done. I prefer the latter since, while more difficult to pull off, it's much more interesting.
''Description:'' ''TODO:'' We need more Saber Marionette J fanfiction... and I should see if there's any way to contact the author(s) of [[Strangers in a Strange Land|http://www.spiritworldfiles.com/xovers/fi/StrangeLand.html]] to get a pre-emptive OK for an attempt at finishing it.
''Description:'' Crackfic idea: What about making Rock Lee a Sailor Starlight as suggested in [[this Addventure comment|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/display_comment.php?episode=218659&n=4&m=0&d=2]]?

Is there anything even more amusingly cracky I can think of?
''Description:'' How about a story where Genma gets a girl curse and likes it? (See [[Dreamwalk With Me, Chapter 2|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1718386/2/]] for an example of the attitude I'm aiming for.)

''<Katana>'' o.O A bit like Ranma using his girl side to get extra ice cream?
''<ssokolow>'' More like "Hey, I've hair, I'm still human, and I don't have a hot, shaggy, smelly coat of fur. Take what you're given."
s/hair/got hair/
''<Katana>'' True. He'd definitely be excited about the hair thing.
''Description:'' What about a plot based around Sasuke alienating his non-fangirl peers so much that, come bell test time, they demonstrate teamwork, but would rather fail than be on a team with Sasuke, leaving Kakashi in a bit of a pickle?

Depending on how the plot is set up, it may or may not be useful to have Sasuke's //entire// non-fangirl peerage in agreement that he's not worth the trouble as a teammate.

On the one hand, it could be used to have some fun with "Either he's stuck a genin or he's a one-man genin team because none of his peers are willing to work with him". On the other hand, just showing two people and leaving the state of the other classmates up to the readers' imaginations is probably easier to do well.

''TODO:'' Think about what kinds of events I'd want to result from this idea as the story progresses.

''Inspiration:'' [[Different Techniques, Chapter 6 (Special! The Wild Fox Cometh Missing Scenes!)|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5931746/6/]]

''Note:'' I seem to be [[starting|Super-Perverts]] to make a habit of predicting bigger implementations of ideas the author had too in some form. In this case, coming up with this at the beginning of the bell test, stopping to write it down, and then reading to the end and seeing Kakashi glare at an unconscious Sasuke and briefly consider passing everyone but him.
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			if (config.options.chkGenerateAnRssFeed && saveRss instanceof Function)
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			catch(e) { alert('error during local file access: '+e.toString()) }
		else { // IE
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			catch(e) { var result=prompt(msg,path+file); } // fallback for non-XP IE
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		 '<'+'?xml version="1.0"?'+'>\n'
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	assembleFile: function(target,filetype,tids,limit,notes,quiet,overwrite,merge,total) {
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			function toCSV(t) { return '"'+t.replace(/"/g,'""')+'"'; } // always encode CSV
			var out=[ toCSV(t.title), toCSV(t.created.toLocaleString()), toCSV(t.modified.toLocaleString()),
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			for (var f in fields) out.push(toCSV(t.fields[f]||''));
			var r=out.join(',');
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// automatically add saveAs to backstage
config.tasks.saveAs = {
	text: 'saveAs',
	tooltip: config.macros.saveAs.prompt,
	action: function(){ clearMessage(); config.macros.saveAs.go(); }
|''Author:''|[[Stephan Sokolow|https://github.com/ssokolow/]]|
|''Description:''|This plugin binds Ctrl+S (and Cmd+S in Safari) to "save changes" for more convenient interaction.|

Simply install and then use the Ctrl/Cmd+S keybinding as you would for a native application.

if(!version.extensions.SaveBindingPlugin) { //# ensure that the plugin is only installed once
version.extensions.SaveBindingPlugin = { installed: true };

document.addEventListener('keypress', function(event) {
    if (!(event.which == 115 && event.ctrlKey) && !(event.which == 19)) return true;
    return false;
}, false);

} //# end of "install only once"
''Description:'' Some kind of interesting story based around the lives of the Actors who made the "[[Scenes from Nerima|http://jusenkyo.wikia.com/wiki/Scenes_from_Nerima]]" bloopers.
''Format:'' Should we attempt a "stuttering series" (No huge backstory... no easy task) or should we cook up some kind of backstory? What the heck could we use anyway?

There are tons of conflicting possibilities and we'd be using characters which we can essentially write from scratch as long as we remember that they were hired to act out "Ranma 1/2". Some versions have "Ranma" having to jump into the real Nyannichuan every time Genma ends up getting into the wrong spring by mistake, some have separate actors for male and female Ranma.

!!! Ideas:
* We could have "Ranma"'s red hair being completely unexpected but real when he jumps into Nyannichuan and make that the excuse for casting Ranma's female form with red hair in the anime.
* If we go with the previous idea, we could have "Ranma" threaten to walk out if they don't get a replacement for the scenes where Ranma-onna kisses other boys like Sanzenin... or we could have the actors for guys like Sanzenin refuse to work with "Ranma"-onna because he/she actually enjoys kissing them.
* In another set of outtakes, Ranma and Ranko (Ranma-onna) are brother and sister who were hired for the two Ranma parts. We could go with that too.

''<Katana>'' Hmm. Sounds interesting -- and funny. I wonder how many times Genma would get the wrong spring? And what might those wrong springs be? ("All right, people, take twenty-seven, try to get the right spring this time...")
''<ssokolow>'' Could be anything funny. That's Takahashi's rule after all.
Besides, since it's a different Jusenkyo from canon, anything goes. :)
''<Katana>'' True. ~Spring-of-Drowned-Shinji? (Sorry, first thought. :P) Plus - aaaangst.
''<ssokolow>'' Depends how silly I want it to be. :)
''Description:'' A "Naruto is Kyuubi, not his container" fic of greater originality and at least equal quality to [[The Reincarnation of Kyuubi|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3489052/1/]]
''Difficulty:'' Reasonably high

''<Katana>'' That's true; I didn't even think about that. Memories coming back as dreams, maybe? Getting trapped in memories, not believing that he was the person who did all this... mmm potential.
Or not wanting to believe, maybe. Someone's probably got to tell him the truth at some point, and coming to terms with it might be... fun, to put it lightly. It seems very introspective, a more emotional type of thing rather than the usual action/adventure type of story that's common in that fandom.

''<falling skywards>'' That could be interesting.
One of the ways he could come to terms with it would be discovering kitsune powers.
Useful as a ninja it would allow him to be more accepting of it.
''Description:'' In one fic I read (possibly Chunin Exam Day), Sakura is shocked when Naruto reveals that he knows various unspoken social rules that are generally only known by women. I'd like to incorporate a dynamic like that into a story of my own. (For whatever reason, one or more girls being completely surprised by Naruto having done his research in that way. (After all, good gender-bending fiction has shown that gender-bending leads to culture shock too rather than just identity shock)

I can't remember why Naruto did know, but it might have been something along the lines of realizing that he could use his in-development Oiroke no Jutsu to avoid a broken hot water heater without getting thrown out of the bathhouse. I don't think it was [[Ganbatte ne, Oirokechan|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3730694/1/Ganbatte_ne_Oirokechan]], though that story isn't half bad.

''Note:'' This isn't necessarily gender-bending, but at the moment, I'm not sure if I want to create a GenderCulture tag.

''See Also:'' (Plot ideas which might incorporate this)
* [[Me, Myself, and The Others]]
* [[The Masks We Wear]]
''Description:'' While we're throwing canon completely out the window, how about a story where Sirius Black is a metamorphmagus (Given that he's related to Tonks, it's a plausible twist) with access to a time turner and Peter Pettigrew never really existed?

That poses two potential plotlines:
# Canonical events are thrown completely off and the story would probably follow the Marauders prior to that fateful night.
# For a //real// problem-solving challenge, canonical events //do// progress normally... maybe Sirius somehow painted himself into a corner and either never went to Azkaban or survived it because, however Voldemort got the Potters, he's still no more guilty than in canon where he was responsible for convincing them to use Peter instead.

''See Also:'' [[Pettigrew the Metamorphmagus]]

''TODO'': Decide on a better title for this. Perhaps some kind of metaphorical or mythological reference tied in via constellation names, canines, etc.

So Peter is in Azkaban and Sirius... might be free, dead, or might never have existed.  Or maybe it was Peter who never existed.  Maybe it was all done by a shapechanging Sirius Black with a time turner.
-- Name withheld by request
''Description:'' What if Hiashi had really been the one who died on that day? (Source: [[Secretive|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4196403/1/]])

This is definitely one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" stories. More importantly, it's one of those stories where I want to explore the idea further, but at the same time, I fear the damage a poorly-written attempt could to could do. -- My review for the aforementioned fic
''Description:'' What about a ~Naruto-TheMatrix fusion with the "dark secret" of the Uchiha clan (canon. The only remaining living being who knows as of current story progress is the Kyuubi and he's not telling) being that they're programs just like the Kyuubi is.

Let's say they and the Biiju are the Naruto-verse equivalent of having Agents running around. This puts a whole new spin on why Itachi and Madara are the way they are. Maybe they reached the point where they could "see the code" as more than a blur (what everyone else including Kakashi thinks of as 'seeing chakra') and it was too much for them to handle

This would also allow for some interesting new twists on what bloodline abilities are, what their bearers are, and how they come to be. (And the (fanon?) rumor that the Uchiha clan is a mutant branch of the Hyuuga clan)

!! Chat Logs
''<weebee>'' Hmm. Problem...
until Smith went crazy, the agents were a sort of protection force against incursions and errors in the system, right?
so why would the Uchiha actively cause so many glitches as they do?
''<ssokolow>'' And until Itachi went crazy, the Uchiha were Konoha's police force.
 ''<weebee>'' or worse, let the hidden leaf village abuse the system so badly?
but isn't any chakra use hacking by the logic you gave?
and therefor, it should be stopped by agents?
''<ssokolow>'' Let the Naruto-verse be an experiment into letting humans have limited access to the system.
''<weebee>'' also, if the Uchiha agents lost control so many years ago, why hasn't the matrix initiated damage control yet?
''<ssokolow>'' Sort of like how magic works in Scrapped Princess.
 ''<weebee>'' I mean, it HAS been a while.
never saw scrapped princess, but okay.
''<ssokolow>'' You should. It's an excellent story.
 ''<weebee>'' the thing about the Uchihas still stands, though.
shouldn't other forces have moved in by now?
''<ssokolow>'' I've got various ideas for that.
Maybe the purpose of "agents" in this system was as part of a now defunct sub-experiment and the main experiment is still going acceptably.
''<weebee>'' but they'd still need new agents,
to keep things on track.
maybe the ANBU?
''<ssokolow>'' That breaks from my plans.
''<weebee>'' they've gone off on their own little side missions a few times, haven't they?
shutting up, then.
''<ssokolow>'' The problem is that I want to clearly delineate that while programs can be innocent of the greater experiment, humans MUST be. ANBU is a job, not a "nature" like a bloodline or species.
 ''<weebee>'' hmm,
ah, so Sasuke, for example, is true AI like smith but just doesn't know what the hell's going on for some reason?
if you tried to wake him up, you'd just delete him or something?
''<ssokolow>'' Another possible option. Things have fallen to pieces, but the machines are letting it continue because the Naruto-verse has already greatly exceeded the non-reset longevity of their old system.
''<weebee>'' hmm.
so they're letting it crash?
''<ssokolow>'' Maybe they're letting it fall to pieces to see how long it'll run without crashing if left un-maintained.
 ''<weebee>'' Hmm, possible.
 after all, if the Naruto-verse subjects were all held in one complex,
there could be contingiencies in place to get them all if they all suddenly woke up on a system crash.
though it'd be kinda cool/mean if you ended the fic with Naruto somehow crashing the system,
and waking up...
''<ssokolow>'' Nahh. I'll think of something when I get around to working on it.
''<weebee>'' then again, that could just me being too tired to think clearly....
''<ssokolow>'' I'm too tired to think of more reasons for letting the state of things continue, but I know I've got 3 to 6 more.
''<weebee>'' aha, I've got it.
what if the "Jutsu" of the Naruto world represent cognative patterns, or programs to do things in the real one.
the machines let the humans in the Naruto-verse play with code,
because they kknow that humans have a certain blind luck or intiuition, whatever u want to call it,\
that lets them inovate new code.
after all,t hey created the ~AIs.
so if the ~AIs let the humans fiddle with the matrix as they wish in one very well controlled area,
they get the inovation, without the risk.
the whole logical thought VS. intiution thing.
Basically, that and however many other simulations are acting as the machine AI's creative centers.
if that makes sense.
''<ssokolow>'' True. Another idea I had was to have a subplot revolving around how there's no "Uchiha are genetically-incompatible with normal people" thing, so what happens when a program and a human have a child?
''<weebee>'' probably just another program.
<ssokolow> That's the boring way to do it.
''<weebee>'' well, there are problems the other way.
 for one, it'd DEFINATELY have to be a male program and a female human.
if only because digital wombs don't bare children very well.
''<ssokolow>'' No it wouldn't. Humans are grown, remember?
''<weebee>'' then, maybe the computers would select DNA similar to the program's traits,
and impregnate the woman with it?
right, there's no natural reproduction.
sry, forgot that.
but wouldn't a human usually have two genetic doners, is my point.
to at least simulate the process of evolution.
then again, perhaps the programs thought of that.
I don't know.
the computers, rather.
Hmm, you know,
I'm getting far too incoherant.
I'll talk to you when I can think streight again.....
''<ssokolow>'' wait. One sec while I finish my thought, ok?
''<weebee>'' oh, sure.
''<ssokolow>'' One interesting twist could be a human with elevated system access privileges.
''<weebee>'' hmm, wouldn't the demon carriers have that too?
given that Naruto can use the fox's chakra.
''<ssokolow>'' Different mechanism, but yes.
''Description:'' How about a silly spamfic where the one Voldemort marked as his equal is actually an animal that's out for revenge after losing some body part to Voldemort's hidden addiction to fine cuisine?

''<gsteemso>'' that one just has so much possibility, especially if no one ever catches on that it isn't Harry.
''<gsteemso>'' depending on whether you want him to live or are going for pure spam it could be horribly funny
''<gsteemso>'' "Oh god, Harry's dead of a falling can of tuna! Who will save us from Voldemort now?"
''<deitarion>'' I'll probably ask you to be my co-author when I get started on it.
''<gsteemso>'' I'd love to! :-)

''<Katana>'' My first thought on the subject was platypus, just so you know. : ) Mostly silly, so I probably shouldn't give it too much thought, but might Voldemort himself still think Harry's the only one to destroy him?
''<ssokolow>'' Probably [...]
''<Katana>'' Huh. The smaller the animal, the better. Maybe a squid? (calamari) or a salmon? (the eggs)
''<ssokolow>'' In the case of the Salmon, it'd have to be "You ate my siblings. Prepare to die." since they die after spawning.
''<Katana>'' Yeah. It could work. And there's all sorts of strange foods. Escargot, but that usually involves the entire snail, unless they can do the earthworm thing, and then I know I've encountered pickled octopus bits...
For some reason, strange parts of seafood seem to be popular.
''<Jonakhensu>'' just a note: Atlantic salmon don't die after spawning
''Description:'' When changelings encounter problems, our habit is to hide... even from ourselves, it seems. I couldn't bear to confront my past, so I tried to just leave it behind and let the guilt and remorse die with the name I'd forsaken and the face I shunned. ...it didn't work very well.

''Inspiration:'' http://www.fimfiction.net/story/75755/3/molded-to-love/scars-of-the-past

''TODO:'' Brainstorm interpretations of that dialogue snippet.
; ~Semi-Fanfic
: A story that derives as little as possible from the source material and is only guaranteed to be a fanfic because the inspiration was highly derivative. (So, basically, a semi-fanfic is a story that would be an original work were it not based on fragmentary impressions of an existing work.)

''Description:'' Basically, this tag is for cases where, having read a story, I decided I also wanted the story I imagined it to be before I started reading.

''Description:'' How about a Ranma fic where some kind of AU change also resulted in Shampoo having blood-related siblings?

''Inspiration:'' [[White Rose, Chapter 8|http://www.florestica.com/aondehafka/wr/white-rose08.html]]
''Description:'' [[MLP:FiM]] Changelings are Bleach-style Hollows

''Inspiration:'' [[This comment|https://www.fimfiction.net/story/308391/37/second-chances-many-changes/chapter-37---confrontations#comment/7304406]]
''Description:'' How about a crackfic where Minato sealed Kyuubi into Naruto for shits and giggles?

He tried putting himself in the man's situation, but he couldn't. Naruto was sure that he would have found a different way. That he could have killed or defeated the Kykbi without involving an innocent baby. Naruto wasn't one for self pity, but he couldn't help it. He felt betrayed, but, still, he tried to remember that the Yondaime had to have been desperate.
After all, you didn't seal a demon into a baby, let alone your son, for giggles.
 -- [[Naruto: Altered History, Chapter 23|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3149411/23/Naruto_Altered_History]]

!!!Experimental Prose
Naruto was feeling depressed. Normally, this might seem cause for the devil to buy ice skates or volunteer at the soup kitchen, but today was anything but a normal day. It had all stated when <insert long lead-up explaining how Naruto ended up chatting with his dead father.>

<Naruto asks the believable "Why did you use me to hold Kyuubi? Was there really no other way?" and Yondaime responds with "I thought it'd be good for a laugh">

''<ssokolow>'' Besides, if I wanted something a little less cracky, I could always make it so it wasn't "for giggles", but instead have it so it's one of those "Kyuubi was on a divinely-given mission" dumbplots and the sealing was Yondaime's way of giving the mission-giver a metaphysical "fuck you".
...or maybe Yondaime was just drunk as a skunk. Kyuubi was coming, he was doing the whole "eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die", and Kyuubi arrived a day early.
''<weebee>'' Hmm,
that would downgrade him from tortured for all eternity,
to panda bashing.
though it would be very VERY intense panda bashing.
though I don't know him and this is probably Ranma influenced,
I could see it.

It occurs to me that, if crack[fic]ed properly, it won't downgrade Minato at all... the trick is basically to set up an "and starring Beavis and Butthead as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin"-style parody where you, as the author, "keep a straight face" but the readers can see it's not Minato plain as day. Another way to think of it would be that ~FunnyOrDie "[[Drunk History|http://www.funnyordie.com/drunkhistory]]" series.
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''Description:'' How about an out-of-context interpretation of this slip of the tongue?

"Why are you fighting with Ryoga again?"

"I'm not fighting!" Ranma bit back on reflex, pulling away from Ryoga. "Sisters don't fight!"

Akane's mouth opened to verbally fillet the pigtailed girl, only to have her voice fail as she processed the rebuke that made absolutely no sense. "Sisters don't what?"

Ranma began to blink rapidly as what she said actually registered. Even Ryoga was looking at her with a strange look and Ranma could do little more than stumble over her rapidly deteriorating train of thought over the mental lapse.
-- [[The Anarchists, Chapter 4|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3433414/4/]]

The most obvious approach would be to substitute some other "not known to Akane" reason that still makes sense in the right light... perhaps one that not even Ranma and Ryoga are consciously aware of.
deitarion/~SSokolow's fanfiction idea bin and plot plan collection.
[[Story Ideas|Welcome]]
''Description:'' Ryoga gets mistaken for a vampire, killed by Hellsing, turned by Seras, and then gets lost. ~P-Chan then bites Ranma-chan and it turns out the curse is stronger than vampiric transformation abilities. Alucard doesn't believe Ranma and winds up also cursed.

''(09:11:10) weebee:'' 
weebee5: Jonak once kept bugging me about a Hellsing crossover,
weebee5: and HEA just released the first part of what's probably its final episode, where they did their girliecard bit, which is helarious, btw.
weebee5: and I now have this stupid scene running through my head, and need to put it somewhere.
weebee5: For contxt, the fic's premice is that a chain of misfortunes involving Ryoga, the wild gease, Seres doing something stupid, and Mrs. Tendo having been a vampire hunter end up with Ranma as a vampire being held by Hellsing.
weebee5: An early running gag is that the curse is still a thing, and overrides even vampiric shapeshifting. Ryoga's got the same problem, but Integra keeps him chained up in the basement ever since he got lost and bit Ranma, so Ranma's the primary one who Alucard sees changing.
weebee5: being Alucard, he gleefully trolls Ranma over it.
weebee5: (Even canonically Alucard's sort of a massive troll._
weebee5: one day Ranma snaps and notes that Alucard doesn't have a curse, so he can keep saying how easy it is all he wants, he's actually got no idea.
weebee5: ...cue a few days later, petite black haired girl stomping down the halls of the hellsing mansion, aura of snapping wolves and bloody darkness around her, because yup, turns out Ranma was right.... probably shouldn't have tried that, man....
''(09:17:58) weebee:'' just wanted to get it out there to a couple people, because I know full well I can never write a hellsing fic properly.
''(09:18:32) ssokolow:'' I have seen a couple of "Ranma as a vampire with the curse, working for Hellsing" fics, but I don't think I've ever seen that particular joke.
''(09:19:21) weebee:'' well, Hellsing's a bit too hardcore for Ranma to work for normally.
''(09:19:27) ssokolow:'' *nod*
''(09:20:30) weebee:'' if I had him as a human hunting vampires, I'd imagine his relationship with them would be more like "I killed it already, you  homocidal assholes don't have to raise the city block." and to be fair, Integra's response to that would be "All right, thank you. Everybody go home."
''(10:43:51) weebee:'' other joke for the never to happen Hellsing fic.
''(10:44:09) weebee:'' "Die, Protestant dog!" "I'm Buddhist, you ass!" "Protestant Buddhist, probably, now die!"
''(10:44:26) ssokolow:'' *snicker*
''(10:44:56) ssokolow:'' This should go as a contributed entry in my ideas bin in case I ever get to a point where I feel like writing it.
''(10:45:24) weebee:'' go for it if you want.
''(10:46:25) weebee:'' "Wait.... so, your friend used a christian ritual to bind you by the word of god, and it worked, and you're still a Buddhist?" "Damned right I am, Just 'cuz there's actually someone up there pulling the strings, doesn't mean I can't eventually figure out how to punch him in the teeth by turnin' me into a vampire by way of pig bite!"
''(10:46:32) weebee:'' and suddenly, Alucard smiled.
''(10:46:34) weebee:'' LOL.
''(10:46:50) ssokolow:'' Likewise. :)
''(10:48:24) weebee:'' my general opinion on Ranma's opinion of finding out there's an interventionist god. "Oh, so it's YOUR fault, is it?"
''(11:03:38) ssokolow:'' What do you think the placeholder title should be? I'm thinking something like "Hellsing's Wild Hellhound"
''(11:07:16) weebee:'' kinda generic.
''(11:07:19) weebee:'' but I've got nothing.
''(11:07:41) weebee:'' since I like taking the piss out of everything, I'd be inclined to name it off of the inciting plotpoint,
''(11:07:45) ssokolow:'' Well, the idea doesn't really have much to it beyond "Ranma at Hellsing causing humour" yet.
''(11:07:45) weebee:'' six degrees of vampirism.
''(11:08:18) weebee:'' oh right,  I never told you that.
''(11:08:26) ssokolow:'' ...or "Vampire Pig Bites"
''(11:08:35) ssokolow:'' It is a *placeholder* title after all.
''(11:08:43) weebee:'' true.
''(11:08:52) weebee:'' basically, how we had it happen,
''(11:08:59) weebee:'' Ryoga smashes into the hellsing estate while lost.
''(11:09:06) weebee:'' big, superhumanly strong guy with fangs,
''(11:09:14) weebee:'' the wild geese fill him full of holes.
''(11:09:24) weebee:'' Seres does a dumb, and turns him.
''(11:09:26) weebee:'' he gets lost.
''(11:09:43) weebee:'' Ranma then annoys P-chan, who promptly bites her arm.
''(11:10:49) weebee:'' )Has to be her due to the whole can only turn opposite sex vergins rule.
''(11:13:03) ssokolow:'' Ahh.
''(11:13:51) weebee:'' Poor Ryoga spends the rest of the fic chained up in the Hellsing basement.
''(11:14:02) weebee:'' ...at least it's a nice room.
''(11:25:42) weebee:'' Oh, in case you're wondering about Alucard's logic on the initial, Jusenkyo chicken idea,
''(11:26:27) weebee:'' Alucard's always seemed very into 'how a true vampire is supposed to be.' He's always on S Seres about it,  no matter he thinks he's a monster, he thinks he's a specific KIND of monster, damnit, and there are RULES, and there's some PRIDE in it!
''(11:26:44) weebee:'' so he sees Ranma knuckling under to the curse's effect as a pitiful display for a proud vampire.
''(11:26:50) weebee:'' ...then Ranma tells him he couldn't do better.
''(11:26:58) weebee:'' Them's fightin' words.
''(11:28:09) ssokolow:'' *nod* Not to mention, Alucard is pretty damn used to being able to overcome whatever people throw at him.
''(11:28:58) weebee:'' yeah.
''(12:11:43) ssokolow:'' How this for a description to show up in compact listings?
''(12:11:44) ssokolow:'' Ryoga gets mistaken for a vampire, killed by Hellsing, turned by Seras, and then gets lost. ~P-Chan  then bites Ranma-chan and it turns out the curse is stronger than  vampiric transformation abilities. Alucard doesn't believe Ranma and  winds up also cursed.
''(12:13:02) weebee:'' sounds fine.
''(12:13:15) weebee:'' also, quick synopsis of why it's a thing you might like.
''(12:13:44) weebee:'' Alucard, Centuries old vampire who has captured thousands of souls, a true monster, the  embodiment of the "No Life King."
''(12:14:37) weebee:'' Jusenkyo, vally steaped in dark magics for three thousand years, at least, has  probably touched and altered  tens of thousands of souls, and has a being near Alucard's strength who has t to, every hundred years or so, go abck to  it to regain his powers.
''(12:14:43) weebee:'' sorry pal,k you kinda lose.
''(12:15:42) weebee:'' oh, there's also a good chance it might hate him specifically for trying to fight it.
''(12:15:52) weebee:'' imagining outright physics defying water.
''Description:'' What potential plot elements could result from having "a sixteen year old Tom Riddle is skulking around" and how (aside from killing off Ginny, ideally) could it come about? There's just something about the feel of having 16-year old Tom "skulking around" that makes it so much more desirable than having him "biding his time" or "waiting in the wings". It feels humorously furtive somehow.

''See Also:'' [[Voldie]] (Idea which has a[n admittedly female] 16-year-old Riddle ready to do some skulking)

He studies his memories thorough the summer and makes a list of the things he had done in order to know the next time around what to do. He spends his whole seventh-second year studying, memorising spells after spells, studying history, studying Voldemort. Time passes and it is more of a surprise than a relief when he realises that the year is suddenly over, and he is going to the third year. In hind sight he finds out that Ginny Weasley had vanished at some point and though the Chamber of Secrets had been opened, he had never even noticed it.
He can do nothing but shrug his shoulders at the whole thing, eventually. Whether or not sixteen year old Tom Riddle is skulking about or not doesn't matter to him, not during this life.
-- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5764665/1/

''Description:'' Explore the kinds of characters and character interactions that result from a hypothetical gender-bending bloodline in Naruto. There will definitely be personality implications. Kinda reminds me of [[Futaba-kun Change]], now that I think about it.

It'd be interesting to explore both the childhood and adulthood implications of such a bloodline on the character and character interaction of both original and known characters. (A thought inspired by a fused-in Ranma in http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/233827.html )

Hell, I'm sure one could write a whole series just by exploring different facets and implications one-by-one.

Regardless, Kakashi ignored Sakuras blithering. Bloodlines come in all shapes and sizes. If youre lucky, your abilities manifest themselves in some innocuous form like the Uchiha and Hyuga lines eyes. All things considered, changing genders is a rather benign manifestation.
&However awkward such an ability may be, he added silently. It wasnt horribly difficult to imagine just what sort of situations such an ability would land its bearer in, and it was apparently a sore topic with Konohas newest ninja if his& her reaction to Sakura was any indication.
-- [[Tales of the FoxCat, Chapter 7|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2685072/7/Tales_of_the_FoxCat]]

Sasuke had been taking in the entire conversation as an aura of disgust welled up in him. It wasnt the technique itself. Kakashi was right& Bloodlines came in all shapes and sizes and he knew first hand their pleasant exteriors didnt necessarily reflect what was on the inside. No, it was his reactions to the technique that were most& disturbing. Mentally, he knew the blonde was Naruto.
Unfortunately, his eyes and certain aspects of his physiology didnt. Likewise, hisher new friend was similarly afflicted with a more fluid version of the distracting technique, confusing his physiology even further& But hers is a bloodline&? It would have been an intriguing question if it wasnt affecting him so deeply. On one hand the redhead was as attractive as they came, on the other&Sasuke gritted his teeth looking for an outlet. He couldnt necessarily vent on the special team sensei, especially when said sensei had already demonstrated just how effortless it was to kick his ass, but Naruto, however, was still fair game.
-- [[Tales of the FoxCat, Chapter 7|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2685072/7/Tales_of_the_FoxCat]]
''Description:'' What if the sorting hat is just a "remote terminal" or "avatar body" and the mind is really that of Hogwarts itself?

Just a thought. Could make for some interesting stories, given that the difference is in the details.

''Inspiration:'' Dumbledore's comment in [[Harry Potter and the Spiritus Crystalus, Chapter 1|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2379367/2/Harry_Potter_and_the_Spiritus_Crystalus]]
''Description:'' Tiddlers bearing this tag represent source series for fanfiction ideas. They will also appear in the "sources" tag selector when editing.
''Description:'' "The reason I gave 'Ranma 12 Moon' the 4.0 for originality of concept, pulling it up from 2.5 to 3.5 is that I see a lot of wasted potential in the idea of using Jusenkyo to split the mantle of Sailor Moon. Authors seem to assume that it's atomic and that's a huge assumption nobody ever thought to explore the lack of."
''Description:'' We need more fanfiction where Tatewaki Kuno and Mousse get Nyannichuan-cursed. (Probably best to not have them both cursed in the same fic though)

''Note:'' This predates [[Cursed Kunos]] by several years.

Half an hour later a young man was seen walking around outside the Kuno estate. It wasn't any young man, it was Nabiki. She was testing her disguise. So far no one had taken any notice of her. She also wanted to find out if Kuno had tested the instant Jusenkyo. She listened carefully but couldn't hear anything suspicious. Suddenly there was a faint splashing sound followed by a scream.
-- http://web.archive.org/web/20070113222815/http://ladycosmos.anifics.com/stories/ranmacompo11.txt

...and, for Mousse, an Addventure thread to which I've lost the link.

!!!Chat Logs
''<Katana>'' I wonder, though. Would a girl-curse finally pound it into Kuno's head that Ranma and the pig-tailed girl are the same person, or would he remain as hopelessly oblivious as always?
''<ssokolow>'' Could go either way.
''Description:'' How about a Spring of Drowned Parrot?

''<Katana>'' o.O Akane want a cracker?
''<ssokolow>'' Think Genma's "panda signs", but with no need for signs. Imagine what kind of first impression it would make.
''<Katana>'' You want me to marry a parrot?
''<ssokolow>'' Hey, who're you callin' a parrot!?
''<Katana>'' And from Nabiki, "You are a parrot." Perhaps with the obligatory groping.

''Description:'' Story plans (of varying degrees of completeness) structured according to the template in StoryPlanTemplate and the instructions in StoryPlanEditTemplate.


<p>Replace "New Story Plan" with something suitably appropriate. If you already know your title, use that. Otherwise, use something you'll recognize like "Sci-fi Rags-to-Riches (Title Pending)".</p>

<p>The "Description" line is used to populate the category listings, so it should probably be a pared down version of whatever you put in the "Revised Story Idea" section.</p>

<p>The "Original Story Idea" line should be a paragraph or less (Provide a hyperlink or other reference if you're following someone else's challenge) detailing your first impression of the idea.</p>

<p>The "Revised Story Idea" line should be a synopsis (a paragraph or two, ideally) of the idea once you've had some time to think about and improve it.</p>

<p>The "Driving Conflict" line should indicate the conflict which caused the character to break from their usual existence in the first place. Keep in mind that some stories may have a mini-conflict which is created and then resolved within the intro to set up the main conflict. (eg. a character getting unintentionally abandoned and then adopted to set up for a conflict between the child and the original parent years later)</p>

<p>The "Chosen Resolution" line should be filled out by answering the question, "What condition must be satisfied for your story to end?" (Does a character need to find/make a new home? Do two characters need to reconcile? Does a greedy conqueror need to be stopped?)</p>
<strong>TODO: Clarify the type of statement that should be put into this field. -Stephan Sokolow 1/20/09 2:24 AM</strong>

<p>Once you have your "Driving Conflict" and "Chosen Resolution" lines filled out, ask yourself how the resolution solves the conflict. If they don't seem to match up, you may need to write a series instead of a story. This method of arriving at a driving conflict can also be used to define your driving conflict if you're having trouble identifying it directly. Simply ask yourself what conflict the chosen resolution solves. When using this approach, it should still be obvious whether the conflict being resolved at the end of the story is the same one which caused the story to begin.</p>

<p>If you're the kind of person who plans a story by constructing a detailed world and then letting things just flow and you don't think the rest of the template will help you, feel free to skip it... but keep in mind that it can still be useful for making sure you're not forgetting anything important when mothballing an idea.</p>

<p>The "Potential Titles" section should be bulleted list of ideas for titles with the reasoning for and potential problems with each title as sublists. Remember, the title of your story should, either directly or indirectly, be an ultra-condensed summary of what the story is about. (person/place/event/etc.) You can delete this section once you decide on a title and place it in the document heading.</p>

<p>Then you divide your details between "Problems...", "Ideas", and "Timeline":</p>

<li>"Problems..." is for, as it says, things which still need to be figured out. Another way to put it is that "Problems..." is questions you are asking yourself but haven't answered yet.</li>
<li>"Ideas" is for stuff that may or may not make it into the story or for stuff that will go in, but you're not sure where yet. (If it's a problem for the character but not a question you're asking yourself, put it here)</li>
<li>"Timeline" is for stuff that will go in and you know where, but you haven't written it yet. It's also a good idea to put a summary of what you have written so you can remind yourself of the important points at a glance and easily introduce new beta readers.</li>

<p>The purpose of the divergence point line is to indicate where your story branches off from the original timeline in a derivative work. (eg. fanfiction) Ideally, it should be a single sentence at most. If you are writing a derivative work and intend to re-state canon events at the beginning of your story (eg. to give context to what follows), then it's probably a good idea to fill out the "Divergence Point:" field and also place a marker in your timeline proper rather than just doing one or the other.</p>

<p>Every event that appears within story should be part of the timeline. Treat the timeline as if you're writing a letter to a friend explaining the events that make up the story. Concise, but don't leave out anything important.</p>

<p>Template and Instructions copyright ©2008-2009 Stephan Sokolow.  This work is licensed under the <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/">Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License</a>.</p>
''Description:'' ''TODO''

; Original Story idea:
; Revised Story Idea (If Applicable):

; Driving Conflict:
; Chosen Resolution:

!! Potential Titles:
* ...

!! Problems to Solve and Decisions to Make:
* ...

!! Ideas:
* ...

!! Timeline:

; Divergence Point:

''TODO:'' Story timeline here.
''Description:'' Write a non-linear fanfic with some sort of graphically-impressive navigation. Maybe an imagemap that looks like one of those genetic ancestry charts.

See "Slayers Rebirth" from Slayers Trilogy by Stefan 'Twoflower' Gagne for the closest example I can see currently in existence.

''<Katana>'' Interesting. Do you mean branching story paths, like the choose-your-own-adventure things, or a bunch of related scenes not necessarily in chronological order but part of the same timeline?
''<ssokolow>'' Probably part of the same timeline, but possible separate timelines as long as they're still related. (eg. interdimensional or timelines branching and continuing to interact... possibly re-merging)
''<Katana>'' It might be fun if you carried on a couple of paths in alternate realities more or less simultaneously and managed to resolve them in one despite their differences.
Mm... say something diverges, right? For the sake of an example, let's just say someone accidentally swapped gender. Now we've got two timelines, one with the original, one with the gender-bent. It would be interesting to see if, despite the differences that will henceforth arise, how similar the conclusions might be, especially if the original change is fixed later on. Since, after all, they're really just different versions of the same story. Or something like that, anyway. ^_^
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''Description:'' ''Subvert It Good!'' (Ideas which produce interesting results by giving annoying, tired, stupid fanfiction clichés the finger)
''Description:'' For shits and giggles, what if Orochimaru's body being female during the invasion was the whole point of the technique rather than simply a side-effect of the best available body being female?

For even more fun, maybe Orochimaru and Jiraya could be perverts a little different than fanon. (an old lecher and a pedophile) Perhaps they've been informally competing to come up with ever more creative sex acts since before Orochimaru left with Jiraya being loud about being a super-pervert because, despite his brilliance, Orochimaru always seems to be the one to get the recognition... just like in Naruto and Sasuke's rivalry.

Hell, maybe, with enough authorial creativity, Orochimaru's horrible experiments could have been in search of new sex acts. (I'll need to look into what canon details are known regarding his acts prior to the invasion and when they were revealed) Of course, in this vein, the more we can shift the blame toward the people of Konoha being prudes and away from Orochimaru being an immoral mad scientist while still keeping it believable, the better.

Now for the part which needs a //really// clever author. What's the most entertaining characterization for Tsunade?

The first and last sentences in this:
Orochimaru tore away his face to reveal the face of a young woman.

Jiraiya's very first thought. //Hey, Orochimaru is kind of hot! Ew, ew, I did not just think that.// "I see, so you have come up with that jutsu?"
-- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4251989/15/A_Few_Angry_Words

The irony, of course, is that I stopped reading right there to write this, then when I got back to reading, these were the next lines:
The female Orochimaru laughed. "Indeed I have! Are you jealous Jiraiya? Does my genius leave you feeling inferior?"

Slowly and painfully Jiraiya nodded. "I will admit to being a bit jealous." Orochimaru smirked. "I have always wanted to be able to turn myself into a beautiful woman without relying on a mere henge. Can you make yourself look like Tsunade?"

Orochimaru gaped at him.

"You baka! This is no transformation jutsu!" His face reverted back to his original, much to Jiraiya's disappointment.
-- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4251989/15/A_Few_Angry_Words

...and then a real irony. The //day after// I wrote this, Kestral writes an [[Addventure episode|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/247613.html]] that takes it half-way. (Orochimaru has a technique which has the direct effect of turning someone into a young woman permanently and he used it on himself... he's still interested in the age-reducing side-effect, but it's a start)

!Idea Snippets

''(18:19:26) ssokolow:'' Y'know, I was just thinking on the "Hey, Orochimaru is kind of hot! Ew, ew, I did not just think that." line and I came up with an amusing variant that'd fit with the ~Super-Perverts setting.
''(18:20:47) ssokolow:'' Have Jiraiya think something similar, but then instead of "Ew, ew!", have him say something to himself more along the lines of. "No, no. Bad thought. That'd DEFINITELY be a BIG win for Orochimaru."
''(18:23:15) ssokolow:'' ...especially if followed immediately by him saying something quite at odds with it to Orochimaru.
''(18:24:55) ssokolow:'' Or perhaps the thought could be "How the HELL am I going to top THAT?" and the speech following it could be something in the vicinity of the original "I see, so you have come up with that jutsu?"
''(18:24:59) gsteemso:'' "Couldn't you at least have given yourself a bigger chest with that cheesy technique? I mean, come on, you could make it look however you wanted!"
''(18:27:37) ssokolow:'' Hey. Another idea. In the "~Super-Perverts" timeline, there could be more than just his job as a spymaster behind Jiraiya's apparent carte blanche to wander far and wide outside the village.
''(18:28:52) gsteemso:'' oh?
''(18:29:10) gsteemso:'' he has an S-ranked mission to out-pervert Orochimaru?
''(18:29:26) ssokolow:'' Depends on how Sarutobi gets characterized.
''(18:29:43) gsteemso:'' could just be because the Third Hokage is a big fan of his books and want there to be plenty of inspiration
''(18:30:20) ssokolow:'' Closer to what I was thinking. I was envisoning more a case of Sarutobi sending him out into the world to keep him safe from the town that already "showed their true colors" by kicking Orochimaru out.
''(18:31:26) gsteemso:'' good plan, actually
''(18:31:44) gsteemso:'' this means Kakashi is in danger from the townsfolk too
''(18:31:57) gsteemso:'' (Why are all the most powerful ones perverts?)
''(18:32:34) ssokolow:'' Do you really want to ask that question in the presence of someone who tends to take rhetorical questions as opportunities to come up with atypical answers?
''(18:32:56) gsteemso:'' maybe that's why the town is so upset, Konoha has a reputation as a nest of deviants :�)
''(18:33:16) gsteemso:'' "It's not like that, dammit! That's just rthe S-ranked ones!"
''(18:33:43) ssokolow:'' Maybe, but keep in mind that the fun comes from the illusion that this was all "behind the scenes" in the canon setting.
''(18:34:45) ssokolow:'' We want the real divergence point to be back in Team Sarutobi's days, but the perceptual divergence point to be at the Chunin Exams.
''Description:'' Giving power to people who neither expect nor want it in order to see what they (and/or the society in which they live) are made of.

''Note:'' No monkey-paw wishes and generally no [[Bruce Almighty|https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Bruce_Almighty]] plots. It's a lot more satisfying to see people and societies ruin the mystique of super-powers all on their own merits.
''Description:'' What kind of AU changes would it take to write a story where Orochimaru is the enemy, yet for at least part of the story, there's a truce between him and the protagonists and they trust him to uphold that? (Just a thought inspired by reading a new chapter on a very AU Naruto fic after having forgotten what the circumstances were)
''Description:'' How could I re-create the (outer) ~Sakura-Kyuubi dynamic in the later chapters of [[Switched!|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1744410/10/Switched]] without it feeling like a stale knock-off?

Obviously, the first question is which of the following situations would make it possible?
* Same dynamic, but with Kyuubi and Naruto. (Preferrably not. It's harder to feel fresh when everyone and their dog has tried their hand at SOME kind of ~Naruto-Kyuubi interaction)
* Kyuubi was sealed into someone else or Naruto is a girl. (Nahh. Destroys the feel of the interaction I'm trying to create... and in the Naruto case, it's also been done too much... both poorly and well)
* My own body-swap story. (That'd be like trying to do my own "Girl Days". No way.)
* Kyuubi somehow gets out in a harmless fashion. Possibly "on probation". (Difficult at best to achieve the intended dynamic. Preferrably not.)
* Kyuubi somehow gets transferred or Sakura gets linked in somehow (I've never seen it done before and it's got excellent potential... but it's doubly hard because I not only need to make it feel fresh again, but also to find a plausible way for it to happen)
* Something else I haven't thought of

Given that "Switched!" grew from a similar desire ("What if Kyuubi and Inner Sakura met?"), it may be a good idea to explore alternatives (eg. Ino) instead.

''<jonakhensu>'' transfer of Kyuubi without Naruto? fucked up Akatsuki (SIC) ritual could do it.
...what physical atributes would Sakura gain from the Kyuubi? (see Naruto's whiskers)
 Ino would be an easy receptible
one mind swap jutsu, and...
new roomie
two ways to go with this
1) Ino ends up in a coma and is mentally stuck in the Seal
2) the Kyuubi tries to escape. And it ~FUBARs
~FUBARs are fun in general ^-^
''Description:'' Try writing a story sympathetic to the bad guys in a fandom other than Sailor Moon. (SM already has [[Negawarrior|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1668527/1/Negawarrior]] and, to a lesser extent (refugees), [[Hidden in Darkness|http://vffa-bulk.ficfan.org/fics/hidden_in_darkness.zip]])
txtUserName: ssokolow
chkGenerateAnRssFeed: true
txtBackupOptionsFormat: %N.backup.html
!Remaining roadmap elements for this site itself:
* ''Goal 1a: Make this the most efficient personal organization tool possible''
** Find or write a compact formatter [[[1]|http://devpad.tiddlyspot.com/#CommentsFormatter]] [[[2]|http://svn.tiddlywiki.org/Trunk/contributors/MartinBudden/formatters/]] for chat logs.
** Consider porting the roles axis back from Fiction Ideas.
* ''Goal 1b: Make it as simple as possible for other people to use this system too''
** Using my 2011-06-21 chatlog with duraiken as reference, start building a more complete HOWTO for this system.
*** Figure out how to make ~TiddlyWiki work reliably with Chrome (and, if possible, [[IcedTea|http://icedtea.classpath.org/]]) under Linux. [[[1]|http://my.opera.com/Andrew%20Gregory/blog/2006/12/03/update-tiddlywiki-java-saver]] [[[2]|http://opennomad.com/content/more-google-chrome-and-tiddlywiki]]
** Convert as many of my customization tweaks as possible into plugins and shadow tiddlers for cleaner reuse.
** Find a way to offer up a set of ready-made color schemes as an alternative to people randomizing their own.
** Confirm/deny that [[excludeLists]] interferes with syncing updates to my tweaks and fix or work around it if true.
* ''Goal 2a: Make this an efficient, effective way to //share// ideas too.''
** Figure out a way to make my RSS feed less verbose... or at least make it show diffs.
** Add simple instructions for people wanting to offer their own RSS feeds.
** Design a simple set of instructions for a layperson wanting to import one of these wikis into [[TiddlySpot|http://tiddlyspot.com/]].
* ''Goal 2b: Integrate aids for brainstorming and other collaborative ideas''
** Find or write an extension to sync which can show diffs.
** Look into potential options for """file://"""-compatible, real-time discussion ([[Disqus|http://disqus.com/]], chat widgets, etc.).
*** Possibly via [[DiscussionPlugin|http://www.tiddlytools.com/#DiscussionPlugin]]-like ~MediaWiki-esque page/discussion tabs. (Without reading its source. I want BSD, not ~CC-BY-SA)
*** [[CommentsPlugin|http://tiddlyguv.com/CommentsPlugin.html]] may also be something to look into.
** Look into the feasibility of importing these wikis on [[TiddlySpace|http://tiddlyspace.com/]] and hosting them there without feeling ill-fitted.
<<tiddler 'TabMoreOrphans##OUT' with: {{
var out='';
  function (t,tid) {
       tid.tags.length==0)out+='* [['+t+']]\n';
<<timeline "" 23>>
[[more...|Full Timeline]]

|''Description:''|Displays tags hierachy as a tree of tagged tiddlers.<br>Can be used to create dynamic outline navigation.|
|''Date:''|Jan 04,2008|
|''Author:''|Pascal Collin|
|''License:''|[[BSD open source license|License]]|
|''Browser:''|Firefox 2.0; InternetExplorer 6.0|
On the plugin [[homepage|http://visualtw.ouvaton.org/VisualTW.html]] :
*Try to tag some <<newTiddler>> with a tag displayed in the menu and edit MainMenu.
*Look at some tags like [[Plugins]] or [[menu]].
#import the plugin,
#save and reload,
#optionally, edit TagsTreeStyleSheet.
! Usage
{{{<<tagsTree>>}}} macro accepts the following //optional// parameters.
|!#|!parameter|!description|!by default|
|1|{{{root}}}|Uses {{{root}}} tag as tree root|- In a //tiddler// content or template : uses the tiddler as root tag.<br>- In the //page// content or template (by ex MainMenu) : displays all untagged tags.|
|2|{{{excludeTag}}}|Excludes all such tagged tiddlers from the tree|Uses default excludeLists tag|
|3|{{{level}}}|Expands nodes until level {{{level}}}.<br>Value {{{0}}} hides expand/collapse buttons.|Nodes are collapsed on first level|
|4|{{{depth}}}|Hierachy depth|6 levels depth (H1 to H6 header styles)|
|5|{{{sortField}}}|Alternate sort field. By example : "index".|Sorts tags and tiddlers alphabetically (on their title)|
|6|{{{labelField}}}|Alertnate label field. By example : "label".|Displays tiddler's title|

!Useful addons
*[[FieldsEditorPlugin]] : //create//, //edit//, //view// and //delete// commands in toolbar <<toolbar fields>>.
*[[TaggerPlugin]] : Provides a drop down listing current tiddler tags, and allowing toggling of tags.
!Advanced Users
You can change the global defaults for TagsTreePlugin, like default {{{level}}} value or level styles, by editing or overriding the first config.macros.tagsTree attributes below.
config.macros.tagsTree = {
	expand : "+",
	collapse : "",
	depth : 6,
	level : 1,
	sortField : "",
	labelField : "",
	styles : ["h1","h2","h3","h4","h5","h6"],
	trees : {}

config.macros.tagsTree.handler = function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler)
	var root = params[0] ? params[0] : (tiddler ? tiddler.title : null);
	var excludeTag = params[1] ? params[1] : "excludeTagsTree";
	var level = params[2] ? params[2] : config.macros.tagsTree.level;
	var depth = params[3] ? params[3] : config.macros.tagsTree.depth;
	var sortField = params[4] ? params[4] : config.macros.tagsTree.sortField;
	var labelField = params[5] ? params[5] : config.macros.tagsTree.labelField;
	var showButtons = (level>0);
	var id = config.macros.tagsTree.getId(place);
	if (config.macros.tagsTree.trees[id]==undefined) config.macros.tagsTree.trees[id]={};
	config.macros.tagsTree.createSubTree(place,id,root,excludeTag,[],level>0 ? level : 1,depth, sortField, labelField,showButtons);

config.macros.tagsTree.createSubTree = function(place, id, root, excludeTag, ancestors, level, depth, sortField, labelField,showButtons){
	var childNodes = root ? this.getChildNodes(root, ancestors) : this.getRootTags(excludeTag);
	var isOpen = (level>0) || (!showButtons);
	if (root && this.trees[id][root]!=undefined) isOpen = this.trees[id][root];
	if (root && ancestors.length) {
		var t = store.getTiddler(root);
		if (childNodes.length && depth>0) {
			var wrapper = createTiddlyElement(place , this.styles[Math.min(Math.max(ancestors.length,1),6)-1],null,"branch");
			if (showButtons) {
				b = createTiddlyButton(wrapper, isOpen ? config.macros.tagsTree.collapse : config.macros.tagsTree.expand, null, config.macros.tagsTree.onClick);
			createTiddlyText(createTiddlyLink(wrapper, root),t&&labelField ? t.fields[labelField] ? t.fields[labelField] : root : root);
			createTiddlyText(createTiddlyLink(place, root,false,"leaf"),t&&labelField ? t.fields[labelField] ? t.fields[labelField] : root : root);
	if (childNodes.length && depth) {
		var d = createTiddlyElement(place,"div",null,"subtree");
		d.style.display= isOpen ? "block" : "none";
		if (sortField)
			childNodes.sort(function(a, b){
				var fa=a.fields[sortField];
				var fb=b.fields[sortField];
				return (fa==undefined && fb==undefined) ? a.title < b.title ? -1 : a.title > b.title ? 1 : 0 : (fa==undefined && fb!=undefined) ? 1 :(fa!=undefined && fb==undefined) ? -1 : fa < fb ? -1 : fa > fb ? 1 : 0;
		for (var cpt=0; cpt<childNodes.length; cpt++)
			this.createSubTree(d, id, childNodes[cpt].title, excludeTag, ancestors.concat(root), level-1, depth-1, sortField, labelField, showButtons);

config.macros.tagsTree.onClick = function(e){
	var id = this.getAttribute("treeId");
	var tiddler = this.getAttribute("tiddler");
	var n = this.parentNode.nextSibling;
	var isOpen = n.style.display != "none";
	if(config.options.chkAnimate && anim && typeof Slider == "function")
		anim.startAnimating(new Slider(n,!isOpen,null,"none"));
		n.style.display = isOpen ? "none" : "block";
	this.firstChild.nodeValue = isOpen ? config.macros.tagsTree.expand : config.macros.tagsTree.collapse;
	return false;

config.macros.tagsTree.getChildNodes = function(root ,ancestors){
	var childs = store.getTaggedTiddlers(root);
	var result = new Array();
	for (var cpt=0; cpt<childs.length; cpt++)
		if (childs[cpt].title!=root && ancestors.indexOf(childs[cpt].title)==-1) result.push(childs[cpt]);
	return result;

config.macros.tagsTree.getRootTags = function(excludeTag){
	var tags = store.getTags(excludeTag);
	tags.sort(function(a,b) {return a[0].toLowerCase() < b[0].toLowerCase() ? -1 : (a[0].toLowerCase() == b[0].toLowerCase() ? 0 : +1);});
	var result = new Array();
	for (var cpt=0; cpt<tags.length; cpt++) {
		var t = store.getTiddler(tags[cpt][0]);
		if (!t || t.tags.length==0) result.push(t ? t : {title:tags[cpt][0],fields:{}});
	return result;

config.macros.tagsTree.getId = function(element){
	while (!element.id && element.parentNode) element=element.parentNode;
	return element.id ? element.id : "<html>";

config.shadowTiddlers.TagsTreeStyleSheet = "/*{{{*/\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.TagsTreeStyleSheet +=".leaf, .subtree {display:block; margin-left : 0.5em}\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.TagsTreeStyleSheet +=".subtree {margin-bottom:0.5em}\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.TagsTreeStyleSheet +="#mainMenu {text-align:left}\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.TagsTreeStyleSheet +=".branch .button {border:1px solid #DDD; color:#AAA;font-size:9px;padding:0 2px;margin-right:0.3em;vertical-align:middle;text-align:center;}\n";
config.shadowTiddlers.TagsTreeStyleSheet +="/*}}}*/";

store.addNotification("TagsTreeStyleSheet", refreshStyles);


config.shadowTiddlers.PageTemplate = config.shadowTiddlers.PageTemplate.replace(/id='mainMenu' refresh='content' /,"id='mainMenu' refresh='content' force='true' ")

.leaf, .subtree {display:block; margin-left : 0.5em}
.subtree {margin-bottom:0.5em}
#mainMenu {text-align:left}
.branch .button {border:1px solid #DDD; color:#AAA;font-size:9px;padding:0 2px;margin-right:0.3em;vertical-align:middle;text-align:center;}

.branch { font-size: 100%; }
.subtree .subtree { font-size: 80%; }
''Description:'' What about having it so that, when Sasuke uses the Chidori on Naruto in the Valley of the End, the Kyuubi takes the near miss personally? (I'm not sure what that would actually entail, but it's a funny concept)

''Note:'' For people unfamiliar with this series, a [[summary|http://www.pacifier.com/~caspian/Main%20page/Story.htm]] is available.
''Description:'' Ideas for interesting unintended uses in fiction.

!Ranma ½
* Someone finds the Koi Rod of love. Uses it only to catch fish because it effectively causes them to catch themselves to the point of jumping onto the boat.

!The Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter)
Harry just raised an eyebrow and replied, "Sure he is. So, is there anything else used to cast spells?"

"Well, staves used to be used, but that was mainly because they were harder to break and you could thump people with them. Of course a good sized gem always works, but that's like asking to be robbed and who trusts children to be running around with those?"

"What kind of gems and what affects its use?"

"Any kind of gem as long as it's big enough and not bonded to anything either glue or setting, but the colored gems like rubies and emeralds work best."

"No specific shape?" Harry asked.

"Any shape just big, pure and unbound as far as I know."

"Thanks," Harry said pocketing his notebook and wand.
-- [[Fragments, Chapter 55 (Storybook Hero)|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3605089/55/]]
''Description:'' Chapter 22 of "A Black Comedy" by nonjon implies that we're going to start up a "fun big brother he never knew he had" plot. A similar situation happens in the one where a future Harry falls into a world where his female alternate is having social troubles during the Triwizard tournament. I like this plot type and it'd be interesting to do one of my own somehow.

''Note:'' The title shouldn't be seen as constraining the idea. It's more properly "The Little/Big Brother/Sister or Mentor Who Lived or Mentors The One Who Lived"... but that's not nearly as catchy. :P
''Description:'' [[The God of Flash|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5014881/1/The_God_of_Flash]] has a bunch of good ideas... but enough of them are the kind that really need front and center stage that it should really be at //least// three separate stories.

Let's see:
;Naruto figuring out how to make his clones self-sufficient by drawing chakra from the environment
: Doesn't necessarily need its own story, but has enough potential that it should be the primary focus of at least one fic
;Naruto accidentally messing up the //Henge// he learns by covertly observing his teachers, creating a version that produces a physical change, and not realizing it until a thrown clone doesn't pass through his taller, female illusion's head... then focus is spent on the gender-bend.
: A gender-bend with that much focus pretty much always needs enough focus to require being the prime plot in a story... though a good enough author could probably get it to comfortably share with one other such conflict
;Naruto cooking up an older female identity who then gets hired as a dealer in a casino when they realize that 'she' really IS just that lucky.
: Can easily share focus with one other plot of similar primacy, but not as many as we have here. As for in this fic, could conflict nicely with Naruto getting confined to the Yamanaka house for medical observation after Ino tried a technique on him without supervision if the author were to explore that option.
;Naruto coming up with a clever, unique way to personalize and enhance a technique other than //Henge// or //Kage Bunshin//.
: Because //Oiroke no Jutsu// and //Kage Bunshin// are already his pre-timeskip signature techniques in canon)
;Naruto putting his memories back together as shown in the fic
: This can co-exist, but the drill sargeant sub-persona doesn't really work in this case. Loved the image of lifting the tip of a sleeping Kyuubi's tail to retrieve something with complete innocence and nonchalance.
;I've never seen anything like this origin story for an "in-head mentor" character before
: It's a delightfully fresh and believable way to get an "in-head mentor" other than Kyuubi or Minato's ghost or some of the more esoteric but somehow believable things I've seen (eg. Ranma, Lelouche) ...but the character's drill sargeant persona is just "kill it with fire"-level annoying.
: On a side-note, I'm not sure I've ever seen a "Naruto grows up with the ghost of a parent in his head" fic where it's __Kushina__ rather than Minato.
;Hanabi-focused writing
: We can always use more fiction exploring Hanabi as a character... it's just not very satisfying when it's one of half a dozen different, interesting, prime-quality subplots and none of them really get enough time to shine.
;Decent-quality character interactions and characterization for an "Inner Sakura"-style Naruto personality fragment and Kyuubi
: See lines like these two from [[The God of Flash, Chapter 7|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5014881/7/The_God_of_Flash]]:
> __''"How long will it take that nitwit to get here?"''__ A Dark and foreboding voice questioned.
> ''"Knowing him? He's probably outside the cage, sitting on the floor and moping like an imbecile."''
''Description:'' How exactly did canon specify that it had to be a boy who fit the ~Boy-Who-Lived prophecy. How much would it take to make that an incorrect conclusion? What are the odds that there was also at least one girl who fit the prophecy?

* The only canonical indication that it had to be a boy was that the prophecy used "he" and "him". However, prior to the feminist push around the 70s, it was considered correct to use "he" and "him" as gender-neutral pronouns and, furthermore, the acceptance of the use of "they" as a singular pronoun in correct speech is even younger.
* Voldemort didn't hear the second half of the prophecy and went to the Potters personally because Lily was to be saved for Snape if she didn't interfere (and there was no guarantee his underlings would remember that) but this definitely opens up a window for, at least, a plausible ~Girl-Who-Lived Harry AU.
* What could really be interesting would be exploring alternate outcomes that may or may not be Harry.

''Inspiration:'' Discussion of the prophetic tweaks necessary for [[Harry Potter: The 'Boy' Who Lived|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2296193/1/Harry_Potter_The_Boy_Who_Lived]].
''Description:'' Naruto and Sasuke's accidental kiss at the beginning of the series has an amusing side-effect. Kyuubi uses it as an opportunity to set up for some entertainment at an Uchiha's expense... I'm thinking by having Sasuke turn into a girl whenever he activates the Sharingan.

''Inspiration:'' [[A Naruto-Negima pseudo-fusion on the Anime Addventure|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/display_comment.php?episode=219286&n=2&m=0&d=2]] (Pactio)

* Sasuke would probably notice that his female form is stronger but not realize it's because his female form has entered puberty and his male form has not.
* Ideas for extending female time:
** Sharingan modified to sacrifice male mass to minimize chakra drain. Remains female until mass regained.
** Transformation requires a certain amount of chakra. Chakra must be replenished before the change back to male can occur.
** Remains female until he sleeps.
* The purpose of this story is to screw with Sasuke.

''Note:'' While similar in inspiration in some respects, the subplot in [[Naruto's Advice, Chapter 13|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5701203/13/Narutos_Advice]] isn't what I'd intended... though it's nice that I discovered it only five months after realizing that this kind of idea is appealing to me.

! Discussion
''<ssokolow>'' Hmm... probably Kyuubi-related...
The question is what effect it would have.
''<jonakhensu>'' no idea
for an amusing option, Hinata, crying about not being able to have Naruto, still wants him to be happy and tries to play matchmaker. Too bad neither Sasuke nor Naruto is gay
''<ssokolow>'' There's always the old standby, gender-bending, but I like to look for alternatives to standard stuff. That's what makes good fiction, after all
However, for the moment, let's assume gender-bending. For it to be entertaining, we need something that won't be caught right away, yet will be as entertaining as possible.
''<jonakhensu>'' Naruto wears baggy clothes...
''<ssokolow>'' I suppose we could pull a Ranma and have a reversible transformation on an annoying trigger.
''<jonakhensu>'' on Naruto, becuse he wears baggy clothes
makes it less noticeable
''<ssokolow>'' Nahh. Gender-bending Naruto has been done a lot. It could be fun, but I don't want to just jump to it.
''<jonakhensu>'' Hinata, for some strange reason
and she's truly straight
unlike Ranma
''<ssokolow>'' Interesting idea, but let's come back to that. Heck, it could be fun to have hiccups as the trigger like in Wandless Magic.
Here's my proposed idea:
During the kiss, Kyuubi decides to have some fun at Sasuke's expense because it likes Sasuke's attitude even less than Naruto and it's even more perceptive.
When Sasuke finally awakens his Sharingan, he finds that he becomes female on activating it and stays that way until he deactivates it... and since he didn't have access to the Sharingan during the kiss, he has no clue that the two events are related... if he even remembers the kiss.
We could even have an amusing bit with seeing Orochimaru's reaction.
He does want Sasuke's body after all.
''<jonakhensu>'' yup
''<ssokolow>'' The question being, how would Itachi react when he found out?
''<jonakhensu>'' Well, I always wanted a sister...
that and worrying if the eyes would do that to him as well
''<ssokolow>'' I wonder what Sakura would think.
''<jonakhensu>'' she'd turn bi
actually, that depends
Is Sasuke like Ranma, or does sexual preference change?
''<ssokolow>'' Does it matter? Sasuke doesn't let himself care about girls either way, so it only matters if his mask cracks.
''<jonakhensu>'' true
hormones ^-^
''<ssokolow>'' That's a separate, though entertaining issue.
At the moment, I'm thinking about Sakura's base reaction to the change itself.
''<jonakhensu>'' make over or being devestate before forcing herself to be bi
she should ask Ino for help with the latter
''<ssokolow>'' Either way, it'd be entertaining to see how Ino would react. :D
''<jonakhensu>'' Sakura hitting on Ino? heh heh heh
Even better... have Ino actually be gay and she's trying to separate Sasuke and her crush-Sakura
''<ssokolow>'' Nahh. Little too far out.
''<jonakhensu>'' darn
''<ssokolow>'' Good character writing is all about finding the balance.
''<jonakhensu>'' I can even justify Ino' actions in that framework
She's trying to make Sakura jealous
of Sasuke

''<falling skywards>'' Er...Sasuke had the Sharingan since Itachi left.
''<ssokolow>'' No, as far as I can remember, he activates it for the first time on the bridge with Haku.
''<falling skywards>'' -shake head-
Later on its shown.
''<ssokolow>'' When exactly?
''<falling skywards>'' Some time during the ~ItachixSasuke fight.
''<ssokolow>'' Is that before or after the timeskip?
''<falling skywards>'' It's shown after the timeskip.
''<ssokolow>'' Then it's no problem. I'm one of those people who considers anything post-timeskip to be optional.
...however, I will keep it in mind in case I think of an alternative way to get a similar amount of fun out of it.
''<falling skywards>'' Your choice.
Well it doesn't really matter/
He doesn't use it until the bridge.
''<ssokolow>'' As in, he hasn't used it since he entered puberty?
''<falling skywards>'' Nope.
''<ssokolow>'' Good. That means that it really doesn't matter. Conclusions can be jumped to as need be.

''<neko-otome>'' it would be fun to see how Sasuke would react to being a girl and lots of silly physical jokes could be made
''<ssokolow>'' It'd also be fun to see how he'd react to the realization that to use "The Sharingan" (insert fanfare), he has to be a girl.
''<neko-otome>'' true and what if his female form has different emotions
''<ssokolow>'' Gotta be careful with that. It's far too easy to muck up your characterizations that way.
Especially with pre-timeskip Sasuke. (I don't read/watch post-timeskip Naruto)
''<neko-otome>'' true perhaps for purely comic effect it itensifies his emotions
''<ssokolow>'' Nahh. No need for something that crude.
Canonically, they graduate at age 12... so we have Sasuke unused to being attracted to girls and then the gender-swap throws him into an in-progress female puberty.
''<neko-otome>'' maybe just the first time I really think you could make that joke work
''<ssokolow>'' I prefer to not lower myself to that level if possible.
''<neko-otome>'' ok
I tend not to but I enjoy when others do
''<ssokolow>'' Generally, you get your best characterization if you write male vs. female as "characters who happen to be male/female" rather than "males/females who happen to be characters".
''<neko-otome>'' well how would Sasuke changes how does he change
''<ssokolow>'' More or less the same whether male or female except that Sasuke's male body would be prepubscent while Sasuke's female body would have entered puberty.
''<neko-otome>'' hmm okay
''<ssokolow>'' That justifies one fun mind change.
Sasuke could be disturbed by having his first encounter with sexual attraction being while female and an attraction to boys.
''<neko-otome>'' hmm
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah, it's a bit cruel, but it's Sasuke, the somewhat arrogant, obsessive, lone-wolf avenger. If anyone needs to have their worldview distrupted, it's him.
''<neko-otome>'' true so you are making sexuality a gender determined
''<ssokolow>'' Normally, I'd make it more complex, but this is special for two reasons:
1. I really want to screw with Sasuke. (and so did Kyuubi when it set this up)
2. Sasuke's male body hasn't entered puberty yet, so he has no "inertia" to overcome.
Hell, the only person more deserving of having their worldview shattered is Hyuuga Neji and gender-swapping him just doesn't feel as entertaining for some reason.
''<neko-otome>'' I know a cool way you could use juriah
''<ssokolow>'' Shoot.
''<neko-otome>'' Picture him being completly contrary in behavior being helpful to the bueatiful lady Sasuke and 'helping "her" understand being a woman
''<ssokolow>'' Hmm. I'd have to figure out how to make his motivations believable enough to meet my standards, but it could work.
''<neko-otome>'' yes
''<ssokolow>'' Anyway, the main consideration is that, if I want to screw with Sasuke rather than just his fangirls, I need to pile on enough "downsides" (his perception) to his female form that he doesn't just immediately consider it a necessary evil, slap on a Henge, and get back to training.
Hence the difference in the onset of puberty.
''<neko-otome>'' Yes it would add a layer of confusion and hatred. Oh and Juriah's motives could be very simple "Research for his book becomign a woman" LOL
''<ssokolow>'' It'd also lead to amusing schisms and misbehaviours among the fangirls.
Rumor and conclusion-jumping are fun.
''<neko-otome>'' true
However you must also include other characters reactions perhaps one could be a fan-girl parody
''<ssokolow>'' I was planning to include Sakura and Ino at least.
''<neko-otome>'' one serious and helpful I am thinking Hinata if she could ever see anyone but naruto
she is calm and rational and has an understanding personality
''<ssokolow>'' True. Now that you mention it, maybe a Neji gender-bend could work.
Not any time soon, because it'd need more finesse than I'm capable of at the moment, but it could definitely work.
''<neko-otome>'' oh when male would Sasuke be attracted to females? If so it would definately make him question whether or not he is straight or gay
''<ssokolow>'' When male, Sasuke wouldn't be attracted to either. He's too young. Later on, he'd be attracted to girls though.
''<neko-otome>'' ok
How big is the age difference between male and female. In the orignal they aren't that young are they?
''<ssokolow>'' Canonically, they graduate at age 12.
On average, girls enter puberty around 12 and boys around 14.
''<neko-otome>'' this is true
and add to that his intense focus keeping him oblivious to the females around him.
''<ssokolow>'' True, but that's mainly a social isolation thing. Any gender-specificity would be due to his dislike of how (fan)girls generally treat him.
''<neko-otome>'' Oh that could be a major change during training
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah. That's the other thing. Different body proportions would necessitate taijutsu retraining.
''<neko-otome>'' yes also it could affect how his chackra flows a different body
''<ssokolow>'' True.
''<neko-otome>'' Would it change the skills he could use?
Are any of them gender specific like some of them are family specific
''<ssokolow>'' Depends.
''<neko-otome>'' bug guy and choji ginat turning thingy
''<ssokolow>'' The canonical assumption is that female = less upper-body muscle mass = less chakra and less chakra means control comes easier.
''<neko-otome>'' How would Naruto react about this? Would he be a perv? Would he be mean and silly?
''<ssokolow>'' "Teme, you call my Sexy Technique stupid and you steal it anyway!?"
"Because it IS stupid, stupid. Besides, you look like a bimbo. At least I've got class."
<Naruto uses *Oiroke no Jutsu* for comparison... phrasing pending more pondering>

Now that I think about it, the Sasuke gender-bend is actually the best possible Naruto gender-bend aside from that one story called "Switched!" where Naruto and Sakura swap bodies.
# Nobody has yet done a decent Sasuke gender-bender. (They're all just acceptable-quality "Sasuke was born as a girl" components in fics that focus elsewhere)
# Doing anything of this sort to Sasuke is like poking a hornets' nest. It's a deliciously fertile opportunity to shock Konoha (especially the legions of fangirls) into interesting courses of action.

''TODO:'' Split out and elaborate on my Neji gender-bend idea. I still need a why (cause), but the effect is fairly easy. It'd probably shatter (or at least crack) his worldview (good) and Hinata is nice enough that she'd probably try to help Neji out despite his attitude (also good and also worldview altering on a slower timescale).

''TODO:'' Re-read this and decide if the Sasuke parts also need to be multiple tiddlers.
''Description:'' How about a Star Wars - Trigun oneshot semi-crackfic?

Anakin Skywalker has turned to the Dark Side and Order 66 is in progress. All is going as planned until he reaches the younglings, there, he finds himself facing one last test, a guardian wearing a red cape and sunglasses.... ~One-Shot. (Gurren Lagann crossover) -- [[The Man in Red|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5564003/1/The_Man_in_Red]] by Lord of the Saiyans
''(17:45:50) gsteemso:'' the Man in Red thing under "You did it wrong!" sounded like Alucard to me :�)
''(17:46:10) gsteemso:'' now that would be a completely different story
''Description:'' Oh, here's an idea I just had now for another story. Have a Naruto who, when he was young, learned to use Henge to avoid the villagers' glares and now he's having identity issues because it's become an obsession to never let his Henge down even when he's sleeping... he just changes it every so often.

I'm still trying to envision where this will go, so I don't know whether it'd help things or muddy the waters to have Naruto also struggling with the pros and cons of male vs. female identities. If I decide to go with it, [[Secret Handshake]] will also be relevant.

This idea could also explore the multiple ways a person can be lonely and how Naruto's pursuit of a solution to one by creating one or more false identities could lead to another.

''See Also:''
* [[Identity of Indiscernibles]] (It grew from the same wisp of inspiration)
* [[Me, Myself, and The Others]] (Similar idea, but with Naruto's clones starting to become their own people instead)

The original idea with Masks was more a case of Naruto discovering a knack for hiding behind false identities and retreating so far into them that one of the following two scenarios comes into play:
# He starts to have trouble remembering which one's real (predicated on getting so good with Henge that he forgets HOW to stop using it)
# He knows which one is real, but he associates so strongly with one or more of his cover identities that he can no longer see his true form as who he truly is.

''Description:'' A place for me to ponder Itachi-onna ideas that I haven't already seen.

(I've already seen one where Itachi was always a girl and Fugaku made her keep it a secret)

Update 2011-10-18: [[This Addventure thread|http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/247619.html]] and its comments may be useful for inspiration.

# Sasuke finds the Holy Spring Of Kunoichi. "It does what?"
# Sasuke finds out that his elder brother was here, and is now his elder sister. Permanently.
-- http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/222393.html

''<weebee>'' Itachi's practically the keyword for bastard, reguardless of gender.
it's like that chick in Fruit's basket who was revealed as a girl half way through.
a bastard is a bastard is a bastard, chromosomes not withstanding....
''<ssokolow>'' Naturally. That's the point.
''<weebee>'' yeah, but for some reason lots of people forget that.
''<ssokolow>'' Usually, fiction explores the effects of gender-bending on likeable characters.
''<weebee>'' drako's gone girl before, and it's a standard setup for drako in leather pants of a different variaty.
''<ssokolow>'' I want to explore the effects of gender-bending on a character who is an irredeemable, completely unlikeable bastard.
''<weebee>'' hmm.
depends on what kind of bastard.
if they're the emotionless killer architype, which it seems to me Itachi is,
then they'd just shrug, bid their breasts because the bouncing was irritating in combat, and go right on with being a bastard.
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah, but the fun comes in with the other characters. For example, seeing what reaction their enemies have. (eg. Sasuke)
''<weebee>'' hey.
LOL, given Sasuke's preocupation with bringing back their family, his reaction could be desturbing.
and now that I've thought that, my mind will never be without that scar again...
I reeally shouldn't let myself think unrestrained about people I don't like that much.
''Description:'' How about a Harry Potter fic where the implications of this quote are explored? (Especially implications relating to the fact that muggles have put a lot more work into the low-level details of "how" and "why" and could probably surprise the magical world every now and then throughout the course of the story.)

"I was particularly interested in her assertion that technology doesn't work around magic," Albert said thoughtfully. "That implies that it is a form of energy, which means it has rules. -- [[Harry Potter and the Science of Magic, Chapter 1|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3595988/1/Harry_Potter_and_the_Science_of_Magic]]
''Description:'' How about a spamfic where it's discovered that everybody and their dog sealed someone or something into Naruto at some point or other?

''Note:'' This idea predates my having read Rumic World.
''Note:'' I chose the place holder title I did because I'm tired and because the point of the story is that everyone gets a chance to screw Naruto over, metaphorically speaking.
''Description:'' SourceSeries entry for "The Virus"

[[The Virus|http://vffa-bulk.ficfan.org/fics/the_virus.zip]] [[[1]|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/93246/1/]] is a "series of vignettes" mega-crossover in which everyone on Earth ends up with Ranma's curse. Quite well-done.
''Description:'' Why not have the Weasley Twins figure out how to apparate with a sound other than "none" or "crack/pop", just for kicks.

Turning around, he yelped and dropped the glass, already half way into casting a spell before he stopped himself. Out of nowhere, the twins were standing before him, probably having apparated in right as he turned around. Deep inside, Harry was sure that they didn't make a popping, but more a 'sproing' sound when doing so, like the spring of a jack-in-the-box. He seriously could imagine them like that.

-- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5721324/13/Rocking_the_Boat
''Description:'' Recurring themes I've noticed in my ideas. Not all of them are proper themes in the narrative sense, but they still do  well enough as means of unifying groups of ideas.
''Description:'' Try a more contemporary, Urd-appropriate take on the core concept of Oh! My Goddess.

Try writing the following as an original story with different details, atmosphere, and possibly conflict and setting:

They walked in silence for a time.
"...What kind of guy is 21 years old and has never had a girlfriend?"
"What kind of Goddess gets kicked out of Heaven?"
-- [[Probation|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2633475/1/]] by Kindled Chime

''See Also:'' [[Going Nativity]] (Actually use Urd and the O!MG setting rather than original characters)
''Description:'' In [[Bonk on The Head|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2532967/1/Bonk_On_The_Head]], Akane hits her head and begins to think she's Ranma. She manages to duplicate all of Ranma's techniques (except for one trait of the soul of ice) thanks to her latent potential and her being around him enough to have subconsciously picked up the techniques. In the end, she gets back to normal but Ranma hits his head and thinks he's Nabiki. Why not write a fic to explore that?

It could be funny to see Nabiki's reaction to Ranma's latent genius making "her" a better Nabiki than Nabiki. :)

''Note:'' I'm not yet sure whether this will also count as [[In A Different Light]] for Nabiki. It'll depend on how seriously I play things.

''<gsteemso>'' *laugh*
''<gsteemso>'' I'd like to read that one, if only for the train wreck factor of TWO nabikis destroying Nerima :-)

--''TODO:'' Pre-emptively see if I can get explicit permission from Miko2 to directly continue Bonk on the Head so this will be simpler if I ever get around to writing it.--  (response pending)
''Description:'' A "three sisters living together" slice of life story (of sorts) where the three sisters are gynoids without the innocence/naivety and/or guardian figure that normally impart a bland sameness on that kind of story.

While watching the [[Saber Marionette J to X ending credits|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8eAmzw2G1Q]] as a ~YouTube vid while tired, my mind jumped it's track a bit and I though of an interesting story idea. All the stories involving robots (especially cute gynoids who can think and feel like humans) which I can think of off-hand focus heavily on their naivety and their relationship with their creator/owner/guardian.

Wouldn't it be interesting to write a story about three gynoids without that innocence/naivety and without a guardian figure to hog the spotlight.

After a little pondering, I realized that "Kagome on a String" could fit that description, but that's not what I want. I'm sort of thinking of a "three sisters, living on their own" story with their gynoid nature as a refreshing twist. The main questions, of course, then become how to get them to a state where they can be three ordinary girls aside from their non-biological nature without relying on a parent/guardian figure and what the conflict for the story in question should be. Keep in mind that, though I'd ideally want to bypass the parental figure all together, it might be an acceptable fallback to have them having a parental figure, but they've decided to strike out on their own and the parental figure is never really given screen time. (even via phone or mail. Unless the parent's correspondence is kept out of the reader's notice, it risks re-establishing the tone I'm trying to avoid. Among other things, I want the characters to be relying on each other for emotional support, not some parental figure.)

''See Also:'' [[Ensouled Mechanoid]] (Similar, but fundamentally distinct)

''TODO:'' Add the following chatlogs:
* ~FunnyMan3595 - 2008-08-09 - character-driven plotting.html
!!!Unmerged Chat Logs:
''<ssokolow>'' For this one, I'd like to go with anime tech stipulations unless you can convince me otherwise. (a futuristic AI inside a chassis that you could build with today's materials)
''<weebee>'' ah.
''<weebee>'' how about...
''<ssokolow>'' As such, they'd have to be pre-programmed with the knowledge of how to repair each other.
''<weebee>'' rich excentric decides he wants three daughters, but dies before theor completion. the company's built them, so they have to use them for SOMETHING, and they've got personalities. They're put to work as extra-efficiant employees, but about the only thing their 'parent' supports them with is regular maintanance. (First idea out of my head.)
''<weebee>'' pros: Corperate unfeelingness in Anime would make damned sure that they wouldn't get the warm fuzzy treatment.
''<weebee>'' cons: Rather contrived.
''<weebee>'' how old are they? Is this a "Tendo Sisters" dynamic, or what?
''<ssokolow>'' Actually, I've already got a basic idea for their origin.
''<weebee>'' sorry, definition of "Tendo sisters dynamic." Oldest = mother figure middle = pracitcal and younger = emotional.
''<weebee>'' practical*
''<ssokolow>'' Not sure about that dynamic, but the ages are about what I'm envisioning.
''<weebee>'' hmm....
''<weebee>'' are the rights of ~AIs pre-established?
''<weebee>'' basically, i'm trying to get the Tone. Is it "Chobits," where Ai girls are everywhere or is it a first of their kind sort of thing.
''<ssokolow>'' I'm still trying to think about that but I suspect I'll take a page out of J.K.R.'s book (and that of many other authors) and hide anything that'd get in the way in the haze outside our little world. (stuff like "Why don't the police do anything about the Ranma villains?")
''<ssokolow>'' First of their kind sort of thing.
''<weebee>'' LOL.
''<weebee>'' first of their kind makes it a lot more interresting, i'll admit.
''<ssokolow>'' J.K.R. hid almost everything about the non-English wizarding world in the haze of non-definition.
''<weebee>'' adn there are villains in Ranma?
''<ssokolow>'' Tons of them. It's a "villain of the week" story.
''<ssokolow>'' Did you ever watch Magical Pokan?
''<weebee>'' asside from maybe taro and Ryu, i really don't see many clear cut 'villains' in the Manga, but I'm getting off track.
''<weebee>'' Magical what?
''<ssokolow>'' Antagonists, then.
''<ssokolow>'' Magical Pokan is a series which provides an interesting mix of what I want and what I want to avoid.
''<weebee>'' okay, well you probably don't want romance... that'd be the death nell for the tone you're going for.
''<weebee>'' friends could be interresting, though.
''<ssokolow>'' Basically, a werewolf, a witch, a robot, and a vampire (all cute girls) come to live in the human world and the plots revolve around their lack of understanding of how the human world works.
''<ssokolow>'' I was actually thinking of that. Give me a sec to finish explaining Magical Pokan and I'll tell you.
''<weebee>'' sry.
''<ssokolow>'' The component that I like in Magical Pokan is that they're all on their own. No parental/creator figure to turn to.
''<ssokolow>'' They rely on each other.
''<ssokolow>'' The part I don't like is that it's another "cute non-human girls who don't really understand the world" story.
''<weebee>'' and you want cute non-human girls who know exactly how everything works, and think it's mildly annoying. :D
''<weebee>'' Sorry, couldn't help it.
''<ssokolow>'' Not necessarily mildly annoying, and not necessarily as sickeningly cute as in most anime, but yes.
''<weebee>'' oh, i have a crutial piece of advice for you reguarding writing.
''<ssokolow>'' So the idea I had was what if I turn that on it's ear and give them a friend who is less mature than the eldest. That is, instead of the only person in the know being a parental figure, have the eldest as an authority figure to the only person in the know.
''<ssokolow>'' hmm?
''<weebee>'' I like your idea... it's neat.
''<ssokolow>'' What would epitomize that would probably be if I had the person in the know being a young, technically or academically minded girl.
''<weebee>'' what I was about to say is, unless you are exposed to that series constantly, do NOT read fanfics related to the series you're about to write on, especially if it looks like they're going to butcher characters.
''<weebee>'' Hmm.... Yeash, i just thought of a shoujo series plot...
''<weebee>'' gah...
''<weebee>'' yes, i've watched far too much anime. ANYWAYS, back to your plot idea...
''<weebee>'' why would the tech girl know anything?
''<weebee>'' did she stumble in on a repair job one day, or does se have msome deaper connection.
''<ssokolow>'' Undecided. I'm just saying that it'd make an interesting shared secret and also a way to show how trustworthy she is.
''<weebee>'' and it would also sort of flip the original cliche 180 on it's head.
''<ssokolow>'' Exactly.
''<ssokolow>'' It'd also probably lead to them acting as mentors to her when she thought on it enough to ask them how they dealt with injuries.
''<weebee>'' Hmm, then you definately want a Kasumi analog, even if you don't use the eldest sister for it. It always helps to have a person like that around if you're dealing with shy girls.
''<ssokolow>'' I'm just not sure how shy I'll have her yet. Possibly someone who isn't shy in the typical sense, but more reclusive and keeping her head down.
''<weebee>'' Hmm...
''<weebee>'' it's not a character type I'm used to...
''<weebee>'' I'm sort of thinking Hotaru, but that's off as well.
''<ssokolow>'' I'm not overly fond of using shy female characters or of having a Kasumi-like character as the eldest.
''<ssokolow>'' Call it an over-sensitivity to cliché.
''<weebee>'' I'm rather saturated in them, so.. sorry for any ideas you don't like.
''<weebee>'' Well, continuing with turning them on their head... what if you cast the girl in the know as more the sirly engineer type?
''<weebee>'' sort of "Leave me to my work, i don't need friends."
''<weebee>'' originally drawn in because of the girls' nature as mechanical beings... but too nieve or reclusive to be a strong figure.
''<ssokolow>'' Closer, but I think too far on the spectrum. I was sort of going more for a girl like me. Friendly when approached, but has no time for friends.
''<weebee>'' that makes my head hurt.
''<ssokolow>'' You've never met me physically. I enjoy the occasional chat, but when left to my own devices, I'm perfectly content to sit in my room all day and night, tinkering with stuff.
''<ssokolow>'' Basically, if someone else approaches me, I'll chat, but if given the opportunity to approach them, I'll usually ignore it.
''<weebee>'' ah.
''<ssokolow>'' So, if I have a technically-minded female character who is like that, but just as much into hardware as software, then she'd be perfectly content to sit in a basement tinkering all day and would love a challenge or a puzzle.
''<ssokolow>'' ...so the simplest way to drive her to meet the girls would be curiosity.
''<weebee>'' say the basement where she hangs out is some place they scrounge for basic parts...
''<weebee>'' and she wonders what they're using them for.
''<ssokolow>'' Possibly, but I was thinking more a matter of rumors, observations, or a slip-up.
''<ssokolow>'' Maybe have them attending the same school and then it occurs to her that something is off about the girl she shares a class with.
''<weebee>'' hmm, possible.
''<ssokolow>'' Yours could work too, but you get the idea.
''<weebee>'' sorry if I'm less of a help today.
''<ssokolow>'' No biggie. I'm not at my best either.
''<ssokolow>'' Anyway, back to my idea, the main problem is that I'm still getting the hang of this kind of plot. (no defined, in-story beginning and end to the conflict and each story is reasonably independant)
''<ssokolow>'' Basically, the kind of plot you'd see in Magical Pokan or Sherlock Holmes.
''<weebee>'' well...
''<weebee>'' here's an idea.
''<weebee>'' Think of your new universe as a fandom you're writing in.
''<ssokolow>'' I doubt this will help.
''<weebee>'' Define the characters, make a backstory for them, and then write in it as if it were a pre-established series.
''<weebee>'' could that work?
''<ssokolow>'' Nope. Here's the problem...
''<ssokolow>'' I write by using the story/series conflict as a guideline for my brainstorming and problem solving.
''<ssokolow>'' However, for stories like this, I'm so new to them that I don't know how to come up with a story/series conflict. All I can do is mentally enumerate the existing ones I've seen and don't want. (eg. Sherlock Holmes-style detective story, Magical Pokan-style naive non-humans learning about the world)
''<weebee>'' well...
''<weebee>'' these androids are supposed to be normal schoolgirls or whatever 3else they do, just.... robots, right?
''<ssokolow>'' Basically. I'm just not sure where to go from there.
''<weebee>'' so, what problems would a normal teanager face in life, and how would being an android complicate them. What problems would an android face independant of grand shcemes.
''<weebee>'' do they have to avoide certain things, unshielded electromagnetics, for example, that could cause problems in a normal girl's life?
''<ssokolow>'' I'd just started to hit on that myself when you said it, but I still need to ponder it.
''<ssokolow>'' I suspect that'll be tied up in the backstory I build for them.
''<weebee>'' How about swiming and athletics. Are they uber-strong, or are their moters barely sufficinat to move? How's their fine control,
''<ssokolow>'' Until I decide how they were cast out into the world alone but pre-programmed with the knowledge needed to survive and repair themselves, I can't define all this stuff with any degree of certainty because it might conflict with later-defined backstory.
''<weebee>'' yes, i know, but what I mean is that all this, answered one way or the other, could go into the story.
''<ssokolow>'' Agreed and thanks for getting me out of that mental rut.
''<ssokolow>'' The trick to the backstory being that I need a way for their existence to be known to nobody.
''<ssokolow>'' I don't want their creator(s) and/or other interested parties potentially polluting my environment.
''<weebee>'' perhaps a flaw in the design, a big hype up about them by their manufacturers that turned out a bit pre-mature?
''<ssokolow>'' More likely I'll have them assumed destroyed in an unrelated lab accident.
''<weebee>'' hmm, better.
''<ssokolow>'' Something like a gas explosion or a fire.
''<weebee>'' or a youma attack passed off as a gas explosion.
''<weebee>'' Sorry, sailor moon on the brain for some reason. :(
''<ssokolow>'' *snicker* Could be amusing if I just made it a generic monster of the week. Nothing series-specific, just something that happens occasionally in anime Japan.
''<weebee>'' LOL. true.
''<weebee>'' Gojira stepped on it!
''<ssokolow>'' I was more thinking smaller-scale.
''<weebee>'' awww, you're no fun. :P
''<ssokolow>'' "Gojira stepped on it" wouldn't be believable.
''<weebee>'' true.
''<ssokolow>'' Any company working on advanced robotics would have made appropriate preparations.
''<weebee>'' hmm, is the series going to be, at it's core, funny or serious?
''<ssokolow>'' I'm not entirely sure. It's sort of straddling the borderline in my mind with the main defining trait being "light".
''<weebee>'' well, the difference is that 'funny' allows you to get away with more but also makes it easier to slip down the slope into the generic android girl series.
''<weebee>'' EG: Kenshin Hemura could never get away with fighting a giant ghost cat. Ranma can.
''<ssokolow>'' Sort of like how dystopian fiction and black humor are definitively dark.
''<ssokolow>'' Hmm. Now that I've thought about it a bit, I think I'm going for definitively light, erring on the serious side.
''<ssokolow>'' ...but still in the middle.
''<weebee>'' thought you'd say that.
''<weebee>'' so the youma attack's rather iffey.
''<ssokolow>'' Have you ever watched the Catgirl Nuku Nuku ~OAVs?
''<weebee>'' yes.
''<ssokolow>'' Sort of like that without the antagonists.
''<ssokolow>'' That's the general "anime Japan" feel I think of. Advanced robotics in an otherwise 1980s/1990s setting.
''<ssokolow>'' Possibly with magic and other weirdness ignored or brushed under the rug in various districts
''<weebee>'' hmm...
''<weebee>'' the fact that they're normal amung super martial artists and android catigirls is rather odd on it's own.
''<ssokolow>'' The tone shares a fair bit with Harry Potter book 1's magical world.
''<ssokolow>'' Basically, I'm using a setting that's willing to accept quite a bit at face value.
''<weebee>'' ah.
''<ssokolow>'' Something where death is something that happens off-screen and evil is toony.
''<weebee>'' but with no or very little evil.
''<ssokolow>'' Exactly.
''<weebee>'' basically, an anime sitcom.
''<weebee>'' Three androids and an engineer. :D
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah. Basically, a setting where readers will ignore the "why is nobody trying to dismantle them for study" and focus on the "how do they solve these problems stemming from them trying to live as ordinary girls?"
''<weebee>'' yes, i do like this idea.
''<ssokolow>'' To be honest, that's a setting I really end up wanting to use a lot.
''<ssokolow>'' It's my favorite setting.
''<weebee>'' well, starting out with Ranma, can't blame you.
''<ssokolow>'' More a matter of me starting with Ranma BECAUSE it had that... and because it had gender-bending.
''<weebee>'' When you can yell "Magical Koi rods for sale!" without being dragged off into an asylum, youknow the world's a bit odd.
''<ssokolow>'' As a reader, I value creative, cheery, character-driven worlds above all else. As an author, I want to not be bothered with explaining away the ugliness so I can get on with my work.
''<weebee>'' speaking of principles, if the girls go to school, what's it like? Are we dealing with Furinkan, or a normal school, or something inbetween.
''<ssokolow>'' I'm generally envisioning a relatively calm region in an otherwise somewhat wacky world.
''<weebee>'' so, Furinkan-like ruleset but much calmer.
''<ssokolow>'' Basically, the story would take place in a place where craziness won't interfere with character exploration and, possibly because they don't want to draw craziness's attention, the locals will quietly accept a lot.


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''Description:'' ''TODO:'' In the chat logs, this has grown into two and a half ideas and needs to be cleaned up and split apart.

A short story involving time travel. Preferrably with some mysterious cameo character from the beginning turning out to be someone we know who has gone back in time. (e.g. Like when Genma and Ranma got advice from Ranma-chan before reaching Jusenkyo in that one anime episode. The difference being that it's noted in the first view of that event)

!Chat Logs
''<Jonakhensu>'' The 'Old Woman' is Ranko
''<Jonakhensu>'' and her 'death' might have been when her special order of mushrooms arrived
''<ssokolow>'' Which Old Woman? Cologne?
''<Jonakhensu>'' the Neko-ken lady
''<Jonakhensu>'' was too aged at the time to do more to help, but... once she's 'dead' and young again...
''<ssokolow>'' Interesting idea. Still not sure what the purpose would be. I'm starting to think this might do better in IdeaFragment.
''<Jonakhensu>'' also using branching timeline theory
''<ssokolow>'' *nod*
''<Jonakhensu>'' mostly just speculation
''<Jonakhensu>'' though having a 25 or so Ranma show up in Nerima- probably out of boredom- could prove interesting
''<ssokolow>'' Point.
''<Jonakhensu>'' or a 6 year old seeks out Nodoka
''<ssokolow>'' That has more potential in my opinion.

''<Jonakhensu>'' or a 6 year old seeks out Nodoka
''<ssokolow>'' That has more potential in my opinion.
''<ssokolow>'' A 25-year-old Ranma dropping by out of boredom doesn't imply any specific purpose to the plot.
''<Jonakhensu>'' yeah, but it popped in mind second
''<ssokolow>'' A 6-year-old seeking out Nodoka, on the other hand, lends itself well to character development plots.
''<Jonakhensu>'' and keeps Nodoka away from Nerima where she can cause panic attacks
''<Jonakhensu>'' so everything is canon until Nodoka shows up
''<ssokolow>'' You just destroyed the plot I was thinking of.
''<ssokolow>'' What's the plot purpose with Nodoka dropping by Nerima?
''<Jonakhensu>'' if you want to be really annoying with it, start the story with the preparations for Nodoka's arrival at the Tendo's
''<Jonakhensu>'' meeting her family
''<Jonakhensu>'' I meant when she does in canon
''<ssokolow>'' No, I mean when it happens, what point is there to reading about it?
''<Jonakhensu>'' if I understand the question right, it'd be because Nodoka would be bringing her 'daughter' with her
''<Jonakhensu>'' a daughter 'born' 4 years after Genma left
''<ssokolow>'' Ahh. That hadn't occurred to me. I'd gotten side-tracked from the whole point of the idea somewhere.
''<Jonakhensu>'' so now the readers would be wondering where the bastard OC came from
''<Jonakhensu>'' and Ranko Tendo gets to meet Ranko Saotome
''<ssokolow>'' *nod* and you'd always have the option of ending the first chapter on a cliffie which reveals Ranko Saotome to be more than she appears... though, of course, not in the stupid way that springs to mind from the general spec.
''<Jonakhensu>'' hot water?  or just blurting it out?  yeah, that'd be rather boring
''<Jonakhensu>'' or it could all go 'fine' and end on Nodoka and Ranko walking away, laughter echoing back
''<ssokolow>'' Either one could work... they'd just shift the work of thinking up how to do it well down a layer.
''<ssokolow>'' Not necessarily. You'd still have to hook the reader's interest and reassure them it's not just some bastard OC.
''<Jonakhensu>'' point
''<Jonakhensu>'' end it the same, but have the tea ceremony/serving contain a frantic bid to catch all the falling cups without getting splashed
''<Jonakhensu>'' claim she 'didn't want to ruin her kimono'
''<Jonakhensu>'' and scratch the back of her head nervously
''<ssokolow>'' Might work. Might also be a little heavy-handed though.
''<Jonakhensu>'' probably
''<Jonakhensu>'' not sure how to make it subtle, though
''<ssokolow>'' It doesn't necessarily have to be subtle. It just has to be non-formulaic.
''<ssokolow>'' Getting splashed is THE expected way for Ranma in disguise to be revealed.
''<Jonakhensu>'' hence stopping the splashing
''<Jonakhensu>'' still obvious, though
''<ssokolow>'' The problem with that is that, unless you finesse it, it just screams "Hey, readers! This is Ranma de-aged!"
''<Jonakhensu>'' catch the cups, trip, stumble into Ranma?
''<Jonakhensu>'' no... reveals that too soon, too
''<ssokolow>'' Might actually work if you have that just "reveal" Ranma to Nodoka.
''<ssokolow>'' It'd break the formula while being excusable as just an over-confident kid.
''<Jonakhensu>'' right
''<Jonakhensu>'' and Nodoka wouldn't want to torture her kid too much
''<Jonakhensu>'' probably
''<Jonakhensu>'' brb
''<ssokolow>'' The point is to have "Ranko" feel natural. To do that, you have to let her presence mean something significant to the plot.
''<ssokolow>'' Once you've got that, readers will be a bit more forgiving.

''<ssokolow>'' Another thought.
''<ssokolow>'' My initial "Which Old Woman? Cologne?" question does make me wonder what it would take to make that work.
''<ssokolow>'' Take a lot, but definitely but fun if one succeeded in pulling it off.
''<Jonakhensu>'' "Congradulations, you made your own life hell"
''<ssokolow>'' *snicker*
''<Jonakhensu>'' ... what are the Amazon laws on insest?
''<Jonakhensu>'' incest*
''<ssokolow>'' Playing devil's advocate, how do we know Shampoo is a direct-line descendant? Even if she's not, do the rest of the tribe know?
''<ssokolow>'' That is, adoption might be involved.
''<Jonakhensu>'' ah
''<Jonakhensu>'' right, Ranma
''<Jonakhensu>'' but what would Shampoo's reaction be if she found out?
''<ssokolow>'' Hell, for all we know, devil's advocate again, "Cologne" might have been inducted into the family and rose to matriarch status purely on her own merits in spite of the concerns of any remaining elders who remember her status.
''<ssokolow>'' No clue on the Shampoo part. She's not exactly that well fleshed-out in canon.
''<Jonakhensu>'' point
''<Jonakhensu>'' Too too inconvenient

!!Neko-ken Lady
''<ssokolow>'' And, finally, the Neko-ken lady. Let's think on that just in the name of trying to give the idea's original interpretation time.
''<Jonakhensu>'' first question: would she let Ranma leave?  unless this is the one that meets up with Nodoka
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah. The more I think about that, the more it occurs to me that I'm basically reinventing Weebee's "Deja Vu All Over Again" in slightly different ways.
''<ssokolow>'' Maybe I should just rewrite the idea entry to focus on the Cologne and Ranko-chan ideas.
''<Jonakhensu>'' possibly
''<Jonakhensu>'' just stay away from Ranma directly interacting with Ranma for more than however long the Neko-ken Lady needed to be there or in an unofficial trainer spot or something
''<Jonakhensu>'' ...
''<Jonakhensu>'' Ranma goes back in time, deaged, and is adopted... under the name Habiki Yoiko
''<ssokolow>'' No, you've hit the nail on the head with the "would she let Ranma leave?" Why WOULD Ranma be in the past yet allow all the really bad stuff to happen to himself like that.
''<ssokolow>'' Either he has the power to return to his life or he's going to try to spare his younger self the bad bits.
''<Jonakhensu>'' so Ranma cannot meet Ranma.  got it
''<ssokolow>'' The only solution I've seen is weebee's "Have a goddess explain why he has to grow up as he did and let the reader grin at the chaos that comes from Ranma trying to preserve the original timeline"
''<Jonakhensu>'' right
''<ssokolow>'' In essence, it works because it's a subversion of the core cliché of all bad fanfiction.
''<ssokolow>'' (That the plot obeys the whims of purpose)
''<Jonakhensu>'' ah
''<ssokolow>'' It's fun because, instead of watching all these changes not having much of an effect on the canon plot, you have the main character struggling entertainingly to preserve the canonical plot as it follows canon just closely enough so you can see that he's still trying.
''<Jonakhensu>'' heh
''Description:'' Has anyone ever made an attempt at a Harry Potter fic where someone can flit through time on a whim as if their body has absorbed the properties of a time turner? (Or at least, an attempt that didn't fail miserably)
''Description:'' ''TODO:'' Find other places this example of applying an old plot device to a new situation can be used:

 Kaji and Asuka head into the city, not realizing what horrors await them. Asuka's luggage may get infected by an Angel, turning her panties into a Menace Of The Week.
-- http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/229026.html
''Description:'' A bin to accumulate helpful examples of plot points which ossified and then had an author come up with a very memorable break from it.

Look for ways to rework canonical stuff like this... (And maybe do my own take on it since I think the story in question could have been done better)

At that moment the rapidly spinning bokken fell behind her, embedding itself in the ground.  Half a heartbeat later, a red pigtail landed beside it.
Everything seemed to freeze for a moment, a quiet breeze the only indication that time was moving forward at all.  Her mouth hung open as she tentatively felt the back of her head and felt what she had expected- not much.
Then her eyes hardened and she glared at everyone, most of whom were giving her wide eyed stares.  All were silent.  What are you all staring at?  Its just hair!  With a snort of disgust, she turned on her heel and marched towards home.
 -- [[Life Sure is Funny Sometimes, Chapter 5|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1123890/5/Life_Sure_is_Funny_Sometimes]]
''Description:'' I don't like how Dr. Tofu suffered Takahashi Character Death and how so many fans copy that. I should arrange to have him in more of my fics. (In all honesty, I suppose it's because most people copy the mood and character set from the latter portions of the manga)

''<ssokolow>'' Hmm. Further idea. I should try extrapolating the feel of the first season of the anime and the equivalent portion of the manga. Back when it was more a romance and less a comedy.
''<Katana>'' Yeah, that'd be nice. Would you re-write the latter part, or do something completely different?
''<ssokolow>'' Not sure. I just thought of it right now.

''TODO:'' Cross-link this with the idea that has me attempting to continue the feel of the first season.
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''Description:'' What about Kyuubi not being alone in Naruto's seal but it's co-habitant being something other than Minato or Kushina? (Bonus points for avoiding the remaining clichés)

''See Also:'' [[All In All]] (The silly, possibly crackfic version)

Kyuubi partially escapes the seal... but she has no memory of talking to Naruto through the seal and her explanation is "perhaps there is more inside you than just a demon fox".
 -- [[With the Heart and Underwear of Fire, Chapter 20|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2592916/20/With_the_Heart_and_Underwear_of_Fire]]

''Description:'' Just a reminder to myself to keep my eyes open for a proper opportunity to have girls calling Shikamaru troublesome rather than the usual inverse.

It could also be interesting to concoct a believable female equivalent to the combination of genius, laziness, and success in life that Nara males seem to enjoy... but then it's always fun figuring out how to make working rare/esoteric/unusual/uncommon characters.

Shiho didn't know how relieved to feel over the part of them thinking that Naruto's abilities stemmed from a clan instead of from something else. But even the fact that they were going to be searching for some inkling of what gave him his healing abilities and massive chakra reserves was rather precarious. It was clear that Shikamaru wasn't dumb, and it wouldn't take him very long to hit a brick wall in thinking through Konoha's clans. If it took longer than ten minutes for him to drop the whole clan thing altogether she'd have been shocked, and then he would turn his attention to other ways Naruto could have had abilities like he had.

The question would eat at him and he would search for some kind of answer. A guy like that hated not knowing things and would happily try to look for the reason behind his confusion. It wouldn't be long at all, no it wouldn't, 'Oh& why do the cute ones always have to be so much trouble?' Shiho thought about Shikamaru.
-- [[Better Left Unsaid, Chapter 15|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6557238/15/Better_Left_Unsaid]]

Asuma looked at the blond hokage with a light scowl, "And I should be the one to motivate them while at the same time breaking the Yamanaka out of her fangirlism?"

Minato didn't know if he wanted to smile at how lazy the jounin sounded or if it was for the best to change teams. But it was already too late for the latter, so he simply nodded.


Shikamaru looked at them and smiled, 'Naruto isn't too troublesome, and Ino will be busy annoying him instead of me. Now all I have to worry about is our sensei, if he isn't a slave driver I can go back to cloud watching. God, I hope he isn't a she.'
-- [[Fox of Konoha, Chapter 8|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4307275/8/Fox_of_Konoha]]
''Description:'' Why is it that only male protagonists get the chance to receive a free boost just so readers can enjoy creative schadenfreud on the part of the antagonists?

 Whenever I run into a decently-written story where something (eg. a memory dump) leaves a character with new skills, it seems that there's a strong gender bias inherent in //what kind// of new things they get.

Both genders get surprise upgrades (stuff like awakening a magical legacy or getting caught in an unusual accident) and they are often a pain in the ass for the characters in some manner, but the motivations behind them seem to be quite different in all the fiction I've run across:

|!What It Grants|Confidence, Perceptiveness, Guile, Tools, Firepower, etc.|Tools or Firepower|
|!Effect It Has|May give him some degree of control over his fate.|Helps her to cope with what the plot has planned for her.|
|!Purpose|<html><ul><li>Prompt or aid a quest to earn hero-dom</li><li>Catalyze becoming a better person</li><li>Get one over on those who annoy him or the readers</li></ul></html>|<html><ul><li>Prompt or aid a quest to earn hero-dom</li><li>Catalyze becoming a better person</li></ul></html>|
|!How to Learn|<html><ul><li>Conscious training</li><li>Dumb luck</li></ul></html>|<html><ul><li>Intuition</li><li>Dumb luck</li></ul></html>|
|!How it Might Help|<html><ul><li>He is forced to face his problems</li><li>He learns to be a better person</li><li>He can resolve a problem without always having to be the one who must struggle to effect change in himself in order to do so.</li></ul></html>|<html><ul><li>She is forced to face her problems</li><li>She learns to be a better person</li></ul></html>|

Now, I recognize that, if you're trying to write a classic narrative, you don't want to be giving characters free rides. After all, a good story is about conflict and a satisfying hero is forged through struggle. However, a good //story// is about being entertaining and engaging... and, depending on the author, it can be a lot more satisfying to see an annoying antagonist get their just comeuppance than for the hero to have to struggle.

It really depends on whether the author is good at portraying satisfying struggles, crafting creative comeuppances to evoke schadenfreude at the expense of an antagonist, both, or neither.

This is one situation where I'd strongly recommend reading the inspiration to get a better feel for what I'm talking about.

''Inspiration:'' [[Odd Ideas #132: Halloween Echoes|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2565609/132/]] by Rorschach's Blot (Specifically, the scenes up to and including "At your core, you're still Harry Potter, just . . . just more in some ways and with additions in others.")
''Description:'' While various people have done "Ranma cursed young" or "De-aged but curse-locked" and de-aged with an unlocked curse as the challenge of the week is even canon, I haven't seen enough fiction where Ranma is de-aged in a reasonably long-term (if not permanent) manner while still retaining the curse.

While various people have done "Ranma cursed young" or "De-aged but curse-locked" and de-aged with an unlocked curse as the challenge of the week is even canon, I haven't seen enough fiction where Ranma is de-aged in a reasonably long-term (if not permanent) manner while still retaining the curse.

Specifically, I'm more in the mood for something with a feel sort of like "Wild Horse Thesis" or "Forever The Tomboy" where Ranma's got memories from at least part-way through canon and is psychologically in- or post-canon (At least for the most part. There's wiggle-room for regressions in attention span and the like due to differences in neurobiology at whatever age he arrived at) with conflict and trials but, on the whole, he can handle it.

In theory, the age regression need not be permanent, but given that it has to be more significant than a "one-episode stint", it's likely to be tricky to do otherwise.

''Original Inspiration:'' The original chat log between [[Jonakhensu|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/584174/Jonakhensu]] and [[gsteemso|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/651735/gsteemso]] in which the concept of [[Alt - Mushroom-Free De-Aging]] was developed.

!Source Reference
''(19:12:32) ssokolow:'' Starting my read-through of the chat log. It's already given me another idea for under-explored plot devices.
''(19:13:57) ssokolow:'' (Specifically, "What do you mean I'm still cursed? I was never a girl when I was this age!")
''(19:13:58) gsteemso:'' oh?
''(19:14:43) ssokolow:'' I've seen "cursed young" and canon has "temporarily age-regressed while keeping the curse" but I don't think I've ever seen one which combined age regression which had more in common, tonally, with Forever The Tomboy with an unlocked curse.
''(19:16:16) ssokolow:'' Any commentary/discussion on the idea?
''(19:18:01) gsteemso:'' I don't really have anything to add, though I do wonder what exactly you mean by "tonally in common with 'Forever the Tomboy' "?
''(19:18:24) ssokolow:'' Ahh, yeah. I should clarify that.
''(19:18:37) ssokolow:'' So far, all the stuff I've seen falls into one of two distinct categories:
''(19:19:24) ssokolow:'' 1. It explores a change to young Ranma's life the first time through. (Cursed young has been done a few times, but this also applies to things like "A Surviving Mau")
''(19:20:13) gsteemso:'' right
''(19:27:49) ssokolow:'' Anyway, the second type of "young and cursed" stories I've seen follow the feel of The Mushroom of Ages fairly closely, having Ranma de-aged but treating it, essentially, as the challenge of the week.
''(19:28:56) gsteemso:'' right.... very few have it be lasting
''(19:31:17) ssokolow:'' I'm more in the mood for something with a feel sort of like "Wild Horse Thesis" or "Forever The Tomboy" where Ranma's psychologically in- or post-canon, it's not necessarily "lasting", but it's also more significant than a one-episode stint and, most importantly, Ranma reacts psychologically in a similar manner. There's conflict and trials, but on the whole, he can handle it.

''Description:'' Ideas which involve putting the spotlight on characters most people ignore.
''Description:'' A conversation snippet clarifying Cologne's mindset.

> ''<ssokolow>''
> If memory serves, a sadly accurate prediction of how they'd act.
> Takahashi wrote Cologne to be either dumber or less perceptive than
> you'd expect an elder to be, even if she's only 100-120 years old in
> the manga.

> ''<gsteemso>''
> Neither of those. Just hidebound... So set in her ways that the word
> "congealed" is probably more accurate. Remember that mainland china has
> changed more in the past 15 years than in the preceding thousand. The
> Amazons are supposed to be traditionalists even against that measure of
> "normal", and Cologne has probably been among the best fighters she
> knows of for eighty years or more even in manga continuity.
> She may have been defeated once by Ranma using the ~Cat-Fist, but that
> would undoubtedly seem like a statistical aberration to her. When she
> told him, on first arriving, that he was "a hundred years too early" to
> defeat her, she wasn't bragging (much) -- that was just a bald statement
> of reality as she had known it for a very long time.
''Description:'' How about a "Female Ranma raised by amazons" setting sort of like "Ranma, More Than Half" but with Ranma-onna not being a duplicate or alternate personality of Ranma-otoko (a true Ranma raised by amazons fic) recognizing a picture of Genma and Soun in the Tendo home because of an old picture of Genma that she had?

Just a thought. Interesting potential alternative story flow... especially if  Soun knows Genma doesn't have a daughter but Ranma is confident that Genma is her father.
''Description:'' Perhaps a gold digger fanfic where, at one point in the story, Brianna doesn't notice that her peebos keep sneaking off.
''Description:'' Unorthodox Dark Creatures are fun but under-utilized.

What other forms of "Unorthodox dark creature" are there, just waiting to be explored beyond the ones I already know like "Ayumu Kasuga (Osaka), the 'unorthodox' Dark Kingdom minion" in [[Justice|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3213798/1/]] by ~MisatoKitty and Nodoka in "[[Help Wanted|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6241559/1/Help_Wanted]]" by ~JonaBee? (Jonakhensu and Weebee)

''See Also:'' [[An Unusual Grandparent]]
''Description:'' What if there were a hive of changelings whose queen died off long ago and who ended up surviving in a sustainable state of "slowly dying off" by converting ponies to reproduce?

While reading [[Forever a Changeling|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/52342/forever-a-changeling]], the following facts were revealed in roughly this order:

# Rainbow dash is a changeling who didn't know she was a changeling until she was hit by a revealing spell.
# There are multiple hives in Equestria and Chrysalis is not well-liked for brining negative attention to the species.
# When a hive loses its queen, that's it. Without any means to reproduce, the drones eventually die off and the hive ceases to be.
# There exists at least one other pony who is from the same hive and doesn't know she's a Changeling.

Given that the mechanism by which this situation was accomplished was revealed very late in the story compared to those other details, I started wondering if, maybe, there existed a hive that, having lost their queen, had turned to some kind of conversion spell (or other technique) to "reproduce" rather than simply accepting the inevitable and, as a side-effect, had become very decentralized compared to other hives.

My guess was wrong but I think it has enough merit as an idea for it to deserve being made into part of a fic.

!Acquiring Ponies to Convert
I haven't put much work into nailing this down yet because it'll be central to the character of the changelings and the tone of the story and I'm not yet sure which ones would make the story the most interesting. As such, this is more a collection of notes on the implications of various decisions.

First, let's assume they only convert ponies who won't be missed and are either willing or infants for two simple reasons:
# Converting a subject who is unwilling or will be missed is foolish because, sooner or later, they'll be brought to the attention of the authorities.
# If their goal is to preserve their group identity, they need to convert subjects who are willing to take on that identity.
# Despite leaving so much up in the air, I already know that brainwashing or any other kind of mental modification runs counter to the tone I want (though I'm not yet ruling out the possibility that it was tried at some point in the past. It will require more thought.)

The first question is what types of ponies they look for:
: Makes for the most stability, since the new drones will never remember //not// being drones, but, in a setting like Equestria, it doesn't feel very plausible to be able to find that many unwanted babies and it also doesn't make for a very interesting story since their switch to a new method of "reproduction" has no significant challenges to overcome once they decide on it.
: Let's assume that orphanages exist in significant number and there are enough orphans to populate them. (As various Scootaloo-orphan fics have shown, this is plausible. If Ponyville can have an orphanage, then what must bigger population centres be like?) This is probably the most interesting single slice of the population to use. To keep their secret, they'd have to gain a possibly jaded child's trust and, at the same time, trust the child to keep first their adopted parents nature secret and, later, their own new nature too. However, at the same time, successfully converting foals is probably the most viable mixture of "young enough to raise in the culture" and "numerous enough to prevent the population from shrinking".
; Seriously/Fatally Injured Adults
: Unlike in [[Forever a Changeling|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/52342/forever-a-changeling]], this isn't really a viable option for a normal modus operandi. The subject is effectively under duress when making their decision and has no reason to want to integrate into the culture in question.
: ''However'', this could still be used to make the story more interesting if, while uncommon (and possibly frowned upon), there do exist otherwise ordinary ponies who are in on the secret and happen to be in changeling bodies because they were close friends with a changeling who used some aspect of the conversion process to save their lives.
; Socially Isolated Adults
: While it's difficult to believably make this a significant source of converts, given that Equestria is supposed to be the land of friendship, and ineffective at producing a progression of generations unless the adults are young adults, this is actually a surprisingly plausible way to gain converts who fervently preserve and pass on their culture.
: It's the same technique both religious congregations and cults use: Find someone in need of a social group, welcome them with open arms, and increase their expected adherence to the group norm gradually. Done properly, even if they ever decide they do want out, they won't risk alienating their entire social network.
: In this case, it would work even better than relgions and cults as long as they avoid the risk of disillusionment with the whole "hide what we are and feed on emotions" part, work carefully to prevent converts from abusing their disguise abilities, and look for the extreme cases who are already willing to give their undying loyalty to anyone who can deliver on a promise that they'll never be alone again. (eg. Trixie in [[Mirror's Image|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/26961/mirrors-image]])

Unorthodox Metamorphosis probably wouldn't be the final name for this idea. Even if the story's focus does turn out to be appropriate, I'm still looking for a less bland word than unorthodox.
''Description:'' ''TODO:'' Ponder ways to use this kind of thing in my own ideas

Naruto-verse: A young kunoichi comes to Jiraya during the war, begging for death. It seems she's on the edge of insanity from her uncontrollable, demon-originated bloodline telepathy/shadow-posession ability. Jiraya ends up concluding that, if she initiates a reverse-posession, becoming a subordinate symbiote someone else, it will bring the required control without her death. She goes through with it.
-- [[Empyreal Paradox, Chapter 7|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3205579/7/Empyreal_Paradox]]
''Description:'' Just an amusing, almost-certainly-cracky way to let humans win in a Conversion Bureau story.

''(22:39:42) ssokolow:'' I've been reading Conversion Bureau parodies and I just thought of an... interesting way for either a Discord-class OC or a sympathetic magic user to counter the uncounterable barrier.
''(22:39:52) ssokolow:'' It involves a crazy scavenger hunt for ingredients to combine and throw at the barrier and the dialogue "It's too bad that Earth doesn't have a thaumic field of its own. Then all we'd have needed for the core of the spell was three toothpicks and 2cc of mouse blood."
''(22:43:59) ssokolow:'' The basic idea is to craft a bundle of reagents that, when combined properly and thrown at the barrier, activate a spell as they're disintegrated for being "man-made" which summons Death and traps in a summoned state inside the barrier until "3. ????? 4. Profit"
''(22:44:58) ssokolow:'' Only way to get rid of him is to shrink the barrier back to nil. If Xenolestia, as people seem to call her, wins, Death is stuck for all time.
''(22:45:51) ssokolow:'' In the process, solving the whole "getting something inside the barrier is impossible" problem.
''(22:47:06) ssokolow:'' Of course, the "3. ????? 4. Profit" part of the idea is highly flexible.
''(22:47:29) ssokolow:'' The main important detail is to summon the Death of the Discworld in a funny way and, somehow, that winds up saving Humanity from TCB ponies.
''Description:'' ''TODO:'' Complete this and convert it from notes to a proper guide.

* This guide assumes basic familiarity with TiddlyWiki and focuses on my modifications. New users should start with the [[TiddlyWiki Introduction|http://tiddlywiki.org/wiki/Introduction]].
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''Description:'' Story ideas which are too vague to have story plans yet but take on the role of primary plot focus too naturally to be classified as minor.
''Description:'' A //very// vague desire to make something of a snippet from the end of ~Cloud-Dreamer's "Chaotic Future".

Happosai threw a tantrum and dragged Soun and Genma off on a training trip with him.  They accepted Ryougas offer to help pull the cart through some steep hills in exchange for free lunch.  Ryouga and Konatsu returned later with some odd tale about this strange land where all the girls were actually robots.  Of the three old farts, nothing was ever seen again.
 -- [[Chaotic Future, Chapter 7|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1375060/7/Chaotic_Future]] by ~Cloud-Dreamer
''Description:'' How about some more creative gender identities for Haku?

Why //does// nobody try something more interesting with Haku than these two choices?
* Effeminate boy exploiting his looks to deceive others by cross-dressing
* Girl pretending to be a boy to reduce the chances that she'll be sexually assaulted

For example, in [[Naruto: From whence they came, Chapter 16|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6341380/16/Naruto_From_whence_they_came]] (Rating: 2.0), it's revealed that Haku is a girl under a gender-bending seal. (Specifically, a [[Princess Ozma|https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Princess_Ozma]] situation.

That implementation is stupid, but the idea and the forest of other possibilities definitely have merit.

''Note:'' For the curious, the placeholder name "Variations on Winter" was inspired by the fact that Haku is an Ice-wielder whose name means "white".
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''Description:'' What if, instead of dying, some quirk of timing and coincidence left both Ginny Weasley and Diary Riddle alive, but Harry simply assumed he was looking at a male corpse rather than a unconscious woman. A ~Harry-Voldemort dynamic between ~FemVoldie and Ginny could be quite interesting with Diary Riddle spiralling into obsessive self-delusion that all her problems can be solved if she can only kill Ginny to "finish the process".

; Original Story idea:
: How about something going wrong with the diary's effect on Ginny and there being a teenage Voldemort on the loose in a female body? (could be Ginny's or a newly-formed gender-bent version of Tom Riddle's)
; Revised Story Idea (If Applicable):
: {{multiLine{Harry stabs the diary, but he took longer than in canon. As such, Ginny was just on the edge of being gone permanently.  Riddle writhes and "dies" but leaves a body. Harry carries the unconscious Ginny out, not noticing that Riddle is unconscious and female rather than dead and male. This results in a link between "Voldemary" and Ginny similar to the one between Voldemort and Harry. In addition, "Voldemary" is convinced that Ginny's continued living state is to blame for her gender and burgeoning attraction to boys... so "Voldemary" wants to kill Ginny.
Of course, without Death Eaters, she has to skulk around in the shadows, so Ginny gets told she's just having post-traumatic nightmares and neither Harry nor Voldemort know about the new third side in the conflict.}}}
; Reasons I like this interpretation of my original idea:
: {{multiLine{
1. It's the first case I can think of where Ginny gets her own Voldemort. (The closest I've ever seen before is stories where Harry was born a girl and resembles Lily rather than James)
2. It adds a teenage female Tom Riddle who probably won't be very willing to accept her new gender. (Possibly leading to her eventually being driven half-nuts and kidnapping Ginny because she's convinced herself that killing Ginny will fix the botched spell)
3. We have Voldemort not knowing that one of his Horcruxes has essentially turned traitor.}}}

; Inspiration
: {{multiLine{Heres a thought to twist your pickle: if you hadnt saved Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets, you couldve had teenage Tom Riddle easily clean up a bodiless Voldemort.
 -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3401052/31/  (once my preference for gender-bending had found an excuse for the canonical "new male body" plan to mess up)}}}

; Driving Conflict:
; Chosen Resolution:

''See Also:''
* [[Lethal Angst]]
* [[Skulking Around]]

!!Unmerged Chat Logs:

''<gsteemso>'' hah! I was just reading that chaptewr when you got back to me!
''<gsteemso>'' I like the idea, but isn't it a bit rough on Ginny?
''<gsteemso>'' (so I have a weakness for redheads. sue me)
''<ssokolow>'' I don't like dark stuff period. I think I'd have something go wrong with the body Voldemort was creating and have both of them survive somehow.
''<gsteemso>'' ah, that works
''<ssokolow>'' Maybe have the gender-switch as a side-effect of not taking all of Ginny's energy.
''<gsteemso>'' just to make it extra confusing you could body-swap them so Ginny's in the feminized Riddle body and Voldie has red hair
''<ssokolow>'' The trick being how to treknobabble up an explanation for why he survived the diary's destruction.
''<ssokolow>'' Nahh. I'm thinking it might be more fun to have Harry and co. not know about the new Riddle.
''<ssokolow>'' Then Voldie would also not know. :)
''<gsteemso>'' Ginny's more p[owerful than he realized (or has a bigger soul) and the partial chunk of her was enough to sustain him.... er, her now... see? cheap and sorta plausible
''<ssokolow>'' I'm sure I can either refine that or come up with something better when the time comes around. For now, of course,  I want to get my Ranma fics going first.
''<gsteemso>'' actually, if the transference went pear-shaped before Harry got to the chamber, the body-swapped Ginny in Riddle form could meet Harry at the entrance and they'd all leave before Riddle in the Ginny body woke up from the magical coma (with the Basilisk's help, possibly)
''<gsteemso>'' so they wouldn't know about each other and Riddle would be ignorant of what went wronmg to boot
''<ssokolow>'' True and I'll consider it, but I worry that a body-swap might distract from the character interactions and introspections I want to focus on.
''<gsteemso>'' could also highlight them
''<gsteemso>'' could also be humorous with Voldie going, "Woo, I's SEXY now!"
''<gsteemso>'' Ginny-in-riddle'd be all like, "What are you doing to my body, you HUSSY?"
''<ssokolow>'' All depends on how serious I want to make it.
''<gsteemso>'' true
''<gsteemso>'' I'm going to have to go in about 10 minutes -- got night shift job tonight
''<gsteemso>'' so if you want any feedback we have to do it now :-)
''<ssokolow>'' Ok, give me a sec to focus. (I have Super Mario 64 on the other monitor)
''<gsteemso>'' ah
''<ssokolow>'' Hmm. Assuming I decide not to go with the body swap, I'll need a new driving conflict. I'll still need a secondary conflict that isn't just protagonist vs. antagonist.
''<gsteemso>'' what's wrong with a three-way war between Harry, Voldemort and Voldemary?
''<gsteemso>'' especially since only femRiddle would know all three sides existed at first
''<ssokolow>'' Nothing... as long as that's not all there is.
''<ssokolow>'' I'd need to flesh the characters out a LOT to make it  work as the sole conflict... something I'm not sure I could do.
''<gsteemso>'' Fanon has done a lot of the work for you
''<gsteemso>'' Rowling never actaully goes into much depth on charactyerization
''<ssokolow>'' I'll probably make a reference to "Birth of a Name".
''<ssokolow>'' ...since, as you'll remember, Jumbliatus gave "I'm Lord Voldemorta"
''<ssokolow>'' I think "Voldemary" would see it as an ironic joke at her expense.
''<gsteemso>'' I never read DH yet
''<ssokolow>'' Birth of a Name by nonjon.
''<gsteemso>'' heh
''<gsteemso>'' maybe the Powers That Be (whatever ones exist in the ~HPverse) are saying he should have been a she all along
''<ssokolow>'' Tricky to get away with as a good quality fanfic, but something to consider.
''<gsteemso>'' true, it is a bit trite
''<gsteemso>'' could go the "Ewwww!" route and have the two Riddles be sexually attracted
''<gsteemso>'' people do it to a divided Ranma all the time, after all
''<ssokolow>'' Easier for an evil villain since you can joke about "I just knew someone that full of himself had to be a narcissist", but probably not.
''<gsteemso>'' yeah, too easy to dismaiss as not being as serious as in fact it hould be
''<gsteemso>'' Riddle was born 1890something, right? maybe she has an unbreakable belief that if she wants to rule she will need a male figurehead to do it through. enter Harry, poor boy that he is with no idea what is about to befall him
''<ssokolow>'' I forget, but fanon seems to have his birthday around the 1930s.
''<gsteemso>'' "Hmm, you're a bit runty yet, but you're powerful enough people will believe it"
''<gsteemso>'' that's because they forget about the age difference
''<ssokolow>'' Which age difference?
''<gsteemso>'' though... Hmm. If canon is circa 1993 or so and Riddle was 16 "50 years before", that means he pretty much has to have been born 1927
''<gsteemso>'' er. 1937, sorry
''<gsteemso>'' maybe canon was intended to have happened circa 1970? I recall lots of fanfics where Dudley has a computer or a video game console, but what about canon?
''<ssokolow>'' Give me a sec to remember.
''<gsteemso>'' always seemed suspiciously sparse on technology to me
''<ssokolow>'' The year 1989 keeps popping up in my memory.
''<gsteemso>'' hmm?
''<ssokolow>'' Ahh, I see. Mental scramble.
''<ssokolow>'' Harry was born July 31st, 1980.
''<ssokolow>'' Voldemort was born December 31st, 1926.
''<ssokolow>'' http://www.mugglenet.com/infosection/characters/bios/lv.shtml
''<gsteemso>'' is that conon or people just working backwards from the publication date of the first book?
''<ssokolow>'' General: Tom Marvolo Riddle was born on New Years Eve, 1926, in a Muggle Orphanage in London. His mother, Merope Gaunt, was a desperate witch who had been abandoned by everyone by the time she struggled up the Orphanage steps. After a brief labour, Merope gave birth to a son. Informing the Orphanage's matron that her son was to be named Tom after his father and Marvolo after her father, Merope died within an hour of her son's birth, leaving him to be raised in the Orphanage [~HBP13].
''<ssokolow>'' ~HBP = ~Half-Blood Prince
''<gsteemso>'' ah, OK, I forgot there was a date given
''<gsteemso>'' I have to go now, got to be out the door in 10 minutes
''<ssokolow>'' k. ttyl.
''<gsteemso>'' have fun with the concept :-)
''<ssokolow>'' I will. :)

''<Mari Falcon>'' nice. the dark lord ~PMS-ing.
''<ssokolow>'' Not just any gender-bent Voldemort. A 17-year-old gender-bent voldemort. :D
''<Mari Falcon>'' yeah. You're evil.
''<ssokolow>'' Is it really evil to torment evil?
''<ssokolow>'' :P
''<Mari Falcon>'' (said in old, raspy voice at top of mountain) If you are not careful, grasshopper, the evil will imprint itself on you, and you will become that thing you hate most.
''<ssokolow>'' Heh heh heh. In truth, I just like seeing how characters more resilient than I respond to having their world views stressed.
''<ssokolow>'' Well, that and there's not enough fanfiction exploring what makes Voldemort tick.
''<Mari Falcon>'' There really isn't.

''<ssokolow>'' I discussed it with another friend and the general idea was to have Harry and Voldemort ignorant that there was now a third side in the war because of "Voldemary".
''<jonakhensu>'' ...
''<jonakhensu>'' magic clone?
''<ssokolow>'' Essentially, some excuse for Ginny to survive, but Voldemort to take enough life energy for the spell to "succeed in a sort of half-assed fashion"
''<jonakhensu>'' ah
''<jonakhensu>'' having  Ginny become the next Dark Lord would be amusing...
''<ssokolow>'' True, but not exactly what I'm looking for. You did just give me another amusing idea though.
''<ssokolow>'' Remember how Harry is linked to Voldemort through his scar?
''<ssokolow>'' Why not have Ginny linked to "Voldemary" in a similar fashion.
''<jonakhensu>'' She'd be going after Harry as well, just for ifferent reasons
''<jonakhensu>'' sweet
''<ssokolow>'' It'd completely throw off the traditional dynamics of the story.
''<jonakhensu>'' you notice how little logic was involved in that?
''<jonakhensu>'' both Harry and Ginny should still know parseltongue
''<jonakhensu>'' the book, not the fic idea
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah. Here's an idea...
Harry stabs the diary, but he took longer than usual. As such, Ginny was just on the edge of being gone permanently.  Riddle writhes and "dies" but leaves a body. Harry carries the unconscious Ginny out, not noticing that Riddle is unconscious and female rather than dead and male.
''<jonakhensu>'' ...
''<jonakhensu>'' and has the hots for Harry, while still wanting to kill him
''<ssokolow>'' No. Too cheesy.
''<jonakhensu>'' but think of the mental issues!
''<ssokolow>'' Might decide to blame Ginny's continued living state as the reason "she" is starting to find boys attractive though. (regardless of how much that's actually true)
''<jonakhensu>'' lol
''<jonakhensu>'' ...
''<jonakhensu>'' red hair
''<ssokolow>'' So we have Voldemort trying to kill Harry and linked to him. "Voldemary" plotting to kill Ginny and linked to him, and (at first) everyone ignorant of "Voldemary"'s existence because Ginny is being told it's just post-traumatic nightmares.
''<jonakhensu>'' Ginnimort must have red hair
''<ssokolow>'' Ugh. Copy-paste and I forgot to change a pronoun.
''<jonakhensu>'' Voldemary should be a Weasley
''<ssokolow>'' I'm not sure. Maybe brown hair or some mixture of black and red.
''<jonakhensu>'' black with red streaks?
''<ssokolow>'' Something like that.
''<jonakhensu>'' like Rogue
''<ssokolow>'' Maybe black with a red lock.
''<ssokolow>'' The important part being that I've only seen one fic where Voldemort is being opposed by his diary self and I've NEVER seen a fic where Ginny ended up with her own Voldemort.
''<ssokolow>'' This could be a ton of fun. :)
''<jonakhensu>'' fun idea for a variation...
''<jonakhensu>'' Voldemary, because of Ginny's influence, is more amoral than immoral.  Neutral rather than evil.  Thus, she eventally teams up with Ginny and doubleteams Harry
''<ssokolow>'' It just doesn't feel right to me.
''<jonakhensu>'' true, it's a little too crack and PWP sounding
''<jonakhensu>'' scary thought... Lunamort
''<ssokolow>'' I'm rather partial to seeing Ginny kidnapped by a female Voldemort who has gone half-insane from refusing to accept her new situation.
''<jonakhensu>'' that's fun
''<jonakhensu>'' and have her what? try to reclaim her masculinity?
''<jonakhensu>'' seriously, can you imagine a female Voldemort as above if Luna had gotten the diary instead?
''<ssokolow>'' More like obsessed with killing Ginny because she's convinced herself that it will complete the botched spell, resulting in a heterosexual male Tom Riddle.
''<jonakhensu>'' ah
''<jonakhensu>'' it'd probably be along the lines of Theif...
''<ssokolow>'' Another thing I'll have to consider in the long run.

''<ssokolow>'' You in?
''<gsteemso>'' I am now :-)
''<ssokolow>'' While telling Jonakhensu about my idea for a "Voldemary" fic, I came up with some good ideas.
''<gsteemso>'' ah?
''<ssokolow>'' Here's an idea...
Harry stabs the diary, but he took longer than in canon. As such, Ginny was just on the edge of being gone permanently.  Riddle writhes and "dies" but leaves a body. Harry carries the unconscious Ginny out, not noticing that Riddle is unconscious and female rather than dead and male.
''<gsteemso>'' OK
''<ssokolow>'' This results in a link between "Voldemary" and Ginny similar to the one between Voldemort and Harry.
''<gsteemso>'' good idea
''<ssokolow>'' In addition, "Voldemary" is convinced that Ginny's continued living state is to blame for her gender and burgeoning attraction to boys... so "Voldemary" wants to kill Ginny.
''<gsteemso>'' eep!
''<ssokolow>'' Of course, without Death Eaters, she has to skulk around in the shadows, so Ginny gets told she's just having post-traumatic nightmares and neither Harry nor Voldemort know about the new third side in the conflict.
''<gsteemso>'' hah! I like it
''<ssokolow>'' There are several things I really like about this idea:
''<gsteemso>'' how so?
''<ssokolow>'' 1. It's the first case I can think of where Ginny gets her own Voldemort. (The closest I've ever seen before is stories where Harry was born a girl and resembles Lily rather than James)
''<gsteemso>'' right
''<ssokolow>'' 2. It adds a teenage female Tom Riddle who probably won't be very willing to accept her new gender. (Possibly leading to her eventually being driven half-nuts and kidnapping Ginny because she's convinced herself that killing Ginny will fix the botched spell)
''<gsteemso>'' heh. yep :-)
''<ssokolow>'' 3. We have Voldemort not knowing that one of his Horcruxes has essentially turned traitor.
''<gsteemso>'' been done before, but only once that I know of
''<ssokolow>'' Exactly.
''<ssokolow>'' TONS of untapped potential. :)

''<ssokolow>'' Oh, I was talking to a couple of other net friends and I improved my idea for the "Voldemary" story. :)
''<Mari Falcon>'' Do tell.
''<ssokolow>'' Harry stabs the diary, but he took longer than in canon. As such, Ginny was just on the edge of being gone permanently.  Riddle writhes and "dies" but leaves a body. Harry carries the unconscious Ginny out, not noticing that Riddle is unconscious and female rather than dead and male. This results in a link between "Voldemary" and Ginny similar to the one between Voldemort and Harry. In addition, "Voldemary" is convinced that Ginny's continued living state is to blame for her gender and burgeoning attraction to boys... so "Voldemary" wants to kill Ginny.
Of course, without Death Eaters, she has to skulk around in the shadows, so Ginny gets told she's just having post-traumatic nightmares and neither Harry nor Voldemort know about the new third side in the conflict.
''<Mari Falcon>'' Fun. I like the 'Voldemary' title.
''<ssokolow>'' It was either you or Gsteemso who came up with it.
''<Mari Falcon>'' not me.
''<ssokolow>'' There are several things I really like about this idea:
1. It's the first case I can think of where Ginny gets her own Voldemort. (The closest I've ever seen before is stories where Harry was born a girl and resembles Lily rather than James)
2. It adds a teenage female Tom Riddle who probably won't be very willing to accept her new gender. (Possibly leading to her eventually being driven half-nuts and kidnapping Ginny because she's convinced herself that killing Ginny will fix the botched spell)
3. We have Voldemort not knowing that one of his Horcruxes has essentially turned traitor.
''<Mari Falcon>'' Harry thinks he's destroyed the Horcrux, too. So he'll think he's got them all, and goes to kill Voldemort and it doesn't stick (again).
''<ssokolow>'' Not necessarily. If I wanted, I could easily and believably say that the botching of the resurrection also mucked that up.
''<ssokolow>'' We don't even know what a proper resurrection of diary Tom Riddle would do to the intended purpose of the Horcrux. Who can say what a botched resurrection might do.
''<ssokolow>'' For all we know, Ginny might now have the world's first safe Horcrux.
''<Mari Falcon>'' Oh, thought you meant of the real Voldemort. That resurrection wasn't botched.
''<ssokolow>'' Now wouldn't that be funny. Might end with Voldemary trying to kill Ginny with a killing curse and the end result being a "Ginnimort" fusion in the "Voldemary" body.
''<Mari Falcon>'' Your readers' heads would explode.
''<ssokolow>'' Of course, a personality like "Ginnimort" would probably even make Voldemort shudder.
''<Mari Falcon>'' Hmm . . . whiny, temperamental, insane, sever Daddy issues, and a penchant for pranking.
''<ssokolow>'' I was thinking more about the fact that Ginny has a crush on Harry and Tom Riddle was already thinking like a dark lord.
''<Mari Falcon>'' o.O
''<ssokolow>'' My point exactly.
''<Mari Falcon>'' Are you going for comedy or something deeper?
''<ssokolow>'' Probably something deeper with the odd bit of comedy to break the tension. Sort of a mix of the earlier and latter HP books.

''<Katana>'' Oh my. I can definitely see "Voldemary" beginning to go at least slightly insane. Someone who had other people, any number of supportive friends, etc., would probably make it through with minimal trauma, but "Voldemary"'s existence is pretty much completely unknown. She's got no idea what's going on or why, so she latches onto the last thing she knew to keep herself at least partially rational, while at the same time spiraling deeper down. Ginny=female so noGinny=male... yep. I wonder, would the same restrictions apply as for the original? Would Harry be the only one capable of taking out Voldemary?
Or, perhaps, "Voldemary" can mark someone else born at the end of July as 'her' equal. That might be entertaining. Voldemort... would probably have little to no interest in helping "Voldemary", if I understand him right; he stands to gain very little from that. I think, if he becomes aware of "Voldemary", his primary objective would probably be to re-absorb 'her', if that's even possible. Another thought; if "Voldemary" kidnaps Ginny for various nefarious purposes, possibly including ritual sacrifice, might Harry and Voldemort be forced to cooperate? (i.e. to prevent a) Ginny's death and b) Horcrux establishing a whole lot more independence)
There we go.
''<ssokolow>'' I saw "Voldemary" as separate from the prophecy.
Besides, prophecies are tricky things. They can be true, self-fulfilling, or a mix.

''<weebee>'' what if, in a desperate attempt to save himself, (Since he is a little more afrai of Harry in this version,) tom throws himself into Ginnie's body, posessing her, at the end of that book, and then the Diary is destroyed. We go with the "Voldimort was more corrupted as an adult, and Tom's just got a serious ego problem and got into things over his head.)
Then, it'd be a fic about him and Ginnie sharing head space, and, of course, the body he has to use is female.

!! Potential Titles:
* ...

!! Problems to Solve and Decisions to Make:
* ...

!! Ideas:
* ...

!! Timeline:

; Divergence Point:

''TODO:'' Story timeline here.
''Description:'' A collection of ideas for how to feed changelings on various emotions, should your story need it.

* Lust:
** [[Run a brothel|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/52342/2/forever-a-changeling/chapter-2]]
* Anger:
**  [[Trolling|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/32732/4/outcast-of-a-hivemind/the-prince-and-the-training-montage#comment/811208]]
* Fear:
** [[Run a haunted house|http://www.fimfiction.net/story/32732/7/outcast-of-a-hivemind/brains-before-brawns#comment/846833]]
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''Description:'' How about a story where first-contact war leaves a humanity with a propensity to spin off disgruntled break-away states and terrorist groups (of a different character than Cerberus).

After reading the fics mentioned under "Inspiration" it occurred to me that, given human nature, the discovery of the prothean ruins on Mars resulting in a unified Earth government is a bit of a case of "Bioware wrote it this way because author says so".

As humans, we're a fractious bunch and, even in this day and age, we still sometimes see new countries being fissioned off. It would make perfect sense if, by the time Mass Effect rolls around, humanity is either still on the United Nations model of global politics or has an uneasy world government which would shatter like glass when some parts of humanity declare that the world leaders did not have the authority and, thus, the citadel council's political standing is invalid.

That would then produce a cauldron of unrest which would periodically produce attempts at breakaway republics and terrorist groups defined not by their decision to practice asymmetric warfare the way Cerberus does (the breakaway republics would also be doing that) but by their actual use of terror tactics.

However, I'd need to think about some way to make the breakaway republics more interesting than just an ongoing sparkle of "rebellion... pacified" around human space. (I'd want to research unconventional "nations" and see how all kinds of nations could be applied to a space contect.)

...how exactly does the whole "need to discharge the drive core" part work? Is there any way a breakaway state could, at thought-to-be-prohibitive expense, develop some kind of solution for getting outside the normal selection of worlds? (eg. Would it be possible to build a [[Matryoshka|https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matryoshka_doll]] ship where the built-up charge is discarded along with each shell+engines layer? What about some kind of normally-prohibitive method of capturing the charge and then discarding the capture vessel/material?)

Maybe I could bluff the readers with a line analogous to "With no Relay, it will make a direct jump to the Citadel, but will need significant work done on its engines before it will fly again." from [[Early Discovery, Chapter 19|https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10454482/19/Early-Discovery]] where, because I just take it for granted that it's possible, the "destructively long survivable jump" comes across as "the author knows what he's doing, but explaining it would dilute the story as a whole".

Either way, it'd be primarily about the politics rather than the tech anyway so I don't want to let thinking about that side-track me.

''TODO:'' Read the Wikipedia article on [[asymmetric warfare|https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asymmetric_warfare]].

''Update:'' If done believably, it's also possible that an advantage could be had as a result of surviving a "suicidal gambit" and making a technological breakthrough as a result of it. ([[inspiration|https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10454482/10/Early-Discovery]])

''Update:'' [[The Day The Arms Closed|https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7104229/1/The-Day-the-Arms-Closed]] is probably the closest I've yet seen, but focuses itself very differently from my vision.

''Inspiration:'' Reading fics like [[A Dark Dawn|https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10636239/1/A-Dark-Dawn]] and [[The Illusive Emperor|https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9527774/1/The-Illusive-Emperor]] 
''Description:'' Exploring human nature through the lens of characters with normal dreams who try to live normal lives despite being somehow abnormal.
''Description:'' Has it ever occurred to Shampoo that, were Ranma not so nice a guy, he could have run and then killed her as an "obstacle"? After all, Ranma did easily beat Shampoo in both forms, so it wouldn't be a problem skill-wise. Think about it. Ranma could have easily run until Shampoo was alone and then killed her and buried the body. Not too bright on the amazons' part.

I doubt I'd use this as a direct idea for a plot divergence. Probably something where Ranma points it out to Cologne and/or Shampoo.

''<weebee>'' Once, I thought 'What if Cologne didn't know of her granddaughter's  battle in japan and how it went down?' I wonder what Cologne would do if, after two years of chasing Ranma, she finds out that he knocked shampoo out accidentally with her own weapon.
Could you immagine if Cologne didn't know how stupid the defeat was, and what her reaction would be when she found out?
It was one of the ideas I had circling for one of Ranma's anti-amazzon law rants in the friendship fic.
but since I haven't written anything on that, you can keep it in your idea bin.
''Description:'' How about having Harry magically alter Tom Riddle's award to say "Tim Doom Lardlover" while polishing it in detention as a tribute to nonjon's "[[Birth of a Name|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2620851/1/Birth_of_a_Name]]"
''Description:'' There should be more stories about characters who have been able to flip between male and female for as long as they can remember.

''Inspiration:'' [[Ranma's kids|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/804058/122/]] in Couch Trips
''Description:'' What if Nodoka is useless with a sword, but Genma has been living in fear of her for so long because she got lucky and he mistook her untrained flailing for a particular Drunken Ryu kata.

''<weebee>'' let's see...
how about a fic where Genma's been living in fear of Nodoka for sol long because he thinks she's a master swordswoman.
''<deitarion>'' Now that's an interesting thought.
Apply reality regarding her skill, but taint the perception.
''<weebee>'' precisely.
right before he met Nodoka, he found out about one of those 'drunken ryu' schools we keep seeing in fanfics, and her fumbling with the blade co-incidentally follows one of their kata.
because honestly, the idea of Nodoka as a martial artist of any sort both makes me laugh and scares me.

It does, a little - Nodoka as martial artist? She always seems so very traditional and ... mm... demure, maybe? It would be funny if she'd accidentally managed to mimic one of those schools. I wonder what would happen if Genma found out, though how he'd find out is beyond me...
''Description:'' The Tendo family consists entirely of artificial lifeforms, and a lot of their personality quirks stem from how advanced their simulated personalities were when Mrs. Tendo died.

Using the idea of "[[Gynoids living on their own with no support structure,|Three Sisters]]" and the thing that immediately comes to mind for me when 'three sisters' are mentioned, it seems like the Tendos are most of that already, without the actually being robots bit. They almost entirely take care of themselves, and Soun is usually just an overly vocal ornament. Also, their varying level of emotional involvement maps rather well to development steps in an artificial personality. Soun's was kind of overdone and easily distorted, hence his breakage, while Kasumi still functions, but reacts very little. Nabiki is somewhat like Kasumi, but expresses more of her own desires, while Akane seems to be the most human, even if she is coping with what happened in an unhealthy fashion.

Ranma could be brought in as the 'friend in the know.' Again, he doesn't really take away from their ability to take care of themselves, aside from in straight 'punch things in the face' situations, and Kasumi and Nabiki are both definitely wiser than he is.

This would definitely change the timeline, as Soun is almost certainly no longer Genma's old training buddy.

Perhaps Ranma and Genma returned home to Nodoka, due to the old man having no other plans, and Ranma is now attending Furinkan, where he can meet the two younger Tendo sisters.


Possible alternative to the gynoid option that "Three Sisters" uses, with its attendant problems of where the tech comes from and how the girls grow, get materials, etc, is that Mrs. Tendo, or whoever created them, was an amateur alchemist rather than a scientist.

The Ranmaverse is full of weird and obscure types of magic, and alchemic Homunculi are so varied in Anime that I can give them whatever traits I want. The development over generations could still hold true, as their creator grew more capable at their craft.


''Random ideas:''
* Soun and Kasumi are unusually tall, perhaps the earlier components used were a little bulkier than what went into Akane and Nabiki?
* {{multiLine{
(Needs rewriting to be in character.) Ranma grumbles about the curse. Akane's response. "What, I'm not even human, you saying I'm not a girl?"
  "Well, no, you're a girl, but..."

"Technically, I don't really have a gender if body's all that matters, so I don't get why you can't be a guy while you're a girl."

"Uh... my head hurts."
''Inspiration:'' [[Three Sisters]] 
''Description:'' I should really write one of those fics that throws you for a loop. (eg. You don't know the chracter is dead until the end)

''Inspiration:'' The Song "Where The Wild Roses Grow"
''Description:'' Before the curse is revealed, Nodoka has to go on a trip somewhere and offers to take Ranko with her. Ranma jumps at the chance to spend time with her mother but their plane goes down and Ranma is seriously injured in cushioning the unconscious Nodoka from the fall.

''Source:'' [[weebee|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/702658/weebee]] (also author of the text below)
(Multi chapter piece, possibly 9-10 of mine, or 25,000 words.)

Before the curse is revealed, Nodoka has to go on a trip somewhere and offers to take Ranko with her. Ranma jumps at the chance to spend time with her mother, and happily packs.

During the flight, the plane they're in runs into some problems, and begins going down. Ranma's pretty sure they aren't going to survive the crash, so she takes Nodoka, who's knocked out at this point, out through a hole she punched in the side of the plane. Unfortunately, even with her mastery of the Saotome Arial school and all of her techniques, falling from a fast moving aircraft isn't exactly healthy.

The two land in a lake, Ranma taking most of the impact and shattering half her major bones, she's not dead, but healthy's a LONG way away.

The story focuses on Ranma and Nodoka trying to survive for a few days in an inhospitable climate, with no camping gear, and with the only one of the two who's ever been out of a major city severely wounded.

Nodoka gradually begins to learn that 'Ranko,' is quite the survival expert, and gets curious about her life. She learns about the training trip, the girl's martial arts ability, and even starts to see a bit into her personality beyond the perpetually cheery façade she puts up when Aunty Saotome comes around.

I'm debating whether she'll figure out that it's Ranma or not.
''Description:'' Taking characters who have issues of some sort and then work them through them the proper, detailed, time-consuming, satisfying way rather than the stupid, quick-fix way most bad fanfiction dabbles in.

''See Also:'' [[Identity Issues]] (For ideas which take otherwise healthy characters and //give// them identity issues)
''Description:'' Ideas based on the X-COM games.

!Differences between the original and rebooted X-COM series:

# Obviously, the original series has 1990s-level plot development.
# In the new series, the aliens are holding back more, so X-COM's plight doesn't come across as nearly as desperate.
# The insanely harsh RNG in the original series prompted the fans to impute an "ends justify any means" character to humanity's plight and X-COM's character.
''Description:'' What if, for whatever reason is available, Ino accidentally body-swaps herself with Sasuke?

As expected for the admin of http://gbindex.ssokolow.com/, my first impression of #2 was Sasuke, in Ino's body, groaning and saying "Did you really think that would work on me?"... followed immediately by the realization that it's not his voice. (Makes me wish I weren't such a flop at writing characters. It could probably be explained away as some kind of side-effect of what Itachi did to him.)
...and in case you're wondering, I chose that excuse rather than just blaming it on Toltiir because it keeps the idea free to go on my list of story ideas for when I eventually do figure out how to mentally model characters.
-- deitarion/~SSokolow @ http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de/display_comment.php?episode=229379&n=7&m=0&d=2
''Description:'' Nodoka sees Ranma going out with a cross-dressing girl and thinks Ranma is going out with a guy as a girl while at least one other person (probably Mousse) sees Ranma going out with a girl as a guy.

''Original inspiration:'' [[Contrast Match, Chapter 11|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3880683/11/Contrast_Match]] by weebee

''<Katana>'' o.O I had to think about that for a moment to understand it. Naturally everyone will think Mousse was mistaken, Akane will cry "Pervert!" and let slip the dogs of war...
No-one's really going to be happy with Ranma going out with a cross-dressing girl. (Random thought = Haruka?)
''<ssokolow>'' Contrast Match deletes Michiru and sticks Ranma in there. Good story. :)

''TODO:'' Think on the plot-level, more serious interpretations of this idea and given them their own entry.
''Description:'' There are plenty of stories where Harry or Ron (probably even Hermione) are heirs to someone desirably famous. (eg. founders, Merlin, etc.) ...but what about a story where someone unlikely is the heir to someone famous... or a story where Draco is the heir to someone embarassing and infamous.
''Description:'' A complicated idea which I'm still working the kinks out of. While it doesn't do my intent justice, the core of it is that canon Ranma gets turned into a girl and separated from Genma at a young age. Circumstance has Genma raise another boy as "Ranma" (still working on making that plausible) and he gets cursed but manages to keep it secret from Genma. By the time the original Ranma and Genma re-discover each other, original Ranma has a decade of built-up resentment over her perception of what happened. I'm hoping that it'll end up being a pairing between the two Ranmas but I'm not going to force anything.

''Note:'' This is my oldest story idea and has also spent enough time shelved that I refuse to be responsible for any dumb mistakes remaining in this planning document.

A.K.A. The only ~Ranma-Ranma pairing which doesn't involve any form of cloning/splitting (magical or otherwise), time-travel, etc.

!Potential Titles:
* Yumi Kuno (It's the tentative one, but I could always finalize it if I don't find anything more appropriate)
** ''<~FunnyMan3595>'' The problem here is that you have, essentially, two main characters that the plot revolves around.  This title only addresses one of them. /% 11/20/07 12:17 AM %/
* The Other Ranma
** ''<~FunnyMan3595>'' This works better than Yumi Kuno because a) it could refer to either one and b) it implies that there are two.  Yumi Kuno only tells you about one. /%11/20/07 12:18 AM %/
** ''<ssokolow>'' I'm not sure the tone of the title is right though. /% 11/23/07 1:00 AM %/
* Be Careful What You Wish For (probably not. Yumi Kuno is better.)
** ''<Kaoru Shimitsu>'' This title has been used several times in fanfiction circles, including Ranma fanfiction /% 5/6/08 7:09 AM %/
** ''<~FunnyMan3595>'' Doesn't make sense straight-up, but if you alter it, it might work. 'So much for "be careful what you wish for"'  /% 11/20/07 12:09 AM %/
* Some play on Genma converting "two boys into 1 1/2 girls"
** ''<ssokolow>'' Heh. Another person I showed my idea to insisted that I had to put that line into the final text of the story. :) /% 11/20/07 1:03 AM %/
* Not Quite Narcissism
** ''<ssokolow>'' Catchy title, wrong focus /% 1/20/08 11:07 AM %/
* Some reference to the fact that Yumi adopted out of the Saotome clan, "Ranma" adopted in, and if they eventually marry, a sort of inverse will also be true.
* For every Coin there are Two Sides

!Problems To Solve and Decisions To Make:
* {{multiLine{What should happen to the genie after the wish is complete? Should I have him re-appear later in the story or is his role done?
''<~FunnyMan3595>''The traditional interpretation is that each master can only make one set of wishes, after which the genie returns into the lamp until another master rubs it.  Depending on the version, the lamp may also transport itself to some remote corner of the world to prevent a string of people from using it.  If you use the transport version, that neatly rids you of the genie"""--"""it's often hundreds of years before someone else finds the lamp.  Otherwise, why doesn't Genma pick up the lamp and use it? /% 11/19/07 11:36 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' I know that. I was wondering about what should happen to the lamp. In the original Addventure Episode which inspired me, it vanished in a puff of smoke, but that wasn't consistent with it being in Happosai's things. As for Genma picking it up, I'm not sure. I'll have to spend some time re-thinking that since I don't want Genma to get the wish Ranma made. Maybe he does come back when he snaps out of the shock but can't find it.  /% 11/20/07 12:38 AM %/
''<~FunnyMan3595>''Could be a "nobody who knows the nature of the lamp can use it" clause /% 11/19/07 11:45 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' It could also be something along the lines of "you already used your wish by proxy". /% 11/20/07 12:50 AM %/
''<~FunnyMan3595>'' That might fit well into the question of "Why not get a friend to undo it?"  He's already been a part of one set of wishes, so he can't directly influence anyone to make another. /% 11/19/07 11:51 PM %/
* Should I keep the "Happosai used to be the young girl who wished for what Ranma got" plot aspect from the original Addventure Episode?
* {{multiLine{Is there any way I can improve on my explanation for how Genma and Ranma got separated and Genma accepted the new kid as Ranma?
''<~FunnyMan3595>'' The most important aspect of accepting the new kid is giving a sense of doubt, time, and hopelessness.  "I'm not sure if this is Ranma, but everyone told me it was, and after all this searching, I haven't found the real Ranma.  Maybe they were right after all..." /% 11/19/07 11:46 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' Yeah, but that's on the border between writing and plotting so I didn't think to include it in this document since the focus is on plotting. /% 11/20/07 12:48 AM %/
''<~FunnyMan3595>'' You may need a scene or two in the middle, just to show the progressive hopelessness. /% 11/19/07 11:50 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' A few cuts over to show Yumi's progress should probably do it. /%11/20/07 12:51 AM %/
* How should I present the tale of Ranma and Genma's separation?
** Cut back and forth between the two threads?
*** ''<ssokolow>'' Seems a rather bland way to do it. /% 2/14/08 11:43 PM %/
** Show only the story of Ranma becoming Yumi, leaving the reader thinking that Genma abandoned her?
*** ''<ssokolow>'' Could alienate readers who hate stories which demonize Genma because it leaves the truth of their separation as a surprise for later /% 2/14/08 11:43 PM %/
** Show only the story of Genma ending up with the new Ranma, leaving the path from the original Ranma to Yumi as a surprise for later?
*** ''<ssokolow>'' Wouldn't be a very big surprise since we know there was no Yumi Kuno in canon /% 2/14/08 11:42 PM %/

!Whole New Idea:
I decided that I'd need to justify my "Ranma" being recognizably similar to canon Ranma despite being a completely different person. (More similar than just Genma's influence could account for) My tired mind happened to be in just the right state to come up with something fun. Here's my reasoning:
# The most believable way to have "Ranma" follow canon Ranma's life is if it's required by destiny/fate.
# The simplest way for THAT to happen would be for some kind of wish to require it. That also makes it easier for me to restrict the genie's abilities. Just say that he cannot counteract previous wishes still in effect. (granted by anyone)
# At that point, I started to realize that it could be fun if a lot of the chaos was due to one or more previous wishes he had granted.
# I then thought of Nodoka. What if she got tricked by the genie and it was HER wish that Ranma got with Happosai squirreling away the lamp until he could find a way to get a wish of his own choosing.
# That basically leaves three questions:
## First, what did Nodoka get?
## Second, what wish required that a Ranma exist come hell or high water.
## Third (and actually something I considered earlier), what if her obsession with manliness is because the wish she did get doubles as an overly vague self-fulfilling prophecy of some sort?
''Note:'' Y'know what this means? The story is now a "plot on a need to know basis" (Final Fantasy-style presentation) story where one of the goals is creative interpretation of wishes. (How many knots can I tie in the wishes in order for otherwise contradictory wishes to coexist?)


!!!The Separation of Genma and Ranma: Common
* Genma and Ranma are in a forest looking for a cache of stuff that Happosai never wanted to see again. (Either before or instead of the Neko-ken, Ranma is 8 years old)
* Genma finds it and starts rooting through it.
* He tosses a junky old middle-eastern oil lamp to Ranma (either to keep him busy or behind him in general) and Ranma ends up rubbing it. Big surprise, out comes a genie.
* The Genie offers Ranma three wishes and Genma tells Ranma to wish for, in short, wealth, manliness, and martial arts prowess.
* After Ranma wishes, the Genie tells him that, unfortunately, he never said it was his three wishes that would be granted. He grants the wishes of the previous owner.
* Ranma becomes, according to the wish, the world's smartest and most beautiful girl with a wonderful fated husband. The genie shows that he's not malicious (and demonstrates that he's quite tired of being blamed for the rules he's under) by pointing out that he could have just as easily turned her into a 20-year-old in a wedding dress. Though he doesn't explicitly mention it, he also gave her some nicer clothes and a book. (Probably either The Art of War by Sun Tzu or Musashi's Book of Five Rings. Depends on what I have time to read and properly comprehend.)
* Genma walks away to find a bar and drink away the shock. Ranma is engrossed in the book and doesn't follow. They both know to meet up at their campsite and she's not worried about getting lost.

!!!The Separation of Genma and Ranma: Following Genma
* {{multiLine{Genma wakes up the next morning with a bad hangover and heads to their campsite. He finds a note from the police saying the tent has been confiscated and to please come to the police station. Because it was placed before Ranma returned, there is no mention of Ranma and so Genma thinks that Ranma is following their plan to meet up at the last place they left on friendly terms.
''<gsteemso>'' I think it would make more sense for Ranma to find & follow the note, then it gets washed or blown away by weather before Genma comes back. Lacking any clues on his return, he would then logically backtrack to the last dojo they visited as per the plan /% 11/22/07 10:17 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' Possibly, but considering that they confiscated all the stuff, you'd think the police would consider that and plan accordingly. I suppose Ranma could unintentionally counteract their preparations while reading the note. /% 11/23/07 1:18 AM %/
''<gsteemso>'' That works. Very well in fact. /% 11/22/07 10:21 PM %/
* When Genma arrives at the dojo they last stopped at, he finds it burned to the ground and, after rooting through the rubble, finds several charred bodies and the dojo master's son, barely alive and suffering from smoke inhalation.
* He takes the child to the nearest hospital and, without realizing it, picks up the germ which indirectly caused the fire.
* He spends several days at the hospital with a dangerously high temperature, having his memories scrambled by the fever. In his fever dreams, he calls out for Ranma and the hospital staff assume that the child he brought in is his son and, as he recovers, that it's just another case of scrambled memories that's making him claim that the boy isn't his son.
* Over the course of the next little while, the hospital staff and, after he leaves, the fact that he can't find Ranma slowly convince him that he must be mistaken, though he never fully accepts it.
* While he's still not fully accepting it, he refers to the child as "boy" or "son", having decided that even if he's right and it's not Ranma, no child deserves to be completely without family.
* Considering that Genma is smart and a caring father but lazy, insensitive, and low on common sense, it's perfectly fitting for him to respond to a frightened 8-year-old's question about not remembering his name by comfortingly telling him that it'll come back to him.
* Eventually, the child will remember the name Genma was shouting while they were both in the hospital recovering and ask if his name is "Ranma". Genma will pause for a moment while his memory faces off against the need to give the child an answer and then finally decide that decide that yes, the people at the hospital must have been right and he'll just have to get used to it.

!!!The Separation of Genma and Ranma: Following Ranma
* Ranma returns to the campsite and finds the note from the police. She sits down to think about the situation since she doesn't have any money to pay a fine and Genma has always taught her to be wary of the police. Either she decides that it's getting too dark for her to have an alternative or a police officer catches her by surprise. Either way, she ends up at the police station where she decides that it would be best to wait for Genma since she can't get at her pack.
* ''...TODO: Type this part in...''

''<~FunnyMan3595>'' Be careful here.  Ranma has become the smartest girl, which makes mistakes harder to believe unless well-explained. /% 11/19/07 11:33 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' Good point though, as will probably be revealed later in the story, the genie isn't as powerful as he seems. He can't grant "absolute best" status, only set someone up so it's within their reach. Ranma has always been a prodigy as his comically-exaggerated ability to learn martial arts has shown. Also, keep in mind that knowledge/wisdom and intelligence aren't the same thing. /% 11/20/07 12:34 AM %/
''<~FunnyMan3595>'' True, but "smartest" is ambiguous, it could be either or both. /% 11/19/07 11:56 PM %/
''<ssokolow>'' And wishes and ambiguity go together famously. /% 11/20/07 12:57 AM %/

!!!Training "Ranma"
* Due to "Ranma"'s damaged lungs, his endurance is poor, so he's trained to end fights quickly. I'm not sure whether/when I'll have Genma find a way to heal his lungs up.
*  ''... time passes ...''
* Genma and "Ranma" are headed for Jusenkyo. Due to the change in previous events, this can be played with quite a bit.
* Ranma finds Jusenkyo before Genma (possibly scouting, hunting, or getting water) and gets the traditional girl-curse. He ends up getting the info from the guide without Genma finding out (let's assume that the guide is travelling with them already), changes back, and manages to steer Genma away before he can get cursed.
* Ranma gains a lot more practice hiding at a moment's notice and sneaking around. Genma starts bemoaning his son's new fear of water.
* They end up having to return to Japan by ship or plane.

!!! Here's Ranma
* Genma Saotome arrives at the Tendo Dojo.
** Either it's raining and he's alone (and uncursed) or it's not raining and Ranma is with him.
** If Ranma isn't present, Genma might bemoan his son's fear of water or he might just tell them that Ranma will be along later.

!!!Unsorted Events
*  ''...TODO: Type the rest of the sections in...''
* Ukyo arrives. "Ranma" doesn't remember "him", but Yumi quickly does. Ukyo will eventually be the first person to discover Yumi's true identity. (With the possible but unlikely exception of "Ranma")
* Genma discovers Yumi's true identity, validating the doubts which have always been eating at the back of his mind. Yumi doesn't like this because Genma wants his son back and Yumi wants nothing to do with him. (Aside from the deep need for him to accept that she is strong despite being a girl... something that Genma will have a hard time realizing.)
* Genma discovers Ranma's curse. "Oh shit! I've turned two boys into a girl and a half! Nodoka's going to kill me for sure!"
''Description:'' ''A.K.A.'' Familiar of Zero

* Someone with enough skill to work around the weaknesses of the Zero no Tsukaima source material needs to do a ~ZnT - Steel Angel Kurumi crossover. (Inspiration: My initial guesses at who had been called in [[The Familiars of Zero, Chapter 26|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6359442/26/The_Familiars_of_Zero]].
** This could also be interesting with Ifurita from El Hazard, though the target tone would naturally be //much// different.
''Description:'' What if Ranma was a member of the [[Sohma family|https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Fruits_Basket]] who was raised by Genma? Genma may or may not be Ranma's real father. Ranma didn't really have much contact with girls before Nerima and Ukyo didn't exactly hug him in any of the situations we saw.

My vision for this idea is to focus on some mixture of the following elements:
* How a Sohma-style curse (activated at a touch by someone of the opposite sex) would affect more canonical Ranma events (primarily the stuff on the training trip)
** The best example I can give of the intended tone for this would be some mixture of Ryoga's curse in [[The Disorderly Princess and the Fiery Steed|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5670777/2/The_Disorderly_Princess_and_the_Fiery_Steed]] and the general tone of the village-dwelling period in [[The Pit|http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6246470/3/The_Pit]].
* How Ranma's opinion of a Nyannichuan curse might differ if it was thorough enough to alter the Sohma curse trigger.
* Ranma interacting with the Sohma family following a fairly canon training trip, curse aside (purely character conflict)
* How Sohma family members might view Ranma's Jusenkyo gender curse, given its ability to invert who they can touch without effect.

As for Genma, if we want him to be human, the simplest solution would probably be for him to run off with Ranma in the middle of the night, fully believing that it's for the best if Ranma doesn't grow up a Sohma.

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Story ideas by [[weebee|http://www.fanfiction.net/u/702658/weebee]].
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